My Hearing Centers
800 S Meadows Pkwy #500, Reno, NV 89521, United States
Review №1

We were immediately greeted with a happy and positive Tracy. We were there to enjoy the free offer for an evaluation, hearing aid cleaning and to discuss possible new hearing aids. They are very much about open communication and finding the right match for your hearing issues. They also took time and did not make us feel rushed. We did not end up deciding to purchase from them but the customer service was top notch.

Review №2

This is the perfect choice for anyone who is apprehensive about getting a hearing aid. The staff are so patient and understanding. Amazing quality and care. Have friends who got hearing aids and already returned them but I’m loving mine.

Review №3

They do not service resound hearing aids per the woman at the front desk even though their web page advertises resound brand. I ask about the ear hose going from hearing aid to ear and was told 400.00 special order. Ive never paid over 3 dollars for one, happy presidents day.

Review №4

Excellent customer experience. Always feel welcomed and appreciated at my hearing centers. Pete actually listened to my concerns and helped me hear again! Something other offices haven’t done. I will always recommend Pete and the staff at My Hearing Centers!

Review №5

My Hearing Center of South Reno always has room to squeeze me in. They clean my hearing aids every time I see them and give me complimentary batteries. I love that there is little to no wait when I show up for my appointment and Tracy is always welcoming and friendly. Give them a try. I wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №6

Great people, warm atmosphere and easy to understand. I can ask for help and get it without feeling burdensome. I enjoy going for my appointments. I would recommend the Hearing Center to anyone. Feels like friends.

Review №7

Great staff very friendly, if there is an issue or problem they get to the bottom of it, if they tell you they will get it taken care of THEY DO IT!!Professional office very clean and inviting, they know their stuff when it comes to hearing aides.I would highly recommend them for any hearing needs.

Review №8

I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is thinking about purchasing hearing aids. They are also awesome working with State Comp. Tracy is amazing and did a wonderful job getting the hearing aids I needed. The staff is very personable and professional. Pete is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №9

I met Pete at a seminar he provided. He was friendly, receptive and knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure working with him and Tracy, his assistant.

Review №10

Extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding. Explained process and solutions in relaxed and comfortable way. Great customer service

Review №11

Always pleasant and informative. Will go out of their way to accommodate your needs even as a drop in.

Review №12

Great professionalism and care given by Jason Shirley. He really cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your hearing aids. Love my new life being able to hear everything!

Review №13

A few years back, I had a hearing test. The technician told me I had severe hearing loss and needed $7000 worth of hearing aids. I visited My Hearing Centers today thinking it was time to act. I was surprised to learn that my hearing was not all that bad. Jason told me that I could not expect to see much benefit from hearing aids.What does this tell me? My Hearing Centers is a reputable firm and will tell you the truth with respect to your hearing. I highly recommend them if for no other reason that they were honest with me.That goes a long way these days. I was impressed with his explanation as to what hearing loss is and the physiology behind the problem.This is a good place.

Review №14

Beware of the office at south meadows my hearing aid ctr Reno after they sign you up and pay your $4,200 for hearing aids and tell you need to come in every week for two or three weeks for adjustment and make your first appointment they don’t honor there appointments week one went by they texted the day before and canceled appointment made it for a week later the day before they texted again canceled that appointment made it for a week later now it will be going on three weeks and not had one adjustment had issues with hearing aids the third day and was expected now to wait three weeks for first adjustment that is purely not caring for a paying patient paying that much money for hearing aids there is no excuse for the bs when you call why is my appointment cancelled again??? Finally went to office and told them that they did not deliver what i paid for and got a full refund i would think twice before using this office there is a lot of hearing aid companies in reno that take care of you and no BS

Review №15

Was visiting from Alaska when hearing aids died. Got me in on short notice and fitted for new hearing aids. Used loaners for a couple days until new ones ready and service was great.

Review №16

Today was the best day for my boyfriend Geoffrey Walsh, Geoffreys words today Pete put the wind back in my sail Geoffrey has been to 3 other ENT offices, each time leaving unhappy and still unable to hear. Walking out of this office today, I took home a new man ready to enjoy a new life . There has never been a time weve called this office and not been treated with the up most respect and concern for Geoffreys needs, Tracy always accommodates our schedule, Pete listens to every concern and goes as far as needed, not letting us leave without a positive result.Pete and Tracy are professional and always make us feel more like friends than just a patient with a hearing problem. The best

Review №17

I am very happy my son had me test my hearing I didnt think I had a problem my test showed a severe loss in my hearing. I was used to not hearing, my son got me hearing aids, now I can enjoy hearing my favorite tv shows and my dogs. This was a nice office and the girl is so friendly

Review №18

My 91 yr old Mother in law just loves her hearing aids. And the staff are just awesome. If you have trouble hearing, try it.

Review №19

Thank you Pete and Tracy. I highly recommend your facility. You are both always pleasant and helpful.

Review №20

Tracy and Pete are awesome. The hearing center is very convenient for me . The helped me get my hearing back.

Review №21

I was experiencing some trouble with one of my hearing aids and called Tracy to see if they could look at it and see what the trouble might be. She had me come down and Pete was able to look at it right away. He found the problem and repaired it on the spot! You just cannot beat that for customer service. If you need new hearing aids or need yours serviced or repaired, My Hearing Center in south Reno is the place to go!

Review №22

They messed up the first appointment, called me as I was getting in my truck to go to tell me the audiologist had some kind of family issue, reset for 2 weeks later, arrived at designated time, lady couldnt find me in her calendar, asked me to come back in 1 hour to try to fit me in. 2s the charm, big red flag ..left and didnt go back.

Review №23

They are great hearing sounds that i have forgotten nice to be able to hear everything again and they are nice and know what they are doing will tell everyone about them

Review №24

My customer service experience was excellent. I would recommend this office to any of my friends. Tracy was very professional in her service.

Review №25

This is great office. Great service and wonderful staff

Review №26

Friendly staff, nice office. My hearing test showed no loss but I was treated kindly even though I didnt buy hearing aids

Review №27

Great customer service! Friendly, knowledgeable and they get you right in!

Review №28

The office is friendly and efficient. Tracy and Pete are welcoming and concerned with client satisfaction.

Review №29

Tracy is absolutely wonderful!! She is so kind and always smiling!

Review №30

Very professional staff and Peter was very thorough with my exam and adjustment to my hearing aides.

Review №31

Fallon office...good folks. Very helpful and pleasant.

Review №32

Nice and friendly staff,helpful and very knowledge in what they do

Review №33

Wonderful clinic and staff! :)

Review №34

Never had a better experience! I will not go anywhere else! (:

Review №35

Great experience with the staff.

Review №36

Very informative.

Review №37

Very friendly staff! Above and beyond customer service!

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4.7 Rating
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  • Hearing aid store
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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