Post Falls Powersports
6040 E Seltice Way, Post Falls, ID 83854, United States
Post Falls Powersports
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Jim is awesome with every purchase ‼️

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I am giving 1 star because 0 isn’t an option! I went here today (4/3/21) with my family to buy gear for dirt biking. We were in the store for about 10 min and there were several employees that saw us and not one person acknowledged us, no hello nothing! We left because we couldn’t believe it! Seriously what kind of customer service is that! We ended up going to Powersports Unlimited and spent $655.00 on gear there, their customer service was amazing and they have a way better selection of gear! We will never step foot in this shop again. Maybe if we would have read all the bad reviews they have before we went there we wouldn’t have waisted our time! Don’t waist your time or give your business to this place, just go to Powersports Unlimited and save yourself some time and frustration! I honestly don’t even know how this place is still open with such poor customer service! Plus it smelt like cigarette smoke in the building! So unprofessional!

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Drove one of their Razors. Tipped it on the test drive. They charged me $1,487 for all the replacement parts and $500 for Labor. Wouldn’t the companies insurance handle this? I’m fine paying a deductible, but they should be protected on this. They said it happens all the time “but everyone ends up buying it afterwards” said the manager. Well I didn’t. They are pointing to the waiver we signed, saying that it means they don’t get insurance involved!? I said it seems shady. They are going to claim it to their insurance and pocket my money is what I feel.

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Very knowledgeable, real home town feel! We went to many dealerships before choosing Postfalls powersports as our dealer! would highly recommend!

Review №5

Made a huge mistake to a very good person. Scamming someone out of $1500, when it is a power sport store and accidents do happen and that is what insurance is for. He offered to have his insurance to take care of it and they would NOT let him so they could collect the money and fix it for quarter of the cost. I work in automotive sales and we have insurance for that reason, I am sure they do as well. I WILL NEVER BE STEPPING THROUGH THEIR DOORS AND WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS HOW SHADY THIS BUSINESS IS. Do better.

Review №6

Made the same mistake so many others have as well. When I read the reviews I should have gone somewhere else but I tried to give a local a chance. Big mistake. I brought my ATV in for a platinum service. It costs $650. When I picked up the machine today, the rear light did not work. It stated on their paperwork that is was checked. Obviously they did not. They fixed the light and then I asked about a MISC charge for $25. They stated it was for Shop Supplies but would not give me an explanation. I asked where that was stated on the work order or posted anywhere in their shop? Manager stated that he charges everyone that and the number can fluctuate. Then why not disclose in advance? He said, “hey, I need to make money”. You got $650 for 5 hours of work and you didn’t even do all the work! I asked for a refund on the $25. He gave me half ($12.50) and told me to take it or leave it. He also stated that he charges sales tax and cell phones have fees too. I shot back with yeah, and they are disclosed in advanced and posted. Like legitimate businesses would do. Asked if he was willing to let a future customer go over $12.50 and I guess the $650 he made one time was good enough and said yep. What a *%+{*{! And I told him that too. Pay attention to reviews. They are there for a reason. I’ll take my business to Spokane or the internet first. When the economy cycles again and falters, karma will follow.

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Bought a Rzr Turbo S last year and a Sportsman 1000 this year. Great customer service and always easy to deal with.

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We bought our 2021 xp 4 1000 from this place over a month ago. When we purchased we ordered the roof and one of the childrens seats that goes between the bucket seats. I specifically asked how long the order would take already having one in my shopping cart online which would arrive in a few days. The manager told us he would have the roof and seat in a few days tops. So we went ahead and ordered it thru them. Its been over a month now and we still dont have them. We have called multiple times with no luck. We get the same answer that our items must be on the way. When we called today they said they have the roof but no seat. We have a brand new razor we dont get to ride because our toddler has to be in the kids seat that was supposed to take days to get. When my husband asked how they were gonna make this right the manager said he MIGHT be able to get us a discount on our first oil change but nothing more.. We paid full price for everything. We were super easy customers bought the razor, seat, roof, and multiple clothing items. Very disappointing. We will never return.

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I wanted a 2022 ftr r carbon.with the help from Chris Scott, I picked it up yesterday and I couldnt be happier. He treated me like I was his buddy and was very knowledgeable. It was a very good experience. And the bike is perfict

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Great place to buy your next toy.

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We had been growing more than a little frustrated in our search for a Polaris General. Everywhere we went either had none, or had one, but it was already sold. We even ordered one from a different dealership... But it never arrived. After searching yet again online, it appeared Post Falls Powersports might have one in stock. I called, spoke to Alex and was thrilled when he said they had one in their lot. I told him to hold it, we were on our way!Alex is a great salesman. He was very knowledgeable about not only the vehicle, but the area we were interested in going off roading in. He was easily able to answer all of our questions, wasnt pushy in the least, and suggested a few items which would come in handy. He truly went above and beyond in helping us add our vehicle to our family, and we left feeling as though we had made a friend. Weve even been back a couple times for parts, and hes always genuinely happy to see us and help us. Post Falls Powersports is now our go to for all things off road related.

Review №13

Walked in today and waited around for 15 minutes with no employees around. A guy finally walks in from washing equipment in back and totally ignores me! 5 minutes later another employee backs up a trailer to the front doors walks inside, and continues to ignore me until I asked if he worked at the business. I asked if they had any KLX’s and he was like nope and walks away!! I Wouldn’t buy squat from these guys as obviously not customer friendly!! I’ll spend my money at another dealership!!

Review №14

I am very pleased with my experience at Post Falls Power Sports. Colton my Sales guy was knowledgeable and professional, you could really tell he loves what he does. He was there to answer all my questions and I had lots of them. Camren my finance guy was nice and took care of me. Im happy Im able to become a part of there powersports family.

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Very disappointed to hear that post falls power sports takes advantage of their customers! I was just getting ready to come in and see what options they had for the razors as I wanted to get an Rzr turbo! A buddy of mine named Cody unfortunately is out 1500 dollars cash for accidentally tipping over a utv while the company most likely is gonna claim insurance on the unit and also pocket the 1500 cash 😡 do better post falls power sports! Because pointing to a waiver knowing your gonna claim insurance on the unit is just a shady thing to do!

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Just like the power sports Coeur DAlene store the sales people just stare at you and don’t say a word. No other customers in the store and not one person said anything to me the entire time I was there, not even when I walked through the door.

Review №17

Pandemic has everyone in the area slowed down for appointments and let me just say... NOT THESE GUYS! Super awesome ordered a tire it was shipped to them they called, I dropped it off and it was done in a couple hours. I didnt have to wait weeks to get in or let them keep my bike for weeks. Great job guys/gals

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I’m new to the area, needed tires for my dual sport, so went here because it was close. The tires were a reasonable price, they mounted them free (provided I bought new tubes and rim strips) and the work was done the same day. I’m very pleased with that.While there, I saw a used KTM EXC 500 that was very appealing to me. I mulled it over, then came back later. The sales manager was very helpful, answered all of my questions and didn’t pressure me. I decided to buy the KTM and I am thrilled with the bike and the buying experience.I’m a bit surprised by the adverse reviews here, as both my experiences were very good. I’ll continue to buy local, specifically from this shop, and encourage others to do the same. I understand that it may be a little cheaper to buy on-line or from a larger city. But I live here and I want to support our local businesses that treat me as a valued customer.

Review №19

Very friendly staff and very helpful for my what I needed

Review №20

People here are not very savvy when it comes to fixing things that are older than 15 years old. They are young folk and are only up to date on the newest things.

Review №21

Great place! Really nice staff who are very informative and helpful. Was pleasurable to do bus’s I was with them

Review №22

Too busy to help folks out most of the time. Sold me a junk item and basically told me to pound sand. Sad. Really like supporting the small guy.

Review №23

Sales are ok but dont have your machine worked on here . They tore up my atv, left wires showing, seat broken, and pretended like they did nothing. They told me to bring it back so they can make it right then did nothing and returned my atv. If I wanted one star service I would have went to a backyard mechanic and saved a ton of money.

Review №24

Horrible repair on a carburetor rebuilt. I had yo take it to someone GOOD to correct their mistakes. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

Review №25

Salesman Jim Shepherd is awesome. Answered all our questions. Knows his product. What a great experience. Would recommend him to anyone. We are now the proud owners of a 2017 Polaris 570 RZR.

Review №26

Very clean and organized store I had to stand there for quite a while before somebody would help me. Once somebody did your staff was very friendly and accommodating

Review №27

Purchased a Wildcat XX from Cameron Jett. Must say great to deal with as everything was done primarily online and messaging. Very happy with my new machine.

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They were friendly and as far as I can tell the work done was fine. The 4 1/2 weeks I waited was to much. Unfortunately I had no other options at the time and I missed a lot of riding time during the best part of the summer. If you didnt buy your rig there I would look else where, people who buy there will move in front of you.

Review №29

Easy and quick financing!

Review №30

These guys are very knowledgeable with great customer service.

Review №31

Its a cool place. But its pricey! My good friend works there.

Review №32

Quoted me $30 for a tire mount and balance. They werent equipped to balance the tire. They didnt communicate this until they were done. Charged me $30 to mount the tire without balancing it.

Review №33

I had one good experience here and one awful one. Their prices were really high on their used bikes, I bought one from a private party for half the cost. They dont seem to have much gear in stock here.

Review №34

The installed a snow plow on my atv did the job at estimated cost no surprises will continue 2patronize my local cycle shopthanxz dave martin(~*b

Review №35

Absolutely best customer service Ive ever had. I ran across a post for helmets on facebook and messaged the person. The person was Neena from Post Falls Powersports. She sent me pictures of different things they had in stock. Their prices were great. Good enough for me to buy new over used and drive from Spokane to shop there. She had to order some things they didnt have in stock. She kept me updated through text messages on when they were getting there. Its a 30 min drive both ways for me and ive already been there twice this month and have order more stuff through them. Customer service is well worth it.

Review №36

Low pressure, helpful and knowledgeable. Just gave me the info I asked for and let me shop hassle-free

Review №37

Very friendly and helpful. Fully explained everything. Genuinely concerned with my questions.

Review №38

Cameron was great to deal with! No BS, straight to the point!!

Review №39

Excellent customer service, all the people wondering why they wont work on their machines when they bought them somewhere else, its common sense people! If you buy your machine there you are considered a preferred customer which means since you took the time to respect their work and support locally you get in first! For all you self centered a**holes that complain its a 2 week wait, TAKE IT TO WHERE YOU BOUGHT IT.

Review №40

Ingot a killer deal on my 2019 ranger 900. I highly recommend buying from those guy they had the best deals in town

Review №41

I went to the Post Falls Powersports to look at the 90 4wheelers for my little boy and pretty much was completely brushed off by the staff. No one put forth any effort to provide any sort of CUSTOMER SERVICE WHAT-SO-EVER. I literally had to call my husband while he was at work for help answering questions. When i left i was so bummed, so moments later I called Post Falls Powersports and the employee basically said that the manager would have no interest in hearing my complaint. Thats lowsy customer service in my book and I will be taking my business elsewhere....

Review №42

Had a little problem with the razor stop in real quick they jumped right on it took care of the problem excellent service excellent people

Review №43

Alex is always very helpful and informative. Great guy to work with.

Review №44

Very informative and helpful and made my purchase quick and smooth.very friendly ppl at post falls power sports.

Review №45

There is a reason why these men and woman are voted best of the north Idaho business journal 7 years in a row. many friends have told me that when you buy local that they bend over backwards to satisfy there customers and i personally have experienced fist hand. part i needed parts that were back ordered and they pulled them from another rig to to get me up and going for the weekend, thank you post falls power sports crew.. alex schuck

Review №46

Class A experience!!!!!!!Great service had everything in stock awesome test track went to other dealers and they wouldnt let me test drive, how else are you suppose to feel the suspension of the machine to see if its worth buying. I see there are poor reviews on this dealership but my experience was great and the sales manager and GM worked with me and were really knowledgable about the side by side world and got me out riding that day and ready for memorial weekendThanks guys!!!!!

Review №47

I recently called postfalls powersports about a used jet ski the salesman named Alex was very high pressure and said another guy was interested in the same jet ski and said he needed a $1,000 dollars to hold it. I gave him my debit card they drew out a $1,000 dollars. I decided not to buy it and asked for my thousand dollars back and he said no refunds I asked for a in store credit and he talked to Erik Holt and he said no. I then contacted the post falls police department they contacted Erik Holts and he said they don’t do refunds on deposits. The officer said it’s boarder line a criminal act and referred me to take civil action. I never step foot in there store. I am now going through the county court to get my deposit back.

Review №48

Awful experience, bait and switch tactics, after I accepted their counter offer on a trade deal. These guys have a long history of poor customer service and cocky attitudes, I should have looked into this first. Kawasaki should be ashamed to have these folks representing their products.

Review №49

Very unresponsive. Tried 3 times to get prices and had to drive the hour and a half to finally get through. Got quotes, including written, from their Sales Manager. When I chose to accept one, he informed me that he had made a mistake and his boss said he couldnt honor it. I asked to speak to his boss, Mike. He said he would have him call me (which he never did). So I called him. Nothing. No remorse. Not an I am sorry, lets see what we can do or lets meet 1/2 way or anything. Just, we arent going to honor the quote. Can certainly understand why I do not see any Kawasaki UTVs in this area.

Review №50

My experience thus far with Coeur D Alene Polaris and Kawasaki was polite, knowlegeable and flexable. They also service Kawasaki Bikes which is a Great Blessing for the Coeur d Alene area if you own a Kawasaki! I will be happy to update my experience with the Service Department after my bike receives the Platinum Level Service in a couple weeks.

Review №51

Parts department did not have one of the most common of all tubes in stock for an 18inch rear tire. Pretty miserable

Review №52

Great Family orientated dealershipGreat service and friendly staff they just sold the model i wanted be got one transferred with in hours and got us are machine in the color we wanted, definitely pays to shop local

Review №53

Extremely dishonest and very disappointed by there lack of customer concern. I dealt with them in July 2017 and on two occasions they flat out lied to my face. I will never recommend anyone ever dealing with the staff at Post Falls power sports. I will pay more and drive further than to ever purchase or have them work on anything I own. I will go out of my way to express my horrific experience with them to everyone I know and anyone that will listen. I escalated my concerns to a MIKE ? and received the same carefree lack of concern i received from the rest of his staff....DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS..... you have been warned....Anything positive said about these guys is coming from friends and family of the employees. Instead of bolstering favorable reviews how about take a class in ethics and integrity............

Review №54

Where to start, This place is great. I felt welcome the second I walked through the door!! I do not usually leave reviews but seeing all their negative reviews makes me upset, but I also realize, most people who leave reviews are people who walked into a business with a bad attitude.. You cant treat people bad, and expect the business to be nice..I was just passing through town when I had a problem with my atv, stopped in to talk to parts, they didnt have the part I needed, but got it within hours, and had me on my way. I would drive the 150 miles again just to work with the awesome people at post falls powersports! they go above an beyond to help you come the second you walk in!

Review №55

Ive had great service Ive bought 2 atvs and hope to upgrade again soon !!! I wouldnt go anywhere else !!!

Review №56

Wouldnt go anywhere else for Kawasaki parts and supplies

Review №57

I brought my very SHINY CLEAN chr 1000 in to have them do an oil change and change out a seal as I was trying to sell it.. 3 weeks later when I finally picked up my bike it was FILTHY .. My chain was RUSTED as well... when I tried telling them they passed me off 2 or 3x until I finally got ahold of the service manager who scoffingly laughed at me when I told him what happened and said theres only so much we can do... NEVER taking another motorcycle to them for anything big or small. Going to cda Honda powersports fpr everything for now on Ive had much better experience there!

Review №58

Worst customer service ever! Bottom line. Called another dealership about the hard top roof for my UTV after being quoted a price of $409.00 from your dealership just to see if they had in stock. The price they quoted was lower by $50.00. Called Cameron back and asked why the difference in price. He said they were running a special or something. The other dealership was NOT running a special and even the price online was lower from several outlets including the Kawasaki website. I said so I should drive to Spokane and purchase the hard top for less money and he said and I quote “If that’s what you want to do go for it” What the hell kind of bullshit customer service is this? More disturbing was when I asked Cameron to call back my credit union and see if they could raise the loan amount by 500.00 he said he would. No call back to me was ever made until when I went in to sign the paperwork and he said my credit union said they would not do it but low and behold I called my credit union today and they pulled everything up and said that only one request was ever made for the initial loan amount and that I would have more than likely been approved for the extra 500.00 or I may have even had to come in with a little cash which I had also. I and HIGHLY pissed off about this transaction and will NEVER do business with your place of business again nor will I recommend anyone to go there. I will drive the 30 miles to Spokane to get my atv serviced as well as purchasing any other equipment. At this point I am ready to “Unwind” this deal and turn this atv back in go to another dealership. Nothing but crappy customer service where the customer is obviously not always right. Waste of time for anyone to go here. Bunch off crappy customer service individuals. Ive been in customer service for over 20 years in the mortgage industry and have never seen this lack of it ever. No return calls, e mails or anything. DO NOT GO HERE!

Review №59

Have amazing inventory... and lowest prices around...

Review №60

To say this place gives poor customer service is an understatement. We went here because of the price for an oil change for our RZR...and boy did we get what we paid for. These incomptent fools broke our steering wheel and tried to say they didnt do it. The service manager basically called my husband a liar. When my husband politely insisted on talking to the manager, Mike, that was about as productive as talking to a wall. The manager was as much a jerk as the first two employees. Finally the manager agreed to fix the steering wheel, but not before he called my husband an a*&hole and told him not to come back (like that was even an option). If these guys arent interested in building repeat business, it makes me wonder what kind of business is really going on here. Maybe LE needs to take a closer look at this business and the people who work here. Something isnt right about this place and the people who work here are about the rudest individuals imaginable. Next time we will spend the extra money and support a business who gives a rip about customer service.

Review №61

These guys are borderline crooks, they charge almost $100 over MSRP on aftermarket parts. First dont buy here and if you have to at least youll get your rig worked on. But if you dont buy from them, at their inflated prices they will tell you that you have to wait two weeks or so to get work done. Polaris and the aftermarket folks build already build in profits for these guys and they are SOOOOO greedy they continue to add and dont get me started on how BAD the customer service is. Im writing Polaris about these guys too and encourage ALL of you whove had the same piss poor experience to do the same maybe we can get Polaris to give them the boot and leave them with yamahammer and arctic cat! They we can start writing them... People like these shouldnt be in business...

Review №62

Literally charged us for services they never did....

Review №63

We were excited to hear that it was sold as we have had horrible experiences with the entire staff - (they are disrespectful and totally unprofessional and crooks we have bought quite a few machines from them but when you need parts they act like they are doing you a favor by even talking to you and they wont even bother to help if you bought your machine elsewhere) We drove by and got out to go in and see the new place and it was a shock to see the same people behind the counter - walked right back out - we have gone to Allsport and Polaris in Sandpoint and have not only received great deals WELL below Post Falls prices but just the service and follow up and the over all experience with both Allsport and Sandpoint Marine we will never go back . I would give them a negative star but they dont have that.

Review №64

Yes I called for a price and again they want thousand dollars to hold it and the guy was kind of pushy Cameron

Review №65

Really kind of shocked by these reviews so far, I had a great experience with cda polaris. Bought a polaris 850 touring a few years ago from them after shopping every dealer in Spokane. The quad was stolen last week and I was looking to replace it. Wife called all the polaris dealerships for quotes, they were the first to respond. I told wife because of our great experience last time, even if they were a few hundred dollars above the low quote we would be buying from them. It wasnt an issue, they were lowest quote (even over Costco member pricing of Allsport) and I will be picking up my new 850 in the morning.

Review №66

Put me on hold for 10 minutes for service and noone answered...showed up and they wanted to charge double for the same service they will do at the liberty lake Polaris Dealer. Ill be taking my business elsewhere.

Review №67

They stole my 1,000 dollar deposit. seeking a civil judgement against them the post falls police department said its boarder line criminal.

Review №68

Horrible experience. Jerks from owner on down. Fail.

Review №69

Nice people

Review №70

Great guys. No pressure.

Review №71

Great selection, nice, helpful employees.

Review №72

Great place and friendly staff

Review №73

Extremely rude the kid behind the counter acts like he is better than you and has a very crappy attitude

Review №74

Very professional and courteous.

Review №75

Excellent service.

Review №76

Go see Cameron!

Review №77

All our questions were answered

Review №78

Good outfit

Review №79

Very friendly!!!

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