Rimsky-Korsakoffee House
707 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, United States
Rimsky-Korsakoffee House
Review №1

Excellent Coffee drinks and Chai. Portland never stops impressing me with the great food in this city. I had Chocolat fudge cake was decadent,rich and not overly sweet. Had a rich Chocolate flavor. Daughter had raspberry espresso Latte, excellent raspberry flavor. I love when a food and drink taste as advertised and this restaurants simple menu does not seem overly impressive. but dont let it fool you whatever you order will be the best version of its own simplicity and will be decadent.

Review №2

Absolutely stunning little dessert diner. We were not expecting to stumble on this gem late at night but its everything we could have wanted and more! It has an almost Alice and Wonderland-y whimsical side to it, and the food definitely backs that up.

Review №3

This was my favorite stop in Portland. The decor is a beautiful sensory overload. You know the Keep Portland Weird meme? This what they were talking about. Its been weird for 40 years and feels authentic.The coffee and desserts were amazing. Get the raspberry fool, it was incredible.

Review №4

New favorite! The orange cappuccino was incredible and the cobbler was very good. This place has a cool history, the vibe is amazing, and our servers were wonderful. We are definitely coming back!

Review №5

This place was hopping on a Thursday night but loved its really chill vibes and live guitar music. They made a great Cappuccino and the red velvet cake was to die for.

Review №6

Ginger cake was moist & loaded with ginger, cafe mexicana was rich & tasty. Service was also friendly & attentive. And of course, the atmosphere & decor here is really something to experience.

Review №7

Cool atmosphere and vibe but some desserts( like chocolate raspberry fool) are overrated. Coffee drinks are great and it pretty cheap

Review №8

This is a unique and interesting place. I really love the front porch. It can get VERY crowded in the evenings. The city needs more late-night coffee shops to ease the pressure.

Review №9

Had my fav Chocolate Raspberry Fool and Tea.

Review №10

Tasty espresso drinks and delicious desserts what else could you ask for? Not to mention the adorable deco.

Review №11

Im vegan, can barely have anything here, but still love bringing people here and enjoying the creepy/kooky ambiance. Note: Its cash only

Review №12

This has been one of my favorite places in Portland since it opened. Eclectic environment. Fabulous deserts. Wonderful live classical music.

Review №13

Lovely little dessert cafe with live music on weekends. Be prepared to wait in line since its small and people take their time soaking up the desserts and ambiance. Cash only.Pop in for a quick snack and then get the heck out so they can keep enough turnover to to stay in business cause I will freak out if they dont stick around! 😂(Sadly not accessible and the bathrooms are up another flight of stairs.)

Review №14

Favorite dessert place in town! Great and unique atmosphere, live music, tables that surprise and wonderful cheerful service… always a Fantastic experience!

Review №15

Rimskys is still Rimskys, atmosphere and service quality alike were top-notch, and the desserts were especially good.Note that at this time they are still requesting the use of masks, but I think I spied a card reader, so their cash-only policy might be old news, though Id bring cash just to be safe.If they have cheesecake on their specials menu, GET IT.

Review №16

One of my favorite coffee shops in Portland. This whimsical and spooky place can be definitely be weird but lovable at the same time. This place is super cozy. Its a great place to talk for hours. If you are there with a larger groups of people - I recommend sitting on that round table (Youll know why once you sit there :p ).

Review №17

Great atmosphere, always a good time. Extra special when theres live music, especially on the piano.

Review №18

Probably the best coffee shop Ive been to. Excellent atmosphere. Its very enjoyable just to be here. The coffee is great and so are the desserts. Always been fond of it for a date or just listening to music and drinking coffee in the evening.

Review №19

Place:Interesting place and decoration. The bathroom deserves a visit, if you can find it. Nice live piano. The waiter was great and used food puns whenever possible.Menu:The hot chocolate was delicious and the hot fudge brown sundae was pretty good too (ingredients well banaced and good proportion, although the brownie was quite hard). I didnt like the raspberry fool, which is their famous dessert. The mix of everything was decent, but there was too much unsweetened heavy whipping cream and too bitter chocolate (which was decent with the raspberries but you ran out of them).Pictures:I couldnt find much info on the menu or what the pictures correspond to, so attached there is the sundae, the hot chocolate and the menu. Hope that helps.Beware:Cash only!

Review №20

Fun old Portland coffee house with tasty desserts. Go support local. Bring cash.

Review №21

A fun place to bring out of towners. Your definitely come to the quirky ambiance. We sat at the only available table (which apparently was for 5, not 4) after being ignored for a bit we were asked to move to another table (that honestly was more appropriate for a party of 2). One of our guests has a dairy allergy and being that this restaurant is located in probably the most granola part of Portland, youd think theyd have some decent options for dairy/vegan/gluten allergies. But they still have the same menu from about 15 years ago. The food is okay. There are much better dessert options in the area for foodies that will happily accommodate but this place specializes in the funky/ somewhat strange atmosphere.

Review №22

Late night coffee and dessert in a truly unique place. What more could anyone want?!

Review №23

No dine in services currently. They have three tables on the patio. Tried the caramel latte very nice. Also the herbal tea ambiguity was very good.

Review №24

This cute cafe has an inviting warm atmosphere, great desserts, and live music! A pleasant place to visit on a cold night.

Review №25

A not so secret desert and coffee bar located in a classic old house. There are surprises to be had here while enjoying wonderful desert creations. Friendly, laid back, staff and musicians add to the comfy feel this place resonates. A truly Portland experience. This business has always made me happy for years and years, I hope it can put a smile on your face.

Review №26

Delicious desserts. Lovely ambiance. Very eccentric. The tea was delightful. Would definitely go back. Thoroughly enjoyed it.Cash only and they dont open until 7pm. Totally worth the wait!

Review №27

Cozy place with live music👍👏

Review №28

A wonderful atmosphere with great coffee, tea, and dessert menu. The festive lights and live piano music really brought it all together. Tried the cafe Mexicana, eggnog latte, and chocolate pot de creme. Delicious! I was interested the loose leaf tea options and would have loved to see their collection of tea pots. Maybe next time! (5 stars)Edit: visited again and received poor service and inattention and the tea was not great. I would rate this visit 3 stars because I still liked the atmosphere and the others in my group enjoyed their coffee drinks but it was sorely disappointing after such a great first impression. (Adjusting my rating to 4 stars as an average)

Review №29

Lovely drinks. Tasty dessert. Charming atmosphere. Dont go in the bathroom.

Review №30

The main room is closed due to COVID, but the coffee and sweets are divine. I swear this place is run by a coffee fae.

Review №31

One of my all time favorite places to relax with my friends. It’s usually pretty packed especially on the weekend. Fun, quirky, excellent dessert and witty staff. Make sure you take a trip to the bathroom before you go. 😏

Review №32

A beautiful throw back Portland needs more of :)

Review №33

This place is always where I take tourists when they visit. One of the most “portland” places ever.

Review №34

A Portland classic! Great to visit again.

Review №35

Ambience is a bit different from a regular coffee shop. Deserets are good but filled with lot of Whipping Cream instead of actual Ice Cream. Will try coffee on my next visit.

Review №36

Quaint, old house serving coffee, tea, and fabulous desserts.

Review №37

Omg the ginger cake was warm with thick whipped cream, so yummmmm. No alcohol. Cool, old house. Cash only.

Review №38

Coffee, Tea, & one boatload of a banana split! This old house retrofitted into a low key, dim lit, dessert cafe is open late night and usually pretty busy, offering a self seating semi sort of nonchalant service characteristic of Portland. The menu consists of coffee/tea variations and sweets (ice cream, sundaes, brownie, cobbler, etc). Very quirky, pretty quick, uniquely set and straight to the point, Rimsky-Korsakoffee House is an experience to be enjoyed when living in or visiting Portland. Thanks!Best,~S

Review №39

How could we have lived here this long and not tried this place? Two great lattes and so smooth even with extra shots! If youre going to splurge on dessert, do it here.

Review №40

Open for take out 4 days Thursday through Sunday. Take Out is par excellence. Pastry Chef Mikey is a local talent everyone might enjo.

Review №41

Quirky place great for a couple or two.

Review №42

All I can say is WOW!!! If youre looking for a place to go out on a nice date, propose, or just go out with the gals/pals, then this is the place! Rimsky has Devine desserts, coffees, and teas that are all homemade and delicious. The interior of restaurant is inviting, as well as the outside. I also highly recommend checking out the restroom, its fun and different.

Review №43

A Portland classic. Inside is open now and they now take card! Make sure to checkout the bathroom.

Review №44

Great late night coffeehouse.

Review №45

Being here was like taking a mild acid trip with your cool aunt: classy, quirky, and real weird in a great way. Menu consists of coffee, tea, and dessert, each of which were delectable. Service was friendly but slow, which could be fine for a casual night out, and give you time to enjoy the atmosphere and decor. Be sure to use the restroom and ground yourself before you leave.

Review №46

This is my favorite thing about Portland.

Review №47

The atmosphere is really intimate and romantic. We went on a Tuesday evening and were fortunate enough to get to enjoy some live music. Its definitely a different experience, with the hours being unusual for a coffee house and the service system being grab a menu and sit down, well find you in a few minutes, but my husband enjoyed his Double Venice and my Mocha Borgio was pretty good, just a little overly artificial where the orange flavor was concerned and I was a little disappointed that they were out all of their teas as well as their cider options. Our server was a little kooky, but that was all part of the experience!(their bathroom upstairs is also pretty dang cool and creative)

Review №48

Was scared to death with a toy in the restroom. It wasn’t fun.

Review №49

An amazing hidden gem perfect for an after dinner coffee and dessert. If you havent been there before theres two things you need to know; its cash only and a trip upstairs to the bathroom is worth it.

Review №50

Very Portland, much tasty, such music. 9/10

Review №51

Really super cool place

Review №52

Kooky, weird, fun place. Totally tucked away, with great coffee and treats. Cash only!

Review №53

The best coffee house I have ever been too. On vacation, we were looking for a place to get out of the rain and grab a cup of something warm. We got something so much better. We got the raspberry fool and the fudge cake to share which were great with lattes! The atmosphere was great, service was good even though it was very obvious they were short staffed. The bathroom was unexpected. I wanted to take the place back home with me after our visit to Portland.

Review №54

Kind employees, lovely tea, coffee & desserts. Excentric & fun atmosphere. Great place to catch up with a friend or your love. Hilarious under-sea bathroom.

Review №55

Hands down my favorite place in all of Portland. There is live classical music playing while you sip on artisan coffee and delight in hand crafted desserts. Dimly lit, this place makes for a fun date night, and the classical music tables makes it a fun place for older children. The wait service is always smiling and kind. I would not recommend taking children under 10 here, but if they are well behaved it could be a possibility.

Review №56

Whenever my friends ask what the best part about my trip to Portland was, I tell them about Rimsky-Korsakoffee House. Im so surprised how well hidden this secret is! A haunted coffee shop thats only open at night! What a great idea! Wish it was open a bit earlier as well because the drinks and desserts are AMAZING! Ill definitely visit again!

Review №57

Funky (see pics of the restrooms) down to earth cafe with great lemonade (the cool freshening drink) and a sweet acustic guitarist doing his thing.

Review №58

I love Rimskys because it is a unique dessert shop that is open late, has amazing options and a fun atmosphere. The staff are helpful and attentive. The dessert options are numerous, with daily specials and seasonal options. The live music that is always there also adds to the magic of Rimskys.

Review №59

Loved it here. Such an adorable n cool place, with super friendly service n a yummy menu to go with it. The atmosphere was awesome n very relaxing. Had live soothing music. The decor of the place was nonstop. You could look around n see something different every time. Seems to get packed there fast, so there might be a little bit of a wait. Definitely a place worth checking out!!

Review №60

A must try if youre visiting from out of town, as well as a good spot for locals to get dessert.

Review №61

Must experience pdx gem! (good deserts too)just heard, they have takeout & some patio seating & are open hours listed bellow (11/7/20) SUPPORT THIS PLACE!

Review №62

Fun and quirky place!

Review №63

I went here tonight not knowing anything about the place, but in dire need of coffee. My partner and I arrived twenty minutes after opening and after sitting for over half an hour, unserved or approached by the one apparent waitress, we asked the man bussing tables if he could send a waitress our way.She walked by, said, Ill be by, but there are a few people ahead of you!, chiding us, even though shed served many tables around us that arrived after us. Shed zoomed around our table and staunchly ignored us. Finally we ordered our coffees and declined the second wed planned on because our coffee came with the bill and it seemed like we were being hurried out. Sure, fine, we wont spend more money here then...I like strange businesses, I like eclectic decor, but I dont like rudeness. Our service was TERRIBLE. We tipped, but it was a begrudging 20%. The only thing charming was the writing on the back of the check. We didnt arrive late enough in the night to justify such slow, negligent service.

Review №64

I really do like giving good reviews if I can. The good parts: nice environment, coffee was good and the apple crisp was very good. The bad parts: the customer service was impersonal and somewhat cold, the place is very small and claustrophobic. It was absolutely packed and other customers were literally only 3 to 4 feet away. If you guys could find a bigger location and keep the same basic theme, it would work really well. I think your employees would probably appreciate it too and hopefully relax a little.

Review №65

This place is so deeply special, I’ve been coming here for over a decade. It’ll break my heart if it doesn’t survive Covid so I really really hope that it gets the support it needs.

Review №66

I love this place! Its very whimsical and great for a night out with friends! Theyve got a lot of delicious desserts and drinks! Their cakes are amazing! As for drinks, I especially love their steamers, they pair great with any dessert you might eat! This place is better for smaller group. The staff is nice and there isnt usually a terrible wait.

Review №67

What a true Portland experience. Happened to realize midway through our dinner that our table had risen from mid belly height to mid chest height. Thats right. Our table grew. The deserts were solid. The ambiance was great. And the surprise in the bathroom? Lets just say I freaked out when I first saw it. Totally a must see!

Review №68

This is one of the places that comes up when we talk about old Portland. Its quirky, funky, under the radar. Very laid back, interesting, and cool. The opposite of so many of the newer places that are generically trendy, cool in that sterile way. Very fun spot. And fantastic desserts. Go while you can!

Review №69

Discrimination and faced with hostility:I went out with 5 of my friends to Rimsky-Korsakoffee House in Portland and we were sitting at the table (they have you seat yourself). The waitress walked up to us and told us that the monkey has to go. Without even saying hello or welcome, she came across as very hostile (it was her demeanor and body language). It threw all of us off. She said we needed to remove Boo Boo because she absolutely hates monkeys. She told us to go take him back to the car (she didnt know we drove or even where we parked so what if we didnt drive?). Anyway, she came back and said that she couldnt let us have him here because her brother was murdered by two monkeys and she cant live with them. I feel like this was unprofessional and also a bit outrageous. She made me almost have an anxiety attack (I felt sick and it completely put me in a bad mood). She made me feel uncomfortable, like I was a bad guy, unwelcomed, and like I offended her. I understand people have phobias and fears but being hostile and rude and telling you to take your stuffed animal out of the restaurant was out of line because Boo Boo is clearly not a real monkey or even at all harmful. I am thinking about taking this further and going to the press about this.We will likely never come back here and friends tell other friends. This is unfortunate because all of us had loved this place before last night. Who is this waitress? No one had seen her before.

Review №70

Very beautiful date setting type of environment, then when you go upstairs heading towards the restroom area, the whole vibe changes into this artsy type of vibe where you see all these interesting statues hanging on the ceilings and on the walls. But the bathroom is where its at haha! Something that youll just have to see for yourself. Highly recommended for a cute date and also the coffee and desserts are super delicious and simple! 👌

Review №71

This place is a regular go to for me and all the people in my life. There is nothing quite like sitting down for a coffee and pot de creme with stunning live music in the background! I am beyond impressed with the people who staff this establishment each and every time I come. They are efficient and kind and welcoming. I appreciate them so so much!

Review №72

The location was packed! Such good coffee, such crazy decor - check out the bathroom even if you dont need to. The desserts were fantastic and our server was super entertaining - they were a quip a minute and had a full song when delivering the bill that had us laughing. Great experience.

Review №73

Yeah the deserts are good. This place is like you walked into your friends house in 1985 and his mom decorated it in 1970. They are unapologetically weird. If youre good focused its good. If your going for ambiance keep walking.

Review №74

What a great date spot. They had live piano music in a very cozy low-lit atmosphere. The food was excellent. I had a super cider and a brownie sundae. The waiter was funny and attentive. The mannequin in the bathroom startled me but I liked the humor.

Review №75

This place is seriously cool. A bit of a romantic vibe. It also has the eclectic, weird Portland soul. The piano was not being manned so my boyfriend played a little. Bring cash and enjoy the trip to the loo.

Review №76

A Portland institution. While you cant go inside right now and experience the magical tables, you can still experience the ambiance and awesome deserts.

Review №77

Note, cash only!! Which I love, because it shows this place survives and thrives without bending to the tyranny of convenience. Anyway. Amazing desserts and drinks. Everything Ive had here has been spot on. Get everything a la mode, obviously.

Review №78

Cool place. Service was a little slow and the menu is horribly written... but its a cool little niche place. Good atmosphere for hanging out for a long time with someone, good spot for a date, conversations etc. Nice live music too. They have good desert, coffee and tea.

Review №79

If youre looking for an experienced in anachronism, or that dusky parlor late night coffee vibe, this is the spot.Often featuring a local musician, playing softly over the packed tables that begin to fill up every night pretty quickly, the interior vibe is perfect for dates, reading books, or musing contemplation of society.The prices are decent. Almost all of the food is desert based, which you can see families coming in early to bring their kids and enjoy an original sundae.Their tea selections could use updating.Also there are no power outlets so dont think about bringing a computer to work on. You wouldnt want to mess with the French parlor vibe anyway

Review №80

Such a great place to sit and relax with a nice cup of coffee. The mood is charming and quaint. Theres also a musician who plays soothing music as you enjoy your serenity moment. The house is something to admire as well.

Review №81

The staff, especially Lisa, is warm, welcoming ....and full of life and great suggestions.Tea is served in individual, unique maybe even antique pots and I saw other customers state that they had that same pot earlier ...and were hopeful to get it again! Super cute, warm and friendly. The desserts are wonderful! We had ginger cake that was warm and delicious with home made cream ....and a brownie sundae that was plentiful enough to share and also very yummy! Thanks for the best night in Portland, Lisa! Well be back! 😍

Review №82

Super cool decor/atmosphere. Very limited vegan options, but the sorbet they had the day I visited (passionfruit?) was absolutely delicious. Great place for chill convo with a good friend.Note: Cash only!Note: Some of the staff is not nearly as whimsical as the decor would have you believe.

Review №83

I went here as a date and I was very impressed. The desert was great, so was the coffee. But definitely my favorite part about it is the atmosphere. I would highly recommend.

Review №84

I dont drink coffee. Every time Ive visiting Portland, we stop by this place. My best friend LOVES it. She raves on how delicious it is! The smell is very pleasant, and the atmosphere/lay out of coffee place is inviting. A great place to come with friends or by yourself, to get work done.

Review №85

Loved this place. The ginger spice cake was one of the best desserts I have ever had. The atmosphere is fantastic. The hot chocolate was awesome as well. Just remember your cash!

Review №86

I love this place. The piano lady is amazing, she played non stop. The interior is beautiful, cozy and a little spooky :) the desserts are delicious.

Review №87

Such a fun little corner of Portland.I brought a friend from out of town here because she wanted something low key and “Portlandian” vibes... she LOVED it.The molasses cake is my go to every time and she truly enjoyed the decadent chocolate cake she got. The late hours are great, and the live music is always a fun plus!If you’ve never been, I highly recommend giving this place a try!

Review №88

Very nice vibe, and friendly service. Amazing tasting deserts and coffee. Great place for both friendly encounters and romantic dates. Nice fitting music as-well.

Review №89

Love the quirky decor and intimate space. The menu is simple coffee + desserts and they do both very well. Its cash or cheque only, which throws me every time.

Review №90

One of my favorite spots in town for late-night deserts or warm drinks. Atmosphere is great, even on the weekends when it can get pretty busy. I go here at least once a month! There is a decent selection of deserts and drinks, not too much to make it confusing. If you like coffee, deserts and late night spooky vibes you will love this place!

Review №91

Cute well hidden gem of Portland with classy drinks and desserts. Seating is limited but that adds to the feel and vibe. Also there is usually a guy playing guitar which is awesome.

Review №92

Delicious coffee drinks and desserts, fun staff. Delightfully creepy old Victorian feel with a sophisticated undertone, given the AMAZINGLY gifted live musicians nightly (Maybe pianist, guitarist, etc.) Front deck to chill on or wait for people.. Free parking. Check out the awesome bathroom upstairs! Date night romance idea or larger group table with a couch. CASH ONLY.

Review №93

A date and I went here once and ordered a banana split to share (it was one of ~5 desserts on the menu). 45+ minutes later, the server came back and told us they didn’t have any bananas.... also their bathroom has an incredibly threatening aura, which is either a pro or a con depending on what you’re into.UPDATE: if you read their snarky response to my post it’ll tell you everything you need to know about how they handle customers who have anything negative to say. Maybe instead of being rude to people who leave reviews you don’t like you should double-check to make sure you have bananas in stock if 1/5th of your menu requires them.

Review №94

My favorite dessert here by far is the chocolate raspberry fool. There pots de creme is also yummy. Not to mention the nice selection of tea. I enjoy this cafe so much. If its your first time visiting, then go on a week night or around 10pm on a weekend. It can become packed early during the weekend. Bring cash as this is a cash only establishment.

Review №95

Excruciatingly slow service. Useless hipster waiter didnt give us water until our order came out. I was so thirsty... and then the water was in a glass the size of those brewery tasting glasses. I drank it like a shot, and never got any more water.Nice ambiance, the menu is simple and kinda typical for these kinds of things. Great place if you have lots of time. Bad place if you happen to be thirsty.I went through nine rings of cotton mouth hell. The waiters self-satisfied attitude just made me want to throw him into that delightful fireplace.

Review №96

Dessert was good. This place is cash only. Thankfully I had just enough money in my car for my girlfriend and I to share something. This place was good overall but Im honestly confused why it is so popular

Review №97

Tucked away in a house, this place is very quaint. One of the remaining old Portland cafes. Good coffee, and delicious desserts are available, but it is cash only. They often have live music. Really, the big kicker is the atmosphere. Dont leave without a visit to the bathroom. 😀

Review №98

A very cool place with delicious drinks and treats! The tea comes with plenty of hot water and the coffee comes however you like it. Fun quirks like a spooky bathroom upstairs and tables that move! Check the guest book for a fun read and leave an entry. This place is really special and I hope it is one thing about Portland that never changes. The staff couldnt be better!

Review №99

Just discovered last night when searching for Portland unusual. Converted Victorian dark and cozy and off kilter. Live music. Entertaining wait staff. Really good desserts.

Review №100

Really cool, old place that seems to go under the radar. I found it while researching ideas for a scavenger hunt. I love the atmosphere and the decor (make sure you visit the restroom, which is upstairs). The menu has all the classic coffees (my soy cappuccino was great) and lots of delicious-sounding desserts (I cant eat dairy or cane sugar, so I cant speak to the quality). The place is cash only. The hours are late for a cafe (7pm to 12:30 or 1am), which is nice. My only complaint is that about 10 minutes before closing time, one of the staff members started very loudly folding and moving chairs). I get it. When a place has such late hours, the staff are ready to go at closing time. But it does make a place less welcoming to have dragging and banging of chairs subtly tell you that its almost time to go. There is also live music at times (piano). I got there too late to comment on it (it was over by the time I arrived).

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:707 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, United States
  • Phone:+1 503-232-2640
  • Coffee shop
  • Cafe
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:6–10PM
  • Thursday:6–10PM
  • Friday:6–10PM
  • Saturday:7–10PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
Popular for
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
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