Bob Moore Kia Northwest
7340 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, United States
Bob Moore Kia Northwest
Review №1

I had a really good buying experience here in 2019, but a word of advice....: DONT BUY THE GAP INSURANCE! Ive been trying to cancel it for over a year and get a refund but I cant even get a real person to call me back after leaving NUMEROUS messages. Even took half a day off work and physically went to the Kia dealership - filled out the paperwork with the receptionist because there were no finance personnel available. That was July 2020. I have yet to receive a dime back from them!So yeah, buy a car - but dont buy the Gap Insurance unless you want to just give your money away!

Review №2

Allow me to preempt this review by saying I did not leave in the new car I wanted. That said the salesman, William, was courteous, professional, polite and everything in his power to be accommodating. He made sure we were comfortable and tried to work with our budget. Although he could not help us today we will DEFINITELY go back when they get new stock in.

Review №3

I came in without an appointment. I was met with Nathan in the service department right away. He was professional and friendly. I told him what was wrong with my car and he told me it would be sometime before I could get my car back. When I told I have to schedule another time he asked a technician if he had time to do it. The technician agree to do it. When I was waiting some toddlers were making a mess while eating. When Nathan wasn’t assisting other customers he came over to clean the mess. I was really impressed with how he handled it with a smile. The service on my car was done faster than they said it would be which helped me out a lot.

Review №4

A few months ago I went up to OKC to do a day trip as I was about to drive home ( over an hour away) my car check engine started to flash so I contacted my tow company and asked if they could tow it to the nearest car service and I am beyond happy that bob moor Kia was close enough for my car to get towed. It was on the weekend but I was still able to contact someone at the shop and explain my situation and that my car was on the way to them. They gladly accepted my car and held onto it until they could take a look at the issue deeper. Throughout the whole process, I got calls and text updates from Nathan the whole time updating me that it was still in service, issues, literally anything that was going on with my vehicle I got updated even if there was nothing new I got a call or text once a week just to simply let me know I wasn’t forgotten. They were able to get me a rental car while I waited for my car to get a fix once again until they got a rental car available for me I constantly getting updated. Nathan was amazing the whole process I am so lucky I was able to take my vehicle to bob Moore Kia because they took very good care of me as well as my car! 🚗

Review №5

The service department was top notch! Nathan did a phenomenal job of taking care of everything for me. He was professional, upfront inevery way, very informative and extremely polite. I was so impressed with the whole repair process. Thank you again for a great experience.!!

Review №6

Id avoid dealing with this dealership. I went through the online purchasing process on Friday, received a follow up email, and scheduled delivery to my house. I reached out to the sales team on Saturday morning with a question and they told me they would call me later on in the afternoon. I never heard back and then when I followed up on Monday, they told me that they sold the car that I purchased Friday on Saturday. As you can see in the screenshot below, they were aware of my online purchase on Saturday morning but still sold the car to someone else later that day. Find another dealership that will be straight forward with you!

Review №7

This dealership should be zero stars! The salesperson I was dealing with is a pathological liar and most likely a sociopath. The salesperson out and out lied to me over the phone and in person, saying they were selling a 2021 Kia Niro for $1500 below factory sticker price. I was shocked by this and asked the salesperson to repeat what was said.I drove to the location to inspect and purchase the car. After confirming everything with the salesperson, I meet with the sales manager, and the vehicle was not $1500 under the sticker; it was more than $2000 over the sticker.Ive been duped! Again! By a crooked car dealer! Respectfully, Bob Moore, you suck!For what its worth, Im filing a complaint with Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission, Attorney General (price gouging) and Kia America.

Review №8

During our recent experience at Bob Moore Kia, our team, Joseph Kelly & Larry French were awesome. Josephs good will & sense of humor is exactly what I need in a naturally high anxiety situation that getting a car can be. Regardless of the transaction Everyone there from the Marketing/Promo lady to the front desk ladies really earned Bob Moore Auto Group a current and future customer. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

Review №9

I was having issues with my key fob! The guys in the parts department is beyond helpful! They go out of their way to help you! They are funny and very welcoming! If you need something you should go see these guys!

Review №10

They were in the middle of transitioning to a new scheduling system for service. Even though my scheduled appointment didnt show up on their system, Nathan worked me in. Despite the fact that 3 mechanics had called in sick, they managed to get it done quickly. It was worth the drive from Stillwater.

Review №11

I dont even know where to begin... We got shuffled around from salesman to salesman when we were there... They convinced us to buy a car that I was NOT there to look at... telling us it was a better fit for us... The total equaled up to be the same amount as the car we had been there to purchase! It was a brand new car and nobody told us anything about all the features and/or show us how everything worked.. I am 100% disgusted with my experience there and wish we would have went to the other Kia dealer first, that way I would have came home in the car I actually WANTED!! Also, part of the purchase agreement was that they were to tint my windows at 5%... I took a day off work to make the 2.5 hour trip back to them to tint my windows and when I picked it back up, they were barely tinted!!! When I told them that they had agreed to 5%, the lady told me they were not allowed to legally tint them that dark, which would have been fine, had they told me that when I purchased the vehicle, but they did NOT! They did, however, pay for me to have them tinted darker at another place of my choosing. That is about the only thing I was happy about with them (after the fact! Because it would have been a lot nicer to have NOT taken a day off work and driven 2.5 hours to be disappointed!! Definitely will not be going back there for my next car!

Review №12

I had an appointment to look at a vehicle at this dealership. I drove 30 minutes, one way, to the see the vehicle and they sold it before I got there without a courtesy call.I understand selling the vehicle but, at least give me a call to let me know. My time is valuable as well.

Review №13

Thank you Jerry for helping us get into a car that was just right for us! Jerry was crazy helpful and not your regular pushy salesman. He was able to give us advice while also listening to our concerns.

Review №14

Do not go here!!!!! They are horribly rude and we were discriminated against. We wanted to test drive the new Kia Carnival today. They said no because they wanted to keep the miles low. It’s sad because we would have bought the car. We have been looking at the Carnival for awhile. We will be going to a better Kia dealership

Review №15

We bought our 3rd vehicle from Bob Moore Kia. Theyve always treated us great. We just took our 2021 Soul in for service. Another great experience. Quick service, about an hour. Definitely recommend doing business with them.

Review №16

I’m writing this review in regards to my experience here. I have to say the actual dealership was very helpful in getting me into a car that I wanted. Heather is absolutely wonderful and is such a great person, Don was also very helpful and even redid the tint that had scratches on it and replaced my hub caps that were cracked for free, so my first time buying experience would be great. The reason I’m giving one star is because of the general manager Mark Rogers, and the finance department. My car was sadly totaled after I bought it due to the hail storm in Norman. I wasn’t able to complete my welcome call very quickly because unfortunately I have a life and work many hours. Mark was very rude over the phone and told me he would come get the car if I didn’t complete the call right then and there, when there was still several days until the deadline. The finance department was an absolute HASSLE to get ahold of to get my tag and title paperwork, I called everyday and several times the weeks beforehand and it had now been over a month since I bought the car, I left voicemails as well and NEVER heard back from them. I even had the personal numbers from a person in the finance department and I didn’t hear back from him. So I then had to go back to the dealership which I live 45 minutes away from. Just to see if the paperwork had been mailed out, when it could’ve been taken care of with a simple phone call or email. One of the ladies at the dealership even left a note for Mark (the gm) to contact me back and I never heard from him either. The dealership is great their service is awesome so it’s sad to say that this overall experience was not a good one due to the finance department and the general manager.

Review №17

I made an appointment almost a week in advance. Then I call ahead because there’s traffic and I was going to be a little bit late to make sure that I would be all good to get the recall on my car fixed, I pull up and I tell them and they say they don’t have time to fix my car today. I don’t leave reviews but I drove all the way up there and called to make sure they would still be able to do it.

Review №18

My daughter n I drove from liberal,ks. Bob, Victoria n Larry were wonderful n sweet. My daughter was so excited bout getting a car. They were helpful. Then we had to deal with Neil, it was horrible. He was rude. I was upset . He ruined this wonderful experience for my daughter. He had no patience. It cost 2.00 to go with 1st payment being due 45days, he asked if we could afford 2.00 that was rude. I wanted to leave without car but my daughter wanted car n really liked the other ppl.He deserves a 1.

Review №19

Terribly Worst Dealership in OKC!!!Do not go here if you have options!I bought a 2021 Kia Seltos S from this dealership on June 12. The service was not great, to be honest. They were quite rude and offered no deals. I bought the car on listed price, which is fine!The service was worst as compared to other dealers in OKC area. They sold me the car without floor mats. Joseph Kelly, the salesperson promised to send me the floor mats within a week. I have been calling and writing emails to him for two months, no progress! At this stage he have stopped responding my calls and emails.This dealer called me second time after a month to sign a paperwork for bank, stating they lost the initial agreement. When I reached there second time, everyone was referring me to someone else and made me wait 3 hours just to sign the document second time. I felt quite bad that I choose this dealer!This dealership does not even offer some servicing to the newly purchased car. Other dealers offer free servicing 3, 5 or some even 7 times after a new purchase. This is totally absurd!I would not recommend anyone to buy a car from this dealership. I was looking a AWD small SUV and this was the only option available during this time, so I bought it, despite their worst service!If you have some other options, I strongly recommend do not even try this dealership! I have had patience to wait until two months to write a review.Worst dealership in OKC!

Review №20

The sales agents are fantastic, no pressure, knowledgeable and courteous.The reason I am scoring low is because the finance department is a little shady.I know it’s my fault I should have read the items line by line, most dealerships will go through each line with you, they do not.The surprising thing I discovered was that the finance manager added his commission to the price breakdown of the vehicle as added profit. This is borderline illegal, but you have to catch it before you sign. Do not get caught up in the finance managers conversation, it is his job to distract you so you don’t catch it.

Review №21

I took my car in to get it serviced... initially the guy who helped me out when I dropped it off was very kind and personable but unfortunately he assigned me to Kendra as my service advisor whatever that means. She has zero personality ... looks as if she would rather not be there. After them having my car for 24 hours and not hearing a word from them I sent her a text as directed in the welcome text I received when I dropped my car off ... she never responded ... when I had a chance to step away from my patients at work I called and she answered and said Ohhhh... are you calling about your car? as if I was taking time out of my day to call and talk about the weather! Turns out my car HAD been diagnosed and nothing had been done due to my service advisor not calling me to inform me what they found and what the suggestion was to fix it. I could go on about her lack of personality and how I felt like I was more of an annoyance than a valued customer but I would like to move on with my life. I will say though... if you need your Kia serviced ... go to ANY other dealer than this one.

Review №22

I came in today for a test drive and had a great experience with William. The atmosphere was friendly and comfortable, I will be back in future!

Review №23

The actual car buying process was amazing! We loved our sales person Heather! But trying to get ahold of anyone there and talk to someone rather than a voicemail afterwards has been impossible. We have called left multiple messages but have yet to hear back.

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Review №25

Had a few bumps but Nathan in service did everything he could to help; altogether a wonderful experience, very good people, probably the most honest and helpful dealership I’ve ever used. Thank y’all for all the help that the Dealership I bought my car at failed to do so.

Review №26

Beware, this dealership meets all the common dealership stereotypes but is wrapped in a beautiful package.Lets start with the good! Joseph Kelly is delightful to work with a displays phenomenal customer service and care. He made sure we felt heard and welcomed. I can understand why he is in the front of the company because without him this would be an all around grimy experience.In addition, the lobby and facilities are clean, modern, and stylist. They offer snacks, water, and coffee a service many dealerships have done away with. You will see quite a few associates walking around without mask but everyone we worked directly with was covered.Now for the bad. To work with finance was a nightmare. To give a little background, we walked in with a low credit score and an average/high credit score. While this might impact your interest rate or lender, it should not change the integrity and honesty of your financial advisor. We sat there for over an hour negotiating and debating to get several items off of our purchase that were unauthorized. Jermaine Navarro took advantage of my husbands low credit score and mental processing abilities. It is not okay to take advantage of someone who processes slower than you and it is never okay to pad someones purchase with unauthorized items and even products we openly declined. He even raised the vehicle price $100. When we went to remove the items and discuss the price of the vehicle we were initially told we could not receive financing without the additional products and that we were getting a deal or hookup. It was emotionally draining and disappointing the amount of negotiating we had to do. You are already spending thousands of dollars, you shouldnt have to worried about being scammed as well. Please please please advocate for yourself, especially if you process differently or have a learning disability. Take your time and do not allow finance to scam you!!

Review №27

Highly recommend you ask for Joseph Kelly. He was a Godsend, found me the perfect vehicle at a great price. Very happy with my purchase, no buyers remorse!

Review №28

I can honestly say this was the absolute best experience I have ever had buying a car. They went above and beyond to get me a great deal. See Darien, she is the best. Thank you so much.

Review №29

Wonderful experience! After a couple of shady interactions with other dealers in the area, we scheduled a test drive with bob moore kia. Our salesman Joseph Kelley was inviting, upfront, and downright fun. I already had financing with my credit union and wasnt pressured into financing with them. Just drove the car and sign my paperwork. Will definitely be back and recommending to others.

Review №30

I have had the best experience dealing with Bob Moore kia. They have treated me very well. Especially Mark the GM and Nathan the finance mananger. I am very happy with my new Sadona

Review №31

I had a wonderful experience! Everyone was great! A huge thank you to Darien for all her hard work and help!

Review №32

I will never use them again. They pursuded us into buying something that I am not happy with and paid just as much for it as the one I went there to buy! They kept shuffling us around to different sales people and they never explained any of the features of my brand new car to me like they should have. Will DEFINITELY not be going back to them in the future!

Review №33

A few years ago, my mother bought a new 2015 Kia Soul from Bob Moore Kia. Its been an awesome car, and has never given her any issues until recently--the car always seems to be low on oil. A couple of months ago, I took my mom to get an oil change, thinking that might remedy the issue and--two weeks later--the check engine light came on again. We did some research, and it turns out that the 2015 Kia Soul has an engine recall: A broken connecting rod may puncture the engine block allowing engine oil to escape. The leaking oil may contact the exhaust, increasing the risk of a fire. Yikes. Fortunately, by law, the dealer is required to fix the recalled part for free.So, I called Bob Moore Kia--explained to a woman in the service department that my moms car is experiencing engine issues, and that the engine for the 2015 Kia Soul is under recall. We then set up an appointment to bring the car in, and have it looked at.My mom and I dropped the car off at 7 am on the specified day...and received a phone call later that afternoon that it was ready to be picked up. The woman who set up the appointment informed us that theyd done some sort of diagnostic check, and that there was nothing wrong with the engine--it was just low on oil. I, again, mentioned the recall (the recall states that oil escapes from the engine--like, thats the entire problem), and that my mom had just gotten an oil change two months prior. She asked me where the oil was changed at, I told her Wal-Mart, and she looked at me like I was a pauper lol; I cant remember exactly what she said, but the insinuation was that Wal-Mart was an inferior place to go and get an oil change. Both my mom and I got the distinct impression that her dismissive attitude had to do with us being black, but whatever. Anyways, she explained that they filled the car back up with oil, and sent us on our way. This was maybe 3 weeks ago.So, last night, as my mom and I were running some errands--the car started rattling uncontrollably, and the check engine light came back on. We pulled over to the nearest Auto Zone, and let the car cool off for a bit. I popped the hood, checked the oil, and--surprise, surprise--no oil in the car. During my work break, earlier today, I called KIA customer service. I explained everything to the representative--that Id tried to get the recall fixed by a Kia dealership, and that they dismissed the issue. The representative basically told me, Forget them, go to a different dealership, and tell them that your mom is entitled--by law--to get her engine repaired.Just got off the phone with another Kia dealership. The service manager informed me that he wouldnt be able to schedule an appointment until Monday, but was so helpful, and is more than willing to fix whatever issue is occurring. A night and day difference to the treatment we experienced at Bob Moore Kia.

Review №34

This was the absolute best car buying experience Ive ever had! Ben Mock is wonderful! He was extremely kind, patient, honest, and informative. He and the entire staff at Bob Moore Kia, were wonderful to work with. They went out of their way to get me the best possible deal on my car, better than I anticipated actually. They stayed late 2 nights in a row working hard for me, past 10pm (they close at 8:30). I felt very valued and they made me confident in my purchase. Please go see these guys for your next car, you will not regret it!

Review №35

I came in today to have some repair work done. From beginning to end my experience was very pleasant. I really recommend Bob Moore NW Kia for your repairs and excellent customer service.

Review №36

We had a great experience working with Joseph on purchasing a new plug-in Niro hybrid. He worked with us on our getting a fair deal on our two trade-ins and found us a hybrid in a color we wanted, which is not easy in Oklahoma. The experience was wonderful as Joseph was the best. He is honest, caring, open, and a excellent communicator with a good sense of humor. The Bob Moore finance department was not at the same high level, but overall the experience was still quite positive thanks to Joseph and the information he provided. If you are looking for a new Kia, head to Kia Northwest and ask for Joseph.

Review №37

We bought our new car and Joseph helped us, he was the greatest. He was nothing like any other car salesman. Joseph was kind, fair and honest. After dealing with other car salesmen for two days I knew we need to go back to him. I will end up referring everyone to him. On the other side of the sales, the finance person was not so pleasant. He was pushy and wanted me to get another hit on my credit after I had already mentioned we had a pre-approved loan with my bank. We were cash customers and he didnt seem happy about it. My husband felt the same vibe when he arrived to sign the paperwork.I will buy another car from Joseph and have a better understanding on how to deal with the pushy finance department .

Review №38

I went to Bob Moore Kia Northwest for the first time to get an oil change. The service was great and the waiting lobby was fantastic. Caleb provided excellent top notch service. Thank you!

Review №39

They know why! Never ever again!

Review №40

I used the BUY NOW online option since it was a weekend (Sunday) at the BOB MOORE KIA Website. Valued my trade and agreed with the offer and proceeded with the deal. Finalized all financing and secured a great rate as I have excellent credit. Received an email confirming that I had purchased the vehicle. Received another email confirming the delivery of the vehicle. Monday rolled around and I never received a call confirming the delivery schedule, or any documentation that I would need to complete the transfer of the vehicle. I called the dealership at 10:00am when they opened. Spoke to a lovely receptionist who personally walked my phone number and contact info to the Sales Manager and asked them to contact me to complete the formalities of the deal. I never received a call. I called the dealership several more times throughout the day and could never talk to anyone. I finally got into contact with a New Car Sales Manager (my deal was on a used F-150) who finally got me into contact with someone. Once I spoke to this Sales Manager, he notified me that the truck-which I have email confirmation that my deal was complete, gave me the payment amount, the finance term, and a delivery date for today-had been sold. I asked him to confirm that this unit was sold to someone other than myself....he said it had sold over the weekend (I purchased the vehicle via the Buy Now link on the internet, so I thought maybe he was referring to me as the purchaser. Unfortunately, he was not. I understand that websites dont always update quickly, but someone should have just called me and told me that it was actually sold....and by the way they shopped my credit around to at least 3 lenders and secured financing for a vehicle that was sold??? If I could give them zero stars, I would. Buyer beware.

Review №41

Was told to leave their lobby because I wasnt wearing a mask but I have doctor documentation on why I cannot and not to mention HIPPA laws protect me I was there for 45 minutes prior and no one saying anything to me upon entering. Don Hill told me Im the manager here and I didnt see it previously so youre going to have to leave I told him my car was already in service and he then said fine we will expedite it since you dont want to wear a mask. When this whole mask thing has nothing to do with preference and/or if I want to or not its a MEDICAL exemption. Thanks for not only embarrassing me publicly but also giving me the worst customer service possible.

Review №42

I had a great experience with Bob Moore Kia. Shane was an excellent salesman and helped me through the whole process greatly. Even after buying the car he has helped with anything I asked. I recommend asking for Shane if you stop in.Bob Moore is a whole world above their competitor Big Red Kia in Norman, where I had an absolute horrible experience.

Review №43

After purchasing multiple vehicles here lets just say the service dept has just lost our familys business from any future vehicles being purchased here. my wife optima has been in shop 3 times for exact same hybrid system failure and to be told we would not be provided a loaner b/c of the dealerships budget is complete nonsense. pretty sure when purchasing our vehicles you wasnt worried about our budget. moving down the road after this treatment by dealerships service team.

Review №44

Had a great experience with Bob Moore Kia and service person, Caleb! I had an appointment for oil change! Caleb met me at my car, called me by name and told me what was going to be done! He was funny, kind, and gracious! Just the right person to be in Customer Service! My car was washed and vacuumed when I returned to pick it up! Caleb represented himself and Bob Moore Kia Service Department well! I will continue to my business back to this place!

Review №45

Easy laid back assistance and no pressure to buy. Part of that is because right now their sales staff is on a salary pay vs commission. Either way, I enjoyed it and ended up purchasing my new car from them.

Review №46

Hidden fees don’t go there

Review №47

I never write reviews for business, but this one had to be shared. My mother, my sister, and myself went here so I could buy the 2020 Kia Sportage. I had my heart set on it, and it would have been a gift from my mother. She got there before me and could not get any assistance from a sales person. She is a black woman, which shouldnt matter at the end of the day. Business is business. Instead of getting help she received dirty looks from a number of sales people and whispers. We ended up going next door to Bob Moore Buick. They were happy to take our business and sell both me and my mother new cars. Bob Moore Kia would have had two sells from us yesterday if they could have gotten past their own bigotry. I will never go back to this location and will be sending everyone I know looking for a Kia to the one in Edmond.

Review №48

Caleb was great, he explained what was wrong with my car and what would happen if I did not get the repair done. He is by far the best service advisor Ive had from this place in a long time. I would definitely recommend asking for Caleb if you are taking your car here for servicing.

Review №49

Dante aka Hot Sauce....i see why they call him hot sauce coz he made my day today,he got my oil change covered and now my day is better.Please ask for him when you come by. Thank you so much sir,God bless you HOT SAUCE

Review №50

I was very pleased with my experience and the customer service of a Garron, I feel he is definitely an asset to this establishment.

Review №51

Very courteous and helpful. Called and had an appointment within 30 min. from making call. Diagnosed problem and repaired. I can drive with ease now.Thank you

Review №52

We loved Joseph Kelly, but had a terrible experience with finance.

Review №53

It’s not enough words to describe how great I was treated here. They had an SUV I wanted and did everything they could to get me in the vehicle. It was the absolute best car buying experience. I walked in the building at 9:15 out a little before noon. Thank you Darnell and Rob!!!! Thank you Bob Moore Kia North West.

Review №54

I absolutely loved my experience with this dealership. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Dalon explained everything about my car in great detail. The atmosphere was pleasant and clean. The service was efficient and thorough. And my car was vacuumed when I picked it up ❤️ Definitely will return to Bob Moore Kia for all of my car needs.

Review №55

Purchased a used car for my daughter. Used car sales manager was very helpful over the phone and even sent me pics of the car by text. I am from out of town so I made an appointment to see the Car. When I arrived Joseph the salesman was waiting and had the car detailed and ready to show. There was no pressure to purchase additional products and services. Very pleased with my purchase.

Review №56

Five stars, hands down! This is the best Kia dealership that I have been to. They got me in quickly. The facility is newly renovated with a great waiting room. The employees were very kind and quick with detailing my vehicle.

Review №57

Terrible customer service with the typical run around when trying to purchase my vehicle. Having to take it back for repairs after the hail storm and they inform me that the insurance I was forced to purchase when buying the car wouldnt cover damages. Then, they told me they couldnt give me a loaner while they worked on my car even though its still under warranty. I wont be returning to this dealership for any future purchases.

Review №58

Always a great experience! They take care of my vehicle and make sure there are snacks and beverages for me while I wait! Wouldn’t dare go anywhere else to get my vehicle serviced. Always a professional and clean atmosphere!

Review №59

Went to get my car checked for a sound I was hearing that, I believed, would be covered under warranty. I dealt with two different service advisors. One of them was Caleb. He was 10/10 and exceeded my expectations. The other advisor, I believe his name was Devon(?), was terrible to me and to the other service advisors. He made snide comments about his co-workers not being on the same page as him and refused to work with me despite my previous conversations regarding the cost of the inspection of my vehicle. I eventually asked for the service manager, and he attempted to dissuade me from calling him because itd be several minutes. The service manager didnt even question my request, and immediately fulfilled it. Dont let that one rotten apple destroy the barrel. Its a car dealership and comes with car dealership service pricing, but I dont expect to be accosted or to have other employees called out for any price.

Review №60

I am still in awe of how great the service was. They told me that it would take two hours, offered me snacks and drinks and got done in just over an hour. It is incredibly clean, they offered to wash my car and vacuumed out the front. All for someone who didnt even buy their car from them. They did everything for free and explained what the recalls were for. Dalon is exceptional at his job.

Review №61

Everyone was so kind, I knew it would be a good experience when I walked in and all the men were having in depth meaningful conversations! Learned a lot about cars finance and God at Bob Moore that night 😊 got to give some advice as well! From the salesman Elijah new car sales manager Don to the finance manager Robert, they were very accommodating and patient with me and my decision making! So happy I walked in to “look” that evening!😉 Will definitely go back! Thank you all! Great experience! And Starr, go be a shining star! 👏🏼

Review №62

Bob Moore Kia has the best dealer service department in the metro. From booking our oil change appointment by phone or online to vehicle delivery, so far each experience has been top notch!Today our service advisor was Kaleb. He was very professional and kind! Our Kia had an oil change, tire rotation, multipoint inspection, vacuum, and a car wash all in about 30 minutes. We were treated to coffee and snacks as we caught up on the local TV news while we waited.

Review №63

Everything was fine until i got home and looked at my paperwork. They lied about the things that we were being charged for and when i tried to get them to take them off they told me I had to go through the company to cancel and when i called they said they couldnt do anything. So basically, Im stuck with these things because it would mess up our financing. Not happy!!

Review №64

Chris in the service department greeted me and was very nice during the process. The waiting area was nice and clean. Work was done within the time they had estimated. They even washed my car a bit to get all the dirt off from the recent weather. I will definitely bring my car back here for any more recalls. Thank you so much!

Review №65

This was my first visit to Bob Moore. I Had a great experience and received great service when I took my Kia Optima in for a 50,000 mile service. I decided to wait at dealership, but the wait wasn’t horribly long. I would have waited as long as possible for great service. My service advisor Dalon was professional and friendly and did a wonderful job explaining and keeping me informed.

Review №66

I enjoy going here!!! The service dept. is always friendly, helpful, & always go above & beyond every time I take my vehicle in for maintenance. They are over 40 miles from me but I refuse to go anywhere else! I will continue going to them & Dalon is the best!!

Review №67

Although the appointment was scheduled based on bad information, the service tech salvaged the experience . I was told by the scheduling personnel the recall was related to a heating issue . He wasnt clear on the details . I considered the heater and the engine temperature . Both worthy of attention . As it turned out neither was the issue. . It was for seat belt covers ...... ? The tech checked several times to confirm the subject of the recall . He was cordial and seemed genuinely interested in my satisfaction . He provided additional information pertinent to my vehicle as well .If your phone service matched the techs ability an easy 5 stars, however Ive had numerous experiences dealing with your phone operators which have been frustrating . [not my first Bob Moore vehicle] interesting how, what appears to be a simple front line service [phones] couldprovide such a challenge .

Review №68

Tried to buy a vehicle from them, showed us one price and agreed upon the price, then thought great! This was a pleasant car buying experience, then when they came back with the final number, they were a few hundred higher than what we agreed upon and told me it was because they removed a rebate I wasnt eligible for. THEN they told is we misunderstood and that was a rebate considered in that price. This is not true. All they did is shuffle the numbers around and bury the additional charges in another line item of the charges then they lied about doing so. We will NOT be doing business with this dealership or any of their affiliates now or in the future!Edit: There wasnt a miscommunication, there was a lie. When we asked if there was any way to get the price of the vehicle reduced, I was asked if I was a veteran, and I responded that I was not. The salesman responded, oh, well if you were, we have a rebate you would be eligible for to reduce the price.

Review №69

I gave 5 stars at first because my recall on suv I bought was fixed in a timely manner. My opinion has since changed. I bought the suv in March of this year it started having problems shortly after. I bought a warranty through the company as well. I bought the suv for my 17 year old daughter so i needed it to be safe. When going over 55 mph the suv would have a traction light come on then it would stall which has happened on the freeway 4 times now. The last time was a dangerous occurrence as we about got ran over by a semi when it stalled. I took it in to Bob moore service department only to be told nothing was found wrong on the suv i was charged and they kept the suv over 2 weeks. After paying $8000 on a used suv with a warranty that is not safe this is unacceptable! I got no help from the company! So I took the suv to another mechanic locally he fixed it in a day. It was a crankshaft sensor was bad. I paid 300$ to get it fixed. I have made countless calls to Bob Moore and messages with no return call back for weeks. I give this place 0 stars! Stay clear of this place once you buy a car and have any issues you are on your own! Warranty is useless at least it has been for us!

Review №70

This was a very pleasant buying experience. John Moore was an extremely easy salesman to work with who listened to exactly what we wanted and didn’t try to talk us into anything else. A lot of dealerships try to sell you what they want you to have, but this wasn’t the case at Bob Moore Kia.

Review №71

William helped me find the perfect car in my price range. They have a good selection of vehicles and were straightforward with their financing options. KIA is an excellent designer of reliable and efficient cars/SUVs that all look pretty sharp both inside and out.

Review №72

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and they even washed my car after my oil change! Thanks guys!! Ill definitely be back. I was so impressed Im going to check them out first for my next vehicle purchase!!👍❤☺️

Review №73

William Baylock is great to deal with. He is attentive, polite, knowledgeable and helpful. He has a trustworthy aura and I would certainly go back to see him if I ever need another car! I love the Kia Forte he helped me leave with!

Review №74

I’m always greeted with an appreciation that I’m at their place of employment. They’re kind and friendly, and they take care of my vehicle without any hassles. It’s worth the 85 mile drive to get my Kia serviced at Bob Moore. They not only sold me my car in August of 2016, they have taken care of it every 5000 miles. I’m just not a buyer to them; I’m a customer.

Review №75

Ive had 3 new Kias since 2013 and I love them. Bob Moore always get me in and out at service time. They have great service prices and the service department is very friendly. I have other Kia dealerships closer to where I live but I choose to keep them as my service. Love them.

Review №76

Great experience...i got a great price on a 2020 Kia Forte GT...around 4k below sticker. They also exceeded my expectations on the amount they gave me for my trade. Best dealer experience ever!!

Review №77

When my husband and I first got there, the salesman that came out he wasnt very knowledgeable about the cars. He told us hes only worked there for 2 weeks, but he tried really hard and he sold us. But Luis was in the finance department, he was extremely knowledgeable and excellent. He got us the car at the right price. He didnt excellent job, but they got our apartment number wrong. I got back with the first salesman that we dealt with, I sent him a couple texts in the morning hes yet has not answered me.

Review №78

I have been been coming to Bob Moore since the Kia dealership in Edmond closed. I first met Chris and as I came back for service I met Dalon. He has been my service contact on the last two trips to the service department. I have always been treated and informed as member of the Bob Moore’s family of customers. I have been advised of how the work is progressing, informed of cost if the repair before it is started,and time table for having the work completed.Thank you.

Review №79

From the moment we walked in, till the moment we drove off, this was the best car buying experince ever. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, fast financing, and the after sale phone calls making sure all was great has been amazing. If you are looking for a car, let Bob Moore Kia help you out! You wont be sorry you did!Beth and Tony

Review №80

I arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment and greeted with a smile and courtesy and after checking in was ushered to the waiting room where all the amenities were pointed. I never had it so good. 😁 I arrived at 845am for a recall notice and happily back on the road by 939am with necessary services performed and an extra plus with an unexpected wash. Thank you Bob Moore for a pleasant and supremely excellent service.

Review №81

EXCELLENT SERVICE ! Waiting area top notch! It allows visiting with owners to discuss the pros and cons of driving their vehicle.I will call next month for an appointment to install my eyelashes .Honorable mention:Chris(in service) is attentive, kind and a professional .Thanks guys for the service- you keep me coming back!May the LORD bless your day!IM BACK!Just in for headlight and oil change over the weekend. Service timely and professional and exceeds my expectations. The fact that I keep coming back is the sign that Im satisfied, even though my car has been paid offfor several years. To Chris and all the service guys, thanks for your service!

Review №82

They are terrific at Bob Moore Kia Service Dept. They are so helpful and courteous. I had to have my engine replaced and the turn around time was so quick I couldn’t believe it. I will absolutely continue to have my car serviced there.

Review №83

I’m always impressed by the customer service I receive here Dalon is my go to man and he’s never failed me when questions arise he is able to research and get back with me. Overall Bob Moore KIA provides excellent service and care for their customers.

Review №84

I am always very pleased with my experience at Bob Moore Kia. The team is extremely friendly, helpful, and professional. The facility is clean and welcoming and the waiting area is fantastic. Hats off to the team at Bob Moore Kia! Thanks for taking care of me and my car!

Review №85

Worst service department! Took my car there multiple times under warranty. They could never fix my airbag issue and always claimed they couldn’t find a leak in my washer fluid reservoir while it was under warranty. As soon as my warranty is out now they magically find the leak I complained about twice in the past. Of course now they want $400 to fix it. Total con artists! They can’t even change the sticker when I have my oil changed. I would assume they didn’t even change the oil if they hadn’t left spilled oil all over the engine cover. Thank goodness we have a new dealership closer to us. I will never give them my business again. I spent 2 and a half hours sitting in their waiting room just to have a terrible oil change.

Review №86

Service here is professional and your treated with outstanding customer service. Chris has always been there to greet us and take care off our vehicle as if it was his own. His very knowledgeable and will explain or answer any questions you might have. At times he has worked in to schedule us in last minute,even on a busy day for them. Its been a couple years since we started bringing our cars here and will continue to do so. In out and worry free. Also bought 2 vehicles from here and Kyle has been very helpful and patient. He helped us get into a vehicle and he has gone above and beyond his expectations as a sale guy. This guy will work hard to help.

Review №87

Went in today with my husband to just look at USED cars. We were upfront that we were not buying, didnt intend to make a purchase and just wanted to test drive some options. Person we were dealing with seemed friendly and said they needed some information from us to see what options they had that could work for us. They said they wanted to check our credit, we asked what type of inquiry it would because we have had bad experiences in the past with another company running our credit and making multiple hard inquires. We were assured it would be a soft one. You guessed it, got an email showing a hard inquiry was ran. After waiting over and hour and a half, we never got to even test drive a car in the end. They ignored what type of car we wanted to test drive, seemed eager to push our maximum monthly payments and started talking about getting us signed to a brand new car.Acting like youre someones buddy and then acting shady is not a way you should be running a business. Weve heard nothing but good things about Bob Moore up until now, but will not consider buying a car from them in future.

Review №88

Bought my new Kia Optima from salesman Shane. What a guy, so helpful and patience with me. I will go back when I get ready for a new car. As for the finance dept. Well Robert Ali is outstanding young man. He went way beyond services for me. These two guys are good examples of what young men should be. Thank you Bob Moore managers for hiring great guys. Nothing but good things to say about Bob Moore

Review №89

When I called earlier this week to inquire about a vehicle Id just seen online, and told the young lady that I would arrive in a couple of hours from Duncan, she told me to ask for Phillip, their used car sales manager. She informed me that Phillip wanted to meet all new potential customers. Unusual. Ive been purchasing vehicles for more than 50 years, and Phillip was a breath of fresh air. Such a nice person. Turned out that we knew of each other indirectly, and I used to purchase cars from his grandfather at the Cadillac dealership he owned here in Duncan. Phillip assigned me to Corbin Morris to handle the sale. Corbin was honest, transparent, and set about providing me the information I needed than trying to sell me. Such a good guy. Then I sat down with Bob Trumbley, their Finance Manager, who made the process a breeze. Such a down to earth individual. Though it was later, we spent as much time talking about growing up on our farms as the deal. My experience with those I worked with at Bob Moore to purchase the vehicle I chose, could not have been more pleasant, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Review №90

The guys in the Service area are the greatest ever! They’re nice, really helpful, and explained so much to me when it came to my car compared to the other dealership. I’m always going to come here for services on my Kia! It’s worth the drive!

Review №91

I came to Bob Moore because the customer service at another Kia dealership was non existent! I dropped my car off and within an hour they called me and had the problem resolved, and it was less money than I was expecting to pay . Caleb did an excellent job of keeping me informed of what would be happening and he had a great attitude. I will definitely be coming back .

Review №92

The service department at Bob Moore Kia is excellent. My experiences there have always been pleasant and no stress. I particularly appreciate Dalon and Josh who will always take the time to answer any questions and thoroughly explain things to you. They are the best. I feel very confident taking my car for service there!

Review №93

William did an AWESOME job taking care of us. Our needs were pretty specific and the dealership had a good selection for us to see. Interest rate was not great, but William worked really hard on our deal!

Review №94

Incredibly friendly and efficient staff! The waiting area is great too outfitted with coffee, WiFi and phone plugs... Thank you for great service 🙌🏼

Review №95

Best dealership ever.

Review №96

I love Bob Moore KIA! Had my regularly scheduled service today. Everyone is friendly. The waiting area is comfortable and clean with coffee, cocoa and snacks available. Best part is the great service that keeps my suv in great working order. They always offer a car wash and today they vacuumed my car too (which it needed!). I highly recommend Bob Moore! BTW - I love my Sorrento!

Review №97

The guys was very nice and explained to me every detail about my CAR. Thanks GUYS.......

Review №98

Great customer service. Very polite and more then just the service and part people go out of their way to make you feel welcome.I recommend buying and replacing small items like filters for your car your self as they are upcharged for them to put them into your car.The new facility is great. Very clean and welcoming. Will be great when all the construction is complete.

Review №99

They have Ryan Blankenship as a Tech! He is THE reason I highly recommend them!!!

Review №100

Very friendly and well knowledgeable service center.Very clean and great waiting area with a special placefor children.Service was finished in a very timely manner.

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