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General Spring of Kansas City, Inc
Review №1

If you like replacing your leaf springs every 10 to 12 months these are your kinda springs. Quality Control NONE ..... they are for a cheap price and cheap quality also. buyer beware. I haul nothing that would cause this

Review №2

I ordered my part and literally a day and a half later they were on my porch. Excellent product. Fit perfectly on my truck. I have an 04 dodge ram 1500 and these heavy duty springs made it look like a hot rod. Or if you’re looking for a leaf springs definitely use this company.

Review №3

Great place to buy truck springs from, they have the best shipping costs of any site I could find and sell really good quality springs. I love my replacement springs I ordered and they came within days of ordering! Highly recommend them if you need springs for your truck!

Review №4

Bought heavy duty leafs and u bolts from these guys. Was out of town didnt know where to get my truck fixed (its lifted so parts are hard to find with out ordering and being stranded) Went in person with out even calling on a referral from a truck accessory/lift shopTo say the least I was not disappointed. Was in and out in >45 min. And got to watch them bend my u bolts. Awesome place and awesome staff. I live in the rust belt (michigan)and almost 3 years later now, I have no regrets these things still look new with stickers still on themIve hauled 13k+ trailers with my half ton truck using these leaf springs and still hardly squatted my truck.

Review №5

Really fast shipping and a great set of leaf springs. I am completely satisfied with the ease of using the website and ease of secure payment. Will definitely recommend and will use GS for any future needs.

Review №6

I was very happy with the speed of delivery for my replacement springs for my 64 Fairlane and they fit perfectly in place. Should I need parts like this for another vehicle I would not hesitate to use General Spring of Kansas City in the future. Thank you!

Review №7

Great guys & great products! Ive purchased replacement leaf sets and upgraded leaf sets with all hardware from General Spring. Ive even run out to the shop and had them make me U-bolts in no time! Ill continue to purchase my needs from General Spring without hesitation.

Review №8

Summary: If you buy from GeneralSpringsKC you are paying for quality parts, great service and fast shipping!Im currently converting a daycare school bus to a camper. This small bus sits on a 2002 Chevy Express 3500 Chassis. I knew both the front and rear suspension would need a lot of work and even with 52K miles this thing was EXTREMELY rusty. Before starting the rear suspension I wanted to make sure I had all the correct parts, leaf springs, u-bolts, drum brakes, wheel drum, everything. I wanted to get this done all at once. I then spent 3 hours a day for the next two weeks looking for parts. Most of that time was trying to find the leaf springs.I contacted six Chevy/GM dealers and provided my VIN number and ordered parts, the two leaf springs and 4 u-bolts. I placed 5 separate orders, each one was either canceled a day later or canceled mid-shipment and returned to the dealer. Each dealer had the same thing to say: This part does not fit your model car. I was very upset because according to their system, those parts fit vehicle because of the VIN check. I then moved on to other places like GM Parts distributors and ran into the same issue, I talked to staff members at the parts department and they were unclear if any parts they had would fit. I checked RockAuto, PartsGeek, GM Parts, and I even went as far as the 12th page on a google search for 2002 Chevy Express 3500 Leaf SpringsFinally after searching I see a link to GeneralSpringsKC, it didnt sound like the right place but I figured what the hell, if there is someone I can talk to then thats a start. By this time before I called I had a script describing what I was looking for, but with so many times not finding what I needed I just got straight to the point. First call I made I kept it simple, I told them I needed leaf springs for a 2002 Chevy Express 3500. Within 30 seconds this person (I wish I could remember his name) tells me what I need and covers specs on these leaf springs that I would have mentioned in my script lol. Damn, I was impressed. So I explain to him my issue I was having with not being able to find these leaf springs, and all of the issues I had with previous orders. Right off the top of his head he tells me the part number I need as well as the part number for the u-bolts as well. I decided to look it up later that day before ordering. Sure enough thats the part I needed, I placed my order for two leaf springs and 4 u-bolts.A few days later I get home early to help the UPS guy unload the springs, I see him often and would have felt bad if he had to carry those. They arrived towards the beginning of the week, leading up to the weekend I removed the old leaf springs and as much rust as I can.The old leaf springs and u-bolts were so rusty they were breaking apart as I tried to remove them. Now I have both leaf springs removed as well as over 20lbs of rust. The weekend comes and its time to find out if the staff at GeneralSpringsKC knew what they were talking about. I lay down a tarp and move the leaf spring under the bus, then slowly twist and turn it until it lines up with both hangers and BOOM! it doesnt fit! I told myself why would GeneralSpringsKC do this to me. Then I removed the leaf spring and turn it around and BOOM! like a GLOVE it FITS!! These springs were 30 by 30 so Im not sure why I needed to change the direction but who cares. I had both leaf springs in and bolted in place. Now I have a solid suspension and will continue working on the rest of the bus. I cant thank them enough, however I could have posted this review a lot sooner. Still working on the bus, winter has slowed me down but its coming along nicely.

Review №9

Ordered springs sight unseen. Gave store the manufacturers part number and the cross reference worked perfectly...Will be my go to for leaf springs going forward

Review №10

Worst company ever first they send me wrong part and I have to pay a bill just to have it shipped back and it has been over 2 weeks that they have received the parts but are giving me the run around. I have the tracking # I know when it got delivered how are you going to lie and say your waiting on me. Crooks

Review №11

Found it via google. Ordered ordered and part was exactly as described and came quickly.

Review №12

Great pricing and very helpful staff

Review №13

Ordered new front leaf springs for a 93 1/2 ton Dodge Ram. What a difference!!! Did not realize how bad my front leaf springs were on that truck until these new ones were installed. Only thing I would do different next time is order u bolts with my order. Ended up having to cut the driver side bolts off and then had a heck of time trying to find some quickly to get it back together. Overall great experience with them so far. Shipping was fast and they seem to be thicker metal than stock springs so that is good too.

Review №14

Worst company ever, send you the wrong parts and then make you pay to have it shipped back just so they can play games and take three weeks to refund you your money. Crooks

Review №15

Bought New Rear Leaf Springs for my 65 Mercury Comet ... Reasonable Cost, Fast Shipping, Most Importantly FIT PERFECT ... Had to purchase Two Additional Bushings separately, Make sure youre getting All Four Bushings ...Highly Recommended!

Review №16

Bought 1211 springs for my 2014 RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn 4x4. They are great! Improved ride, cargo capacity & towing safety. These springs are 2 shorter than factory, but the truck does not sit any lower because they sag less. Theyre not stiff or harsh at all though, which is awesome!I paired them with new Rancho RS9000XL springs & struts. This total package is exactly what I hoped it would be.

Review №17

The springs I bought for my 2000 f250 powerstroke, turned out to be better in every way than the stock ever was.Made the overall ride a lot smoother!

Review №18

Bought new HD leaf springs for 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 last year. A year later they are doing great and holding the weight. Now I am going to buy another set for my GMC that needs them.

Review №19

The hd leaf springs I got for my truck now, after a couple months on, feel just as soft if not softer than the stock leafs.I spent a lot of money on these leafs and was told they would raise the rear of my truck an inch and that they would handle the payload that I discussed in great detail with a sales associate. They definitely dont handle the extra weight as promised.At a loss here because Im in over 600$ plus labor for a pair of leafs that might as well be stock.Ive tried contacting general leaf a few months back about this issue but didnt get a response. They seem to be quick to respond when dealing with a sale but no follow through when an issue crops up.Would love a refund /partial refund as I was sold something that didnt deliver what it promised.

Review №20

1997 F250 SD CCSB 7.3 turbo diesel: rear leaf spring, 7(6/1) leaf, 3100 lbs capacity: I’m pleased with the swap. They added almost 2” to the height of the rear of the truck. They are very stiff, but the payload is much higher, now, with new springs. ~6200# from original 3520#. I pulled a 6’ x 12’ enclosed trailer that weighed about 2000 lbs and didn’t notice any change in height when hitching it up. There are rubber “keepers” that prevent individual leafs from shifting and squeaking.There is a hex nut on the top-center of the leaf that is supposed to seat in a hole on the mounting plate for the U-bolts. The hex bolt is barely too big for this hole. After torquing the mounting plate down, the bolt seated in the plate. The bolt is, likely, rounded now. Inconsequential, because I’ll probably never disassemble the leaf springs.Great customer service and fantastic product! This was a 2-beer job (about 3-4 hours).I’ll order front springs next.

Review №21

Ordered new spring packs for my 04 dodge. The website made it incredibly easy to find the ones that fit my truck. Fast shipping, perfect fit and beautifully made! Even though I did not need new u bolts or hanger bolts, they had everything anyone would need to complete the installation. I GUARANTEE that the next time I need a set of springs, GENERAL SPRING will always be my first choice.

Review №22

Couldnt perform the work I need, but they had the parts I would need. They did give me a ton of info and two places to go to for the work. Also, how much to expect to pay for the work.Thanks.

Review №23

General Spring has been a great vendor to work with. We are a high school automotive shop and have installed several sets of their leaf springs. The springs always properly fit and seem to be of good quality. The U-bolts, bushings, pads, and shackles also are of good quality and fitment. I always look here first for my spring purchases.

Review №24

Greater spring has earned my business. Desperately needed to have new leaf springs (and all supporting hardware) replaced on my Ram 1500 and the dealer could not source the parts without a lengthy waiting period so they referred me to Greater Spring to see if they could supply the parts quicker. I was able to quickly find all the parts I needed thanks to the website, which is fantastic in every way, very easy to use and was able to get everything I needed shipped to me in 2 days. Trucks back on the road and I couldnt be happier!

Review №25

Extremely fast shipping although springs are not protected for shipping and the shipping charges are rather high. I would say that the springs I purchased are of average quality which is perfectly fine given the low price I paid. My springs were missing a few of the leaf spring pads, I asked 3 times for replacements to be sent and never received a single response. I also lost an inch of ride height although my truck seems to ride fine; i too asked about this and received no response.

Review №26

Long story short I bought an old truck I was getting ready to take it out on my son’s first hunting trip until I looked underneath and realized that a very weird part was rusted out and dangerous. The U bolts them selves weren’t that bad but the carriages that they go through we’re completely rotten. The guys at general spring were able to find this part no problem. Even furthermore they were able to get it to me in an expedient manner and were able to save the hunting trip. I highly recommend this company they were awesome. I will definitely be using them again as I rebuild this truck.

Review №27

I purchased one leaf spring from this company and had it installed and one week later spring bottomed out on to the overload. Company refuses to make good on an obvious failed spring. Continued to tell me it is the truck. I took off the faulty spring they sold me and put back the old spring and at least it is not bottomed out. Buyer beware of this company. Price was too good to be true. You get what you pay for along with horrible customer service.In response to the owner. Why would I buy another spring from you when this one is faulty and bottomed out far worse than the original spring. You may sell many but I have been told by mechanics that this spring is faulty.

Review №28

Overall experience with sales help with order was good. Now, while I understand that springs would have been too heavy to be packaged, there was no attempt to wrap or cover them. I simply repainted them to cover up the scratches which wasnt a big deal. I was just surprised. Otherwise the quality of assembled springs is good.

Review №29

Bought a pair of rear leaf springs for my sagging 2004 ford ranger 4x4. When I took my old spring off and laid them side by side I notice that the arch was better on my old springs then on the ones that I just purchased. So that got me wondering if I bought new springs or where they refurbished springs. It seems to me if they where new leaf spring they would have more arch on them. I did recall the site not saying anything about them being refurbished or new for that matter. But at the cost it would have made since if they were refurbished.There was a time when you could get your leaf springs re arched not sure if this company does that if they were indeed refurbished. I had planed on adding one of the leafs from my old pair on to the new pair. I just ended up adding one of the leafs from the pair I bought to my old ones and reinstalled. I was happy with the results. I got about 1 1/2 lift and took care of the sagging issue that I was having. It should also take care of the traction issue to, (having the extra spring installed). I would have given this company a five star rating if it wasnt for this concern that I had with the arch. I spent less for the pair than if I just bought one side factory replacement leaf. The shipping was fast and good. It would be nice if they posted weather the springs are new or refurbished though.

Review №30

Very very helpful staff. Help me out with all my problems. Shipped me new Springs very quick. I would highly recommend using them.

Review №31

Found this great company online after not being able to find anyone in Denver Colorado with springs for a reasonable price or time frame for repairs.They gave me a very good quote parts and installation so I drove 600 miles to them (was heading back east anyway). They did exactly what they said they would do at exactly what they quoted. They went over and above what I expected and even offered to pick me up some food while I was waiting.I do highly recommend this company and the people there for how I was treated.My truck is a F350 4x4 dually with a heavy camper that broke both rear springs but is better than new now.

Review №32

The entire process was perfect...and my spring leafs was delivered before I expected ( I live in North Carolina)..the product very well made excellent quality...we replaced it and my work van runs like new now... I highly recommend this company!.

Review №33

Great customer service! Bought leaf springs for 2 vehicles. Very high quality and fast shipping. One set went on great, and the other I decided not to install. I had to make an off-hours return and they were accommodating

Review №34

Great customer service

Review №35

I contacted General Spring before placing my order online and gentleman on the phone was able to help me order the correct parts for my application. I also ordered too many of one part and a representative sent what was needed for the job and offered a refund for the extra parts. Shipping was very quick, sent the day after I ordered, and due to my close proximity to Kansas City, most parts arrived within 48 hours of my order (which was placed after hours).The only problem I had was that I received an email saying all parts had shipped, leading me to believe they would all arrive together. This was not the case, as one part(s) was shipped from a manufacturer, adding additional travel time. This was not an issue, but I wish there was some more clarity that all the parts may be shipped separately, and therefore may be delivered at different times. A representative did respond to my inquiry on a Friday evening after hours to clarify the situation with me.I will recommend General Spring to any friends and family that need suspension parts for their vehicles. They are very courteous and do not hesitate to assist a customer. They ship orders very quickly and will go out of their way to ensure a customers satisfaction.

Review №36

I have purchased 3 sets of springs from General Spring and wouldnt go anywhere else! One set for a 1981 Ford F-150 4x4, another for a 1987 Ford F-250 4x4 and the third for a 2001 Nissan Xterra. All three fit like a glove! Love General Spring!!

Review №37

Bought a full set tears first then 1 week later fronts for my 2016 F350 that has a cm tm bed full, hand made front bumper out of 3/16ths steel and a warn 16.5 winch out front of my stock suspension 1 ton. I dont know why I didnt make the upgrade day 1. Truck sits level from both directions and rides better than a 2020. Very good product out of the box with quick shipping and attention to detail. I am excited to see how they hold up the next miles.

Review №38

Thanks for offering the public a business that offers quality products at great prices with prompt service. Thanks again.

Review №39

Just wanted to let you know that after having two bad experiences ordering my springs from two major companies I found was fortunate to locate spring company out of Kansas City. The company name was general springs out of Kansas City Joe was andthe salesman I got to tell you what a great experience parts arrive 24 hours later from Kansas to Iowa got them installed in one of the first times Ive ever had a project go together smoothly so I recommend buying your parts from Joe hes a hes a good experienced salesperson and help me with my needs once again thanks Joe great job!!!

Review №40

Great Company, awesome Customer service also very fast shipping. Happy Customer I will recommend this Co. to anybody looking for there product line.

Review №41

Great springs, great price. Shipped and received very quickly. Would definitely buy from again!

Review №42

Thd make great springs for a lot if trucks and card. The guys are friendly and very knowledgeable. Will buy from again

Review №43

I was looking for answers to what springs i had so i could buy the next size up without going crazy and make my truck to stiff. I saw your web site and called, the gentalmen i spoke to told me where the codes were on my truck, and what there rating was. i was so impressed with his knowledge i bought all new leaf springs front and back. I LOVE MY NEW SPRING, your customer service was great, next time i need springs i wont waist days ill call you.

Review №44

I dealt with them was a problem with my spring UPS had it in a warehouse sitting for about a week or so he was right on it it was checking for me I recommend them Joe thank you

Review №45

Great website which makes finding the right part super easy. High build quality and American made. Look here first.

Review №46

I ordered the springs and they came very quickly. They installed easily and they work fine. They are a littler stiffer than I anticipated, but I can live with them.

Review №47

Very knowledgeable had springs & u-bolts i needed,ordered on Friday & sent a email later Friday afternoon that order was shipped.on Tuesday the parts arrived and worked great.i will order from them for sure again! keep up the good work GENERAL SPRING OF KANSAS CITY INC.

Review №48

Twice questioned if the leaf springs I purchased would fit my Dodge Ram P/U. Both times I was told yes. Had to change them Friday after work for a Sunday trip to California with our new camper. Removed old spring to replace it and found out the new springs were 4 shorter them my old ones and now I have to put my old spring back on and risk my truck being light on the front end because they are closed for the weekend. It would have been nice to get the right springs for my truck after I gave the code numbers to them off my old spring.

Review №49

My 2500 HD silverado rear springs had flattened out from lots of tough miles and the were resting on the overload springs. I wanted to replace them with a little bit heavier duty set than stock because I tow a fairly heavy gooseneck and didnt want the truck to settle as much when it was loaded. So I decided to upgrade to a 7 leaf pack from the factory 4 leaf pack. After a few hours of internet research, I could not find a better deal than General Spring. Factoring in the price of shipping they were the best value for what I was looking for. The springs arrived within a few days and have been installed for a few months. So far Im very satisfied with them. It definitely stiffened up the rear suspension on my truck and doesnt settle nearly as much when hooked to the trailer. Time will tell how durable they are and how the hold up to the weather, but so far I would recommend them to anyone looking to replace or upgrade their rear leaf springs.

Review №50

By far the best customer service I have ever dealt with!!!! Very fast to reply very me exactly what I needed and what they didnt supply they told me what I need to get. highly recommend general Spring cant wait to use them again!!!!!!

Review №51

UPDATE: leafs have rusted bad and the U-Bolts are more rusted than the sunken Titanic and it hasn’t even been a year on the vehicle. (5/5/20)Ordered leafs for my Toyota Tacoma. General Spring of KC did not protect the leafs for shipping so when I received them, they are pretty scratched up and paint chipped everywhere. I spent several hundred dollars on them, the least they could do is wrap them so the wouldnt get damaged during shipping. I emailed and called them without any answers. Customer services sucks! Keep this in mind when youre shopping from them.

Review №52

Best price out there for leaf springs. Also shipped very fast. Installed easily.

Review №53

Fast delivery. Good fitment and works as original. Hard to beat the price.

Review №54

I ordered some for a Tundra. Expected them to be made for that truck. They were not as wide. So required running around town trying to find washers to use as shims so they would not move around.

Review №55

Ordered an set of springs for my f100, prices from General Spring were the cheapest around and they showed up at my door the next day! Pretty impressive.

Review №56

Just got a set of leaf springs for my 2500hd chevy fast shipping. Got them everything measured out correctly. Bushing were correct.Installed them they have a nice ride and are level. So far so good as of right now i would recommend this company.

Review №57

Great customer service! Ordered new HD leaf springs for my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, fit perfect, and would recommend them to anyone looking for quality suspension parts!

Review №58

Fromt leafsprings missing 2 bushings.rear springs were good called they said that was extra for bushings.haha .Think ill pass on getting springs for my 1ton somewhere else.

Review №59

From the call to info to getting a great product at a great price and dealing with joe this is how all companies should be outstanding just perfect and my car is just so nice with the new springs.The rest is PRICELESS!

Review №60

Very knowledgeable and provided great customer support. Customizing needs for specific applications. Quick shipping.

Review №61

Perfect fit, fast shipping, great quality car is up where its suppose to be. Would buy again.

Review №62

Im giving them this company a 1-star only because prior to ordering UBolts through them, there was nothing to verify the correct sizes I need, and not even the Nissan dealship had specs on them. There shoud have been a warning somewhere during checkout indicating that they are custom made and non-refundable. Although the springs got here in like three - four days. I wouldnt waste my money on these parts, no matter how the price is compared to other manufacturers.Although my Xterra is now standing properly, Ill pass the next time I need springs.

Review №63

Thanks to General Spring, I was able to buy springs on my own, install them using my favorite local shop, and save money over several other shop estimates. Now, my truck rides smoother than it has in a while!

Review №64

Great customer service! Thanks guys!

Review №65

Very fast service. Would be helpful to remind customers to order all NEW parts for any replacement, although a little more expensive, in the long run saves hours of hard work removing rusted and frozen parts and bolts.

Review №66

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №67

My 15 year old suv original leaf springs broke so I bought a pair of leaf springs. 8 months later I had significant sag and 4 months after that the springs have given up. I am sitting on my bump stops. I called about this senerio and was told I was out of luck and I should buy another set. They dont care that their quality is poor and wont back it up. I could understand a little sag with time but I lost 8 inches of height and they are no longer supportive in the least 1 year later. I dont even have a trailer hitch so I have not towed anything and only keep a 60ish pound tool box in the back. I consider this a failure of the leaf springs. I would advise using another company that uses quality steel.

Review №68

Have ordered multiple sets of springs from them and have never had an issue, customer service is great, the products are great, and the price is great, and shipping is quick, what else could you ask for

Review №69

Great company and the guys are very knowledgeable and friendly! Highly recommend this company!

Review №70

Excellent customer service and product: swiftly understood what was needed, shipped very quickly, fantastic price and better product than my OEM Toyota parts. Thank you!

Review №71

Only rating one star because 0 stars isnt an option.Let me start by saying Im not a mechanic. My go-to mechanic suggested I order the parts to replace springs on my 1997 AWD Astro Van, so that it didnt have to sit on his lift for 3 days while new ones were custom made, and the swap could take place in a couple hours. The shop only has two lifts, so having one out of commission while the old springs were sent to be duplicated wasnt an option.After some googling, I saw that General Spring was the closest source to me for springs. As they had many different springs for my Astro van, I decided to call and ask what I should buy.I wanted to add load bearing capacity to my Astro in preparation for a long loaded trip I had planned.The man on the phone, and just said to order what came up online, and that the higher capacity springs would work fine. Okay, sure. I ordered leaf spring bolts, shackles, and the M2275 leaf springs, which have an extra leaf compared to the normal 3 leaf springs on the Astro. All of this was said to work together, and there was no mention of any special spring options or fitment (I didnt have the fiberglass springs, I know that much).The springs and parts arrive, and I took them over to the mechanic. A couple hours later, I get a call, saying that the springs to not fit! WHAT!? It turns out, that my Astro van doesnt use normal U bolts to hold the springs to the axle, but rather a clamping system that was wholly incompatible with the extra leaf in the springs I ordered. This was not mentioned by either the person I talked with, nor on the website.Also, the leaf spring bolts did not fit.My mechanic was able to remove the extra added leaf from the new bundle and install the springs, after sourcing the correct bolts. The Shackles worked, so that part was fine.Do not buy from these people if you want anything beyond a stock replacement spring system. The van was sitting basically on the ground with the payload I needed to move, so the extra leaf would have helped support it a bit more. With only moderate loads, the modified springs do work better than the worn-out factory springs. I give credit where it is due, but its frustrating to order parts and have them not work, and inconvenience someone else on account of bad information.

Review №72

Great selection, service and products. They had my leaf springs when no auto supplier or even the auto dealer had them, plus they got them delivered pronto!

Review №73

Did a excellent job on my tundra very happy with the work😂

Review №74

Super fast shipping thanks

Review №75

Helpfull, quick, good price

Review №76

Great leaf springs!

Review №77

Great service, fast shipping and quality product! Thanks!

Review №78

Easy to work with and met on a Saturday

Review №79

Jimmy is the man!

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