1152 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014, United States
Review №1

This place has all the ammo and gun/riffles you need. They are always well stocked and have great prices. John never disappoints when it comes customer service. This is one of the few places that I would recommend. Keep up the great work fellas.

Review №2

Amazing staff and selection. Very competitive prices. Very friendly with veterans as they offer a discount and free transfers. Their layaway system is amazing. Its my Only go to store in all of Phoenix. I always recommend it to my friends.

Review №3

The shop has a good variety of guns to choose from. The guys behind the counter know their stuff and get straight to the point. This will be my second time buying from them and am really pleased by the good condition my firearms. And if you’re just looking for optics or extra mags, they have plenty.

Review №4

Just a great atmosphere to shop in.All the employees are friendly and very nice.The prices are great and hard to beat.Mr. Henery was welling to give a discount on everything I purchased.Just a nice place with helpful and knowledgeable people.

Review №5

Good selection of guns. The people working are so polite and friendly. Feels like a gun show every time you go.

Review №6

Bunch of boot licking chuds who give the people who spend their cash at there store weird stares and garbage service! I live right up the street so I have to deal with these folks and stay cordial if you have half a brain go to tombstone tact or az tact or just anywhere else . They don’t care for the blacks that much or anyone left of Reagan from the looks of it . It’s a cool store with gnarly prices and dope rifles ! If you don’t mind being talked down too then it’s a great place to shop, they might even enjoy your company and money if you fit into their niche qannon image they like but that’s not the case here . Blacks folks I highly recommend a different store .

Review №7

This place is awesome and let me know about deals as soon as I got there the staff is funny as heck definitely coming back

Review №8

The staff at MMPGuns are rockstars - special shout out to Chris for all his help! Super excited about my purchase and will definitely be going back. Thanks MMPGuns!

Review №9

I like this place! The clerks are really nice, not aloof like another place I went to. You will find some interesting weapons here, but most of all rifles and shotguns are the best here. They are a department inside the pawnshop on 12th Street and Indian School, so they are small but they do have a lot of cool merchandise on sale.

Review №10

I have been coming here for years, and I will never go anywhere else! Everyone is highly knowledgeable, professional and they have the best prices!! I feel at home every single time Im there. Its a 1 stop shop for everything you need!!

Review №11

Very helpful finding what I needed. Was in and out quickly with exactly what I was looking for.

Review №12

The guys at the store are really great to interact. I would certainly recommend MMP guns to my friends.

Review №13

Best place to buy guns. In and out, great prices, and great selection.

Review №14

Fantastic selection! Fun and knowledgeable folks! Will be back!

Review №15

I’d recommend going elsewhere.I went in and the Employees were gossiping amongst each other about an officer who was from out of town and looking to purchase a handgun. They were hesitant to provide service to me, only because the officer was black and they assumed I was apart of their group even after the officer left the store.Once I finally received help, I was told my address on my ID had to be current in order to purchase a handgun or rifle. I’ve never heard that before and I’ve been able to purchase a shotgun in Texas with my passport and current utility Bill even while I was temporarily living there.I’ve also purchased a rifle and handgun in Arizona using my license. I was told I’m unable to use an “expired license” even though my license isn’t expired. I just recently moved apartments (as most people renting do.)I’d recommend training your employees on their Inherit bias and uphold the values you all display through the store with your 2A signage. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to exercise my 2A right. Especially with an active license, clear background and money.

Review №16

Friendly, fast service. Had 22 longs where no one else that I called had them Just about 5 blocks east of the VA Carl Hayden Hospital on Indian School Rd. Priced right, too. Thanks, MMP GUNS. As a woman, i appreciated how they treated me with respect.

Review №17

The staff at MMPGuns are rockstars - special shout out to Henry for all his help! Super excited about my purchase and will definitely be going back. Thanks MMPGuns!

Review №18

Always have the guns Im looking for and the staff is always ready to help.

Review №19

Good selection, dudes in gun section are helpful but front personnel are cold and unpersonable

Review №20

My husband and I have bought a few guns from MMP over the years. Weve always had a great experience. We have also purchased jewelry from these guys. Great people (Henry) make for a great experience. Theyre all good people. 👍

Review №21

Eric Henry and John as well as entire staff provide great customer service and know their craft and business well. They charge fair price for the guns and unredeemed pawns . Will continue to buy from them

Review №22

The guys here know their stuff, and always happy to answer any questions! Already bought three guns from here during their sale, and looking forward for more.

Review №23

Had a great experience buying my new Glock 43. John was very informative and made sure I understood everything about my gun before I left the store!

Review №24

Ive been coming to this place before it was known as MMP Guns, and the service I get has always been pretty SOLID. There is always something to see, as the selection is pretty big and sometimes unique...and the selection tends to change often. You can usually find what youre looking for, and sometimes find something you didnt know you needed. Henry is a stand up guy...I feel like I always learn something new everytime I visit. The only thing is, this place can get busy, and it will get crowded, but then again, usually the GOOD places do...and they do get to every customer in a timely manner.

Review №25

Overall had a decent experience. John in firearms was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would go back again if needed.

Review №26

Incredible customer service, Henry is very knowledgeable about his firearms and gave very good insight on which firearms I would like best.Due to the guidance of the experts at MMPGuns I always feel that I got a better deal than I expected.Hands down this is the best gun store in all of Arizona.

Review №27

Great customer service!! Had a nice selection. I have bought a few guns from here and the process was easy. Plus they have layaway!! Definitely will be back!

Review №28

Went in to look at hunting rifles, found one i liked and started the background check. Came back as a hold, I called 3 days later to check the status. I received a call back another 3 days later letting me know I cleared. Went down to purchase my rifle & the Uber professionals at MMP Guns sold the gun I wanted. All could have been fine if they guy simply would have told me I needed to put $ down to hold it. Worst gun buying attempt ever in my life. Will never go back for anything from the..

Review №29

I was referred to this place and made my first purchase at MMP. Joe helped me. Very professional and helpful. I’m definitely a loyal customer and will be back to do more business. Great place!!!

Review №30

Went here to look at the guns they had to offer. The store was in complete disarray, they were completely understaffed, and incredibly rude. After waiting 30 minutes, me and my friend (who is new to guns and I went to help him find a quality firearm) got rejected and wouldnt even be shown handguns. I understand Im not a resident and cannot purchase a handgun, but dont feel his rude response was nessicary when I was there simply to help. Additionally, most of the products in the gun store were well overpriced. Bad service, rude customer service, unorganized, and over priced. Dont waste your time.

Review №31

Great place to do business! Thru all this craziness they have been able to keep a great selection of firearms and ammo at great prices.

Review №32

Years ago their prices were outrageous in the venue was more of a museum than a pawn shop. However, thats changed if you have not given them a chance in the past couple years, you are missing out. They have huge stock and had become quite competitive. The Gun Room manager actually knows guns, LOL. Not simply a clerk there to take your money, like so many other vendors these days.

Review №33

This is my go to place for cheap/ in stock ammo. Where the other guys are price gouging, mmp stays true to there customers. The staff always helpful even when busy. Love this place!

Review №34

Great prices. Wide variety of guns. Had all my questions answered. Highly recommend.

Review №35

Great service and business. Everyone in the firearms section was extremely helpful and thorough. Great selection and would definitely recommend to anyone

Review №36

You usually have any ammunition I need. I noticed you have a wide selection of Apex kits. Staff is ready to help. Had been a great experience. Thanks for being there in these tough times. Your AWESOME!!!

Review №37

John was very Helpful and funny. Made our visit eventful! Will return soon.

Review №38

Excellent customer service. Great knowledge and patience. Slightly higher in price, than retail, yet sense of satisfaction knowing that i will be able to protect my family and myself.The PPS is a perfect size to lawfully carry concealed and has excellent reviews.Thank you for the help MMP Guns!

Review №39

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to help you get what you want or need.

Review №40

The staff was super friendly and the gentleman in the gun dept. even went out of his way to comp me ammo due to a paperwork issue on their side. He made sure the issue was resolved and squared away and I left with my firearm in hand. I will definitely be doing more business with them in the future!!

Review №41

The guys here are rude didnt even buy the gun Ive been looking for

Review №42

I absolutely love this place! Im actually here once a week to buy guns and ammo but ammo mainly only place in stock with all ammo at a fair price too, not super gouging like other places. But overall love this place love the guys best guns im town my opinion drive from 83rd ave and lower buckeye so thats has to tell you something

Review №43

I went here in November 2017 and purchased a firearm. And was happy with the experience.I drive down the 17 all the time and see their billboard that says ammo and guns in stock. So I had to stop in to get ammo due to the elusive nature of ammo these days. $25 50rd box 115g 9mm Federal and $25 50rd 380. Limit 1 box. Thats not the worst Ive found but still a rip off. I wont be back. There are still upstanding businesses not trying to take advantage of folks during unusual circumstances.

Review №44

Henry was great. Awesome service. Fast. Good selection. Would come back anytime.

Review №45

No ammo, and Im a very busy man.At least they answer thier phone to let you know they dont have ammo, unlike ammo want ammo, go to legendary guns. They will not waste your time.

Review №46

Love these guys! They are awesome and answer all my questions. Thank you MMPGUNS 😊

Review №47

Best pawn shop around especially for guns & ammo always on stock just gotta come everyday first come first serve supper supportive and knowledge about there products so ask questions

Review №48

These guys deserve 10 stars! Super friendly and super helpful. They really know how to take care of customers.This review isnt based off of just one visit, Ive been here quite a few times and they are always top notch!

Review №49

I dont really use the pawn section. I use the firearms section which I love. Great assortment of firearms and supplies. The guys are very helpful as well as knowledgeable. Bought several firearms from there and will continue to do so. Highly recommend this store for your firearms needs..

Review №50

MMP Guns has a great selection to choose from, even during this Plandemic when everyone is panic buying guns and ammo. Their prices are great, especially on ammo. They have brand new conceal carry guns as low as $200, and novelty guns up to $13,000. I recently bought a Hi Point 10mm Carbine from them. The guy at the counter said, Dont let Hi Point turn you off. They are incredibly reliable and Ive never had one come back. I shot it with 3 other gunslinger friends, and we were all amazed with this gun for the price. Everyone wanted to shoot it. Ill continue to shop there often.

Review №51

Staff is very knowledgeable and have plenty of stock.

Review №52

This pawn shop is a friendly place. Workers always willing to help. Very nice things in the store as well. They also have good prices.

Review №53

Chris was very helpful throughout my purchase and was able to send me a tracking number as soon as the item was shipped. Overall very happy with the customer service.

Review №54

My experience with their FFL transfer service went smooth and they have a nice gun selection.

Review №55

I like this place Henry has great customer service I bought many guns here they are good people thanks mmpguns

Review №56

I shop here every week or so for 9mm, .223, and 5.56 ammo. They are always in stock for the most part and reasonably priced. Only bad thing is they charge $3 extra for using a card so bring cash.

Review №57

Very knowledgeable and nice staff. Could answer any questions that I have. A must see when shopping for your arms needs.

Review №58

Great customer service, no nonsense. Overall fantastic experience!

Review №59

Great gun collection and you find more N.I.B (New In Box) then you’d think at a pawn shop. The gun department is a little crowded when I was there one of their rules is that if you are 21 and you bring someone who is under 21 they will not sell you a gun. Really enjoyed talking the the employee’s they were quite nice.

Review №60

Great place.. full of all kinds of things.. prices are nuts tho.. 35.00 bucks for a box of shot gun shells.

Review №61

I try to buy most of my guns from MMP because of the excellent customer service. Joe and Henry can answer any questions about guns you might have and they have such a big selection of guns.

Review №62

I was met with Great customer service from Chris, I used their layaway option and had no issues making payments. Would definitely recommend them.

Review №63

The employees were very friendly, was very impressed with the service. I shop a lot of pawn shops, and this one was the BEST

Review №64

Ive purchased a few guns from MMP and theyve always been fair and accommodating. I highly recommend them!Thanks guys Im so stoked about my recent purchase!

Review №65

The service is absolutely fantastic they follows the rules of their store. Theyre knowledgeable about their guns and gives helpful advices on the guns; the guys are handsome too..

Review №66

Awesome service! Awesome selection! 5 stars isnt enough for this business. Adam and Randy where great!! Will definitely be coming back and recommending to others. Thanks MMPGuns!!

Review №67

The staff was all very friendly and humorous. Though there was a line, it moved quickly. It was nice to see the enforcement of physical distancing and smaller capacity within the store. Prices were very reasonable for the guns, ammo, etc, which is what I was there for. They had a large dvd selection as well and I purchased a few.

Review №68

Really nice guys very simple and easy process. I plan on shopping with them again thank you. For protecting us and doing what needs to be done. Oh yea thanks for the water and air as we waited outside

Review №69

Awesome selection. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Best prices I have found in town. I highly recommend checking them out.

Review №70

Sale went threw very smoothly, and happy with product.

Review №71

Aladins cave of cool stuff, only down side is it’s in a shady area. Lot of dodgy people in the car park. Inside is everything you never thought you needed and they are one of the only places in AZ actually carrying pistol ammo during the covid pandemic, AND not price gouging. Hats off to them.

Review №72

Very happy customer, John helped me during my visit and gave me knowledge on the item I was buying. Great interactions with every employee, everyone was really nice. Also they are checking temperatures at the door and limiting capacity and ensuring everybody uses sanitizer as they enter. Definitely a good experience and social distancing at it finest.

Review №73

Very nice knowledgeable great experience!

Review №74

MMP is awesome!!

Review №75

Fast and courteous! In and out with exactly what I came for and so much I still want! Great place to come if you want to get a movie or a tool to tinker with. Definitely come show support for a business that’s been supplying Phoenix for decades!

Review №76

Joe and Eric were very helpful, and allowed me to take the time I needed to make an informed decision on my purchase. As a female, I felt at ease and not pressured. Will definitely buy from MMP again in the future. Thanks guys! Great shop.

Review №77

They were very helpful and there to answer any questions! There prices are great! John was wonderful!

Review №78

Fast service and friendly staff. Ill be back.

Review №79

Ordered a pistol from MMPGuns through Price was absolute lowest Ive seen and that was with the shipping. They processed the order quickly which included reaching out to my local FFL for their paperwork. Once shipped they emailed and called to let me know and give me the tracking number.

Review №80

Had exactly what I needed, store was busy but the staff was still pleasant helpful and answered all my questions.

Review №81

MMP was a great experience for me being a first time. I bought my first hand gun and the guys there were super knowledgeable & honest. It’s crazy that I actually had fun at a gun/pawn shop. The only thing I can offer for feedback is please put a tent or some misters or the MVD take a number system outside for the wait. 🙂 Appreciate you taking safety precautions; and maybe in some other state this would not be feedback but it’s just so HOT! Anyways great experience all the way round with each person there today. Thanks guys

Review №82

Best place to buy guns at an affordable price in Arizona.

Review №83

Its always a great experience when I come here for a firearm. I pass up several different dealers to deal specifically with these guys. Their gun knowledge and customer service keeps me coming back.

Review №84

I have bought several firearms from MMP and every visit has been awesome! The staff is great and the selection is always good. Definitely my first choice for purchasing new/used firearms. They are always super helpful and just a blast to deal with!

Review №85

Always great service and the staff is very knowledgeable. Their guns are affordable and there’s a great selection. We’ve bought several guns here and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Review №86

They had my order ready fairly quickly. Great deals on the items I purchased. Great customer service. Will be shopping again, highly recommend.

Review №87

Best pawn ever. All personnel are awesome and helpful. My go to guy is Joe, hes always on it and make things happen. Highly recommended 100%!

Review №88

Great place! Great experience everytime! Great Service! And Great on getting your purchase to you in No time at all...As long as they exist, Ill be a repeated customer.... Thanks MMPGUNS!!

Review №89

I love MMP guns they have always taken great care of me. John especially helpful. I’ve bought two guns from him now. Fantastic place especially for law enforcement or veterans.

Review №90

Overall a decent selection of new/used guns, staff appears to be knowledgeable but its often busy in there and wait times can be long. Unhappy with the current ammo restrictions too: 1 box per caliber per day.

Review №91

Highly recommend!!! Best firearm buying experience to date! I’m definitely spreading the word about this place! I’ll be back because this is officially my go to spot!

Review №92

Love dealing with guys like this who are professional, communicate well and know the paperwork process and execute it in a very timely manner. Great systems in place to deal with Covid restrictions. These guys are pros

Review №93

Everyone was polite and helpful. They finished my transaction as quickly as they could. I also appreciated that they protected my health and safety by wearing masks and providing hand sanitizer to their customers.

Review №94

Excellent, knowledgeable, and courteous service. They Work very hard to take care of every person that enters their store. I purchased a pistol with confidence because the employees knew their stuff. The manager was even kind enough to tell me how to know when they would have ammunition in stock. Couldn’t speak more highly of their operation.

Review №95

Good customer service and very helpful I recommend anyone if you’re looking for a good quality gun.

Review №96

This place was busy but all employees were very nice from the door. I liked the hand and temperature check.Thank you and i will be back.

Review №97

I have been here many times and made many purchases. Even did my CCW class here. Always great service and great guns. The two people I deal with the most are Henry and John. Great people and always take care of customers.

Review №98

Great place to buy a fire arm friendly customer service a large variety of weapons very knowledgeable employees I highly recommend people to go in and purchase a fire arm

Review №99

Great customer service, Very willing and enthusiastic to show jewelry pieces. Great selection of jewelry

Review №100

Always so helpful and knowledgeable. Can always answer any questions I have. Very friendly!

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  • Address:1152 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 602-279-4417
  • Gun shop
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
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  • Saturday:10AM–7PM
  • Sunday:10AM–7PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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