Infinite Body Piercing
626 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States
Infinite Body Piercing
Review №1

Infinite has been THE go-to for body piercing in the area for ages and still is. They never disappoint, even during the pandemic, even when crazy-busy. If you are getting pierced you 100% owe it to yourself to have it done here. Everyone is so nice, and so sweet, and so knowledgeable. The counter people are amazing. The piercers are amazing. I cannot recommend this place enough. The entire place is spotless, the people are the best.

Review №2

I had been wanting a nostril piercing for years and I always knew when I finally did it I would go to infinite. I called a few weeks before my appointment with some basic questions and Pixie spent ample time on the phone with me explaining everything in detail which made me so much more comfortable about the process. When I finally showed up the day of my appointment at the beginning of the summer they told me I couldn’t go swimming for 6 months! Bummer because I knew I couldn’t commit to this recommendation but I appreciated the detail/thoughtfulness they put into the healing process recommendations. And they gave me 20% off coupon for the inconvenience. I came back in the fall- about a month ago -and ironically pixie was my piercer. They were very professional and confident which helped me to feel relaxed. I had put no thought into the placement of the piercing beforehand (oops) and put my trust in them. They told me they wouldn’t steer me wrong and they took the time to measure and be sure an eventual hoop would look nice which I appreciated! Thanks Pixie! Counter staff and jewelry options are also A+

Review №3

I wish I could give this place more stars!!! I went today and had a fantastic experience! Everyone was super nice and really, really friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They also had a really great selection of jewelry for all price ranges.Amelia was my piercer and I can’t say enough good things about my experience with her. She made me feel really comfortable and at ease. (I don’t have a ton of piercings - just ears and previously a septum, so I was nervous!) I felt like she really took the time to make sure the piercings I wanted would work and look exactly how I wanted. I will most definitely be back here and will be sure to ask for her specifically.(Amelia, if you see this, thank you so much!)

Review №4

The best of the best. The shop is clean the staff knowledgeable, professional, courteous, caring and friendly. Outstanding service!! Prices are reasonable and affordable. I am giving them 5 more 🌟 🌟 🌟 ⭐ 🌟 s. Highly recommend this placeYou will not be disappointed!!!!!!Catherine.S. happily satisfied customer service 🤩

Review №5

My piercer (Amelia) was so friendly and helped made me comfortable when I was getting my septum and eyebrow pierced :)I plan to go back when the Covid era is over and they do oral piercings againThe place was really clean and the staff were kind as well as very LGBT friendly which is always a bonus in any business

Review №6

I called and came in to get my nipple piercings checked out. The front desk people were very friendly and got me back as soon as possible. Pixie was so kind and helpful! They exchanged the barbells and sent me on my way super quickly. First time being here and I was very impressed! I definitely recommend.

Review №7

I cannot recommend Infinite highly enough. The team is knowledgeable pay attention to all of the little details that go into a new piercing or piece of jewelry. You can tell they are passionate about piercing art and want you to have a good experience. I felt very safe with staff and customers following masking and COVID precautions. Zach was my piercer for a nostril piercing and a jewelry change and he was excellent! All of the staff are so kind and welcoming. They make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your jewelry selection, piercing, and aftercare instructions. Ill definitely be going back!

Review №8

This has become my new and favorite place to get a piercing! The staff were awesome and welcoming! The jewelry they had on display and for sale were beautiful at the shop. Very nice and clean atmosphere! Pixie was Phenomenal! So sweet and kind! and she did my Industrial piercing with ease! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her for all you piercing needs!! Overall a wonderful place and very strict about sanitizing and wearing a mask which I love. Will definitely come back for my next piercing!

Review №9

When I was looking for a place in Philly to get pierced, people always recommended Infinite - and for good reason. I got my lobes and septum pierced here and had a great experience. The place is extremely clean and is very safe RE: Covid procedures. My piercer was very nice and clearly experienced - I barely felt a thing for any of the piercings and they healed nicely. Will definitely be going back!

Review №10

I just wanted to say I highly recommend this place! I had called beforehand as I had gotten a recent navel piercing at another shop and unfortunately the jewelry did not suit my anatomy. Both the jeweler and the piercer had extensive knowledge no matter what questions or concerns I had. Everything was absolutely sterile, organized and relaxed. I do not remember the name of the person who inserted my new floating navel piece, but they were awesome!! Extremely educated and professional. I could not recommend this shop more : )

Review №11

Extremely professional, clean, well organized, and progressive shop. Everyone is very friendly here and on the paperwork I was asked my preferred name and pronouns! I got my VCH done here and Pixie was amazing with her safety to see if my anatomy was compatible for this piercing and her communication during the piercing was sensational and added so much comfort and safety to the whole experience. Pixie is also APP certified which is personally important to me when Im getting pierced. I highly highly recommend coming to this shop for all your piercing needs and jewelry purchases.

Review №12

I got three piercings done by guest piercer Jerry and really enjoyed the experience! I set up my appointment quickly and easily using their online system. I called prior to my appointment with a few questions which were answered promptly by the staff. Upon arriving I checked in and had my temperature taken and then was able to ask a few more specific questions to my piercer. We discussed my eligibility based on my anatomy and selected the jewelry before getting started. During the process he explained everything he was doing, which I greatly appreciated. He was very experienced and also took time to build a personal connection and make me feel safe and comfortable. He pierced quickly and efficiently and involved me in the entire process. His warm, open personality really made it a great experience. This is the only place I’ll be getting pierced from now on.

Review №13

This place is so incredible. I went in to get my ear lobes pierced, the next day I was scheduling another piercing for two days later. Jordyn made me feel so comfortable and safe, they talked me through the entire process. The front desk people are also extremely eager and excited to help. I had an issue with my piercing last night, called the shop 10 minutes before they closed, and one of the piercers calmed me down and gave me their email to contact after the shop closed if I had any more questions. All around super professional but also down to earth business!

Review №14

Pixie did a great job with placement & piercing with my 2nd ear lobe! Definitely recommend the shop - their website and professionalism was fantastic and they have a great selection of handmade jewelry for sale. Will def be going back for more piercings in the future!

Review №15

I love coming here. The staff is incredible, so kind and knowledgeable. I trust them 1000% and recommend all my friends and family here for all their piercing and jewelry needs. I always feel safe, welcome, respected and leave with all my questions answered.

Review №16

This was my first surface piercing so I initially thought to go to a tattoo shop, but after several days of calling around to different shops EVERYONE I spoke to said if you’re just wanting to get a piercing…just GO TO INFINITE BODY! Glad I did; from the beginning the staff was very polite, the shop had a cool vibe, and my piercer (PIXIE) was AMAZING!! She is very professional, and knowledgable. Honestly I didn’t know so much went into the placement of a surface piercing, and PIXIE explained the procedure in such detail I knew I was in great hands. Long story short, if you want a piercing done RIGHT…go to INFINITE! No brainer at this point.

Review №17

I brought my 14 year old today to pass on the tradition. We had such a great experience. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Thanks!

Review №18

Ive stopped into this shop twice so far, and itll be the only shop I use while living in the area. Everyone was friendly and polite, it was extremely clean inside, they were adamant in following all procedures, whether it be COVID related or just body mod related, and the services and prices they offer are fantastic...I have only good things to say and Ill recommend this business to anyone. Shoutout to Zach for being super cool and kicking off the brand loyalty!

Review №19

I currently came to this shop because my mom has over a dozen of piercing’s and she really says they are the best. My sister and I got to the shop at 4:54 and their was only 2 people in the store ahead of us. We came to get our Bose rings changed. While they told us to sit 2 other people came inside the shop. At that point they were put on a list. We were never put on a list. While we sat 2 more people came in the shop. Then we were called to be put on the list. It is currently 5:25pm and every one who came in after us has already been seen take care of or sitting in the chair. And we are just being seen. This will be my last time to frequent this shop.

Review №20

Great first experience. Team was nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. Pixie who pierced me, made me feel nothing but comfortable and put my fears at ease. I was in and out before I even knew it. Strongly recommended!

Review №21

Loved it. Love my nose piercing. Emilia was/is excellent. Staff were helpful and friendly. Bright and clean areas. Ill definitely be returning.

Review №22

Professional, friendly, clean, incredibly knowledgeable, welcoming... Honestly theres nothing bad I could think of to say about this shop. Ive been going here for probably like 12 years now and they have always been incredible.If youre hesitant, if youre worried, if you have questions, this is the place you want to to go. Every single piercer and counter staff person is nothing short of amazing.I am frequently uncomfortable, just, as a person existing, and Infinite has always felt like walking into a new friends house whos excited to see you.

Review №23

Very pleased with the professionalism and extra precautions this establishment took my time being there. Recommend!

Review №24

I am continually impressed with the staff at Infinite Body Piercing! When I was searching for a shop to do my first piercings, I was extremely focused on finding a reputable shop that had experienced professionals. I was less worried about whether the cost was reasonable or the personality of the piercer. Having been a customer of Infinite for >1 yr. now, I can thankfully say I found all those qualities at Infinite. My initial consult was with Pixie and they were extremely professional and personable. They answered all my questions and concerns and walked me through the process, which I greatly appreciate in any profession. The actual piercing was also quick and skillfully done. The piercings have healed well and the placement is perfect.Likewise, I recently met Zach F. to check in and downsize and he was similarly professional, personable, and skillful. Last, but not least, every single staff member Ive met has also been really nice and professional. I highly recommend this shop to anyone, especially those who are considering getting their first piercing but are overwhelmed with the shop;dr - Infinite is a reputable shop with professionals who are skillful and personable and worth the price for anyone, especially those wanting their first piercing.

Review №25

My partner had a piercing emergency and they were able to squeeze him in same day even though all of their online appointments were booked. Everyone was very nice and the piercer did a great job of explaining what he was doing. The shop was also very clean. I also love that they have a place on the form for pronouns and legal name vs preferred name!

Review №26

Getting pierced at Infinite was a great experience from start to finish! The shop is extremely clean and the staff is so kind and professional. I was pierced by Pixie! Pixie was truly wonderful. Everything was explained so thoroughly and it made me feel super comfortable. I will absolutely be back to be pierced here again.

Review №27

7/31/21 I got my tragus pierced here. The sales associate & the piercer were both friendly. The facility is very sanitary, stylish & they have a HUGE selection of jewelry. They also offer post follow up. In 6-8 weeks you return with your drivers license to have your piercing checked. I will definitely return to this location**UPDATE: 9/22/21, I returned to this location for my 6-8 week check up & was informed that my piercing needed to be REMOVED!! The new piercer said the angle was pointing inward too much to the ear canal vs. out towards the opening, thus putting pressure on something which resulted in a bump. She said it would never heal correctly & the best advice is to remove it immediately to avoid scar tissue. They said they would re-pierce it in 2-3 months and comp the $35 tragus piercing fee, sterilizing & reusing the body jewelry which cost over +$100. I’m so disappointed that I was pierced by someone inexperienced the first time. For almost 8 weeks, I have be using my saline spray & doing everything as advised only to result in this. I don’t like the inconsistency in the staff, I have lost all confidence in the personnel. My follow up appointment is with someone new to the staff at Infinite Body Piercing

Review №28

Ive gotten 2 piercings different times a forward helix and a conch, and each time has been so awesome!!! Everyone is super friendly and takes time with you from deciding jewelry(the collection is amazing) to the actual placement of your new piercing. I can’t wait to finish styling my ear with infinite!! Thank you for the amazing experience!!

Review №29

Amazing place to buy jewelry from! Second time ordering online—super fast shipping and great customer service!

Review №30

Welcoming staff. Make you feel comfortable and talk you through what will be done. Very accommodating. Been there twice now so far and always happy when I leave.

Review №31

Absolutely loved it I was on visit and one of my stones went missing almost had a panic attack Im from Philly so I went straight to south street I promise I didnt know where I was going just parked on 6th st walked up to 7 back around to 4th and ended up in front of the most comfortable pleasant affordable professional shops in the industry please know Ive been to the best all over the U.S. and this place is 1 of the top 2!!

Review №32

Pixie did both my nostrils and septum and they were so thorough in making sure the placement was perfect, explained everything very clearly to me. I never felt rushed or awkward, I swear they made it virtually painless somehow. Counter staff was very helpful and clean too. Love love love can’t wait to go back to upgrade my jewelry

Review №33

I received a Tragus piercing by Zack. I have to say it was truly a pleasure having Zach as my technician. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I LOVE my new piercing. The girls at the front desk were nice as well. I see why this place has such a high rating. I can’t wait to schedule an appointment for another piercing.

Review №34

Definitely recommend! The whole staff was great! Zach specifically was incredibly helpful. They really put your piercing health and overall comfort as top priority, it is MUCH appreciated!

Review №35

Got my nostril piercing done here by Zach, and he got it just right. I was a bit nervous going into it, but he definitely eased me into it and made sure I was comfortable with the whole process. He did it quickly and with minimal pain, and it came out exactly how I had imagined. Would definitely recommend!!!!

Review №36

First time here and was introduced to them by my friend. John took care of me for the actual piercing and was really friendly, skilled, and helpful.My original goal was second and third lobe piercings with a cartilage on both sides; but because of my original first lobes being uneven- John recommended something a little bit different (thanks piercing pagoda for a botched job)Really happy with the entire process; and i cant wait to give them my business again in the future!

Review №37

This was my first time to infinite body piercing and I absolutely love this place. Great customer service and the people who works there are super nice. Got my 3x helix piercing and she did a great job. Definitely going back next time and I highly recommend this place for piercings

Review №38

Very helpful and kind piercers who really know what they’re doing.

Review №39

Ive gotten my nose pierced here twice, and both times were pleasant. The shop is clean and the staff is professional. As someone that doesnt like piercing ( they hurt lol) my piercer Pixie made it a comfortable and quick experience. I refer anyone looking to get pierced here.

Review №40

Loved my experience here! Everyone was very helpful and on top of appointments. Pixi was amazing and knowledgeable, and my newest piercing is healing well. Definitely recommend

Review №41

Im 52 without ANY tattoos or piercings until my visit here. Staff made me feel safe. Now Im sporting a modest nose ring just like my mama LOL!! & I love it!

Review №42

I have been going to Infinite for a few months now and I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it!If youre like me, you got your lobes done at Claires and that was the extent of your piercing knowledge. I have been and continue to be clueless a lot of the time about piercings, but the team at Infinite has been so helpful and patient with me explaining downsizing, scheduling, proper jewelry choice, and care. I now have two curated ears, and I am so excited to finish them up!

Review №43

My surface piercing from Infinite has lasted over 9 years (!), which is pretty atypical and speaks volumes about the artists understanding of proper placement and technique. I havent visited in a while, but Im glad that I chose Infinite for my piercings back in the day and am happy to see the shop is still going strong.

Review №44

I got two piercings from Pixie. She was excellent and so was all of the staff that was working. They answered every question I had. They even tell you to schedule a follow up appointment in a few weeks to make sire you are healing properly. I never had a piercer do that! Definitely going back for any other piercing I may want!!

Review №45

Went in today to get my lobes re-pierced after I neglected them for a long time - I was a little early and they took me right in. Charlot was SO sweet and helpful, and Zach, who did the piercing, was awesome, friendly, and made me feel comfortable and at-ease during the process. It was quick and pretty painless. I live all the way out in Media, but Im really glad I took the trip here, it was worth it.

Review №46

Great experience! The owner was professional, accommodating and kind. Venue was clean, up to date and perfect for my event. I am definitely booking again! Thanks!

Review №47

Clean place but I’m giving a one star because of the stupid covid rules. They’re only place still operating as if covid happened yesterday. It’s stupid to have to book an appointment just to come in a buy jewelry? Especially when all the appointments are booked until September. Not a fan of still having to Wear a mask inside when the mask mandate has been lifted in Philadelphia.

Review №48

Got two nose piercings here and it was great! Friendly, professional staff who gave great info, both piercings were painless, great jewelry selection, clean environment, even the music was on point! Can’t wait till the pandemic is over so I can get two more piercings here!

Review №49

I love this place - only spot in Philly that I get pierced. Very clean, nice jewelery selection, front of house staff is very sweet and pleasant to interact with, piercers are all very knowledgeable. I also appreciate that their intake forms include a spot for preferred name and pronouns!Pandemic procedure is also nice, you need to make an appointment and the store only ever has maybe 2 customers inside at a time, everyones masked and they disinfect thoroughly between customers (of course disinfecting the piercing rooms is normal procedure, pandemic aside). Now that Philly is opened up again Im not sure how infinites policy has changed, so you should call before going.

Review №50

Great experience, will definitely go there again next time i want a piercing

Review №51

My sister and I had Andrew as our piercer! He was great! Very friendly and professional, and helped maintain our nerves by talking us through the entire process! No surprises. Ive been there 2 other times, always excellent service from the staff! Definitely cant wait to revisit!!

Review №52

Prompt, clean and professional. Ive been Herr a few times and I am never disappointed in their service and the level of honesty when dealing with health matters.

Review №53

Zach was extremely patient and had my best interests in mind. We ended up changing my desired placement because he was very knowledgeable about how different locations heal. I felt very comfortable during the entire visit, and Im glad I took his recommendations!

Review №54

Zach, Zach, and the rest of the staff are professional, personable, and above all else knowledgable with experience in piercings wherever one may venture. The have the most extensive stock of multitude gauges, shapes, lengths, sizes, etc that I have been able to find. The fair price, personality, professionalism, product availability make Infinite for me the only place locally to get upgraded. 😀

Review №55

I’ve only bought jewellery from Infinite (never been pierced here). They have a good assortment of styles and sizes to choose from, and there’s something for “everyone.”

Review №56

Great atmosphere. Customer service is a 10 will be back soon

Review №57

I love this place so much. They are extremely clean, extremely friendly, and extremely professional. The staff is amazing and they have such great jewelry options. I love how helpful and knowledgeable they are when it comes to piercings and the jewelry. If youre looking for honesty, cleanliness, and professionalism, this is the place to be. Never change infinite, you have a happy customer for eternity

Review №58

Every piercing Ive ever gotten (exceptions 1st tongue ring at 16) has been done by here, the staff is beyond great. They truly make the process painless

Review №59

Everyone was very nice from greeter to technicians ! Beautiful jewels for body piercing. I dont have any complaints . ..I love the atmosphere

Review №60

I’d give this place all the stars in the world! I’m no longer living in the area, but going to Infinite is totally worth the trip. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They have the most beautiful jewelry collection, I could spend all my money there. The manager is extremely nice and showed true kindness towards me. The shop is also super clean and beautiful, which is always a plus! By far my favorite piercing place, I highly recommend!

Review №61

The chest dermal piercing I received from John was not place properly. I received this piercing 3months ago. I was afraid to complain about the initial placement being crooked because I felt rushed and he assured me it would heal with even placement. After scheduling my appointment and being seen late, he explained to me with rush and frustration that even though HE mis placed the dermal there was nothing he could’ve done do to fix his “mistake”. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND TREAT TOU LIKE SHXT UPON FOLLOW UP AND AFTERWARDS.

Review №62

Zach was patient and cool. He was rrally straight up about the process amd i walked away with a amazing piercing

Review №63

I called in to make an appointment for my daughter to get her ears pierced and they told me to take her to Claires at the mall... Needles are generally cleaner, more accurate, less painful and far less damaging than guns. For a place to act so cocky and arrogant they should have at least recommended another place that would do the job right.

Review №64

Loving my new piercing from Infinite body piercing: the place was very clean, the staff was professional and nice. The piercer did an amazing job with minimal pain. They were able to take my appointment even though I was 10 minutes late. Will def be back for more

Review №65

Whenever I get a piercing, I almost hate going anywhere else. This place is just so clean, all of the piercers are so sweet, and the atmosphere is great- they always have awesome music to listen to while you wait! They charge great prices, their jewelry is gorgeous, and they’re just really hospitable. Love this place.

Review №66

I travel around 45 minutes from out of state specifically for this piercing shop whenever I get a new piercing, need a piercing reopened, or want to buy new hardware. The entire facility is sterile and all the piercers are experts in their art. I especially appreciate that all the hardware is implant-grade titanium. Ive been able to have an MRI done and still keep my piercings in (check with your doctor before you do this)!They are very transparent about pricing, and theyll reopen/stretch piercings for free. The piercing services and jewelry are not cheap, but the professionalism and quality are worth it.

Review №67

It was an awesome experience! I had Zach as my piercer, and I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with someone so patient and understanding. He switched out some jewelry for me to help an old piercing heal up (it wasn’t pierced at infinite, just for the record), did a guiche piercing, and we talked about more piercings for the near future. I’m looking forward to working with him again! Thanks again Zach!

Review №68

I love this place and its where I get most of my piercings. During COVID you do have to make an appointment for anything and everything. They dont do any piercings below the mask - not sure when thats changing. I love how they are so careful to sterilize both the needles and the jewelry. They also give you guidance on how to keep your piercing clean and how to make sure it heals well. Its a bit more pricey than a tatoo shop, but 100% worth it.

Review №69

Best selection of body jewelry in Philly

Review №70

Good Place to get piercing clean friendly professional i had a good experience and my ear healed perfectly no problems

Review №71

The folks here treat people with kindness.

Review №72

The receptionist was very nice. He took his time and explained everything about jewellery to me. If you do go please see Zach. He is very informative and actually cares about the well-being

Review №73

Ive had piercings done in the way past. I love them. However, I trust their location but they wont do under masks piercings. It is very much understandable. Other places seem to do under mask piercings but Ill wait until Infinite starts.

Review №74

I always come here to get my piercings. Never had a bad experience over the years. I send my friends here..

Review №75

Took my 16 year old daughter to get a helix, and I got a cartilage piercing. We both had Andrew. He was the best! He put us both completely at ease and explained everything from beginning to end. He was meticulous about the placements of the piercings and wanted to be sure we achieved the look we wanted.The rest of the staff was kind, and professional yet affable. They gave great jewelry recommendations. The shop was clean and did not play about the COVID protocols. There was a great selection of jewelry.We will be back!

Review №76

I can’t say enough good things about this place! They came highly recommended by Don from Floating World Tattoo and my friends and I know why.From the paperwork to questions about jewelry options, and Zach alleviating my friend’s nervousness with humor and care, we couldn’t have picked a better place. Everyone was knowledgeable and willing/able to help us make decisions.5/5 Experience from entrance to exit and counter to chair. No hesitation.

Review №77

The staff here always makes my day better

Review №78

Had a wonderful experience at Infinite. Got my conch and rook pierced by John. He did a great job; very professional and answered all my questions. Will definitely go back.

Review №79

Clean and professional! I dont think you can ask for anything better in an establishment like this. jewelry options, appointment process, piercing process, and follow up instructions were all fantastic. John did an amazing job piercing my helix and was just a great dude! everyone there is courteous and experienced. Ill definitely be going back

Review №80

Super quick, answered all my questions, and everyone was so nice. highly recommend :) and thanks Pixie!

Review №81

Professional down to earth n very clean

Review №82

Very sterile and professional. Excellent jewelry selection. Ive had issues with piercers before until I was recommended this place. I normally go to Andru who is amazing. I have seen Anna once who was just as pleasant. They are appointment only right now. Go to the website and read all info.TIP YOUR PIERCER!

Review №83

I’ve been going to Infinite for the past couple years and it is my #1 recommendation for piercings in Philly and even outside of the city. Most of my piercings have been done by Zach, who is extremely friendly and always willing to discuss your piercings and thoughts/concerns (though I’ve had great experiences with all the staff here)! I’m already planning my next visit.

Review №84

All of the piercers are just so knowledgeable and amazing. Front of the house is also knowledgeable and patient.

Review №85

Everyone here is beyond professional. The consultation experience was helpful and informative and the piercers really took the time to explain the process, after care, and follow ups. Make sure you book ahead and bring some cash to tip (they take ccs too)

Review №86

I loved the experience the staff was super informative. I love my piercing.

Review №87

Wonderful talented staff!

Review №88

This is easily the best piercing experience Ive ever had. The studio was super clean and the staff were so welcoming. Zach, did an incredible job with my with my rook and conch piercings! I had an all around lovely experience and I will definitely return for more piercings in the future.

Review №89

Best piercing place. Clean, professional, friendly knowledgeable staff.

Review №90

That’s place is so cute and clean. They are also fast and efficient. The staff is very friendly as well. The prices are really good. I would definitely recommend.

Review №91

Came in early 2020 to get a piercing. I arrived about 2.5 hours before closing and they were PACKED. I had driven in from a slight distance to come to a place that was well-reviewed, so I was a little sad to get turned away. However, the receptionist was extremely nice and directed me to another shop nearby that she could vouch for, since they were too busy to take another customer.Even though I didnt get a piercing here, HUGE props to any company that places customer experience above profit.

Review №92

Fabulous piercing shop! Traveled to Philly for my birthday November 2019 and stopped by this shop for a nose piercing and to have all my ear jewelry upgraded, and had a wonderful experience. Originally I had gotten my ear piercings done at a piercing/tattoo shop in Richmond, VA but after my initial experience here I travel to Philly just for this place. Recently got a flat piercing and anti-tragus from Zach and it looks so good. I like that they are a dedicated piercing shop, have a fantastic array of earring choices and are so kind!

Review №93

The staff is always super friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any questions or address any concerns. Love this place 😍

Review №94

Good selection of high quality jewelry.

Review №95

Love Infinite Body Piercing and all the staff! The shop was very welcoming -- not at all intimidating -- and they have great measures in place for COVID safety. Got pierced by Andru who explained the whole process clearly and eased any nerves I had!

Review №96

Andru was fantastic. Went in for a new body mod and he was extremely chill and super professional. The shop is super clean and has a very welcoming atmosphere. Will definitely recommend to anyone wanting a piercing either above the belt or below.

Review №97

Exceptional customer service and care! Zach, my piercer, was thorough, kind, and extremely professional. Their COVID protocol is the best I’ve seen in any establishment! Can’t wait to go back :)

Review №98

Im never going anywhere else for my piercings. This place is perfection. The staff is super friendly, the location is immaculate, and the jewelry is stunning!

Review №99

Got two piercings done here fabulous work friendly people good pricing!

Review №100

VCH with Andru, consult was awesome, placement was according to my body. Very clean, changed his gloves often. Made me feel super comfortable. He was awesome. Highly recommend, this place.

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