Hollywood Beverage
3028 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232, United States
Hollywood Beverage
Review №1

This place has a great selection of all kinds of drinks. They are always friendly here and willing to take the time to talk to you about different drinks. I particularly like their selection of Scotch and Japanese whiskey. I would recommend this place.

Review №2

Great selection of hard to find spirits. Helpful Staff. Our favorite spot to buy booze.

Review №3

Staff are always very helpful with finding things or making recommendations.

Review №4

They have great amount of options for you. And friendly staff :)

Review №5

The only place nearest to me that is open on Sundays. Customer service is OK. For more convenient parking arrive in the southernmost part of the building there is a parking garage after driving up-and-down ramps.

Review №6

Friendly staff great prices and very helpfull!

Review №7

Large selection of everything available in the states that a person might want. I do wish they’d had modus hoparandi by Ska brewing. Best beer I’ve ever had but not found in Oregon sadly

Review №8

The liquor store TARDIS. Its bigger on the inside then the outside. People who work here are incredibly cool and knowledgeable. Lots of stuff I havent been able to find anywhere else!

Review №9

Always great prices, fantastic selection, helpful staff. Parking can be difficult, but the store makes it all worthwhile.

Review №10

One of the best bourbon/scotch selections in town

Review №11

Really dig this place. Great set up things are easy to find . You can order cases of soda whatever your favorite beverage wine and spirits good mixers. Hope this helps someone out there. All my best.

Review №12

Nice Selection to choose from regardless of what beverage your shopping for... Tons of choices!! I give this store ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №13

This is a great liquor store. Easy to access, huge supply of various liquors.

Review №14

Great selection of spirits. Best selection of bitters in the territory. Knowledgeable staff. Hopefully theyll update their mask policy soon to match CDC guidelines and not require vaccinated people to wear them.

Review №15

Best Liquor store that Ive found in greater Portland area. Matt is a well of boozie intelligence and knowledge!

Review №16

Fantastic selection of alcohol at many different price points, super friendly staff, and a nice range of options to compliment your drinking experience (food/ fruit, drink-making accessories, mixers, etc.). They also seem to have a lot of great local products.

Review №17

The best selection of spirits I have found so far. Almost an entire aisle just for Scotch! I think the only hard part is getting in and out fast. So much to check out

Review №18

If they dont have what you are looking for, they can find it. Love this place.

Review №19

Great variety if you dont see what you want just ask. Friendly, helpful service.

Review №20

Staff seemed annoyed by my questions, just looking for orgeat, probably won’t come back

Review №21

I love going to any McMenamins its always a really cool old style building and this one fits the bill oh and its on the Columbia River beautiful view of the river you can sit outside they got those heating posts next to your table I just love this place

Review №22

This is always an easy pick. They have the booze I want when I need it, they have helpful and knowledgeable staff, and they dont close at absurd early hours. And they secretly have a fun craft beer section. Recommended.

Review №23

Excellent mixer choices here, good selection of spirits and wines as wel.

Review №24

Good selection of spirits and beer. Covered parking in the back. Helpful friendly staff.

Review №25

Fabulous stock of beers, wines, and the most esoteric spirits. A vital spot for all bartenders professional and aspiring rookies. Very Helpful staff. Go Now!

Review №26

Always has a good selection, clean environment, and helpful staff.

Review №27

They have all of the booze!

Review №28

Outrageous selection and a friendly staff. What more could I ask for? Ice cream, you say?Well, they stock Two Birds boozy ice cream, so yeah. They pretty much have it all.

Review №29

Booze + mostly friendly men = yay.

Review №30

Friendly staff, excellent selection.

Review №31

Nice selection of liquor. My only problem is finding help when I need it. I would appreciate it if the sales clerks were more available to answer questions (although I have had some decent advice in the past, thus the 4 star rating). Good location. Either way, this is one of the only liquor stores I will go to in Portland. The space is clean and well organized as well.

Review №32

Great stop on sandy. Love the incognito parking area. Great liquor selection

Review №33

Dont drink but I do buy bitcoin here from coinflip atm which charges about 6.99% fees I believe, which is better than most.

Review №34

Its just okay, great selection, but the store is, eh...

Review №35

Great liquor store with a really good selection. The staff has always been friendly and pointed me towards some great suggestions. Probably the best liquor store in Portland as far as I know.

Review №36

A very well stocked liquor store Dont be afraid Park in the underground area walk inside the service is excellent

Review №37

Hollywood beverage is the best place to find liquor you dont find anywhere else in Portland they have so much liquor there and makes your head spin and it makes you take your time on what you want to get period dont forget to wear your mask its required there. Happy holidays to everyone and stay safe

Review №38

While helping protect a houseless community at Laurelhurst Park for several weeks I frequented Hollywood Beverage regularly for Martini supplies #bougiebum staff is very helpful and courteous even after week number two without a shower. Everything got could want, great olive selection

Review №39

I what the most about this place is the staff. They are always very helpful. I have told them what drink I want to make and they go around suggesting the best options. They do not try to sell you the most expensive stuff, they just suggest the best option for mixing or what makes more sense if you drink it straight. On top of that they always have a very good selection.

Review №40

The biggest liquor store Ive ever been in. When ever other liquor store in town was closed do to excessive heat reaching temps of 115 degrees these guys pulled through and stayed open. Thank you Hollywood Beverage. You made the sweltering night more bearable

Review №41

The guy was kind of a d to the lady in front of us. Why be like that?

Review №42

Well stocked, and very helpful staff.

Review №43

They got what you need! A great place to pick up any booze you might want. Ive noticed they also have cheaper prices then most places in town. The staff are always super friendly and attentive.

Review №44

The manager is so rude & mean !!its just a convenient because its close to my house

Review №45

No guessing with this place. They have it all and are open more hours.

Review №46

Great selection and friendly service

Review №47

Been going here over the past few years. Always very friendly and helpful staff. They have a great selection of spirits and interesting beers.

Review №48

I never write reviews about places ever but my experience at this store today has driven me to do so. Selection was wonderful I found what I was looking for but when it came time to do the transaction I was standing in line patiently behind a white woman when it was my turn the man behind the counter ask me to see my ID when I handed him my debit card then proceeded to meticulously look at my identification then looked at my ID and my debit card and said I cant do this transaction because the name on the card doesnt match your ID it store policy. The name on the card is my wifes name the name on my ID is my name we have the same last name and Ive been using that card for years and have never had a problem no I understand store policy and thats all well and good but when you didnt ask the lady who was ahead of me for ID to either check age or her debit card and then proceeded to ask me a black man for my ID makes me very upset I walked in that store planning on spending less than $20 then I had to go and use the ATM that charges me $3 to my transaction ended up costing me $21.50. not to mention when you run a debit card as debit which is what I was going to do you need to know the pin on that card you dont need to ask for ID the only time you ask for ID when youre trying to do a transaction is when you want to run it as credit. Im sorry that I had to write a poor review and blame the store for this one employees terrible service.

Review №49

Crazy good selection and friendly staff

Review №50

Great service and I sampled some amazing bourbon I ended up buying the last bottle they had its call Coopers ...super smoth 100 proof.

Review №51

So many beverages to choose from! Pro tip: they have Parking lot behind the liquor store. Its easy to mistake for a warehouse, but its their parking lot.

Review №52

These guys are the best. Huge selection. Even began stocking a different brand upon my wifes request.

Review №53

Great people, great selection

Review №54

HUGE selection of liquor. Good prices and sales. But wish they would dedicate additional space to expanding their beer selection. Variety was better than the average PDX store but still left a fair amount to be desired.

Review №55

Tremendous selection at standard prices. I particularly value the off street covered parking.

Review №56

Probably has the biggest range and affordable liquor option in town.I was able to find vodka from hawaii thats rather hard to find anywhere else.

Review №57

Awesome place ! Friendly Staff, Great Selection.

Review №58

Is there àny doubt that Hollywood Beverage is the best liquor store in Portland? Super knowledgeable staff, good layout, plenty of stock. When I need a bottle of something I know about, any liquor store will do, but if I need help deciding on a gift or if I need something special for a new cocktail, Ill head over to Hollywood.

Review №59

They have everything you need! The staff is very knowledgeable and have great customer service!

Review №60

Very helpful employees!

Review №61

Compari to top of the line Bourbon, to Sausalito cherries and EVERYTHING in between PLUS friendly, knowledgable staff...whats not to like?

Review №62

I like this liquor store....reasonably priced, staff is helpful

Review №63

Great variety of liquor with great prices. Managed by a veteran. Found some of the best ones here.

Review №64

Always polite staff, great suggestions, and often have beverage reps for samples.plenty of good deals and always well stocked.edit: Unfortunately, the owner is not good to his employees. I will take the extra time to go to hawthorne liquor from now on.

Review №65

This is a really good liquor store. It used to be a furniture store so they turned the warehouse part into covered parking. This makes shopping discrete and a lot safer than parking on the street.

Review №66

Nice, clean and friendly place to go to get your choice of liquor.

Review №67

Nice little neighbor store.

Review №68

Had everything I needed

Review №69

The tall clerk with the long hair was very very rude and offensive he doesnt know how to keep business in that store

Review №70

Best liquor store in the hood!!!

Review №71

Service and selection is unreal. This is an experience not to miss.

Review №72

Best place around for the best prices. Employees are always willing to help, even when theyre busy. Im new to Scotch and Ive never had a bad recommendation. This is a regular stop for me whenever I want to treat myself with a nice bottle!

Review №73

Great selection, friendly employees.

Review №74

Great selection, friendly staff, and good hours. What more could you ask for?!

Review №75

I was how impressed with the fairly easy in & out of it, but truly happy that it was open later than most other PDX stores within my location range. So I was Happy.

Review №76

Im not that much into booze, which is why this place doesnt get 5 stars, because its intimidating with how much booze is at this place. Were I a drinker, itd get 5 stars, unless I was really into beer, their beer selection isnt remarkable (come to think of it, I cant remember if they even had beer).Nonetheless, if you need sake in a pinch, itll do nicely.

Review №77

Great location and even better prices. Stock up now for the Holidays. Stay home, be safe!

Review №78

Great selection and great prices been going here for years

Review №79

Its big, not liquor barn big but close. Friendly and helpful staff. Door to get in is off parking garage

Review №80

Great selection and prices. They also carry a good selection of beer and wine. Much more top shelf liquor than most liquor stores.

Review №81

Great liquor selection great staff

Review №82

Great spot and recently expanded. Very safe to visit.

Review №83

Love this place! They have saved my bacon more than once! Great hours! Friendly people...fantasy*c selection of liquor...biggest selection Ive seen in any of the liquer stores in Portland!

Review №84

Many years ago I was purchasing a beverage. The price was 25 dollars I gave the cashier 30 dollars he said I only gave him 25 and refused to give me my 5 dollars. I told him to count the register he refused I told him to pull up the camera footage he said he couldn’t. I wanted my 30 dollars back and he refused. So I basically lost money. Looking back on it I should have filed a formal complaint or even called the police to make him count the register. I couldn’t help but think that because I was a young 21 year old black woman that he just assumed I was lying and trying to steal money.

Review №85

They have the scotch I like, which I cant get anywhere in my own neighborhood.

Review №86

I was mildly surprised when I enter this liquor store just to see how vast the selection was. Very friendly staff very safe and a great time

Review №87

Great selection of local brands and global brands. Large store, well stocked. Consistently good service.

Review №88

Really helpful staff - I explained the cocktail I was looking to make and he took the time to recommend me specific whiskeys. I will absolutely be back!

Review №89

They have all the liquor I could ever want

Review №90

Literally a warehouse full of booze aka heaven

Review №91

This place carries more hard to find things than any liquor store Ive been to. Plus, theyre nice!

Review №92

Hello all!I went into Hollywood Beverage on a Friday evening with my boyfriend to grab just a little something for the weekend. It is within walking distance so we have visited this location on multiple occasions. All of our experiences up until today have been pleasant, so I was surprised to have been refused service this particular afternoon. It was a little busy and after waiting in line we handed over our IDs and waited again for the kind employee to check them. After checking the book reference he explained that a corner of my license was peeling and that he was told to decline the sale for suspicion it was a fake. I turned 21 in December have have had no issues/ could not find any faults with my ID upon closer inspection. Understanding the pressure of sales we left with no argument. Overall we were disappointed in the willingness of store employees to take a moment and assess the situation for previously loyal customers.

Review №93

Clerk was helpful and friendly. They have a good collection of vodkas including local and more well known. They have the Portland potato as well as the Luksaska Polish potato that I like

Review №94

This has got to be the weirdest place to have encountered pretentious attitudes. I mean, come on, its a liquor store. Everyone calm down.Apparently asking for a receipt is grounds for an eye roll and a sigh. Also, if you need to ask for my ID thats fine. Im happy I look under 40. But maybe dont demand it rudely then take it to 3 different people to examine? Its a standard Oregon drivers license and while I may not look 40 I do look over 21. Because I am. Sheesh.

Review №95

Great selection. Park in the garage around back as the front door isnt open due to covid.

Review №96

Great selection. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Review №97

Great selection! (Maybe the best in pdx?)Only downside is that when they’re busy it isn’t easy to get questions answered - that said, staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №98

Great service and very knowledgeable

Review №99

Knowledgeable and helpful folks

Review №100

Plenty of options - love the walk-in beer cave. Found some really fun wine options. Good time.

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  • Address:3028 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232, United States
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  • Phone:+1 503-284-0987
  • Beer store
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  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
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  • Wednesday:12–7PM
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  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Identifies as veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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