The Portland Game Store
922 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217, United States
The Portland Game Store
Review №1

This is the local game store to go to for board game enthusiasts and magic players alike. They selection is quite amazing with their customer service being too notch. They host events throughout the week to get you out and about. Even sometimes playing against you to create that very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Even there board game rental program is something you just have to check out.

Review №2

We popped in just for a few minutes to browse, but the guy at the front desk was super nice and welcoming. He explained the layout of the store and was willing to just chat with us too. They have a rental section!!! We live nearby so we will definitely be back in to try out some new games when we get the chance!

Review №3

Bring your vaccine card to play or they will kick you out. Wasnt clearly listed on thier site or mentioned when I visited yesterday and asked about commander night. Never coming back to this bogus joint.

Review №4

This shop was by far the best DND/ magic the gathering/ general board game store I have found in Portland. Visited plenty while I’m vacationing here and all were okay enough, but this one was top tier! The staff (one dude) was really friendly and they had lots of cool dnd dice to choose from. The pricing was a lot better than other stores. I had a great time at the shop and will definitely visit if I come back!(Additionally, the game store has a wall which got owned)

Review №5

Excellent game store! Knowledgeable staff and enthusiasm for gaming.

Review №6

Great game store, the staff are very friendly, helpful and have great game recommendations. I have enjoyed every minute I have spent in the store.

Review №7

Awesome place. Tons of trading card games like Magic, Pokemon and a slew of others Ive never even heard of to go along with board games and miniatures. Great service and very helpful. Check it out!

Review №8

Very friendly and open atmosphere. My sibling and I went in for the first time a couple weeks ago. They asked us our favorite song/music artist and played a radio based on it which I thought was super cool. We rented a couple of games they reccomended to us, which we ended up loving. When I went back to return the games they remembered my name which surprised me. Thanks for the great experience!Btw the games were Stellar and Morels.

Review №9

Are you a dork who likes small versions of ships that fight each other? Do you like board games with a bazillion pieces? Average prices but good community and staff. Come be a big dork!

Review №10

Decent selection of board games and a good selection of minis, but could use more gaming supplies (card sleeves, deck boxes, etc). Also their prices arent outrageous by any means but its definitely on the more expensive side for many of their games.

Review №11

Great selection, friendly knowledgeable staff. Check it out

Review №12

I love this place. Board game rentals available.Store is clean well organised. And not cramped.

Review №13

Awesome selection and really fun, friendly, and helpful staff. They have a really cool board game rental system so you can try out cool new things!

Review №14

Lovely experience. Wonderful service. Knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this shop! 😁

Review №15

Theyre very knowledgeable, well stocked, and kind. my favorite place to buy games and magic cards. would recommend to anyone!

Review №16

Love this place! Theyve got a great selection of board games, and the staff is friendly & helpful. Also love their new game rental system!

Review №17

Great LGS. Just great.

Review №18

Game displays are excellent, with a healthy space for play tables. Selection is neither exciting nor disappointing: solid. Seems like a strange thing to say about a game store, but I really enjoyed the music that was playing.

Review №19

Yup. Cool place.

Review №20

This shop is wonderful. The owner is extremely passionate about preserving and elevating the community built around this store and is very knowledgeable about all things Gaming.

Review №21

Friendly, clean, and fun place to be.

Review №22

Absolutely awesome space filled with lovely people. Both of the staff I met were friendly and very kind and understanding (I had card issues). The whole space is welcoming and well organized. Half of the shop is set up to play games (either ones you bring or their own demos) and half of the shop has so many games itll make your head spin!The back of the store has a set up to make extended sessions more comfortable. They even have a little bulletin board with advertisements for assorted things like games people are looking for players for or tutors for games.The absolute only downside is that I dont live closer.

Review №23

Excellent local game shop. Good selection of tabletop with staff who are willing to bring in custom orders. Half of the store is set up for gaming tables. Decent selection of miniatures. Small, but fun RP section that is D&D focused. Limited amount of paint / crafting supplies (all GW). Magic. Etc.

Review №24

I really love getting my magic the gathering needs met here. I feel like they make an effort to take care of me and I get the help I need.

Review №25

Top notch. Great people, great games.

Review №26

Great service and a friendly staff, theyre happy to help you find a game to fit your needs!

Review №27

Staff is always knowledgeable and always has what my husband needs in stock. I love it there because I ask a million questions and they are very patient and nice. So many questions.

Review №28

Ive been playing D&D Adventurers League games here for a while. The staff is great. They have nice selection of games and miniatures, and one half of the store is devoted to play space with tables set up. You can also buy snacks and drinks. I always have a fun time here.

Review №29

Great store, awesome help.

Review №30

Great selection of items and very friendly, helpful staff

Review №31

A really nice store with great staff that was unfortunately just robbed. Please go and support them if you can.

Review №32

Wonderful, friendly staff, just wish the selection of magic the gathering cards/accessories was bigger. I prefer smaller stores like this to larger stores like Guardian Games, it’s just less intimidating and feels more friendly and welcoming here. That, and theStaff (especially Tara! (sp?)) is why I’m giving it five stars, otherwise....step up the MTG game.

Review №33

Gotta say I was skeptical when I first saw this place open. Being a Portland native, the last time a business like this opened in Alberta area the whole place changed (arguably for the better, but at the cost of the locals). That doesnt seem to be the case here, I see kids coming in all the time and thankfully they prices things a bit more local friendly than other game shops Ive been to. Did I also mention they have beer on tap? Even though I dont drink, I think this great as a bar alternative and just a good fit for the neighborhood to have something positive. Highly recommend.

Review №34

I fear for my wallet!

Review №35

The store seems mostly focused on providing play space for Magic: The Gathering, miniatures games, and other collectible games. They have a number of tables of different sizes that can be adjusted in height and some one-on-one tournament seating. There seems to be a pretty active community that spends time in the store, with regular events posted on a packed calendar.The store sells alcohol and other cold drinks, as well as various snacks. Theres also a microwave available. The actual variety of games on sale is somewhat restricted due to the limited space remaining.

Review №36

It feels like the small comic and game stores from my youth. Comfortable and welcoming. Catering to the community around them. There are events most nights of the week, and they have a selection of most of the popular table top games. They have the obligatory MTG selection, but more importantly, a drinks fridge, beer tap, and snacks. Great store for hanging out.

Review №37

Super awesome game store. They treat everyone with respect and have great selection.Also great about the store, ADULT BEVERAGES!Plenty of tables for casual gamers, lots of introductory events too. Check out their schedule online.Love this place.

Review №38

I just went to this store and it was such a great experience. The selection of games was great and the staff fantastic! They were so helpful and friendly!

Review №39

Super cool place. Staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely a place I would recommend highly

Review №40

Nice, clean store. Beer and cider on tap plus bottled drinks and snacks. Good selection of games and demos available. Overall, a nice LGS.

Review №41

Lots of tables for gaming. Nice staff. Great game selection and free-play library. On Saturdays there is a board game meetup. But tons of others were playing all sorts of things from Magic to Cthulhu Wars.

Review №42

Beer on tap and tons of great games! Even has an area where you can try out certain games to see if you like gameplay and pieces.

Review №43

The staff here are completely AWESOME and very helpful! They make you feel like a regular. They are really reasonably priced and a great place to play games at. Come Saturday nights and they have a game meetup. You meet a bunch of new people. The staff are very knowledgeable about so many games as well.

Review №44

Huge selection of board games. Also sold magic cards and some pokemon. I saw some singles for magic. Good selection of Fantasy Flight games like Armada, X-wing, and Legion. There was also a good selection of 40k stuff and modeling tools/paints. Sleeves, binders, deck boxes and that usual stuff as well. Several tables for gaming too! Dude at the counter was really reserved and quiet. Didnt ask us if we wanted help, but that wasnt a big issue.

Review №45

Great employees. huge selection of board games. lots of star wars miniature games. has an open feel which is refreshing to war gamers. great location. very clean. just has that great vibe too it for a game store and excited to see the directions they go as they grow!

Review №46

Nice atmosphere and lots of help from the staff. Well stocked with games, including miniature games, board games and card games. I recommend you drop by.

Review №47

I think The Portland Game Store is a pretty cool place and doesn’t afraid of anything. Way better than Guardian which smells like armpits and buttcracks

Review №48

The furniture was comfortable and the other players were friendly. Staff were also helpful.

Review №49

This is the best store ever. The people there are great. They have a good selection. They also let you play demo games before you buy them, to see if you like them.

Review №50

Edit: Didnt take long for new owners to appear! Now the sale this weekend is just a sale, and they will reopen. 👍Sounds like theyre having a liquidation sale this weekend, May 29 - June 1, since they dont plan on reopening after quarantine officially ends.

Review №51

Ive been here for a couple of game nights and its always been a nice experience. I think one of the draw backs is most of the tables have pretty heavy games going on, both in terms of rules and time. This can make it a little hard to drop in.The store itself has pretty large selection of games and the staff is friendly

Review №52

Well laid out, solid selection of great games. Other stores may have more options overall, but here you get to see what seems like a nicely curated display of known high quality games. Would visit again 🙂

Review №53

Love this place! So many games! And I think all of them are on demo! Meaning you can try them out at the store with your friends before you buy them. We were sitting there for hours playing CodeNames. So fun!

Review №54

Great place to hangout and play games. I went there for their Saturday game night and everyone was very inviting and friendly. They a great selection of games to play and a decent selection of drinks and beer.

Review №55

Great lighting, refreshments, and a friendly atmosphere; no better place to pull up a chair and play a game.

Review №56

Great local game stop that hosts regular DnD nights and has a selection of games that are free to play. Snacks, beverages, both alcoholic and not, available for purchase. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №57

Waited for about 15 minutes at the counter trying to buy something and no one came up. Clean place and well organized though.

Review №58

I was happy with how knowledgeable they were about the games they sell. I wanted a new game and had only experienced a couple of games. I described the kind of games I like and they were able to point me towards a game I have enjoyed since I brought it home. I like this place a lot!

Review №59

Looking forward to exploring this place now. We stopped in to buy a specific game for a present. They had it in stock. Everyone was friendly even though we arent white men.

Review №60

Lots of tables, almost always one open. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Cider and beer on tap along with plenty of other drinks and snacks. Outside food, but not drink, is allowed. Lots of demo and loaner games to explore!

Review №61

I like this shop for many reasons. I play magic, in particular. I enjoy the fact that they foster such a causal atmosphere. My only qualm would be about running more magic events.

Review №62

Love this place, a great place to experience and learn table top games.

Review №63

Cool place. Has a very extensive boardgame collection. Half the store is just tables with people playing all sorts of games. I plan to come back soon and try out a couple different games that Ive always wanted to play but never had the opportunity.

Review №64

I love this store. The staff, and especially the owner, are all super friendly and helpful. Theres a wide selection of games to test play and theyre always getting new games in. To top it off, the place has tons of fun events going on all the time. Every time I go to PGS I have a blast!

Review №65

Wonderful space with helpful staff. Not internet cheap but thats to be expected.Main issue was there were lots of people playing fun games that made it emotionally difficult to leave instead of joining in. But its late and I need to get home.

Review №66

Great place to meetup and play tabletop games. You can also buy turn based card games like Magic the gathering. Friendly and helpful staff are able to assist in getting what you need.

Review №67

Guardian is a warehouse. This place is homey and friendly.

Review №68

Nice and quiet in the afternoon, beer on tap, and at least 4-5 restaurants around it. Not bad for nerd with a day off.

Review №69

Great store with friendly staff. Theres a great X-Wing League on Wednesdays with a great rewards system. Super chill vibe, great brews, and a fun atmosphere.

Review №70

Love this place! Cozy but not cramped (except for prereleases), and a great crowd of regular mtg folks, from my queer fem perspective.

Review №71

The people running this store are great. Theyre friendly, clearly enjoy what they do, and are eager to share their love of games with customers. They have lots of demos that you can play if youre looking for a new game.

Review №72

Went there for my first time during Magic the Gathering Eldritch Moon Release weekend and played a draft. Was a lot of fun, the owner was very nice and welcoming. The atmosphere was very relaxed and enjoyable.

Review №73

Only store in town that carried (and in-stock) the new version of Agricola and the expansion pack! You guys made my day, and many other days to come. Thank you so much!

Review №74

Nice local gaming store

Review №75

This place is great. Great vibe, great employees and customers. A wide selection of food/drink options and the games, oh the games!Definitely my favorite community gaming store!

Review №76

Knowledge staff and an overall great selection at fair prices.

Review №77

Pleasant staff. Given tour of store. Active calendar with plenty of events.

Review №78

Friendly staff who know their products, great selection of games to buy, and very diverse beverage selection. On street parking only, you may need to walk a block. Recommended.

Review №79

Great staff and great selection of games. Lots of tables to play games and local restaurants are good.

Review №80

Fantastic local game store. Plenty of room for playing games and a solid selection of current games. Great staff, too!

Review №81

Smaller game store but still has great selection. Staff are very kind and helpful.I called the Portland Game Store to ask for donations for a fundraiser I was organizing. PGS provided one of the largest donations. While I love Guardian Games, I will be buying my games locally from PGS from here on out.

Review №82

Good and friendly place. Just enough tables to meet the demand of an average night of gamers.

Review №83

The man working was friendly and hooked me up with a newer jigglypufff than the one I was holding. Very cool of him. I hope more people support this store so it can stay in business. With how easy it is to stream anime online or through netflix Im sure this place doesnt get as much business as they could. Visit and support!

Review №84

Great game store in North Portland. Plenty of room to sit down and enjoy a game with friends over beer. The staff is super knowledgeable about the games that are available for sale and demo.

Review №85

They need to monitor the Asian shark that’s at every MTG event that is rigging the system, whether it’s bringing in his favorite cards for a draft or when he comes over to look at who he plays next then changes the cards in his deck to specifically target his next opponent. It has stopped people from wanting to go there to play, knowing the store allows for this type

Review №86

Always enjoy a trip here. Last time we play tested three games they recommended and ended up taking home all of them.

Review №87

Shouls definitely stop by! Small, new store. Calendar of tournaments (mtg), board game and mtg card selection. Really great.

Review №88

Great little neighborhood game store. And their miniatures selection is very diverse !

Review №89

Staff is willing to work with you to order things not in their small selection. Bright, open space with tables to try before you buy.

Review №90

A very organized and welcoming space! Would buy gaming gear here again!

Review №91

They have beer. I spoke with Ryan there, he seemed like a decent guy. The shop is nice and clean and they have magic singles for purchase and trade. I will return for their events.

Review №92

I used to come here about once every couple months, but last time I was there the guy on staff was very rude for some reason, maybe because my friend wasnt interested in his suggestions. This was only one has experience, but I think the owner should make sure to keep tabs on their staffs behavior to make sure they stay professional.

Review №93

A bunch of great boardgames, and theres always something fun going on. RPG selection is pretty small, but theyve got all of the heavy hitters.

Review №94

I had a great first time experience here.

Review №95

Very helpful staff- I recently started looking at magic cards again after a long time- he helped me with a rundown of the recent sets and changes to the cards. Good selection and a nice overall feel, great location!

Review №96

Good range of games for purchase with a very knowledgeable staff. They also have game nights.

Review №97

Great spot to play RPGs. Good selection of minis and games. And the location is perfect.

Review №98

Everyone who works here is awesome and friendly, the snack selection is pretty great and the seating for tabletop games is really good

Review №99

Best game store in town! Provides a wide variety of games for all ages and families. If your looking for collectable games, this is also the place for that, and if they dont have it, they will get it!

Review №100

Friendliest staff and great selection of games. If only theyd get non-PBR on tap... but still five stars!

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