GetGo Cafe + Market
3061 E Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168, United States
GetGo Cafe + Market
Review №1

A very nice convenience store and gas station combo. The store is very nice visually and has lots of stuff for a better than average price. The station itself is very nice with having the best fuel prices around and with other amenities such as free air and a vacuum.

Review №2

Self checkout is a joke. Tried to buy gas and the computer said they would notify a team member but they never showed up. Ended up waiting twice as long after all the other customers went ahead of me in line. Cashier could care less too she just watched and did nothing. In the end GetGo is just like any other gas station. WAY OVERRATED!!

Review №3

The dirtiest bathroom in all of the GetGo I have been to. Toilet rolls were out. The hand sink looks like it hasn’t been washed or clean in the pa whole week.Just very dirty.

Review №4

Car broke down, very helpful by letting us stay until help arrived. They have good coffee.

Review №5

At 9:55 they shut off the lights to the parking lot while I was pumping gas

Review №6

I have never seen nastier bathrooms in all my life. I will never go to a GetGo again. Especially this one. The toilets were filthy, womens hygiene containers were over flowing, the floor was nasty. Then they have the nerve to have a sign that says their bathrooms are the cleanest. Whatever, just gross.

Review №7

I appreciate GetGo and their policy to give veterans a free beverage, and up where i live, there are some really nice stations, but this GetGo was absolutely disgusting. The bathroom was so filthy (and one of the sinks didnt work) that not only did I not use the bathroom, i threw away the drink that I carried inside.

Review №8

Im there at least twice every other week. The mens bathroom is always nasty. One or more of the sinks, soap dispensers and (or) hand dryers are usually inoperable. I prefer the Speedway across the street but its hard to get to if your headed east on Washington.2/13/2020 Had to stop in today. It was even worse. Both urinals were out of order, full of piss and one had overflowed. There was a huge puddle on the floor. I backed out. Once again I said something to the clerk. This is the closest gas station to the auction and I have to keep a eye on the drivers.

Review №9

I love the staff at this location, particularly the overnight staffers. Theyre always so nice and easy to talk to. However, they are always short staffed. For more than 2 months now, theyve been short staffed, meaning the kitchen is closed more often than not. This store would not be bad if the company could hire and keep people.

Review №10

Every time I fill up at the Plainfield store the printer is offline. Why? Once in a while OK, but every time. Dont mean to complain, but it gets old going inside for a receipt.

Review №11

If u need sausage besides your gas...check pump 8.The best in the town.

Review №12

Stopped to clean windshield none of the containers have anything in them squeegees hard staff to busy dancing behind counter taking selfies overall a dirty place wont go back there again

Review №13

I’m a tea drinker, went because all drinks are 89 cents. First time I got it was okay, drinkable. I’ve tried to go back 3 different times hoping it would get better but every time I worse I take a sip and pour the tea out bleck!!! You know as a tea drinker the feeling of having to choose something different. The restrooms where dirty when I went, but the food is marginal.

Review №14

Absolutely no soap in the mens restroom. If no soap how do the employees wash their hands. When I asked the girl behind the counter she goes I dont know I just got here

Review №15

I absolutely love this place, the staff is amazing, great service, and wonderful food too. Ive been coming since they open and they know my family well and always make my little girl smile. I love they have veteran parking, and free drinks for service men / women and veterans too. I highly recommend coming here and getting a free reward card to start earning your points towards $ off gas!!!

Review №16

I stop in at this location periodically. The cafe has cooked to order foods that are good quality. The coffee, when fresh or I should say when full is pretty good. The staff doesnt always keep the coffee filled. The ready made foods are the usual suspects with the exception of the pickled hard boiled eggs. This chain is the only one that I know of that offers the beet juice pickled eggs. And unlike most convenience stores/gas stations, GetGo features free air for vehicle tires. Plus they offer a nice discount on gas prices as part of loyalty program.

Review №17

I stopped in for what thought looked like good breakfast. The order process went fine. After 10 minutes of waiting I asked the cashier for my money back and left hungry. The cashiers were very apologetic, and quickly refunded my money. I was appreciative of that.I wont try that again.

Review №18

I absolutely love this gas station. Between the food, great coffee, and clean bathrooms. You cant go wrong here. They even have a free air compressor with an automatic PSI detector for your tires.

Review №19

Tried to make this my regular stop since it is relatively conveniently located along my normal route to & from work .several times they were completely out of coffee when i stopped in the afternoonevery time i have used the restroom it has been absolutely filthyhad to switch gas pumps a couple times as the first pump had issuesthis last time they were apparently out of gas ?strike seven, i’ll find somewhere else to frequent

Review №20

All around this Is a great place to stop for gas or a snack and usually has lower gas prices or last to lower them it seems. They even offer free air for your tires which may not seem like a lot but if you have a slow leak on one of your tires this place wins hands down everywhere else charges $1.50 or more.

Review №21

Awesome at this store staff are very nice an quick to get me in the right direction thanks to the cashier Kayla I now know how to order my fresh cooked food !!! 5 star service for sure

Review №22

No masks worn by any staff or customers. Went in on Sunday 7/26 @ 9:15am. I hate wearing a mask too but be professional.

Review №23

Just stopped in to use the restroom. The mens restroom is filthy. Both urinals are inoperable and the stall was disgusting. There is a leak coming from the fountain machine, which was there the last time I stopped in over a month ago. Definately doesnt hold up to the standards of the other getgos.

Review №24

Other than some minor complaints, I like this location. Some dirtbag was taking pictures of the trashcans near me probably trying to conplain about how gross it is over here blah blah blah but it isnt even that bad. The poor guy inside is stuck alone and getting messed but still doing great. Do your best guys! You keep truckin!

Review №25

Gas is cheaper, however it does contain ethenol. One of my vehicles runs horrible if I use it, the do clearly post it on the pumps. I like the selection of food and I especially LOVE the FREE AIR! I mean who does mind waiting on a little bit for a car in front of you to get FREE AIR for your tires like it was intended!😊 The car, the food, the gas cost enough! Let me have Free AIR! Thank you GetGo

Review №26

Store and Pumps are good butRestroom Toilet is very dirty!

Review №27

Gas discount is nice, cups for the drinks suck ass! And thats as nice as i can put it. Lids pop off and they sweet all over my car and desk because they wont get and keep foam cups. Food is ok and sometimes even hot but not always. But always over priced . I keep trying to give them my business but just keep getting let down.

Review №28

The facility and the store/deli itself are nice but get harassed by the Im out of gas and need to get to my dying pregnant wife so can I have a dollar for gas bunch each time coming here to pump gas. For the sheer sake of being harassed, its better to drive on remaining fumes to a less shady location for gas.

Review №29

Pretty awesome gas station usually has good perks with the get-go card they need to go back to offering $0.10 off a gallon all the time whenever doing that that was really great but overall very nice clean facility I even have good food hot food

Review №30

Great service, I honestly dont know how the speedway across the street can compete with GetGo.

Review №31

This particular location has a real problem with people asking for money. I would give this location 5 stars if they could just fix this one problem. I must have been approached a half a dozen times in the last few months. Last time I was approached was a few days ago. I was pumping gas and all of a sudden someone pops up saying, Hey man I need to get to Fort Wayne, I could use a few dollars for gas. He then proceded to tell me his car only takes Premium gas and 8 or 10 dollars would help. I come to GetGo to save money on gas, not be a charity fund for people who make bad decisions and beg for a living.

Review №32

Very nice self-serve gas station. Clean and large store & restrooms. Very convenient.

Review №33

Its a shame the deli is not open late i saw an american hero in the form of a trucker just trying to get a sandwich to fuel him for a long night of hauling americas goods for the holiday season and he was turned away what ashame!

Review №34

Good gas station convenience store New but Speedway being across the street is more personable they know you they know what products you buy and the buying experience along as well as their point system is way better then get goes

Review №35

First of all, we are out-of-towners from Tulsa, Oklahoma.We didnt spend very much time here...which is a good thing!Very clean gas islands.Very clean parking lot.The ATM was easily identifiable and located without any hassle or having to ask someone.Friendly patrons.That was the extent of our visit...Fuel and ATM.

Review №36

Very clean. Open layout. Food choices that isnt c-stores dont have. They also seem to hold gas prices down a little longer than others!

Review №37

The food is really good but the coffee is gross. And Im not picky AT ALL so it cant be very good if even I cant drink it. I hate wasting food but couldnt finish the cup.

Review №38

I really try to like this place because its convenient to work and home. However, the fuel pumps have been off and the soda machine has been broken 3 times in the past 2 weeks. That is an epic fail in my book.

Review №39

Convenient store / gas station with a solid selection of food and drinks to order? Count me in. Ive been going to places like Speedway and Rickers for years, and none of them come close to how nice GetGo is.

Review №40

Their food is great. Plus its more of a convenient store . They have everything you need

Review №41

Brand new store. Good selection of food and treats. Gas prices were competitive.

Review №42

Great place! Clean restrooms. Made to order food its fresh.

Review №43

These Gas Stations R Always So Clean & Brite...Food Is Alil High $$, But Tastes Good & Fresh...Staff R Really Friendly... Fuel Rewards R A +...Need More Market Districts Around Town 2 Take Better Advantage Of The Rewards Tho😉

Review №44

So I’m fairly new to th me area, I’m a trucker who come this way a few times a week now. And today I decided to try this place strictly based off the location and the fact that it has a hot deli! Well those things are important but the restroom 1 I like to at least wash my face and brush my teeth I’m not looking for a full on truck stop just a clean restroom. That this definitely doesn’t have, they actually seem like they care though I went in there when I first arrived to use the restroom it was during the day ok maybe a little to busy they’ll get around to it. Nope 6 hours later after Someone flipped the service switch it’s still flipped now and the restroom is worse than what it was earlier.Now maybe this is just me but I’m can’t sit down anywhere and enjoy a meal that has a Disgusting restroom/business.On the other hand this building is very nice! Just piss poor housekeeping!

Review №45

I love this place,it has a little food area. The employees are really friendly.

Review №46

Great service, and great prices. :) Also, very well kept, and clean.

Review №47

Cant beat 10 cents off per gallon. Never crowded. No waiting.

Review №48

It was very clean and the people working there were friendly really nice gas station

Review №49

This is a pretty clean gas station. If you order food it can take a while to get it. Also their app for gas is super glitchy so you dont always get your points.

Review №50

This is a cool gas station. Great store with a unique selection.

Review №51

Nice big gas station. Great stop on our roadtrip.

Review №52

Love this place! You save.10cents per gallon on gas each time you use ger&go tag

Review №53

Never thought I would find so many things I would like at a Gas Station of all places. Smoothies, fried pickles, great sandwiches and much more and a break on the gas prices with their free card one of my favs

Review №54

I’m a security guard (like Paul Blart but without the Segway). Every night that I’m on shift I stop here for coffee, and almost every night I’m told some variation of “oh that’d be free but you’re just a security guard.” I’ve never asked for a discount or free coffee, so why do your employees feel the need to identify my as “just a security guard” and then go on to tell me about the discount I would have recieved if I were something cooler like an EMT (which I am) or a police officer? I know I’m a loser, I don’t need a gas station clerk to remind me every time I got for coffee. 3 stars becuase the coffee is awesome.

Review №55

Hot food 24/7 and huge selection. Great service and clean restrooms

Review №56

Nice place with a cafe, staff is usually just a little disgruntled. Everyone has a poor attitude, seems like they dont like their job

Review №57

This place has everything and the cleanest gas station i have ever been in

Review №58

Big. New. Clean. Fresh food. Free air. Nobody else comes close.

Review №59

I love this gas station. So much cleaner than the others.

Review №60

Good food that you can order via kiosk! TOTALLY worth the visit

Review №61

I arrived to eat a soup and surprise was that there was not! although it says from 11 am to 7 pm and so I found the dining room part!

Review №62

I just got off work to go get some gas and as soon as I walk in I see an employee talking on the phone to his friend and i there for like 2 mins he never assist me so i can put gas, he was standing there while in front of me talkin he didnt care and this happened on January 5th on Wednesday at 10:40 p.m. & this has never happened to me every time I walk in its in and out. He was talking on the phone like it was his own home.Very bad service Ill probably never come here again. Please rearrange your staff you need to update your policy in helping customers.

Review №63

Good gas prices and the excellent made to order food and drinks.

Review №64

Is it really so hard to bring the boxes of chocolate chocolate no bake cookies from the freezer to the shelf. Ive been in everyday for the last 5 days to get some flipping cookies and you dont have them on the shelf! The overnight guy will actually go get them from the freezer, but anyone else will just lie to me and tell me that there arent any left. Just put them on the damn shelf. I need these cookies to survive, if i dont have them I might go postal.

Review №65

Getgo is very wonderful place with freindly pple ready to serve always

Review №66

Great gas prices, very clean restrooms, great food & drink options

Review №67

Going to be a good visit, but only if you have extra time to wait in line. They tend to be extremely slow at the register.

Review №68

Large selection of coffee and you can get fresh made food.

Review №69

Great quick food and beverage options, and the staff is always very helpful.

Review №70

Who knew there was a place better than speedway.

Review №71

Good fountain selection overpriced food in deli great employees.

Review №72

Great place for warm food and to pick up some snacks

Review №73

Definitely not Get And Go!!!! Waited in line forever, cashier wasnt​to bright or quick

Review №74

Nice place, still pretty new. Clean restrooms.

Review №75

The service is superb with the staff know what to do and when.

Review №76

A great up and coming gas station here in Indiana

Review №77

Nice gas station. Easy in and out.

Review №78

Customer service, store layout, cleanliness, location, room to maneuver vehicle, all excellent!

Review №79

Gas prices are always great

Review №80

Love it. Great gas station, food is good, employees are nice

Review №81

Always clean, staff friendly, good quality food.

Review №82

Usually has the lowest price.on gas. Store has a good selection of items

Review №83


Review №84

ADA compliant brand new store.

Review №85

Mens bathroom is unsanitary! I have told them for months the bathrooms vent fan is broken and yet they do nothing.

Review №86

Nice and clean station and easy to grab and go

Review №87

Customers friendly. Affordable pump prices

Review №88

Very clean and good food choices.

Review №89

Good food & friendly people =)

Review №90

Very clean..employees were nice

Review №91

Good food reasonable pricing and a good reward program

Review №92

This was my first time there and most definitely will be going back

Review №93

Very clean place, good value.

Review №94

Its always so dark and depressing here. I usually just stop for the Redbox.

Review №95

Nice and clean, great selection and great service.

Review №96

Easy in and out to get gas.

Review №97

Clean great prices for cafe food

Review №98

Love the free air pump.

Review №99

Good morning sandwich clean and helpful

Review №100

My new favorite gas station

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  • Address:3061 E Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168, United States
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  • Phone:+1 317-204-6620
  • Convenience store
  • Gas station
Working hours
  • Monday:5AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:6AM–10PM
  • Car wash:Yes
  • Ethanol-free gas:Yes
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