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VIP Honda
Review №1

I don’t usually write reviews but I felt I had to this time. I’m very happy I bought my Honda here. Elizabeth Helped me pick out the perfect vehicle for my family. It really was a pleasant experience. I would absolutely recommend this place. I’m only giving four stars because of the chip shortage if you know what I’m saying +++++

Review №2

Great experience with Liz and an internet sale. Made the process easy as can be!

Review №3

Purchasing a car has never been easy for me, Prior to purchasing my Honda at VIP I had two previous cars from different dealerships. The experience I had with my previous dealership was very scarring because in both scenarios I genuinely walked away not feeling happy and even a bit frustrated. I’ve dealt with car sales man lying and scamming me and honest was all I was looking for.The day I purchased my car I went to another dealership VIP was indeed not my first choice for the simple fact I did not know about it. After getting lied to by the first dealership needless to say I was so upset. I walked into VIP Honda and the staff did everything they could do to help me be comfortable including giving me tissues to wipe my tears cause I was so upset at the experience I had at the other dealership. Frankie and the other gentlemen made the purchasing process a smooth and honest deal. I feel like I made the best purchase and I couldn’t be happier the staff that work here are truly caring and kind people. Being someone who works in customer service I truly appreciated the way the staff handled me with care and compassion and was able to listen to my needs and provided exactly with what I wanted without going over my budget. I walked in a totally upset for a previous experience with another dealership and walked out with a brand new car that I am completely in love with ;)

Review №4

Classic bait and switch. Advertise a new Ridgeline Sport on Cargurus and their own website for MSRP which is 36,885 and when I asked for an out the door price since I am not a local buyer (they are in NJ and I am not) they come back with 42, 983. Over 6000 more than the MSRP or about 4,000 more than what normal dealer fees and taxes should be. This is why dealers have such a bad reputation, they earn it with shenanigans like this.

Review №5

Great place to buy a Honda. Very happy about my purchase. I wasnt sure about whether I wanted a Civic or an Accord, and which model in each family. I was able to work with the sales associate, Ryan Lutomski, who was very knowledgeable, listened to what I wanted, and wasnt pushy at all. I had a few options and ultimately went with the Red Civic Sport. Ryan was true professional, trustworthy salesman, and he and his finance manager, Juan Saldivar, made the process very easy. In the end I drove out of the lot with the car I wanted and feel really great about it.

Review №6

Rosa know her stuff when it comes to buying a car. Very nice personality and is willing to help and give advice. Excellent customer service.

Review №7

I accidentally came to this Honda. It was an error in Google search that led me here. I walked on the lot and was immediately greeted by KJ(Karan),he happened to have a 2022 Honda Civic Sport sitting right in front of him. (The exact model I wanted in the exact color and spec). I explained I was waiting for an Uber to take me back to the correct dealership and he said, give me a second and let’s see if we can get you in this. 1 hour and 12 mins later I was driving off the lot. When I tell you this was the best transaction I’ve ever had at a “dealership”, it’s not an exaggeration. KJ and his finance guy Julio are top TIER!! No funny business, no bait and switch. Up front about all charges/mark ups etc. RNS!! Deal with KJ and Julio and this crazy car market will feel normal.

Review №8

Ran my credit three times without asking permission.Was unable to buy the car because I could not get a loan for such a small amount on a used cr-v. The salesman was nice and tried his best to work with me and get me a deal but running someones credit multiple times without asking is not my idea of good business.

Review №9

Walked out within 15 mins. I wanted to purchase a 2022 Honda Civic Sport, in which they tried to sell me it for $7500 over MSRP. While I understand the shortages and the reason to price over MSRP to compensate, I told them thats just too much money to be spending on this model. They insisted I couldnt get it lower anywhere else and questioned my awareness of shortages. I was also told that the Sport and LX were the same price, which is clearly not true.I proceeded to go to Honda in Edison where I got a 2022 Honda Civic LX for only $2000 over MSRP, which is more in my ballpark.Please avoid this dealership at all costs and dont believe their obvious lies, especially if youre an individual who has done their research and committed to a budget. Youll spend 1000s of extra dollars for no reason.

Review №10

Elizabeth is the best that I have worked with. Even after you purchase a car any questions you have her customer service is awesome!! She really goes out of her way to help you!Thank you Liz!Dj

Review №11

One of the most smooth, and dare I say pleasant car buying experiences Ive had. I have owned 7 Hondas, all bought from VIP with the exception of one. I worked with Crieiss Whitfield in person, he showed and fully explained the vehicles and trims, features and more. the online personal were very helpful, informed and friendly. Thank you to Elizabeth and Jessica.

Review №12

My wife and I were returning home from Somerset NJ when my tire light came on. We happened to be very near VIP Honda so I decided to see if they could help me out even though we had not purchase the 2021 Accord from VIP. It turned out that we had a screw in one of our tires and the service manager didnt hesitate to take care of us. We do have the tire coverage but I dont think that that would have mattered as that information was not known to them when they said that they would take care of it at no charge. We were in and out with a repaired tire in less than 10 minutes. We cant thank VIP enough to helping us and being so attentive. Great job VIP.....

Review №13

Don’t go, buy parts from their services department they over charge and don’t take any refunds. I purchased a part and even told the man at the window that it didn’t look like the part I’m asking for, he said it was, I paid in Cash and when my mechanic said it wasn’t the part I went back to 2 days later to return it and they wouldn’t take it back said I need to be in the original bag and that only the manger can take it back look on the website and this is no return policy and on the receipt it only sat special orders and electronica parts nonrefundable the part I have is neither a special order or electronic never again going to buy from here don’t recommend any here

Review №14

I bought a new CRV hybrid from them. I contacted them through the US news true car program and their advertised price was the best. When I went to the dealership, I met with their sales agent KJ. they offered me the advertised price without any question. KJ even helped me get a slightly better price. I have visited quite a few dealerships in the last 3-4 weeks. This was by far my best experience. I think I could have shopped around and saved a few hundred more, but I really appreciated how KJ was not trying to force me into anything or pressuring me to do anything. So the combination of KJ + the exact car I wanted (trim + color + package) made me sign for the car. Ill recommend VIP Honda, especially KJ, wholeheartedly to any friend/ family member who wants to buy a Honda.

Review №15

I bought two cars from here went to this so called manager named vanco eftimov to buy more cars he was very rude and told me get out or he’s going to kick me down the stairs. I hope this owner sees what this vanco guy did. It’s a shame.

Review №16

Just transfer me to another sales rep in the middle of the conversation and had to explain all out to new person.

Review №17

They are very professional, everyone is very helpful, when it comes to service Edward Vasquez is very knowledgeable.

Review №18

I do not recommend getting a car here. 2017 Honda Civic costs $15k but they giving me $450 monthly payment. $450 x 72 months is $32,400, the interest is suddenly greater than the value of the car?? I have excellent credit and stable income, felt like I was getting scammed.

Review №19

Got kicked out after I told them my OTD price. Funny dealership.

Review №20

Disappointing experience . . . They agreed on a price for a new car with my wife. She gave them a $500 refundable deposit until we could come back later that evening. When we returned the price increased. We requested our deposit back and they said it would take 2 days to process. Its now over a month later and Im chasing them down for the deposit.

Review №21

Please avoid this showroom for buying used cars. They will trick you in the name of price reduction.I was literally looted from this showroom and very disappointed.Finance charge is too high here. Please read the contract carefully before buying used vehicles from this showroom.

Review №22

Very bad service, didn’t bother to show cars and salesmen were very unhelpful.

Review №23

Go elsewhere. Unprofessional management. If you do sign with them, TRIPLE check the paperwork you sign. What prompted me to write this review was when the manager, Vanco, was not listening to our concerns and told my husband to shut up.

Review №24

So wanted to check lease price and was connected to a lease manager who was apparently too busy to talk nicely. He gave me some number and I asked him if it can be further negotiated, instead of saying No he rudely replied to not waste his time. When I asked him why does he have to get rude he hung up on me.Good that I came to know about such people over the phone, saved my trip to this dealership to get further humiliated.

Review №25

I accompanied a friend to this dealership, she was interested in test driving the Honda HRV for her first potential car purchase. Gentleman in the parking lot rolled his eyes and looked at us like we had three heads when we confirmed we just wanted to test drive it. I understand to them it may be a waste of time but we are first timers doing our own consumer research before narrowing down a choice in car to buy. If the stereotype is, that car sales folks only care about money, then this experience did nothing to dispel that notion.

Review №26

Would give no stars to this place. Complete trash, worst customer service possible. I want to call corporate and make them close this stupid branch ASAP. No type of talking skills with customers. On god these people really need to shut this branch down or replace every single sales person and managers.

Review №27

I had the most wonderful experience just before Christmas interacting with one of the Service Managers: Ted Rebetje. My vehicle was due for several repairs and Teds customer service, proposal of the work that needed to be done and fair pricing was amazing. My car is running like never before and feels tight as a drum. Kudos to the entire team at VIP Honda/North Plainfield.

Review №28

I have never seen any dealer yelling at customers but these people do.I was trying to negotiate but he did not want to lower even a dollar.I told him that I would think about it but he was raising his voice and told me that go to other dealer you would waste your not recommend it.

Review №29

I went browsing for a car and I ran into Ryan on his lunch break. He immediately finished up and began helping me on my search. He educated me on several models that were available and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Although, I was just browsing, Ryan wasnt the typical pushy salesman. He was patient, considerate, and personable. I would highly recommend anyone in search of a car to work with Ryan. Ask for Ryan!!!

Review №30

I would give zero stars if I can. The worst experience ever. I went there searching for pre own Honda with and open mind to buy brand new if I like it and the price is right. As soon as I step into parking lot Rosemarie the sales person welcomed me, shortly explaining the offer and sending me to search the lot on my own just saying come get me when you want to test drive. I dont need to know the difference between cars so picked one I liked and test drive. I walked inside there were 6-7 sales people eating their meal right there on fromt of the customers, all without the mask. I understand that you dont wear mask while eating but they should consume their meal elsewhere. When I asked the receptionist for Rose these guys said something to each other and burst in loud laugh making me feel very uncomfortable. I got the plates, took a short drive, run smoothly but I didnt like the yellow headlights, the loud fan and no fog lights. When I came back and shared my experience with the sale person I got yelled at and was told to go get myself a white lights and put them in the car if I want them, not to worry about the fan because the car is certifed so it can get fixed and I wont need to pay for it. I dont think I want to send the car for the repair right from the gecko. I was called stupid because I didnt want to buy white lights to replace the yellow. I was not offered different model or explained the differences between different models.When I said Im leaving I heard rude Bye, just go this is not the way to treat potential customers. I will not be coming back to that place ever again I will rather spend my money elsewhere

Review №31

Nelson Kawuki and Vance Eftimov - excellent.Shopped around to other dealers - VIP Honda had best price deal and best approach to the purchase - Easy/Quick- in and out, answered all questions - stood by quote. No nonsense. Nelson spent significant time making sure I had all my questions answered - even brought out service mechanic for in depth questions on Hybrid. Bought Hybrid CRV - Touring. Did I mention everyone in the dealership is pleasant and accommodating without being annoying, gushing, overly fake friendly?.

Review №32

I would like to acknowledge you and all VIP Honda personnel first of all for running and keeping a tight ship there, we really love our Hondas and starting with Edward Vasquez Service Advisor and the other advisors I dont have names,your service professional Phil Russo whom has always provided us with exceptional Professional service along with honest advice and follow up phone calls, from the sales specialists outside asking if we need any assistance,to the Customer Service desk person in the front, and then to the very nice people that process our payment. Everyone is so polite, attentive, and knowledgeable each and every time we call or go there.We wished we had purchased both our vehicles there but we use the Costco car program since we been long time VIP members and unfortunately they didn’t have you guys on their list for our purchase,but I can only imagine what the sales specialist are like there, and i will definitely continue to use your services and refer our friends and family to go to VIP Honda for their purchases and service.You guys are all great!! Again thank you for overextending your values each and every time. Please extend this appreciation letter to all you can for they are all worthy of such accolades!Sincerely,The Serrano Family

Review №33

Went into Honda to look for a new model Accord, I met a salesman named Ryan who helped me find a pre-certified Honda Accord for a great price, I paid 18200 for the same car that other dealers wanted 22000 for. Huge power move coming to V.I.P. Honda and it was well worth driving an hour to save a few grand. Also the salesman Ryan and finance manager Juan were both very transparent compared to many other car salesman. Great place great deal, thanks Ryan!

Review №34

This place is a JOKE! Held my $1,000 deposit on a vehicle that was DAMAGED! Refused to give me my money back said it would be a “CHECK” never heard of a place who deposits somebodies money without a deal falling through. Then the Used Car Sales Manager GILBERT was so rude & disrespect to us, through my phone back at me & hung the phone up, MY PHONE! Then was threatening us “OR WHAT OR WHAT“ this place is so rude & disrespect. NOT TO MENTION he kept calling me a liar over & over again! Never would I do business here again, a scam & a joke!

Review №35

Franklin Noesi was a fantastic salesman! He was really helpful and got me into the car I was looking for.

Review №36

The service is very good! I walked out with a 2020 honda civic. I got very good rates and everything was explained to me. If you go here ask for Jonathan Cubi, he helped me from the time I walked in to me driving off in my car. It felt natural. I plan on coming back in a couple of years

Review №37

I had a great experience at this dealership! Definitely recommending car shopping here. All the employees there are so friendly especially Jonathon Cubi. Outstanding salesman! Good credit or bad credit, doesn’t matter. They’ll handle everything for you. If you ever come across this dealership on Rt22. Make sure to stop by and talk to the salesman name Jonathon! I purchased the perfect suv that I needed for my family with a great package!

Review №38

The Covid policies of this dealership are on point. Salesmen are attentive. However overall price is just ok and the fee for registration is crazy. I asked for transfer of plates. They charged $200. ... Then they ordered new plates anyway citing a check box on the paperwork that I signed in front of the salesman and the finance guy. Both of whom I told I was transferring plates . And then said they would not release the plates until I paid another $90. I Called dmv said registration was $69 but there was nothing they could do about it. So if you want a safe place to buy a good car at an ok price and play every traditional car sales game there is. This is the place for you.

Review №39

Worked with Jonathan Cubi to lease a car for our daughter. We have purchased several cars from VIP over the years. Jonathan was prepared with models and colors we requested, and worked to give us a reasonable deal. Also all the staff were very friendly and helpful!

Review №40

Honestly this is shame to the Honda community this Honda dealership should stripped from its right to even represent Honda i am so disappointed in this dealership if I could put 0 starts I would

Review №41

Jonathan Cubi was great to work with. Everything went smooth and quick. Happy I came here. Got a great deal!

Review №42

During my new vehicle purchase, the finance department ran my credit (which is excellent) and comes back to me and asks my residency status. According to them, they cannot give loans to immigrants who are not permanent residents. I wish they could have told me before running my credit and before I went to purchase the vehicle. I had to get the deal done by calling my credit union thereafter. Sales was helpful in answering all the questions. However, the service couldnt finish Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) on my vehicle as suggested by the manufacturer. The car was missing under body plugs which are helpful in reducing the road noise. I had to revisit the dealer to get them installed a week later. Unless you are an informed buyer, you may be missing out on something from this dealer.

Review №43

I very rarely write bad reviews, you really need to be pretty bad for me to do so.....and here I am! I have never been treated so rudely by a salesperson in my life. I’ve been dealing with another dealership on a new odyssey. Unfortunately, they did not have the color combo I wanted. I got my trade in value and settled a price before the initial car I wanted was sold. I called VIP and spoke to Elizabeth (I’ll give her credit bc she was pleasant and helpful) to see if the make, model and color was available, which it was. I drove out there to see it and discuss a deal. I explain what the other dealership was offering as far as trade in value-on my car. Rosemarie told me there’s no way they are giving you that we ll give you $200. I said no the other dealer was giving me 1500 trade in. After that I asked for the price of the car. She offered my 41,000 out the door. I explain what the other dealership was offering almost 6,000 cheaper. She then said, and I quote, “he (her manager) isn’t going to do that so you can leave right now”. She was extremely rude. I’m sorry what?? Basically told me to leave because I brought the price from the other dealership. The whole experience was terrible and I would NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone. Ever.

Review №44

They are all always so welcoming I bought 2 cars from here, they work with you in many ways & makes sure you leave honda satisfied! My last car I bought with Johnathan cubi, he was extremely helpful and was patient . Made sure I got exactly what I wanted. Anytime I have issues he always make sure to give him a call with any questions! Definitely always recommend to talk to him when buying a car from here .

Review №45

Franklin Noesi has been my go to sales person, he has leased my first civic, and now he helped me with my second lease to an accord. He is one the best & the only Sales Man I TRUST. He is someone I will continue leasing with, your deff in good hands!!!

Review №46

I had a wonderful time there thanks to Rosemarie Williams and Jessica Zakresky.. So professional and on point with everything.. Very business like but so down to earth.. This was my first time getting a new car and they helped me so much .. I drove off calm and happy.. I will be referring everyone I know to come here and sit with them cause I know they will be tooken care of the right way...

Review №47

Definitely loved how professional they were with me today.. Extremely detailed and curtious as well as made sure they did everything they can do for me.. (Rosemarie Williams and Jessica Zakresky ).. I drove away very satisfied in my new Honda Civic. I will definitely refer anyone I know to them anytime

Review №48

Scam artists at best. Beware of coming to them for service, they will charge an arm and a leg for labor and parts. They were trying to charge me $700 for fixing a A/C condenser when the part is $50 and my mechanic can fix it quite easily. Also now they’re unwilling to fix a HONDA RECALL and still charging $130 for “labor”. DO NOT COME HERE. Avoid at all costs.

Review №49

I bought a 2016 Honda pilot one month after I bought it, the check engine light does not stop turning on I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED OF THIS PLACE AND THIS TYPE OF CARS I took it to have it checked for the warranty but a month later it turned on again and I still have the problem and I have a friend with the same type of car and also with mechanical problems

Review №50

The service was great the whole process the workers was wonderful respectful and very professional I recommend VIP Honda to anyone I wish I could give them 10 stars or more the representative that I dealt with was excellent Rosemarie Williams she was on top of her paperwork and she did her job she went above and beyond she deserved a thousand stars the process was wonderful I would recommend her to anyone

Review №51

Excellent car buying experience. I received a quoted price and completed the application online. The following day I went to dealership and in 30 minutes I was leaving in my new car. John and KJ were extremely helpful and I can’t recommend VIP Honda enough if you’re in the market.

Review №52

Just like any other car dealership/salesperson, don’t expect any kind of deals when going to these dealerships because it’s not in their business to give you a deal, they will go home sit with their family at the dinner table as if nothing happen, be careful they will get you they got me but fortunately for me my money is as long as the hole they put me in

Review №53

Worst experience Ive ever had trying to do business with a dealership. And I was in the car business for 8 years. The worst attitudes Ive ever dealt with coming from so-called professionals!

Review №54

I purchased a CRV a few weeks ago, had a great experience and would absolutely recommend VIP Honda. My salesman, Nelson Mandela, made sure he put me in a vehicle that was right for me, the GSM, Vanco, worked with me on the pricing and the financing department was great to work with. The entire process went very smoothly. I needed to follow up with the financing department on a few open items, my calls were promptly returned and the matter was handled timely and professionally.

Review №55

I bought a car here. They want you to buy a car and then make promises they don’t keep. They said it would be detailed and didn’t do it. I came back to get it detailed and they didn’t even wash my car and my car fob didn’t work. I thought I was locked out of my car until one of the employees opened the car door and we saw it had been with the engine on and in drive, not park (which disabled the fob). Very dangerous. Beware.

Review №56

I couldnt believe how easy this was. 2021 Honda Pilot leased with Ivan - in and out in 90 minutes. No tricks - no hidden fees. Very happy.

Review №57

If you’re looking to get into a new car, I would definitely recommend working with Johnathan Cubi. The process was seamless, and he was able to answer any question that we had.

Review №58

Long time VIP customer both sales and service. Gwen in Service is great. Service usually takes long but is satisfactory. Brought car in September 2020 after long absence due to COVID-19. Staff wearing masks incorrectly, limited social distancing. No COVID procedures on website or posted. Probably wont return.

Review №59

Excellent service, from the sales staff. But the finance department, too bad a very rude man, he cant even hold a position like that with such an attitude and sarcasm, Im sorry for the sales department, but I wouldnt recommend this place at all. Very bad service from the financing department. very disappointed

Review №60

I’ve dealt with car dealerships in the past so shopping for a new vehicle, I already knew what I was in for. But never did I expect the respect and customer service I experienced at VIP Honda. They aim to please and won’t let you walk away disappointed. This is the first time I’ve had a car buying experience go as smoothly as it did at VIP Honda. If you’ve ever purchased a car before, you know how dreading the process can be. I walked in, already knew what I wanted and John Neals (Sales Manager) made it happen without any pressure. He listened to us, ran back and forth with information needed and answered all of our tedious questions. Unfortunately, they did not have the color I wanted the first time around, so I shopped around some more. I found the color of the car I wanted at another dealership but the customer service encountered at VIP Honda matched no other. So I set my mind on a second picked color to only go back to VIP Honda to the color I desired. It was honestly meant to be and I wouldn’t have purchased a car from elsewhere. At VIP, they assured I was satisfied and competent with the technology of the new vehicle until I drove it off the lot. I am over the moon with my new lease and not to mention the great deal that came right along with it. I just might end up buying the car out. Go to VIP Honda in North Plainfield. It won’t disappoint!

Review №61

Excellent service. We are very very satisfied with the professional service and their hard work. Especially we would really appreciate the patience and professional help that the gentleman Jonathan Cabrera offered to us. He is very honest and understand our needs. We came to the dealership late and we were exhausted from looking for a Honda CR-V all day. The entire dealership, as well as the manager and employees, were all very respectful to us and allowed us to stay well past their closing time to buy our new Honda. We recommend this dealership to anyone who wants to buy a Honda.

Review №62

I used VIP Hondas website app twice asking for a quote on a new car by email. I was specific in the year, model, trim, colors, options, etc. When I didnt receive a quote from them, I decided to call them. I was handed to Vanco (Sales Manager) and was promised a quote - he verified my email address back to me. Bottom line - I NEVER received a quote from anyone from VIP Honda, let alone the Sales Manager. I contacted them using their website messaging app and told them of my experience and that I would tell my friends what I experienced. I received texts stating that I must have them confused with some other dealership. They texted again, stating that I spoke with Vanco and that he gave me an out the door quote. HE DID NOT GIVE ME A QUOTE - he stated he would give me a quote BUT HE NEVER DID. And yes, I checked my SPAM folder and ALL MAIL folders.VIP Honda - Bad business conduct and ethics. And when confronted about poor service, they try to make up stories! So they are liars as well.

Review №63

I’m just amazed on how easy and fast the whole process was. We walked in and within a hour and a half we were out with our new car. Make sure you see franklin for sales!! There’s no BS walking back and fourth, manager after manager. He’s straight forward and has been with VIP for many years. I highly recommend

Review №64

Made a cash purchase of a pilot 2021. Wanted t I have a seamless purchase experience hence provided all the necessary information over the phone so they can make the paperwork ready. No financing involved hence less work for the dealership.When i arrived into the dealership, they made me wait for hour n a half saying everyone is in a meeting.When I finally met someone and did all the paperwork and left, the called me back after 3 days saying they gave me the wrong vehicle and I have to call my insurance immediately and correct the VIN # on record.Then called me back again and ask me to come back into the shop and sign the paperwork for the correct vechile. I asked if I can do it electronically and they front desk person replied rudely, No Sir, You have to come in so I had to make another 1 hour trip.When I signed the paperwork, I ask manger Juan when m getting my permanent tags and he mentioned it will be mailed out to me in a week.Today they called me again saying I gave to come to the dealership to pick up as they will not be mailed out to me.I asked can you mail out, they repeated it cannot be mailed and then someone on the phone jumped on and without any Introduction, cut me out and said you have to come in. No one is here pack and send this to you in the mail and I ah e to make a 4th one hour trip that I was trying to avoid.Overall: Worst customer service.No communication.No empty for the mistakes they committed.

Review №65

If you need a new or preowned honda this is the place to come best experience ever my salesman was Ryan Lutomski he will not rest until you are completely happy and satify purchached a 2017 honda pilot exl no hidden fees no tricks hastle free thanks Ryan you are the man

Review №66

If I could give ZERO stars I would. Im not one to write reviews but this visit is going to be escalated to corporate. My fiance and I dropped off our vehicle yesterday and we knew exactly what the car needed and what was covered under the warranty. Just to tell us that everything was good and nothing needed to be done. They lied twice to our face and it wont be tolerated. We got charged for a service we did not ask for. Absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional. Pick another Honda.

Review №67

First and foremost I would like to thank Flor Perez for a flawless surprise gift for my husband a brand new Honda Civic Si 2020. She was so patient and kind in communication even though shes not sales person for the car she made sure the transaction went very smooth without a hitch. She made sure all the staff knew that this was a surprise gift for my husband. She went above and beyond even put a nice big red ribbon on the car my husbands face was priceless when he saw it. Flor is an asset to VIP Honda did an extra mile for this transaction. Secondly the general sales manager was very professional and more than fair to work on a fabulous deal. Thank you Vanco Etimov for your outmost professionalism dealing with me over the phone. I said I would leave a deposit to hold a car, surprisingly he did not even charge my card until we picked up the car what an amazing treatment. Last I would like to thank Jonathan Cabrera for being so kind and professional preparing the paperwork in a timely manner and made sure we were all taking care of while we wait to finish our transaction. And to all the staff that works at VIP Honda they are all very congenial even with a mask on you can tell they are all smile while working there. Thank you for your business may you continue to do great transaction with your future customers. By the way we drove one hour away to this dealership because they had the color that my husband liked and it was well worth it between the flawless transaction and great deal.Good luck VIP Honda on your future endeavors!Will always recommend your dealership in a heart beat - Rhea Capoon and no this is not a paid review its as real as you going to get it and am very happy customer.

Review №68

If your looking for a new or even used Car ask for Ryan. He had the best customer service and was a funny guy he made us feel comfortable and not pressured into buying a car like how most salesmen are. I’ll be back soon!

Review №69

I had the most uncomfortable experience at this establishment. I purchased a car and was having the plates put on, Kareem made comments that were completely inappropriate. He lifted my shirt to see my tattoo and I did not give him permission to touch me. This was the most uncomfortable I have ever been. I attempted to contact the manager to express my concerns and I was brushed off.

Review №70

Jonathan Cubi was amazing and very polite. He helped me out so much with my first car.

Review №71

Richard was my salesman. He was straight forward and did not rush me at all. I will tell everyone to buy a car from here. VIP Honda is a great dealership. The sales and finance process was smooth. I look forward to buying more cars in the future.

Review №72

This is what they offered$5K down, $302/month for 60 months for civic lx could find better price easily.

Review №73

Excellent service. Very respectfully team.

Review №74

HORRIBLE service! I walked in sat down was speaking with the salesman he was ordering Jordans on his computer told me to wait. I’m just sitting there then he asks me for info leaves comes back with a paper to tell me call your insurance and put the car under the insurance. We did not talk about anything that had to do with the car obviously they just want your money they don’t care about the customers. Also I had told the salesman I had another offer somewhere else he got so mad and told me with a bad attitude why am I there wasting there time for me to go and get the car elsewhere. He did not try and work with me at all. I would never go here or send anyone here again not even if they were giving away free cars, worst service I have ever encountered and I’m not over exaggerating....

Review №75

It has taken over 3 months to get my title from them and I still have not received it. They do not reply to emails, calls, or voicemails. The sales associate I worked with to buy the vehicle has been very rude including leaving me voicemails calling me a liar. Would never buy from this dealership again.

Review №76

Today was one of the best car buying experiences that I have ever had. I was so worried about using VIP Honda again because of the bad experience that I previously had, however Franklin was the best salesman a buyer could ever ask for. He listened to my concerns and was able to find the best deal possible for me. Franklin also made the transition from my old car to my new SUV seamless and worry free. Again thank you Franklin for your GREAT SERVICE

Review №77

Rodney Guerrero was my sales rep who provided me with excellent service and a great price. Not only did he stay patient with me throughout the dealings, he also took the extra step to show me the features of the car and accommodate me in any way possible. I will definitely go back to him again whenever I decide to get a new car.

Review №78

Bought Brand 2018 Accord and couldnt be more pleased. My sales guys was Jonathan Cabrera, and let me tell you - he is outstanding; he understands your needs and will go above and beyond to get you a good deal. Whole process was very smooth, and would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for a new or used car.

Review №79

The Best

Review №80

David Otero and sales manager John Neals took great care of us. They took the time to walk us through all of the options thoroughly. After visiting other dealerships in the area, there was a big difference in customer service here and we appreciated it.

Review №81

Walking in to any car dealership is naturally uncomfortable.I worked with Rodney at VIP Honda in Edison. He exemplifies customer service to its highest standard and his patience is unmatched. Hell get you the lowest price (I went to a few dealerships and his was the absolute lowest) He understands his clients and works to make everyone feel comfortable before signing any legal documents. Go see Rodney!!

Review №82

Made an inquiry about a vehicle that they had listed as used. Initially they were quick to respond back to me and wanted me to make an appointment to come up. I informed them that I needed some additional information first so as not to waste their time or mine as I was coming from some distance. They sent me info on a different car than I asked for and after repeatedly calling them back, I still have not gotten the information I asked for. Funny thing is my wife was actually interested in the vehicle that they sent me incorrectly. Yet no-one still returns any calls or voice messages. Very poor service.Edit 3-5-19:As you can see below, VIP Honda reached out to me and I expressed my concerns in detail. They were very apologetic and assured me that they would talk with their staff to ensure these situations do not occur in the future. Additionally, they are working diligently to find my family a vehicle that fits our parameters and price range. That is what I call service. I have amended my initial review because I believe in second chances and one bad experience should not determine their reputation.

Review №83

Our sales person Johnathan was great. His professionalism and ability to make us feel comfortable about the purchasing process went a long way. However, similar to other reviews there are questionable things that happen at the finance managers offices. We were hurried through the paperwork without wanting to slow down and answer all of our questions. We were sent home without them checking to make sure we had all paperwork. We were missing very important documentation that showed sales price of the vehicle. Getting our plates was quite messy as well. We had to follow 3 weeks in a row, and only at the last time when our temp plates expired did we find out that they misspelled names on the paperwork held up the process of getting plates created. We were driving around with expired plates for over 5 days and their comment to us was that theyll pay for a ticket if we get one. I sent a note through the contact us page to explain our unsatisfactory experience. Kristal, who is the person listed in other google reviews to contact, emailed us asking if there was anything they could do to make this right. We gave them our answer, but then it was radio silence. No further action taken to make it up to us. We got the car we wanted, at the price we wanted to pay, but these other things matter too. Safe to say we are not going back here to purchase our next vehicle in the near future.

Review №84

I live approximately 40 miles from VIP Honda but the very specific used car I was looking for appeared to be on their lot. So I contacted them as to availability and I negotiated the rough out on price, then firmed it up over the course of several phone calls the next morning. So the only thing left was inspection of the car being purchased and the trade-in I was providing as part of the down payment. If both met expectations we’d leave with the car they provided, leaving our old car, that very afternoon (I’m a real purchaser, with serious “let’s not waste each other’s time” purchasing habits).My wife and I went to leave the lot for the short test drive and immediately discovered the car had not been accurately listed. The two sites we had viewed the vehicle on both clearly stated the vehicle was equipped with navigation. It did not have navigation.That was a deal killer. We distinctly wanted this option. The time spent had been wasted due to the inaccurate listing of the vehicle’s equipment.We did leave our information with them and will give them another chance if they contact us with what we are looking for.

Review №85

They have the worst set of service people in the back of the building. Just for money they create new services in your new vehicle. Please be aware before go in and what you get charged for.

Review №86

Worst Customer service. They didnt allow me for test drive and rude attitude towards customer. On phone they told we will give great deal if you come to the showroom, I drove almost 1:30 minutes to reach the showroom, after reaching there, they told we wont give any deal, internet prices are final.

Review №87

Luis Cueto by far one of the best salesman I have ever dealt with! Very patient, kind, very knowledgeable about the service I needed! Answered all my questions and was a great listener! By far to me a good salesman is one who gives you the time you deserve and hears you out with all your wants and needs and that’s exactly what Luis did for me! I will definitely go back when I need to upgrade my Honda and look for Luis again!!!!! A++++

Review №88

I highly recommend this location if you are interested in purchasing a new car! Brought my hyper loud toddler with me and the staff was so patient and friendly. Daniel Williamson helped me find the perfect vehicle for my family and I. He was knowledgeable and kind. I visited numerous dealerships and this was the best, and Daniel truly made the experience seamless.

Review №89

I bought a 2017 Honda Accord from the very professional Kevin who was very honest and knowledgeable about all the cars there. Not sure if he’s a manager or not, but he was clearly running the show helping out the other employees while I was there. My next car purchase I’ll only go directly to Kevin. 5 stars.

Review №90

I had such a great experience at VIP Honda and would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a vehicle. Rosemarie was such an amazing help. She made sure that I purchased a quality SUV, had affordable payments, and was satisfied with everything across the board. She went above and beyond to accommodate me and my family and that speaks volumes. If youre headed to this dealership, please ask for Rosemarie, she will take care of you! Liz in the Finance Department is also great as well, she will make sure that all of your paperwork is in line and that you get everything that you need to complete your process in a smooth and timely manner. Again, great dealership that I would recommend to anyone and be sure to ask for Rosemarie!

Review №91

The service is very good! I walked out with a 2017 certified honda civic. I got very good rates, I pay monthly what I asked for, everything was explained to me. If you go here ask for David Ogega he helped me from the time I walked in to me driving off in my car. It felt effortless. I plan on coming back in a couple of years for an upgrade.

Review №92

The guy who was showing us the car was rude. We were discussing the deal and he just left the conversation in between. Its fine if the deal doesnt work out, but he didnt have to be rude and left the customer unattended.

Review №93

Grateful I choose VIP Honda to purchase my vehicle. Rodney Guerrero was very understanding and knowledgeable for all my cares and concerns. Great experience, would recommend going to Rodney to anyone looking for a new car. Free bagels!

Review №94

They sold me 2005 Nissan Altima that had a huge rusty hold in the floor. It is illegal for them to sell a unsafe car but they did it anyways. These people are crooks and do not care about the safety of people. If they sell you a unsafe car just file a report with the attorney General in New Jersey and get a lawyer that specializes in car issues and sue them.

Review №95

I had a great experience with VIP Honda. I recently had a bankruptcy discharged and Rosemarie in sales was such a big help in getting me into the car that I was looking at. Liz, in credit, helped me secure a loan with payment that I could manage each month, which to me is tremendous considering my bankruptcy was just discharged. I am very happy with the service, speed and persistence to get me what I wanted from both of these ladies. I will continue to do business here in the future and I definitely recommend VIP for fast efficient service.

Review №96

Rodney Guerrero is great. He said hed work hard for us and did. Work with no other sales man. Got me the car of my dreams in 3.5 hours.Go when your ready to buy!Overall positive experience, know what you want, and go get it.

Review №97

I just recently came in to purchase a 2006 Black Jeep Wrangler. Drama from the start. It hasnt been a good two weeks and the truck has major problems already. I wish I could post the video of how this jeep reacts when you go past 60 mph! It shakes like crazy and theres no way of stopping it. Just gotta let it coast. Ive been to the shop at least 5 times. Ive tried to get my car (that was traded) and deposit back numerous amount of times and they wont do it. The windshield is cracked, the AC only work on highest mode. Headlights didnt work etc... Lies after lies! If its not new DO NOT BUY from VIP Honda!

Review №98

One of the best car-buying experiences Ive ever had; no sales pressure, knowledgeable and courteous staff. Finance person and sales person (Franklin) were very accommodating and extremely professional. I felt I got a good deal on my car and am very happy with it so far - its exactly what I thought it would be. Would highly recommend VIP Honda to someone looking for a car who doesnt want to deal with all the usual pushy staff. Good experience overall. Thanks!

Review №99

I was very apprehensive about going to a dealership to buy a car, but I had no choice/time. I am glad I decided to stop at VIP Honda, Art made sure I was happy and comfortable with my purchase. Art and Gary even gave me a couple days to think about it and decide before I made the purchase. I went back in to purchase the car with a million and one questions to which they had no issue answering all of them. They both did what they could to work with me and my price. I really appreciate their time and effort.

Review №100

Great dealership! Very happy with the salesman Jonathan C who was splendid and very helpful! Happily drove away after only 4 hours with our great new 18 Fit Sport. Id happily recommend anyone to VIP Honda and definitely recommend Jonathan to take care of any of of your new car needs! One of the first Honda dealers and for obvious reasons its still around (cause theyre the best in the area)

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