Keystone Automotive - Oklahoma City
2000 S Council Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128, United States
Keystone Automotive - Oklahoma City
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This is what you can expect from a used lkq engine. Thank God I tore this down. But this is what you are getting when you buy a ised engine. This is whats inside of it. Rust and broken parts they hide. This is not a good engine. This is not the first one either.

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Best customer service around, employees are very knowledgeable about their parts, havent had an issue and ive been dealing with lkq for over 15 years.

Review №3

I asked about refinishing my car and needed some paint to re-spray the fender and the front bumper I asked about auto body supplies such as sandpaper primer clearcoat things that she would need to refinish the car and she said you just have to know what you need,but I can’t let you see it there’s no store inside there’s nothing you can physically look at. To make a purchase you have to know what you want. I felt very alienated like they didn’t wanna make a sale and they really didn’t care about the customer. She was quick to start talking to another customer she seemed to want to just push me out the door. I was not very impressed with this this place I asked about a transmission since my car is starting to slip on my 2011 Toyota Corolla with 300,000 miles on it she was quick to tell me that they had a transmission for $1100 with 139,000 miles on it I have no idea if that’s been confirmed I could not see the condition of the oil and she would not let me see the transmission I had to pay for it first so I was a little weary about the whole ordeal. I will Looked on eBay for a used transmission with similar mileage and it was around $850 with free shipping directly to my house so I don’t even have to take time out of my day renting a U-Haul truck to bring it back to my house here in Oklahoma City…this place does not impress me!!!!

Review №4

Always very helpful at this location. Great staff and good pricing on oem car parts.

Review №5

Always have what I need, or can get it, excellent customer service with a smile!

Review №6

Love this placeNice people, very professional, and spot on with the right parts..

Review №7

I dont know what youre talkin about Keystone Automotive. Are you trying to tell me that I need to go get my car fixed Google? I think you need to just mind your own business but my car runs fine. Its not very nice to be bullying people into doing things they dont want to do.

Review №8

Great place needed electric mirror for my f-150 Ordered had the part the next day earlyGreat service

Review №9

New staff makes it harder to get along, I almost blacked out

Review №10

Love this place, has any part you can think of at a Reasonable Price. Out Beats the Competitors !!! 👍👍🤘

Review №11

Great friendly staff..

Review №12

Got a great price on a used engine for my Kia soul. People were very knowledgeable. The used engine purred like a kitten. I am very happy with the service they provide.

Review №13

Id be very leery about these people, Not only will i no longer do business here but i will make sure to warn all my customers against it as well, I was spending over $10k a year with you guys over the past 4yrs and my loyalty was meet with dishonesty and theft. I had purchased a motor with a 2yr parts and labor warranty for a customer. the first motor they sent went out within 3months, losing compression on cylinders 2,3,&4. called them up and they sent another one which upon initial start up (with fresh fluids and filters)made alot of noise and died and would not start back up. called again and this time was made to check valve lash. after 2 weeks of going back and forth with their adjuster and them finally sending someone out to verify a motor was needed they sent out a replacement. and to top it off they gave foe $500 in labor for a $1300 dollar job and now they are refusing to pay for the second labor claim. This company is very unprofessional and nobody seems to know what customer service is the second things go down hill with their parts.

Review №14

Systems were down, customer service was slow because of that dot-dot-dot the problem isnt that it was slow because of a technical error, the problem is that the staff didnt know how to communicate or assist. When I walked in nobody greeted me, and I waited for about 40 minutes before being acknowledged as one of three people in the Lobby. Not a very pleasant experience.

Review №15

Driver pulls out in front of me driving to work, braked just in time to miss him. Teach them how to drive might help.

Review №16

I talked with Cat. She was a helpful and fast response. I recommend if you want something asking from Cat.

Review №17

Love them great folks to know

Review №18

Driver was too busy worrying about time.Poor business representative.

Review №19

The staff was awesome and they found another part I was looking for very easily.

Review №20

Great customer service great place 👏🕵️‍♀️

Review №21

Very large facility. Took awhile to get my parts but salesman took care of me so made up for the wait.Lol, I guess they think people that break the law or rob places will obey their signs that say no weapons, concealed or open carry. The point of concealed is so that no one knows you have one. I def will not remove my weapon for my safety, and theirs. Putting up signs like this make me want to do business elsewhere. Its not about their employee safety because its the law breaker they have to worry about, not the law binding citizen. Our rights and the 2nd amendment to protect ourselves is very important to me. If they cant honor our rights, maybe the company needs to move somewhere that doesnt have rights. Again, I will not dismount when I visit, but they will never know because that is the point when you conceal carry. I just shake my head when I see ignorant signs like they have posted.

Review №22

Helpful answers and service from one employee,sean very hard,and always gets my orders right and in great condition.thanks to that young man.

Review №23

Great customer service. This is a great company 2 do business with.

Review №24

Need a used part?Ask for kat.She finds it! Great service

Review №25

Great place to order parts from. A lot cheaper than AutoZone.

Review №26

I dont suggest going here if youre a do it yourselfer paying out of pocket because the prices are way higher, i suggest going to Certifit if using your own money.

Review №27

Amazing service and great prices

Review №28

These people are so rude! I called to see if they carried parts for a truck and my phone call was answered and put on hold without my being aknowledged. After about 7 min when a man named Steve came to the phone he was extremely short and hateful with me and hung up on me when HE thought the conversation was over. I wasnt even given the opportunity to ask where I might find the parts I needed. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

Review №29

The engine I bought here is what I wanted

Review №30

Ive ordered multiple items from this parts place not once if they got it right and their prices are high

Review №31

Spend hundreds of dollars a week here and they wont let you use their rest room after wait a hour for your paint.

Review №32

The signage says they are recycled parts but they charge new prices. Just skip this place and buy new.

Review №33

My part I ordered and went to pickup was delayed one day. Should have called first but I was told it would be there.

Review №34

Love their part prices

Review №35

Welcoming your new LKQ Warehouse facility to South Council Road in Oklahoma City

Review №36

Always very helpful

Review №37

Great place for new parts

Review №38

This place its a joke, they always deliver the wrong part

Review №39

They hang up on you, when you call them for information.

Review №40

Thank you manny.

Review №41

No good service

Review №42

Will deliver

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  • Phone:+1 405-946-4133
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