Staples Print & Marketing Services
4640 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19124, United States
Review №1

I wish I could give a thousand stars! A few weeks ago I was School supply shopping with my children. My oldest had to have this one backpack but I was having such a hard time finding it. Then I found out it’s a very popular backpack but I kept searching online & in storeAbout a week ago I checked staples online and the internet stated there was one in stock at the store, I knew there was a chance the backpack could not be there but I had to check. I went to the store right away & looked around & of course no luck. One of the employees asked if I needed help so I told her what was going on & she said ok, give me a second. A few minutes later the same employee comes back over to me & says we just got a shipment in this morning (which was maybe 20 minutes before I got there) the paperwork stated there is 3 in the shipment somewhere. I said ok & thank you & that I would be back later or tomorrow. The employees response hold on, give us like 20 minutes let us see if we can find it. Sure enough about 20 minutes later she comes walking up to me carrying the backpack!!! Now that is customer service!!! Two employees Sarah & Coco went above and beyond for me this day & they definitely didn’t have to go to such extremes to help me and no one asked them they just did that out of the kindness of their hearts! They helped me put a huge smile on my daughters face and made her so happy! I will truly never forget that so from the bottom of my heart Sarah & Coco thank you!!!

Review №2

Theee worst staples ever. They have one line for everything. I ordered online and had to stand in the same line as people who are designing business cards, ups, copying and etc. Then there is only one person working in their service dept and one person at the register. Never again.

Review №3

I love to make copies

Review №4

I call the store they never answer the phone bad service 😒

Review №5

The manager is vey rude you talk to him and he keeps walking .he is not helpful not professional😞😞

Review №6

Excellent customer service in my experience! Very generous and good fast paced environment!

Review №7

Theres an extremely long wait to ship via ups at this location. Not sure if the workers dont know what to do or if their technology is slow. Why does it take so long? Expect a 35-45 minute wait to get to the counter. Its crazy.

Review №8

Had to wait a long time to get my pick up....they need more staff working. The staff was nice though i must say

Review №9

I barely come here, when I do I KNOW for a fact I have to wait minimum 20-25 min in line to ship thru ups, Copy/ship center is ALWAYS understaffed, as you can see in pics there was a line of people standing for over 20 just to ship (not counting copy services and such) if I can I would avoid it altogether.

Review №10

Nobody can answer the phone for 30 seconds?20 minutes on hold twice before being cut off!

Review №11

Thank you to the manager. He was able to take the items off. Which I do not like that you put your card in before you even print anything. I dont know where else you can get opies. The library not open when I need copies.😊.,

Review №12

Unfortunately due to the challenges and competition from online shopping, these physical stores are having such a hard time. The interior still looks a bit dated. But one thing we were pleased to find was the amazing customer service. The agent clearly understood out printing need and instead of pushing the most expensive item, worked with us to find the right item. At one time, this was reserved only to stores like microcenter. I am happy to see this service on other stores as well.Also the Staples extended device protection is amazing especially if you run a business and dont have time to deal with delays due to printer breakdown.I wish there was a way to make these physical stores relevant in the upcoming years by offering a great in store experience.

Review №13

I had to do all the Punching in on the computer myself before it was and it should still be there Job Not The Customers Should Not Have To Do Their Job Also

Review №14

My 6 years old son and I were kicked out of this Staple store last year.I am a regular customer, and I DID NOT do anything wrong.I am an adult and I behaved professionally.My 6 years old son was with me and he DID NOT do anything wrong.He DID NOT touch anything because I taught him well.I felt disrespected and discriminated.This store doesn’t even deserve any star for their rating. I had to choose a star because I cannot submit my comment if I don’t.

Review №15

The wait was a little long, but the customer service was really good. The staff was bilingual and was friendly and helpful.

Review №16

Had to wait 45 minutes for my pick up. They only had 1 person working in the back. hire more people!!

Review №17

The cashier for the printer very, very slow, and not helpful at all, is like they get upsad if you ask for help, very, no one take care of the costumers in line

Review №18

The worst staples in Philadelphia you can’t get any help and when you get help the people in there are lost

Review №19

Till this day no one picks up the phone 😒

Review №20

A month from my last post...must say absolutely better!!!!....good vibes when I left

Review №21

It isnt often you walk into a multipurpose store like staple and actually enjoyed your visit. Usually, I am in a hurry and feel like I am going to waste my time trying to find help and what I need in the big store. Today I was helped immediately and had an amazing service from the manager as guide me through my needs. Well done staples.

Review №22

Almost couldnt find the ink for my printer. I think I find the last one. They need to organize the displays a title better. Other than that is a good store.

Review №23

Very helpful and courteous. Especially cause I was completely lost on how to do what I needed to do. Glad that there experienced employees are on top of there job. Would definitely recommend this place.

Review №24

Customer service behind the counter is very rude

Review №25

LaShonda and staff in the copy department are very helpful and good workers. I was pleased with service.

Review №26

This place is the worst staples to come into you’re better off going to Wal Mart next door they won’t help anyone out on sales floor due to “no staff” .. is this place no making any money? It’s holiday season and the manager might wanna invest in some more staff.

Review №27

This place is horrible. The people who work there and are in another dimension the customer service is very bad. The machines are always damaged or do not work. something as simple as copying or sending a fax has to wait more than an hour. Last time I was there, I left after waiting so long. That same day I bought a photocopier to make sure I didnt return to that place

Review №28

Found everything I needed! and was offered help that was excellent! wouldve given 5 stars but the customer service wasnt to experienced with the situation that i had. Other than that the overall experience was good.A

Review №29

The manager here is great. I was having trouble printing a doc and he continued to help me even though the store was Technically closed! Awesome staff!

Review №30

Too many rude and ignorant people with high expectations. In the parking lot and inside, you are not welcome, if you dont look and act like them. Also I had a cell phone stolen last year while using the Xerox. I had to buy my own cellphone for 30 bucks.Two bad experience a year apart. Im not ever going back in there.

Review №31

The most unprofessional location Ive ever experienced. Products are overpriced, employees on the phone, talking to each other. There is an overall feel of slackness and laziness.

Review №32

The staff here are horrible especially Crysta and Francesca. But Im not surprised due to their boss Aldiel who lack disciplining his employees who were very disrespectful. The only awesome employee was Stephanie who was very polite, courteous, and professional.

Review №33

This company use to be a very pleasant place to shop, but lately, the customer service is going down hill. I had a $10 coupon, I brought some printer ink, and school supplies, in and out right? Not a chance, with two people in front of me, I was in line for 25 min. The cashier was having an issue with the register. When she finally got to me, she didnt take my coupon off, so we had to start all over again. Not a good day at Staples.

Review №34

The older lady with long black hair that works in the copying department was great sorry I did not get her name but need more servicing on machine most of them was broken.

Review №35

Worst customer service ever, I would giveno star if that was an option. Tried to get some labels printed and was told I had to use the self service center only to have the page of labels come out covered with yellow ink all over the page. Showed it to the worker in the print center all she says is I guess that printer isnt working, you can try another one. Not let me try to reprint it for you or at least refund your money. When three of the other printers in the self service section had out of order signs on them.

Review №36

I had to print out some stuff and thought I wouldn’t had been able to since it did not pop on the Dropbox or my drive files. Then the store’s GM Dennis went out his way to help me out. Thanks Dennis and I’ll definitely be back next time! 👍

Review №37

So I thought...this couldnt be as bad as the reviews said. It was worse. Waited in line for my copy order for 45 minutes in which no one acknowledged my presence as I stood directly at the pick up counter looking at the staff....Most disorganized and gross staples Ive ever been in as well. Would be quicker to go out to bucks county or center city based on how slow the store staff moves...

Review №38

Staff is not informed on anything, no sense of urgency when it comes to helping potential customers. I walked around for damn near a half an hour looking for someone to help me purchase a laptop for our business. And when we finally got to the check out it took another 15 mins of guessing if we got the right software. I dont recommend for anything but printing needs, now i know why more and more stores are using robots, these people were not knowledgeable on anything. Luckily i cant leave zero stars. Hire more people that have some type of idea about technology and software.

Review №39

They was very helpful and kind.. Great experience..💗 Thank you to the ppl who helped me find what my kids needed for there school project🙏🙏

Review №40

Horrible stood online for 45 minutes just to drop off a box for ups. The worst. I hate this location, they need to shut down.

Review №41

The counter attendant was not very pleasant but ultimately my package was shipped. Yes I definitely use them again. I figured everyone has a bad day.

Review №42

The equipment is not working well customer service not friendly .a employee help me out but the over all poor customer service an equipment need to be better sorry i been coming ever week to fax my pay check. Not a nice friendly environment

Review №43

Staples prices are getting competitive in comparison to Amazon, presage of a revival I hope.

Review №44

Special thanks to Keith, the store manager, who kindly helped me pack to ship three large boxes. It was an emergency shipment to a family member in FL and I would NOT have gotten it done before closing time w/ out his assistance!

Review №45

Continually long line at the print area. No staff on the floor to assist customers. Long waits and may one or two helpful staff all others are not.

Review №46

Worst place to get prints. Wayyyy too congested. Never again will I waste my time in there.

Review №47

Ghetttoooooooo... the manager is the print/marketing department is lazy. I was the only one in line and waited over 45 min!! Then gave me attitude when she had to help me then found every excuse not to do her job!!! Negative starts!

Review №48

My visit as always has been superb each time I visit staples specially in the copying The workers the supervisors always willing to give you a great experience shopping there

Review №49

LaShaunda, the manager of the copy center, took great care of me. We are having issues with some things for our wedding and she jumped through hoops to help me. Thank you very much, LaShaunda!!!

Review №50

Worst customer service Ive ever had! The employee helping me had an attitude like I was wasting his time and I was stupid!! If I wasnt in the store trying to get them to price match I would of told him to shove the google chrome cast up his ass

Review №51

Its cool helpful employees but to expensive.

Review №52

Wonderful place great help great location staff is very helpful

Review №53

Came Friday 3/22/19 to pick up copies that were previously ordered. A gentleman was helping someone and I was next in line. Took a good 15 minutes to service the person in front of me, but ok I’m here and it’s good he is taking his time, shows he cares right?!? Finally it’s time to get serviced and I show him my email confirmation. The associate scrambles a bit but nonetheless finds my order. YAY! I pay and leave. (Don’t ever do that, ok! CHECK YOUR ORDER) I get to my destination and notice not only is the order messed up there aren’t enough copies. I was printing a 8 page proposal.Ordered: 4 color & 4 blk/wht.Received: 5 color full copies & 7 colored (page 2’s)Lesson learned for me.

Review №54

The employees are very helpful and there is plenty of parking space.

Review №55

I went at 8:40am and the cashier was on her phone not paying any mind to the customers which Im not surprised because every time I enter this store all cashiers are on their phone. Worst customer service I dont think they should be allowed to have their phone at the register.

Review №56

From computers to accessories, office material and more you will find them here.

Review №57

Lady their today was very rude and unprofessional not going back she had the nerve to talk about me right in front of me knowing she wrong. I dont remember her name but she got gold braids in light skin high forehead she married i saw the washed over silver on her fingers . she really was just upsetting

Review №58

Had to make an exchange it was so fast no waiting and the cashiers was very friendly.

Review №59

Just spent 300 at the store and got an attitude from a lil girl K. behind the counter. Her whole paycheck is less than that.Question to the Management- Is it really that hard not to hire Total Trash?

Review №60

Worst staples ever! The printing machines never work and the staff doesn’t care to help . Embarrassing

Review №61

Ordered on line my printing job and easy pick up stress free

Review №62

Printers are never working 🤔🤔🤔🤔new management is needed ASAP

Review №63

Staff does not want to help customers and they are very rude.

Review №64

Bad customer service.

Review №65

They had the ink I was looking for, and the service was fast.

Review №66

Extremely rude! You could be standing there with no one else in line and theyll completely ignore you unless you actually call out for them to come help and even then they will work really slow, they barely speak to you, when they do speak they are disrespectful and when they help you with one thing they will walk away and either sit or talk to one another and have you waiting and you end up having to call them back. The worst customer service I have seen in my entire life. They need to all be fired and hire a complete new team of people!

Review №67

Excellent customer service

Review №68

Terrible. ZERO out of five stars. They offer no help at all, nothing in the print and copy center works, and the place is dirty.

Review №69

I was very satisfied with the customer service

Review №70

Very slow, copy machines not working.... to print 1 paper had to be here for 2 hours... will never come here again...

Review №71

Customer service.....non-existant. Had to wait nearly 15 minutes to get someone to run copies.

Review №72

I asked for a particular item. They didnt have it. Instead of giving me more options - they just left me to look for other options.

Review №73

Awesome customer service and felt welcomed.

Review №74

Young lady was very helpful.

Review №75

It is my first time, and the help was great, thank you.

Review №76

Couldnt be worse...

Review №77

No staff picks up phone calls in this location. I called multiple times on different days and waited between 10 to 20 minutes.Frustrating !!!

Review №78

Young man was very professional and helpful with finding the correct equipment for tv hook up.

Review №79

Bought a 2 year extended warranty; salesman said bring product back for full exchange within 2 years if a problem. Actual warranty says go through manufacturer for 1st year, then have to send to squaretrade for 2nd year. I called to speak to a manager; phone just repeats recording that someone will assist shortly - forever! No one ever picks up.

Review №80

It is very good and cleanYou can find everything thereThe employees are helpfulThe staff are good quality and quantityBut the price of some stuff are expensive

Review №81

Could not find what I need which was rods for wooden file cabinet drawers, the computer at the store was not working so they could not order on line, I did purchase the file cabinet at staples some years ago

Review №82

I walked into your store with $300 in my pocket after an hour walked out of the store with $300 in my pocket I walk down to Walmart and spent $251 and $0.51. The same printer you had for $99 Walmart also had for $99 because nobody asked me if they could help me. Isnt that like the first rule of sales. The rest went to purchase a 10 Viking Pro. 2 month ago something similar happened when I walk out of your store and purchased a laptop at Walmart because your salespeople have the personality of a cardboard box.

Review №83

Really cool people there.

Review №84

Would have been 5 stars,but the cashier needed to pull her pants up! Very unprofessional.

Review №85

I would give them 0 stars but I cant. Rude and slow staff. I waited 4 days for business cards and when I went to pick them up they said I have to wait another hour. Another time I went I waited 20 minutes just to ask a question while their employees are sitting and laughing with each other. NEVER GOING BACK!

Review №86

Good Selection.

Review №87

They charge wayyy to much just to get on there computer an print 4 papers $10! Smh never again

Review №88

The service in this store is very good. Very respectfull staff,sometimes they are very bessy,but they are alwayse helpfull

Review №89

Horrible..ive been on phone for 30 mins..ask for sup 3xs..this place needs to be shut down &they need a whole set of ppl in here this doesnt make any type of sense...who is the freakn owner,he needs to be informed..Horrible,unsatisfactory business you have here

Review №90

Very helpful staff.

Review №91

I went to purchase a computer mouse that rang up for ~$10 more. I asked if the cashier could stop the purchase while I went to get the pricetags. It turned out I had picked up a different model which had been hung beneath the tag, the packaging of which was identical. I asked the cashier if I had messed up, to which she very condescendingly replied yes, you messed up, this was a different model, and got upset because shed have to put the tags back. I put them back since I knew where they belonged, came back to finish my transaction, and immediately regretted coming to this Staples.

Review №92

Bought a printer through the instore kiosk without any issues. Was in and out of the store pretty quick and the manager seemed to be interested in taking care of his customers quickly.

Review №93

Store was crowded and a bit disorganized. Staff seemed helpful but overwhelmed

Review №94

Very fast and knowledgeable with there service. ..

Review №95

The staff here is slow and ghetto...they are never willing to help out with any services you need....there is a very rude older gentleman with a large rear end that moves like molasses...he need to reconsider his employment...this store i wouldnt reccomend if you like quality service..its the worst

Review №96

Copy center staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №97

Everyone one was helpful and polite

Review №98

Quick and friendly service.

Review №99

Im here for laptops is more expensive, tomorrow I go best buy

Review №100

They are so slow I stand there eveytime I go there for 20 minutes or longer just to ups ship off a package. They act is if they dont see me standing there while they tend to other customers taking forever to do that

3.4 Rating
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