DABC Utah State Liquor Store #05 Provo
166 S Freedom Blvd, Provo, UT 84601, United States
DABC Utah State Liquor Store #05 Provo
Review №1

Its a smaller store, so the selection can be somewhat limited, but the staff have always been friendly and helpful

Review №2

(Former employee)I love this store. It is EXTREMELY small, so the selection is not big, but the great thing is if you have any questions anyone there will stop what they are doing to help you! The store for the main part is clean, but glass does break so keep an eye out for that! I feel like the beer selection is amazing! And pretty big for such a small store, and the employees are fast. I left because I got another job, but am sad to go because of how awesome the staff is! If your thinking about applying do it! Just know there is heavy lifting and your on your feet the entire time!

Review №3

Good, quick, friendly service, but prices high and selection limited. I guess thats Utah for you! 🙁

Review №4

Good liquor store good selection occasional good deals. I come in once a week and the only thing I cant stand is once I walk in the old man security guard is on me like white on rice. I am a financially successful and have no need to shop lift. I know I have brown skin but I literally walked the same time a homeless man came in and the security guard was following me around. I cant stand being racially profiled. I always say hello to him when I walk in and I he always makes me feel like a low life.

Review №5

Good place to buy liquor. Parking can get tight so plan ahead when it comes to footwear. You will want something that you can walk in comfortably. 🚶‍♂️

Review №6

Great selection. Employees have always been kind.

Review №7

That was a secret... But yeah, I was there and I find what I want! And honestly, I really appriciate when cashier ask me for ID.

Review №8

I was visiting the State and stopped for wine, the security person their was very helpful in picking my wine.

Review №9

Smaller than other locations, but cozy with friendly staff.

Review №10

Employees do not respect the 1st amendment nor do they unserstand that the liquor store is public property . they dont want to bw filmed but now will be filmes more often then ever.

Review №11

Friendly staff and good wine selection

Review №12

The beers not cold, but the selection was good and staff were friendly to this out of towner.

Review №13

Great place to go after a long bishopric meeting. Folks there are keep to themselves, don’t ask you no questions and they can always keep a secret. After hours and hours of listening to a bunch of uptight, spoiled rich kids spout on and on about how they feel SO guilty over not washing their dishes or missing a prayer or eating to much chocolate its SO refreshing to drop in, grab a couple a whiskeys head home, pump up the game and pour a few glasses and wash away my stress. They have coupons that I hand out to kids I see who I think need a little “loosening up” and it always makes me feel good to spread the good cheer of mother nature’s liquid blessings.

Review №14

Its a liquor store. Great products for Utah.

Review №15

Nothing fancy plain liquor store

Review №16

Love their courtesy

Review №17

Yup I was right.. here it is 4:30 and there closed even tho there door says 6pm (12/24)Make sure to call before you go.. they decide to close early without any reason or sinage..Says closes 6 for Christmas eve and closed on Christmas dayI drove from the orem location because of a line that wrapped the store.. just to find this one closed almost a half hour early today (12/23)No wonder there was a huge line in orem..Not the way to run a business..

Review №18

Every time I go to this location, it feels like the cashier is discourteous to me during the transaction. You can have your ID ready and cash it and it still will be a stressful interaction.

Review №19

Great selection and prices, had everything I was looking for

Review №20

Quick. had what I wanted. always cards. And I was drunk soon after.

Review №21

Smaller store compared to the springville one, still good variety of whisky.

Review №22

Clean friendly and safe

Review №23

Not bad, it doesnt have the best selection but it works and the staff has always been kind and helpful to me

Review №24

Great selection, nice employees, beware if the sketchy people that wander around the area though.

Review №25

Parking lot is too small, accident waiting to happen. Good selection.

Review №26

Not sure why its so crowded and small here 😂 they have so much room if they would push everything back 2 feet. Lol! Dont go if you are large. Sorry the rows are freaking tiny. No joke. Other than that your typical liquor store. Oh... Did I mention the parking is also tiny. Expect a few dings in your door

Review №27

Nice place. Hard alcohol available but not a big variety of beer.

Review №28

They had fernet where other locations didnt

Review №29

Very very helpful employees. Wide selection. And good prices

Review №30

Need a drink for the right party? You can always find it here at the state liquor store :)

Review №31

When is Utah going to join the Union and allow privately owned liquor stores? Having to drive five miles to get beer is for the birds. Plus no cold beer, so plan ahead. Extra star for having a surprisingly decent selection of Utah brews.

Review №32

The good: The staff tend to be friendly and talkative folk. For being such a small store, they have a good selection.The bad: They close at seven pm, 2-3 hours earlier than several of the stores in the county.

Review №33

Whatever you need, and real beer sold here

Review №34


Review №35

Cant go wrong here. Just about everything you could imagine. The Cpt Morgan Long Island Ice Tea is my favorite.

Review №36

Expensive about $7 more then other states

Review №37

All the employees are super respectful if you are to them. Were stuck with these places in Utah and this location is the one I prefer. They have anything you might want to drink so if your thirsty head on over

Review №38

Never went there. Parked near by.

Review №39

I was in town on business and wasnt familiar at all with the area. The people here were very nice and helpful. They had not heard of a liquor I was searching for but they had a pretty big selection. Nice and clean store as well.

Review №40

I only give it 4 stars because the selection is so limited due to the small size of the store. That being said, the staff is so knowledgeable and welcoming. They are always happy to help looking for/up products and answering questions.

Review №41

Large variety of beer wine and liquor to choose from just wish it was open just an hour later then its regular closing time.

Review №42

Small but has everything. Last time I was there at 6:40 and it was already closed even tho there was a sign on the door saying it closed at 7. So be there early

Review №43

This particular liquor store was a fun experience. The staff was welcoming and helpful in making choices. The selection of beer was nice and refreshing.

Review №44

Through no fault of the employees this place is a bit of a disappointment. Its quite small, and I assume the State figured it was large enough for a city like Provo with a high LDS concentration, but it still has very little in the way of selection compared to neighboring cities. The employees are nice to deal with, though, and what selection they do have is well-rounded. I hope the State comes to its senses one of these days and changes how it does business.

Review №45

I love this place! The employees are friendly and helpful. I would choose this store to a lot of the others.

Review №46

Was closed hours before its listing closing time with no posted reason why

Review №47

Friendly staff, great selection of liquors and wines. Recommended!

Review №48

They dont have a big selection of beer. Lots of wine and liquir tho. Staff were all nice and quick to help.

Review №49

Not much selection, and the staff was overwhelmed.

Review №50

Great staff! Always quick checkouts.

Review №51

The crew at this liquor store are super friendly, and helpful. Lines can form fast, but they are always on top of it.

Review №52

All workers are friendly but thorough about checking IDs and making sure everyone is legal

Review №53

I honestly thought this location closed when the American fork one did, but Im glad to learn it did not. This is usually the best option. The one in PG is too big and always too busy. Same goes for the springville one.

Review №54

Typical government operation. Extremely unpleasant experience buying from here. They close right at 7 p.m. and if you enter Right at 7 p.m. They will turn you away even while people are in line because apparently the employees can do whatever they want. The manager and employees were very rude about it to different customers coming in. I have a suspicion that many of the people giving this place could reviews are current or former employees trying to make it look better than it actually is so they dont get kicked out of their job

Review №55

Not to well knowledgeable on the types of identification they should accept, especially federally issued identification

Review №56

Sometimes difficult to get into and find a parking spot in the small parking lot, but seems to always be stocked and ready to serve. Mostly cheery and friendly staff

Review №57

I called for prices of patron bottles, I needed prices to all sizes from smallest to biggest for my business and the lady answers me with “ you’re kidding right “

Review №58

Small but well labeled and organized

Review №59

Great and knowledgeable staff. Small store limits selection but they have the staples you need. Great location but parking can be tight.

Review №60

This is a great liquor store. I always find things here that I cant find at other liquor stores. Its pretty small, but its open until 10pm, so its a great place to go after 7, when I dont want to drive to Pleasant Grove. The workers are pretty friendly and theyre really knowledgeable about beers and wines, if you ask them questions. Parking is terrible, but thats the only bad thing I have to say about this liquor store.

Review №61

Love these places

Review №62

Liquor so... not much to say haha

Review №63

Excellent place to start the weekend party!Jejeje!!

Review №64

Just I like to have a drink here and there.

Review №65

Perfect example of the Government running a business. 50 people trying to check out with one register open.

Review №66

Go before 3lpm for no waiting.

Review №67

I was surprised at the big selection of 🍷 wines and 🍻 beer. The staff at the orem location is very helpful.

Review №68

Well its a Utah liquor store so what can I say; except for they are lacking in several areas of selection especially basic beer that could be bought in any other state at a price that is reasonable. You go to a Utah State liquor store and items are hard to find or completely unavailable. It does not help that the ones making the laws about what the liquor store carries are mostly LDS and do not believe in consumption of alcohol was so ever. I believe the system here is backwards and they should have knowledgeable consumers on their Board of Trustees to decide what is in high demand. Including what is liked by the majority of people. It should also cost what it does in any other state in the US and not jacked up labeled as sin tax the simple fact that they are not conveniently placed throughout the state & you have to drive 30 miles out of your way to get something that is readily available in any other state at the grocery store and not decided by the cost for them to import. I cant tell you how happy I will be when I do not have to deal with the inconvenience of not being able to grab a bottle of wine for a special dinner that night. As it is it is already a two-hour drive out of my day to even come here because; guess what this is a Utah State Liquor Store that says it all.

Review №69

Only place to get booze in the provo. This one isnt as nice as the PG or Springville liquor stores. It doesnt have as big of a selection, either. Plus it closes at 7 pm so youd better get their early.

Review №70

Oh my gosh - I love this place - the cooking wine is fantastic ;)

Review №71

Supporting my alcoholism for over a decade. Hours could be better, but thats an issue to take up with the church.

Review №72

Not as nice as Springville but the employees are way more friendly and knowledgeable

Review №73

Finding a drink in Utah can be a challenge. so we got what we need for long island iced teas just in case.

Review №74

Not a great selection. Lots of middling cheaper wines, so I guess it will make some folks happy. Nothing of any note to be found here in the wine dept.

Review №75

Helpful staff with they had more roo.

Review №76

Selling beer 101: Lesson 1. Dont sell beer past the expiration date. I usually check, but on the occasion I am in a hurry it shouldnt become a game of Russian roulette.

Review №77

Its a liquor store in Utah, its not great but its all weve got.

Review №78

Should be open longer and more but no they stingy with theyre alcohol

Review №79

Great amount of different things for tiny liquor store

Review №80

Big selection.great costomer service.

Review №81

Clean. Well ordered. Friendly staff. Wish they stayed open later.

Review №82

Always friendly staff and easy to find what I need

Review №83

They have a decent selection, but it is fairly small, so you have to realize they can only stock so much in this location. The parking isnt that great, but again, small location.

Review №84

Only place to buy booze an the price is OK I guess

Review №85

Great store. Needs more parking

Review №86

Fun Staff, I wish they would do something about the political activists in the parking lot.

Review №87

Probably the best stocked liquor store in Utah..... Irish Whiskey section needs to be improved and custom orders made easier.

Review №88

Utah, land of the free, home of the brave. We keep your alcohol in a guarded cage. Oh and we close at 7 because thats when the riff raff comes out, gosh darn hecking degenerates.

Review №89

Calm when she carded me.

Review №90

You get what you want and fast.

Review №91

I work there what a great place to work

Review №92

Does it matter what review I give here? I give it a low score because I dont believe that the government should make me go to their store to purchase alcohol.

Review №93

This place blows

Review №94

Small location with a selection that will please most if you arent looking for anything to fancy. The hours arent the best either, it closes @7 everyday except Sundays when its closed. This is expected since the city is predominantly Mormon and looks down on those who prefer stiff drinks.

Review №95

What is there to say.... Got what i wanted and staff was nice

Review №96

Employees arent very nice at all

Review №97

Small and quaint place in of all places Provo! They need a reserved parking spot for BYU alumni!

Review №98

Good store. Always stocked. Friendly people.

Review №99

Clean, great selection, and fast staff to help!

Review №100

What can you say, its the only store you can buy wine. Clean, personable, knowledgeable staff.

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  • Address:166 S Freedom Blvd, Provo, UT 84601, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 801-373-6270
  • Liquor store
  • State liquor store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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