Walmart Supercenter
8303 W Ridgewood Dr, Parma, OH 44129, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Walmart always has the biggest collection and many specific items that we use, that no other stores have. Also Used the curbside pickup at this location for the 1st time and was super fast!

Review №2

I shop at the Parma location. It is very clean laid out nicely. Staff has always been accommodating. Sometimes check out a little rough but good overall. I just refuse to go through self checkout so probably my fault.

Review №3

Newly remodeled & its much better than ever before. Theres a lot more self-checkouts to where most likely you wont be barely waiting to get one. Still needs improvement as far as availability of quite a bit of products the store apparently carries & although there seems to be more expansion of aisles & freestanding coolers along with different products (here & there) to seemly cover for whats not there (unless theres no other option or substitution to cover what youre looking for etc) along with employees to keep well-stocked although they are trying their best to do so but still not enough hands etc. Overall its alright & guaranteed youll end up purchasing at least something unless again youve mainly came for a particular item(s) etc

Review №4

Excellent prices on big TVs, across street from Borsuk Design. Also have my phone service through Walmart Family Mobile - monthly price is cheap, phone selection very good. Food selection in grocery area is amazing. Vast selection of wine, beer, alcohol. Meats, chicken, etc. good quality, bread selection fresh, good and inexpensive. Milk, eggs, pops, drinks galore.

Review №5

Absolutely no cashiers in the morning. An older looking Walmart inside. Sort of dingy. Water was leaky from roof into a positioned bucket.

Review №6

Will never go to this store again thanks to Rhonda in customer service. She is hard of hearing and then gets aggressive. I told her I will just wait for the next rep. I get the next rep everything goes great without hitch except for the fact Rhonda wanted to continue to make comments at me in front of two other employees. This store is trash.

Review №7

They had everything I needed and I was able to get in and out quickly.

Review №8

Pretty clean, but its Walmart, so expect a ton of people.

Review №9

Made the mistake of going on a Saturday. Almost had a demolition derby getting into the only available handicap space. That young getto rat beat me to it and then ran to the store,,, still wearing her pajamas.I went home

Review №10

Hate this walmart. However if you go early in the morning its actually pleasant.

Review №11

Stays pretty stocked but the em ppl employees tend not to come when you call for help or need something opened... in that situation go to the electronics and those employees can open anything up and are pretty cool too

Review №12

Love going to aOne stop shop.i do most ofGrocery shopping there except for other type of items.sometimes i shop there 2-3 times a week.isConveniently located close to home.

Review №13

Lots of great clearance deals in the plant section. I was super ecstatic.Ill bring these beautiful gems back to life.

Review №14

Walmart Ridge rd wasnt good I had to wait over twenty minutes for someone to come and get something that I paid online for. That was five feet to the left of customer service girl. Because that not what she do. And she was nice enough to tell me that straight to my face.

Review №15

If I could leave 0 stars I would. They never answer the phone, it takes for ever to get an on line order filled or they tell you the item is no longer available when you go to the store your self there are plenty of the item they are just to lazy to fill the order.

Review №16

Nice place always stock up great employees.

Review №17

Newly remodeled but almost zero actual manned lanes. Almost all self check out. Outrageous lines due to this fact. I feel bad for the employees.

Review №18

Grabbed some $7 eyeshadow and then asked worker to unlock the $5 makeup cleansing wipes. Worker asked which one I wanted, asked if I had any other shopping because she had to escort me to the registers to pay for the $5 wipes. So I can grab my $7 eyeshadow but not the $5 wipes?! I can’t even. I then told the worker nevermind and I would purchase my items elsewhere. So I went to Target where I could pick out my own stuff, walk through the store with them and check out and pay when I was ready to. Jesus Christ….how ridiculous.

Review №19

They were moving aisle around, because of that, they were Not fully stocked. Sometime you could not find things right away. Oh well, I guess it will take a little more time to get fully organized.. I probably hit the wrong date and time at that Walmart..🧐

Review №20

I was able to park close to an entrance; BONUS! I found the items on my list easily. I was greeted when I entered and left the store. My only complaint is against the decision to put in all or nearly all self service registers in Walmarts! Very difficult for some seniors, like me, to handle the scanning and bagging.What a shame Walmarts solution is to remove humans from the process.

Review №21

Better than the others... Selection wise. Easy to navigate.

Review №22

The map for this store is wrong. Parmatown used to be a mall, many, MANY years ago, and this is now the biggest store in the shoppes complex... I lay the blame squarely on walmarts shoulders that the map hasnt been updated to reflect that it is a freestanding building and not part of a mall...That said, the fight for fifteen and sl-activism are strong here... My recommendation, if you need to go to Walmart, go to Brooklyn, its just a few minutes away and far fewer hassles...

Review №23

Only shop at Parmatown Walmart because they always have cashiers to ring your purchases! The others around me our always short staffed and expect you to do the check out yourself, I dont do that, thats a service I expect from a superstore like Walmart! Thank goodness for the Parmatown store!

Review №24

Went it to shop for work clothes plus tools and staff help me find what I need. though the store seams to be under renovations at the moment and didnt have a few things that I needed. That will probably be fixed when they are done renovating the store though.

Review №25

The re-organization of this Was-Mart is really good but the down side to this and other Wal-Mart stores around the country is the self checkouts. The last time I was here- there were over 20 self-checkouts where there does NOT need to be. The organization of the different departments and the selections are really good- but the problem is what if the self checkouts computers crashes and then what do you do after that? Or what happens if you dont get the right amount of change from the machines? There are only 8 normal registers now and if Wal-Mart wants to get the business back- STOP putting in self checkouts. They are not for everyone.

Review №26

I just picked up a arcade cabinet and Jacob in electronics was very helpful and polite. He told me to ask for help to my car when I got rung out. After I got run out I then realized he decided to follow me all the way up front and then help me out to my car. Thanks again.

Review №27

Picked up prescriptions theyre always courteous and friendly.

Review №28

We don’t pay for a membership!!! You shouldn’t be harassing people for Receipts at the door!!! Can’t even get through to the store if you call! No one answers or if they do answer on the rare occasion they put you on hold and never pick up! AND ATOPPONG SHOPPERS TO CHECK RECEIPTS BUT I WATCHED SOME CHICK RUN OUT THE DOOR PAST 3 MANAGERS WITH A CART FULL OF ELECTRONICS THAT SHE STOLE!!! Not one of the employees tried to ask or stop her. But god for bid you have your stuff bagged they have to check you!

Review №29

Its a great place to shop and it has everything youve looking for. I was looking for a style stick and couldnt find it at any of the phone stores, but Walmart had them. Boy was I glad 🙂🙂👍👍 they have a variety of food, meats etc. for whatever culture there is. The employees were very helpful.

Review №30

I must be a ghost in this store. Refused to speak to a manager because she/ he was on maternity leave? Same excuse 6 months ago. Two females working by checkout claimed they ran the building. Please. Get a grip people. I know great peeps work here but, come on now. This was a few months ago but come on. Dont give me the COVID-19 excuse. Run it or LEAVE!!!UPDATE: If your black, dont even walk in here.

Review №31

In general I like the store, however, since covid and now after covid the store is stocked like a grocery store from the soviet union.

Review №32

If you have been in one Walmart, you could say they are all the same. Thats true with this Walmart as well. What sets this one apart is the friendly and VERY patient employees.

Review №33

I cannot say enough great things about Omar and Jo! They were so helpful, kind, and most of all patient with helping my mother who is sick get a new phone! I will absolutely go back to them for everything in the future!

Review №34

Looks like one big giant rummage sale. Everything is in disarray, empty shelves to disorganized stuff thrown everywhere. Wow! PARMA WALMART went downhill. Dont like the fact I have to check myself out instead of a live employee ringing up my purchases. This is not the wave of the future. This is awful and at these prices Im not scanning and cashing out my own purchases.... plus this store is run down. Rotten meat out of date food product.

Review №35

One cashier at Customer Service with 20 people in line. Why not call for help. I was in line for 35 minutes before my turn!!!

Review №36

Good selection of items. Courteous staff.

Review №37

This Walmart located where to old mall use to be is a grand place to shop. Always stocked up, clean and the staff is very friendly, happy and helpful. A pleasure to shop there.

Review №38

This Walmart is nicer than many others and has items the others dont

Review №39

Horrible. If you want to stand in long lines and bag your own stuff this is the place to go. Oh, no cash accepted either on most registers. Wont be going back

Review №40

It has everything from candles to great ink pens with notebooks; not to mention novelty shirtsyes walmart rules

Review №41

I went in there the other day, to get my car serviced, I came across this rude mexican, who told me that my “car would be serviced when he had time, he had to many cars ahead of me!” There we’re only a few cars on the lot!This person needs a coaching, you don’t have to be rude to a paying customer. He never booked me in to be service and walked away, didn’t even ask me to wait a second I’ll be right back, just walked away, without saying a word.

Review №42

For the passed couple if weeks there was no diet ginger ale in the small cans, and today there was none on the shelf and there was no diet Sprite in small cans,very limited valence curtains, if any at all, and lot of shopping 🛒 left in parkinglot. So we were a little disappointed in our shopping today. We realize that help in the employment is low so hopefully things will get better soon.

Review №43

Lines wasnt bad at all, not so busy and they were stocking up at the time but still made time for the customer!

Review №44

So many empty shelves. Lots of products missing. I had to ask 3 different employees where to find something. I was told by one employee...I dont really know and then they walked away.

Review №45

This Walmart maintains stock better and is much less busy than the others that are nearest.

Review №46

Looking for a special gift for family that we hadnt seen in years!! Their son loved the small Tonka trucks that had horns and sirens and the price was so good that we got him 3 different ones and we will send him the other 3 when we find them at another location!! Thanks Walmart😉

Review №47

Employees are rude except for cashiers. Otherwise this store is better than most Wal-Marts in our area.

Review №48

Their customer service truly lacks when it comes to helping out customers. Went to exchange a propane tank and the gardener greeter was very rude when we asked to where could we exchange the tank out. Had to go inside to where we dealt with another rude associate as apparently thry had no clue either. After seeking out a manager issue was resolved.Walmart needs to train their employees better at the positions they are placed to work.

Review №49

Very crowded, a bit picked through but, great employee service very polite.

Review №50

Well I got to see the mask wars play out a lil further now cause walmart has huge sign up saying its now mandatory to wear mask but it just got lifted a week before and I think people are sick of wearing stupid mask, I know iam but to my surprise it was half and half and nobody was enforcing it like they did to me at giant eagle. Covid is cancelled I said watch the news

Review №51

Not a lot of Stuff on shelfs, it was ok !

Review №52

Love this place they usually have it all. Staff very accommodating more so here than at some of the other wallmarts.

Review №53

Bad/ rude customer service, an associate Brandon was rude to me while I was with my mom at the self check out registry. I did call him to let him know that items from another customer was at the registry, he did not let me finished and told me: just handed to me, it’s not going to poising you… I did spoke to a floor supervisor about this event but I’m sure nothing is going to happen due staff shortage. Brandon you are disrespectful and rude, you should not be working with people/ customers.

Review №54

Well organized store, has alot of stock options, employees are friendly

Review №55

Entered through the exit door the greeter was extremely rude to me and my family. We didnt notice we were conversating. Nonetheless she was terrible about the situation and wouldnt let it go

Review №56

Very disappointed with Walmart all the stores are being run with a bunch of children including the managers, will not shop there ever again,cant find anyone to ask where a product is the associate are talking on the phone,roll thier eyes like how dare you ask them for help! Went in three times to order a birthday cake last week for a party this weekend, I was never acknowledge at the counter the deli associate saw me and smile, so I walked away after waiting for 20 minutes all three times, I never complained should have, so today I go in and the same yahoos that where there last week are there today! One of associates saw me ask if I needed help and guess what they cant help because they are all booked up!WOW!

Review №57

Understand that they are remodeling but there are items that have been out of stock for 2 months. Ex: we use polident for partials - I shop WalMart weekly - this item has not been available for the last 7/8 weeks. Also they need more than 1 person in the deli on Friday night and Saturday

Review №58

I love this Walmart. It is normally pretty stocked and well kept up. This is the Walmart that I normally go to when I go to the store

Review №59

I have never went to a Walmart that is almost empty in food items! And then you cant even shop because they have employees stocking the items. They need to stock at night time so shoppers can move aroumd. What a mess!!

Review №60

ALWAYS out of so many items. Never fully stocked.

Review №61

Kind of unorganized but I love me some walmart lol

Review №62

Its Wal*Mart, how do you think it was? Long lines at the FOUR open checkouts. A very long line at the self checkout. It sucks. Only go there when its the only option for some items

Review №63

They didnt have much stock when I went to Parma Walmart this time.

Review №64

Filthy and scary! And thats just the clientele

Review №65

The store employees and as far as I could see all of the customers were properly masked for covid. The things I wanted were easy to find and the prices were good. We use the self-checkout and it was easy to use even the new payment method I have received from my health insurance for healthy food. And there was staff available if anyone needed help. The store was clean and the employees were friendly and helpful.

Review №66

You never really want to come to Walmart but its usually got what you need. Most shelves stocked but there are many that are not.

Review №67

100 times better then steel yard

Review №68

Was a quick and easy check outThey had most of there tellers open which made it easy to get out

Review №69

We stood in line for 20 minutes. Then the cashier said that she was close because her break. Then we went to self serve and the machine didnt work. Your company is not good at all anymore. Poor service and the departments are so dirty. And dusty.

Review №70

Is ok .the average Walmart store .no the best

Review №71

The employee who helped us was absolutely amazing.

Review №72

Nothing special about this place. Many rude employees and many nice ones, luck of the draw. It’s sufficiently clean but the bathrooms need maintenance. It would be nice to have paper towels instead of the air dryers. Many options to choose from and nice clearance deals.

Review №73

I like Walmart. Not a fan of the curbside pickup though. The parking lot is so packed and theres no signs to know if you are in the right area. I ended up going in which ended being easier and faster. But they did not check my id to make sure I was the right person picking up.

Review №74

It would be a lot better without the mask hysteria and mask police. I dread going. Every time, they challenge me repeatedly. I shared a video to social media over 1 interaction with their staff.

Review №75

Great for convenience and location is good. Store was pretty clean and shelves were well stocked.

Review №76

Difficult layout of store. Hard to find items and some aisles mismarked.

Review №77

Great staff they were extremely helpful definitely a recommend Wal-Mart. I am very satisfied with my experience.

Review №78

Like the convenience of shopping and picking up food.

Review №79

The Gentlemen Brandon working the door and the self checkout by the Garden center was a huge help in finding ne something, I looked all over the store and was getting frustrated but he stopped me and pointed out exactly what I was looking for lol . It was right in front of me and I passed it several times. Thanks Brandon I actually made it to work on time because of your help !

Review №80

Whats good but didnt have any mens basketball shorts at all a little disturbing there no basketball shorts

Review №81

Not well stocked on household items.

Review №82

They had what I wanted. I paid in the Electronics Dept and got the hell out of there as fast as I could. 🙂

Review №83

I was helped in the electronics by a good guy that got me to what I needed, payed and out within 15 mins. Very satisfied with today service.

Review №84

This is a super store. Main thing . purchased a couple of those zap light bug lights. For indoors. Set them up turned them on. Less than five minutes. Bug problem declined

Review №85

Whoever stocked pizza put them all in backward! Come on peeps, have some pride in your work! You can leave a trail of good or bad, you chose.

Review №86

Great, do all my shopping there

Review №87

One of the best store in this area. Other Wal-Mart store in Cleveland are horrible.

Review №88

I strongly suggest anyone who is looking for A Flat-screen television go elsewhere I purchased a flat-screen and brought it home and once opened it wasnt brand new it was defective and I tryed to return it and they wouldnt let me because the ceral number on the back of the TV was completely different than the one on the box they said it wasnt their problem and out of their hangs and the only option I have it to return it to the manufacturer I also purchased a Revlon round brush blowdryer and was uses at least it worked though I will never stop at this location again you suck Wal-Mart in Parma verry disappointed

Review №89

This Walmart is alot cleaner then the one by my house alot more products but still need more registers open the lines are insane

Review №90

Would rate zero stars if possible. The store is dirty, nasty, & gross. The people who seem to frequent this store reflect the store upkeep as well. I would never go to this particular Walmart again! I felt dirty and in need of a shower after being in that store for the 1st 5 minutes. Corporate really should go see it for themselves.

Review №91

Best place for one stop shopping

Review №92

This particular Walmart is a whole lot better than the one on brookpark road and Parma👍👍

Review №93

Found everything I needed ;friendly staff clean store

Review №94

They didnt have what I needed, and the customer service wasnt able to tell me where things were properly. I spent over an hour looking and got nowhere, plus it was really difficult to navigate around. Overall a pretty bad experience but the workers were nice and did their best to help.

Review №95

Love this store!! Everything is always stocked up. Short lines. Keep it going!!

Review №96


Review №97

With the Delta Variant raging. Just extremely crowded. Nobody wearing masks.

Review №98

I used the vision center nice service

Review №99

I like the other Wal-Mart five minutes down the road better...but I did get two orbital Sanders...the cashier was cool though

Review №100

Very disorganized

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  • Address:8303 W Ridgewood Dr, Parma, OH 44129, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 440-884-5641
  • Clothing store
  • Department store
  • Craft store
  • Discount store
  • Electronics store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Supermarket
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:5AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–11PM
  • Saturday:7AM–11PM
  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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