5353 Mahoney Dr, Peru, IL 61354, United States
Review №1

Good selection of hardware and building supplies. Light selection is much better than home depot. Good prices and 11% rebate if you plan your purchases with the promotion. Associates are helpful and usually able to help you with any issues you have.

Review №2

Always fun to go to Menards. Theres something you need every time you go!

Review №3

The store is clean for the most part. On occasion you have to maneuver around stock that hasnt been put away yet. The staff is friendly and usually helpful. The selection is very good and the prices are competitive. Like a lot of places the weekends are pretty busy so if you can go during the week it would be easier to get in and out.

Review №4

The Staff is Very Polite & Professional Thomas from Hardware went above and beyond to help me to purchase the last Chainsaw left in Stock, he held this for me at the main desk area for to come and purchase it. His professional Curious Service is Much appreciated & Very thankful.

Review №5

Went in to find a circuit breaker. They had the style I needed luckily. But deliveries are hitting them hard like other businesses. But they seem to be trying their best to keep the shelves filled

Review №6

I love shopping at Menards. Good products. GREAT prices. Excellent staff.

Review №7

Buyer Beware. Shoddy tools can ruin your job.Whoever decides what products to stock, whether a manager or Menards headquarters, is stocking shelves with garbage that can’t hold up for even a SINGLE job. Purchased this bit brand new, took it out the box, and it fell apart on its first job, ruining a 600$ table. The bearing screw simply… fell out.Buyer beware, quality of tools has fallen to an untrustworthy point simply to cut costs. There’s no quality checks, there’s no reassurances, and again, no reason to trust in Menards as a retailer.

Review №8

I had a garage installer come to my home and he did not know how to install low profile doors. He said that we couldn’t ever get new garage doors because the door were to short.

Review №9

The shelves are lined with cheap tools, most I wouldnt trust for safety concerns LET ALONE doing a job correctly.

Review №10

Wonderful associates helped me find what I needed. Check out was smooth and fast. Over all experience was a 10.

Review №11

Always find something at menards in peru

Review №12

Best prices of similar stores in area. Nice rebate program! Jesus saves! John3:3 “Bible”

Review №13

Great prices plus 11% rebate on everything in stores.

Review №14

Was hard to find help, but once we did,the guys were great

Review №15

Great service the general manager is a very nice guy

Review №16

Garden center is getting pretty pick over. They do have some beautiful blue hydrangas in stock right now though.

Review №17

What’s the Menard’s Jingle? “SAVE BIG MONEY AT MENARD’s!”One of our favorite places to shop or get lost for an hour or two. We can always find ways to save at Menard’s. There are other “box stores” but NONE COMPARE! Not only finding ways to save but finding what we need. FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL NO PRESSURE SALES STAFF. ALWAYS GREETED WITH A SMILE!

Review №18

I would like to recognize a Peru Menards Employee. Thomas Allen has repeatedly helped my staff with questions, locating items, and general direction when we shop. Thank you so much for the amazing service/assistance we receive.

Review №19

Can always find what I need after a bit of looking, plus a few things I didnt know I needed. 😉

Review №20

Had a wonderful visit today. Everyone was compliant with Covid!Gotta love being safe in Illinois!Found my items easily, store was even very clean and organized!

Review №21

It was okay could have been a little bit better as several people where can I cut my wouldnt have to get it in my car they told me where to go all four people I asked but no one showed me where it was could not find it but other than that it was okay

Review №22

Excellent experience - viewed online & they had the same number on shelf. Asked tech on floor a quick question regarding use whuch he gave me more than I expected. Nice experience this time

Review №23

No problems. I like the 11% back.

Review №24

Great fast, informative help love this store .

Review №25

Has everything I need whenever I need it. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

Review №26

Couldnt get no service, waited in back for about 20 mins at desk. And we werent the only ones. &Noone came. No bell to ring ! On our way out to go somewhere else seen 3 teens standing there talking . Place looks nice. If we could just get some service....

Review №27

I can an have literally spent hours in this store and I still haven’t seen everything it has to offer. I like the new layout since the remodel. Still learning my way around a bit.

Review №28

I like it I go every time I need something from there

Review №29

Excellent selection of items, friendly staff.

Review №30

11% off. Great!!

Review №31

Menards used to be great for contractors and business owners due to their customer reps. We were able to make our orders online and have them delivered to Ottawa, saving us a lot of time. We were not notified until we went to the store today, that beginning Jan 1st the entire department will be shut down. Now were going to have to look into competitors like Home Depot and Lowes, to see if they can help us. It will be almost pointless for us to continue to shop here anymore, after several years of patronage. We are saddened by corporates decision to get rid of this.

Review №32

Never any one to assist. Store has multiple registers had three open on a saturday. Great place to for young kids to work as they wont be asked to much other than walk around and avoid customers .

Review №33

Me, my fiance, and a friend were excited to get some things to finish up a room and as we were walking my fiance slipped and fell in a puddle of water in the main isle. Now the day is ruined and my fiance is at ivch Community Hospital in peru😞 Which Im not allowed to go in because of Covid😡 So here is a Big F.U. to the worker who obviously did not do his or her JOB!!!!

Review №34

I found what I wanted clerks were helpful.Will go again soon.

Review №35

This place always seem to have what I need from basic fine woodworking tools to a new patio set so I can entertain friends. I only wish I could find help when I need it and associates didnt treat me like I am bothering them. otherwise, great store that has almost anything.

Review №36

Great store for one-stop shopping. Plenty of Christmas decorations. They also had a large selection of refrigerator water filters and 200watt barn lights.

Review №37

I love menards lol

Review №38

Super friendly staff! Thanks for your help, Lucas! If only people would wear their masks properly...

Review №39

The employees out in the lumbar yard do essentially nothing but sit on the forklifts with their arms crossed . I shouldn’t have to ask an employee several times to help.

Review №40

Great help

Review №41

Usally pretty good. But needed something stopped in and seen the tiles i had ordered and paid for and was waiting for was on the shelf to sale.

Review №42

I needed some safety glasses to go over my regular glasses for work. Easy to find, I was in and out and found them for only $2.99

Review №43

Very helpful staff. Got everything I needed.

Review №44

Good place to shop

Review №45

Good selection of the remodeling project we are doing in our bathroom.

Review №46

Such a wide variety of plants 🌹

Review №47

I know the store like the back of my hand... Meaning it could be my most favorite store!

Review №48

Picking up pea gravel hassle but once crew got to me smooth operation.

Review №49

Great store. They have had their 11percent off all during the Covid 19 virus and still going.

Review №50

Found what I needed pretty easily got in and got out

Review №51

Do not trust Menards online inventories or inventories in the in-store computers. Have found highly discrepant inventory counts at nearly all stores in a 50 mile radius of my home. You think they have it in stock chances are they dont.

Review №52

Menards is the perfect hardware store. They always have what I want at a fair price. Dont change it!

Review №53

Service desk employee was very rude. If you dont want to do your job go home

Review №54

The floor associate was a patient help.I purchased a floor lamp...Unfortunately, the pole sections did not screw together completely.

Review №55

We love menards

Review №56

The store was easy to navigate, and the products I was looking were easy to find. A little cluttered in some shopping areas, lots of employees standing around in groups of 3 or more, without offering help even. Overall though, a nice shopping experience.

Review №57

Great place for home products and nicr generous staff . All staff have excellent product knowledge

Review №58

Look around. Always good buys. In groceries: get Moms Best Quick Oats - very delicious in the am.

Review №59

Excellent customer service on the door dept at Peru menards yesterday.

Review №60

Helpful, good prices

Review №61

I have no issues going to Menards and finding what I need. The staff are very nice thsre and helpful if you need it. Store is clean too.

Review №62

Great customer service. Employees are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Review №63

Save big money at my nards

Review №64

My husband went there to get a few big appliances for our house and was immediately turned away for not wearing a mask. He cant wear one due to health issues but they completely ignored this. So we went somewhere else to get the appliances that didnt force you to wear a mask.ADA says you do not have to wear a mask if you have health issues. Unless Menards wants to pay a $75,000 fine. But that should be pocket change to menards higher ups right.

Review №65

Good time to go in there. Not very busy.

Review №66

Staff were helpful and knowledgeable, needed an array of materials and placement was decent markings were good. The prices were very good.

Review №67

It was fine, bought river rock, clerk helped loading in the car.

Review №68

Nice clean store well organize find everything no problem

Review №69

Thanks to the girls that took care of yesterdayin the garden center while we shopped and they fixed our tress up. They were kind and professional. Made our day an easy one.

Review №70

Always has what I need and employees always willing to help

Review №71

Friendly staff, had everything I needed, check out was timely.

Review №72

The store was very clean and organized easy to find the product you were looking for

Review №73

They had everything needed for bathroom remodel. Very helpful employee showed us where everything was at

Review №74

Watch your rebates closely at check out, we had 70 dollars in rebates, they only checked off half of what we had......

Review №75

Employees were helpful. Almost everyone was wearing a mask but the arrows on the aisles ment nothing. Parking lot was full at 2 in the afternoon.

Review №76

Got bird food out of squirrel corn 🌽, other wise 👍

Review №77

Menards versus Home Depot...a Midwest conundrum. This Menards generally beats the store across the street, at least on ambiance. The selection is good and I like their rebates. The fact that this store has a small grocery section is a plus...the in-shell peanuts for people are considerably cheaper than the ones packaged for birds.

Review №78

They almost always have what I need at consistently fair prices. After researching appliances, wiring several homes and taking care of my own, This store lives up to their advertising. This one (Peru, IL) is always well stocked and clean with friendly staff.

Review №79

It took me forever to get anyone to help me but once I did they were very helpful.

Review №80

Love this place but I wish theyd put the rebate forms at the register so you can grab them with your receipts rather than having to stop and make a special trip to the checkout especially for the 11% the others I dont mind going and looking for.

Review №81

I go once a month n I get what I always do. Employees are friendly

Review №82

Clean, not crowded and mask wearing required! Yes!

Review №83

All ways fing what u need there...

Review №84

Love seeing the efforts in place due to this pandemic. Masks required, floor arrows, 6 ft marks at registers. n carts sanitized.

Review №85

Can find almost anything at Menards. I like that each dept. has a knowledgeable person. I have experienced needing help in several different depts. & have always found person in dept that knows what I am looking for & can help me make a decision.

Review №86

Steve in the lighting Dept. was so helpful. He helped me find everything I was looking for. Your associates are always helpful each time I am in there shopping. Thanks everyone for a job well done.

Review №87

This Menards has friendly, knowledgeable employees who are willing to go the extra mile to help the customer. And they always have what I need in stock. Great store.

Review №88

I love Menards in Peru! Im so frequently there that many of store employees recognize me. Most employees are very helpful, smiling, and pleasant. Theyre very helpful when it comes to trying to find solutions to my projects. I recommend Menards to anyone who might have a need for help with solving any type of household/commercial problem!

Review №89

Easy to navigate friendly people

Review №90

Always figure out what Im going to do for my project on the first trip.

Review №91

Great home supply store

Review №92

Alittle busy but great helpful people

Review №93

Helpful, knowledgeable staff that are readily available when you have a question (unlike the hard-to-find employees at some competitor stores). Normal offerings - garden, automotive, plumbing, fixtures, wood, flooring, lights, electrical and closet storage. Plenty of stock. Reasonable prices.

Review №94

My favorite hardware store in Peru. Has everything I need including a dozen eggs and a 7 pack of rootbeer.

Review №95

Always has what I need

Review №96

I had as much help as I needed while in the store. The assistance happened promptly! I got everything I needed to rebuild a park bench and was out of the store in under 30 minutes!

Review №97

Helpfully staff ... but they need to walk around the store. To be more aware of the products they have available

Review №98

Was looking for huge totes but nothing big enough

Review №99

We are there at least once a week forsomething. Occasionally you get great service, but most of the time it seems like I find a young kid that acts like Im just annoying him but this past trip was the worst. I couldnt find one person that knew where picture wire was and the kid that actually did wouldnt make eye contact with me and acted as if I interrupted him during his lunch or something.Then I was getting cabinet magnets and counting out 23 of them and this older employee came up to us and acted like I planned on stealing them. Had to head over to counter tops and low and behold he shows up there. By no means did we look like we needed any help at that point, he once again asks if we need help in some accusatory tone. We say no, he leaves and 2 seconds later he sends a young kid over to ask us as well.Im guessing my 2 year old being with us and somewhat loud is enough to make us look like were up to something?!We spend thousands of dollars a year in this store. I shouldnt have to feel uncomfortable.Great selection but a lot of irritating staff.

Review №100

Had what I needed but cashier had NO personality what so ever!

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:5353 Mahoney Dr, Peru, IL 61354, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 815-224-5621
  • Building materials store
  • Home improvement store
  • Building materials supplier
  • Hardware store
  • Lumber store
  • Plumbing supply store
  • Tool rental service
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9PM
  • Thursday:6AM–9PM
  • Friday:7AM–8PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
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