ShopRite of Front & Olney
101 E Olney Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19120, United States
ShopRite of Front & Olney
Review №1

My Cashier (line #9)?? Was very pleasant, absolute great customer service skills and verbal rapport! His respect for ALL customers..extraordinary!!!

Review №2

During my checkout on 11/3/21 I noticed that that the cashier was scanning my items, but she was not bagging them. I had brought my bags along with me that I had purchased from there at an earlier date. I asked the cashier if they weren’t required to bag the items anymore and she responded by telling me that Shop Rite does not provide them with Personal Protective Equipment therefore she doesn’t put the items in the bags that you bring with you. Unacceptable… Invest in PPE for your employees. I don’t expect to bag all of my groceries when I go shopping there.

Review №3

Wide aisles, always well stocked and if you dont see it an associate will look into it, accessible restrooms that are clean, and plenty of cashiers that even bag your groceries! Oh! And there are usually hacks there waiting. I give this place 2 thumbs up!

Review №4

RedNeRs is 1st choice; ShoPRiTe is 2nd😉👍!

Review №5

Because of locality I am not victimized by empty shelves, sparse selections nor stalemate. The store is clean. The staff is always friendly positive and knowledgeable.

Review №6

Always like the way people look at this market. Meaning your staff are very friendly and helpful. Your doing a great job for our community. Thank you and your staff

Review №7

This place would be great to shop at if they had people in certain dept that knew what they need to do..for example the bakery ladies are great they make the best scones,but it seems the manager doesnt want them to make them.the produce is ok maybe just hire someone that knows how to teach the help, as far as the frozen dept I dont know if the guy is slow or lazy but they seem to never have it stocked or when asked hes always has an excuse as to why they dont have it...well let me tell you if I was the store manager there I would talk to my staff

Review №8

The cinnamon brooms are a classic didnt think I would ever find another one but this shoprite have them .

Review №9

NICE variety of NON DAIRY FROZEN DESSERT. Just a few.

Review №10

6/26/2021 - we ordered a cake for a graduation party and when we went to pick it up it was nowhere to be found, the cake was never made. The Manager Mike came over and also looked. Since, it was not made Mike gave me a refund, 2 cakes and 2 sets of muffins. Mike was polite and very accommodating. My neighborhood Shoprite is the best!!

Review №11

This is a GREAT place to shop for all of your familys grocery needs. Its clean and the workers are courteous.

Review №12

Love this store. Its clean and always well stocked. Th staff are kind and very helpful.

Review №13

Always have what I need. The sales are great, the lines might be a little long but it moves fast its due to the customer service and the sales.

Review №14

Pretty good location, nice big store. Good variety of items and thankfully they changed the location of the miscellaneous booth because before, you would be waiting for... hours. Just kidding 🙄

Review №15

I love that place I have to go back

Review №16

Great store! Easy going and VERY Busy, but still good!

Review №17

A nice place to shop. Crowded but fast cashiers.

Review №18

Quick and easy. Love shopping there.

Review №19

Fast check out at self check out because of employee that was there to help us, also fast service at service desk.

Review №20

I only came in for a box of waffles and the rest was history

Review №21

Cool and clean fresh produce and seafood good products and prices the people that works there are professional and curiosity

Review №22

One of my favorite places to by our groceries always clean and always find what I need you all are awesome......PS. Awesome Cashiers ✔

Review №23

My sperms was good shopping at ShopRite in front and Olney one of the store managers assist us in getting some more more water and we appreciate it thank you

Review №24

Great Store, well stocked with many deals. Always clean and very helpful staff.

Review №25

I was very disappointed when I arrived at this particular Shoprite! The ground outside and the entry way was filthy and littered with debris. Inside was a tad better, but it was also unclean, cluttered, and uninviting. Nothing appeared in order. The fresh fruit and vegetable department was anything but. The owner of this Shoprite needs to do better. The community deserves better.

Review №26

Its nice and clean and the staff there are helpful 👌

Review №27

ShopRite stop using plastic bags now they sale shopping bags 6 for 5 dollars pass that law on to the consumer the way to go s Shoprite

Review №28

My market around the corner from me the best

Review №29

The worst supermarket in all of Philadelphia dirty trashy and nothing organized hey I reported and nothing changed the employees treat you like you work for them or dont work at all 40% of them on their cell phones unbelievable.

Review №30

This place has the best fried chicken the cook knows what to do

Review №31

Nice store, a little crowded but had what I needed!!!!

Review №32

Theyre good to me, been going there for 24+ years

Review №33

Lines took longer than it should have, and my friend had items double scanned, he had to get them removed.

Review №34

Very nice and clean. No soap in bathroom. Like the flow of the market though.

Review №35

Nice store but they never had anything in that store

Review №36

It was ok, kinda expect stock to be meger on Monday and it was, otherwise just to pick up a few things it was ok.

Review №37

This ShopRite is A1! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable of where products are located. The store is extremely clean and well stocked (not to mention good music playing in the background). The flowers are always fresh, the baked goods are fresh and tasty. They make sure to keep the parking lot area clear of shopping carts. A pleaseant shopping experience overall, I highly recommend it!

Review №38

At this time the lines were long n no express lane opened..

Review №39

It is fine but it tends to be a little out of order. Nothing outright bad about it.

Review №40

Always crowded and only a half of cashier. Yes I said a half of a cashier 🤯🙄🤨

Review №41

I like ShopRite because Ive been shopping and ShopRite ever since my son was born and Ive been keep going to ShopRite ever since then now my son is 28 years old and now he is a grown man and his brother is too hes 26 Ive been shopping with yall for all these years and I appreciate everything yall have been doing since my children been born. I just like shopping there because yall have quality foods and I never had a problem with your food aint never had . May God bless you and keep you always shout right front and Olney plasma you are one in a million I will always continue shopping until God said so thank you

Review №42

Ugh!!!! SUPER LONG, RIDICULOUSLY LONG lines!!! Also a can of food actually had dust or cobwebs on the bottom!!! UGH!!! I must NEVER shop here again!!!!! UGH!!!! 😫😫😫

Review №43

Friendly service many options to choose from

Review №44

Some self checkout employees are very unprofessional and belligerent. And also they dont even clean the glass so you can scan your items!!!!!

Review №45

Very nice supermarket and great customer service

Review №46

This store has approximately 14 self serve checkout registers. On a given day, you will only see 3-4 that are actually working and there were 15 people in the line. Today it was faster for me to wait in a regular line. This made no sense. Management needs to correct this.

Review №47

I have lived in Olney my whole life and this ShopRite has changed over time. Now Its the Collins Family and its not as good as it use to be. If you want fresher and different type of food try the Browns Shoprites.

Review №48

Friendly and helpful service 😊

Review №49

I typically go her to pick up a few items for my mom. Store has always been clean and the workers friendly. They have nice section for beauty products. Just be mindful the produce section can be low on items if you go at night.

Review №50

Great Selection at ShopRite you will be glad you Came

Review №51

Is Orien Reed still part of this ShopRite? This place need a major upgrade.

Review №52

I only had to pick up a few healthy snacks for my Great-grandsons whom where visiting from out of town, their 4 and 1yr olds. I dont like giving sugary snacks. #1 its unhealthy #2 I cant take the transformation sugar has on children😨.

Review №53

Ive been shopping at this location for over 10 years. Ive never had a complaint. Always well stocked and never over crowded when I go there.

Review №54

Long lines. CashiersToo slow.

Review №55

I guess this shoprite has its ups and downs sometimes you can get in and out with enough registers open and sometimes you will have to wait even if your in the speedy lane. Overall pretty good.

Review №56

My favorite place to shop for everything. Did you know they have a community board with lots of resourceful info. Check out KenCrest Services flyers. They are hiring, its a wonderful company to work.

Review №57

My favorite shoprite.

Review №58

ShopRite has been excellent lately, extra cleaner, Great customer service and beyond star cashiers. Earned 5 Stars. Stay that way!!

Review №59

I always go here, close to me and I can everything I want and need

Review №60

Very good.I found everything I needed

Review №61

Local shopping center love it

Review №62

Went there this morning no bananas, no milk and most of the shelves were empty. Had to go to Levick,.and it was fully stocked. I dont understand its the same owner.

Review №63

Very busy which is understandable due to the upcoming Holiday and I can admit that the wait time on line is not that long thanks to the courtesy of the cashiers and EVERYONES patients with each other... Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!

Review №64

The Area was Clean,the Cashier was nice.

Review №65

Customer service was great. The lines were long. Found what I needed.

Review №66

The visit to ShopRite Pharmacy was a great experience. Whoever puts the cash draw in should make sure its enough $5s&$10s nobody wants $15 singles. If the cashier doesnt caught on until someone asks for cash back.

Review №67

Very busy. Caution ⚠️

Review №68

I had no problems, they implement Social distancing, requires Masks to enter & all employees where Masks & gloves. They give you a Sanitizing sheet to wipe the handle of your cart at the door & they were stocked. No problems, going back tomorrow. Employees were very helpful.

Review №69

Long lines as any market, need more space at check out. Customer service is hit or miss.

Review №70

Started going to this SR 3 Years ago. Great sales. Good fresh cut luncheon meats.

Review №71

They dont allow wheel bound chairs or self balance devices used by shopppers. We can shop and carry something ment to stand and ride. All other places, dont have a problem with it because this isnt a falling down type of machine. Its a new era and we constantly advancing. We also have flying cars coming in the future. They need to up grade their thinking, so the can stop losing customers because I put everything down and went across the street and spent my $83 dollars.

Review №72

For the second time in 2 weeks I found that the store is not enforcing its mask policy. The first time, 30% of the employees had no mask or were wearing theirs incorrectly, the others were customers. This included a worker who was walking around with a cart full of sanitation supplies, cleaning. His mask was under his chin. The worker at the self checkout had his mask under his chin and rolled his eyes at me when I said something about it.That time, I talked to the manager, who said she is very serious about enforcing masks and then turned and, without mentioning the mask policy, had a close up conversation with an unmasked employee.Tonight I didnt bother with the manager. In the self checkout there was a group of young people at a register, all with masks under their chins. The employee overseeing the self checkout had his mask under his chin and refused to acknowledge my presence when I said something about it to him.I wont be able to shop here any longer. Clearly, from management down, there is no concern for the safety of employees or customers.

Review №73

The fresh vegetables are the poorest. They are expired most of the time. They do not provide good vegetables because it is a less desirable neighborhoods. People pay good money for soiled vegetables at this store.

Review №74

Its an ok place for grocery shopping

Review №75

Not always stocked and long lines.

Review №76

Juice and sodas run out fast.

Review №77

It was good i was in and out

Review №78

Must wear a mask and social distance, the store was pretty well stocked with groceries etc

Review №79

Love the different varieties of International foods and the prices are pretty good as well

Review №80

It is not filled with lines to check out. It is not filled with people begging for a quarter. The staff are helpful and informative and it is in a plaza that has a beer distributor.

Review №81

Wasnt crowded fast in and out service

Review №82

Thats my ShopwRite I love to shop their lots of sales each week you can stop by and enjoy the sale every week

Review №83

Carts dirty,area where carts are stored nasty,trash everywhere. Entrance way filthy.

Review №84

The store was neat and clean. There was a sufficient amount of cashiers working and quite a few self check out lanes available. All of the meat and seafood looked fresh. I was pleasantly surprised and will be going back again!

Review №85

Good selection, fresh produce. Clean store on the inside. However, the parking lot is ridiculously riddled with trash and sometimes peculiar folks. Theres no security patrol and the cams probably dont work. Adequate night lighting. Godspeed then!

Review №86

Very clean and organized

Review №87

I love this market

Review №88

Went in for the first time. Very clean and well organized, got all that I needed, cashier was very friendly. Will visit again.

Review №89

EXTREMELY CROWDED. Most of the Cashier AND Self-Serving registers were not available.

Review №90

I found everything I needed

Review №91

The employees are very kind, friendly, helpful. The food are always fresh, employees hygiene is excellent.

Review №92

Im really used to the shoprite of aramingo but this is a Mr. Browns shopright and its closer to my house. Its ok not much price difference but the difference is how they package the meat n shopright brand stuff. Like the pieces selected might be different or of a different quantity or something like that

Review №93

Was able to pick up a couple of items needed to make a pot of and out without too much of a delay.

Review №94

☺I enjoy shopping here for years. Its an asset to the community. Always fresh and great customer service. There was a television I wanted in the advertisement around the holiday time. It was no longer available and the manager gave me a substitute which was great or even better. Thank you.😊

Review №95

Nice place to shopping

Review №96

The day I went there, which was Saturday, they had a line of people waiting outside in a bid to prevent overcrowding and practice social distancing. Thankfully, most folks were pretty gracious about it, and after about 15 minutes, and with the go-ahead from the manager, we were let in the store. Place was clean, shelves were stocked, and folks were polite.

Review №97

Great place. Cashier are great always find what i need

Review №98

Shoprite serves a need for needs to access mote FRESH foods

Review №99

This is one of the great Shop-Rites in the N.E. Philly area. Very well Stocked & Maintained.Very Friendly and helpful Staff.

Review №100

The atmosphere is pretty nice. Not too crowded but a good amount of people. The only downside is they are always restocking or low on certain products.

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  • Address:101 E Olney Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19120, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 215-224-7500
  • Grocery store
  • Bakery
  • Caterer
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Produce market
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:7AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:7AM–12AM
  • Thursday:7AM–12AM
  • Friday:7AM–12AM
  • Saturday:7AM–11PM
  • Sunday:7AM–12AM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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