Village Creamery
8000 Waukegan Rd, Niles, IL 60714, United States
Village Creamery
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Open for 20 years (since 2001) and year-round, making a wide variety of flavors, from old staples like chocolate and vanilla to purple yam, whiskey, mango, coconut, and more. You can buy to-go packages, cones, shakes, etc., and they have always been friendly and accommodating whenever we stop by. They have waffle bowls, cones, dipped and with toppings, like m&ms, sprinkles and so forth. Great location on the corner of Waukegan and Oakton, across from the public library and post office, near Home Depot, H-Mart and so forth.

Review №2

Went in with my family and when we were ready to order, the asian girl at the cashier was on her phone knowing she has customers in front of her gave us a rudely attitude as if she doesn’t want to work. Her approach with speaking to customers were definitely making us feel unwelcome. Good products but the specific employee shouldn’t work if customer service isn’t their thing.

Review №3

Good ice cream... Moderate prices. Family owned business. Flavors native to Philippines!!! Cant get them at Baskin Robbins. Cool.

Review №4

The variety and deliciousness of flavors are worth the attitude you occasionally get with the younger employees. Prices are on cheap compared to quality and serving size. They could do with telling/ enforcing staff not to use phones during with hours. The staff on their phones treat you like a disruption to their day. Otherswise 5 stars.

Review №5

I thought all they had was your regular flavor, love the different flavors, at times I get tired of the regular vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Tried their Halo Halo and the ube ice cream is delicious. Will come back to try different ice cream.

Review №6

Worst and rudest owners I’ve ever seen. They treat customers as beggars being served free food. If they don’t like working than close the store as there products are tasting worst everytime we are there. So definitely I am going to avoid it from now on.

Review №7

Different flavor of ice cream like jackfruit. If your tired of vanilla check out this place. There is a small parking lot so parking is not an issue. This place gets busy so be prepared to wait.

Review №8

A sleepy ice cream shop with exotic flavors waiting for you to taste.Coconut, mango, pineapple, and chocolate flavors are available.Go eat your ice cream!

Review №9

My husband and I drove from lombard and arrived in the door at 8:58 pm this Friday because we loved this place so much. There were still customers inside being served. Check your cameras. The 3 workers behind the counter said; were closed. And I said to them; really? Its not 9 pm yet and we just drove all the way from lombard. The male employee said NO. Then turned around and started cleaning with the customers still inside. I would hope in a time like this, when small business owners are struggling just to get business, that these 3 employees deny the possibility of a healthy cash flow for the owners business. I can see now why people just go to McDonalds. Its a shame I had to write this. It really is hard to find good help these days. I am highly disappointed as we have been regular customers for years now. Sadly now you have 2 less.

Review №10

Extremely dissatisfied!I have been visiting this store since past several years. They have always been low towards customer handling, but we went there because of flavors not available elsewhere. Lately their service and products have declined drastically.I was there 3 days ago and purchased two bubble tea and two largest size of hand packed icecream. The server made diluted shakes with 90% milk and barely any icecream and added 5 pearls of tapioca, and I paid over $50 for my order. Durian icecream which I got in bulk was also very lightly flavored with Durian and is nothing like what they used to sell. I have been calling store since past three days and it goes on voicemail which says that mailbox is full. There is no other way to contact them unless I drive for 1 hour and go there personally.

Review №11

Greta ice cream, but it did not service a 3 minute drive. Besides that tis good ice cream and friendly service.

Review №12

I am so excited coming to this place for I know I will have the best bubble tea, but when I got what I paid for, the tapioca is so hard especially in the middle. This is NOT how they used to prepare them this bubble shake. Im so disappointed.

Review №13

It was my first time here and the cashier who was wearing the plaid green shirt was so rude in the way she responded when I asked for a sample. I understood that samples can’t be given due to COVID but I didn’t know that they weren’t offering any. But her demeanor was unappreciated that I refused to buy anything. My boyfriend on the other hand got two scoops and enjoyed it and that’s the only reason why I gave this place two stars. If you don’t like your job get a new one!

Review №14

They have different flavors avocado ice cream they have banana ice cream taste like real bananas

Review №15

Just went in and saw a line of about 6 people, I stood in the line and one of the workers saw me walk in ahead of two customers that came in behind me but she proceeded to take their order first instead of mine. Absolutely unacceptable. I walked out because they dont deserve my hard earned money and there are other places with far better customer service that dont have incompetent workers!

Review №16

This place is easily a favorite in our family. Delicious ice cream especially halo halo!

Review №17

This is a tiny place, with not much seating, and it is on a busy corner, so its not really the best place if you want to go hang out and have ice cream. However the ice cream itself is fantastic. Grab some pints, take them home, or to a park, and hang out there to enjoy it.

Review №18

Such a great variety of flavors. Everything I tried was fantastic.

Review №19

Love their Halo halo = yummy...Wide variety of ice cream options...To go ice cream containers, banana splits, ice cream cones, cones dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, etc, etc... Employees were helpful and the place was clean...This place has a lot going on...Ill be back...

Review №20

Great ice cream. They have superman and matcha flavors

Review №21

This place never disappoints. My bf brought me here to introduce me to Halo Halo... ❤️ it!!! Great selection of ice cream, from traditional flavors to exotic... 😋.

Review №22

Their posted closing time is 11 pm on their official website. I got there around 10 pm on Saturday and they already closed. For a local business, they should be more professional with their times of operation.

Review №23

Love these authentic flavors.Yet to try halo halo...I bet it must be awesome as well....

Review №24

Ice cream was delicious as I remembered from 3 years ago. Gave it a 3 bc, they werent using gloves to hold the cone (no wrapper), even w/o covid thats kinda gross.Wait time, not moving and in one spot was like 30 minutes. they only had 2 employees, if it wasnt worth it, wed have left. We saw like 3 families leave.

Review №25

I love the diverse and unique flavors here! So delicious and refreshing!

Review №26

Love to come here, ube icecream is one of my favorites

Review №27

Great Ice Cream - Banana spits & Rocky Road

Review №28

Love the tiamsee ice cream

Review №29

Love all their flavors, taste so good!

Review №30

Great ice cream, made on site. Friendly service. Highly recommend.

Review №31

You cannot find a better treat than home made, hand scooped whiskey flavor ice cream. Its got just a little Carmel. We stopped on our trip to Southern Illinois and it was so good we stopped again on our way back home. Several unusual flavors Ill have to try in the future.

Review №32

Their list of flavors is awesome and they have something for everyone, but the Filipino flavors are the best! Highly recommended!

Review №33

Great ice cream with tropical flavors like ube, jackfruit, lychee, sapin-sapin. In short, filipino ice cream flavors. Pint sizes are on the expensive side

Review №34

It was empty and I see why. 1st they had a very small sign that said only cash. I ordered one scoop strawberry ice cream sundae she put strawberry syrup and thats it no whip crean or nuts and it was 5.00. I will never comeback what a shame.

Review №35

Awesome place great ice cream and the variety of flavors is nice. I go for the bubble shake they are great. Treat yourself and try this place.

Review №36

Love the different favor choices

Review №37

This place is great. We happily stumbled upon it then have gone there what seems like every week. The flavors are so creamy. You can find your regular flavors like chocolate and vanilla but also premium ones like avocado, Ube, halo halo, whiskey etc. Our go to is green tea. They also sell icecream in tubs if you like it and want to take it home. Bring cash if you dont expect to buy more than $10 worth. They will still take your card but its an extra $0.50 cents to process. Theres some seating inside.

Review №38

Always the best I’ve cream.

Review №39

Wiiiiiide like wiiiiide selection of flavors. I always feel embarrassed with how indecisive i get while they wait on me to choose my ice cream. I have to choose wisely since theres only so much space in my stomach. I highly recommend. Oh and they have shaved ice too just in case you are not in the mood for ice cream but still want something cold.

Review №40

Best ice cream ever! it is so creamy and delicious. By far my favorite place

Review №41

Nice ice cream shop. I believe its filipino pwned as they have a solid, diverse section of flavors including halo halo and thai ice tea

Review №42

The ube ice cream was delicious! It was so refreshing to try a new flavor not generally found anywhere else. You can tell its a family run business too.

Review №43

Love the all the different flavors.... love the tiramisu ice cream and the green tea and mango, ube.... scoop there it is ...... : )

Review №44

Nice place to enjoy some Ube ice cream. Just try it!!!!!

Review №45

The bubble tea there is awesome.They sell ice cream containers with ice cream.they also sell cakes. They havw 42 flavors of ice cream and even have cones,they just realisted there new bubble waffle cone.

Review №46

Different flavor of ice cream very delicious ... my children love the scoop there it is... commercial ... this place has it right with the scoop

Review №47

Friendly staff and great ice cream flavors.

Review №48

So so, many families and teens getting ice cream cones. Many not wearing masks, several employees also not wearing masks.Ice cream didnt taste the same as it used to:(

Review №49

They don’t take orders anymore around 8:50 pm just because they’re closing soon… If you’re craving too late don’t waste your time.

Review №50

Delicious home-made ice cream here. 😋

Review №51

Ice cream is fantastic and really delicious.

Review №52

Green tea ice cream! Thats my favorite here! Some other great flavors are mango (obviously), ube (yam), espresso chip, red bean, jackfruit.

Review №53

Two young people behind the counter did not wear the masks. Strawberry was not good. Vanilla pretty good...many different flavors but not many fruit ones

Review №54

They have a variety of different ice cream flavor from jackfruit, lychess, taro etcMy favorite is the Bubble Shake wherein you can select any kind of ice cream you like into your shake, so yummy! And that chewy pearl added to it, is just perfect!

Review №55

Sooooo many different kinds of flavors. Cheese ice-cream? Corn ice-cream? Yes.

Review №56

The place has a wide variety of Filipino ice cream. It was my first time here. I had the jackfruit bubble shake. It was delicious. However, I am subtracting points for the service.The guy who helped us was a young guy who was not friendly at all. He looked like he was not happy with what he is doing. He does not know how to connect with a customer. I asked for a copy of my receipt and he looked mad. Begrudgingly handed me my receipt, I thanked him, he turned his back and no response at all. It wont hurt to be friendly, I am not trying to get free food.😄

Review №57

Excellent homemade icecream. Try their lychee flavor on point.

Review №58

I had the bubble waffle halo-halo. It was really good. Ice cream was nice and creamy. Bubble waffle was just like how I remember it from other places.

Review №59

Love tiramisu ice cream.... scooped there it is....

Review №60

Good quality ice cream.

Review №61

Love this ice cream place

Review №62

Always a good time, their ice creams are utterly delightful. If you have the time, this is always a good spot for creamy smooth and lovely ice creams and desserts!

Review №63

Friendly service and great ice creams.

Review №64

The ice cream was really good and they have so many options! Its worth the trip out of the city!

Review №65

This was my first visit to Village Creamery. They have a huge choice of ice cream flavors. I wish I could try them all!!! The portions are big however in my opinion they are little pricey.

Review №66

If youre craving for ice cream, this a must visit place. Lots of flavors, and Great price

Review №67

Do you like ice cream? Be prepared to taste a different kind. Filipino style is creamier than American ice cream, similar to but lighter than gelato. Feast on your regular fare (pistachio, strawberry, chocolate chip) or you can try the best of Filipino flavors such as ube (oooo-beh) taste similar to taro, macapuno - a young coconut variety, avocado, melon (cantaloupe), buko-pandan and many more. Plus you can take home these excellent flavors in various sizes.

Review №68

Good selection of ice cream

Review №69

Best homemade ice cream I have ever had. Nicely balanced, not over sweet. Will be back.

Review №70

I fell in love with their halo halo. Their staffs were friendly and the location was good on my opinion. They also have different selection of Filipino flavored ice cream. The best!

Review №71

Was highly recommended by a relative. Im glad I drove here despite this being out of the way. The ice creams are so flavorful, definitely one of the best home made ice creams I had. Try the sapin sapin or halo halo. If youre brave try the durian flavor. Also very friendly and quick service. They only accept credit cards if the total is more than $10. Parking is generally available in the complex

Review №72

This place has such great options. My husband got the Ube ice cream and it is amazing. Tried some of the different flavored, the Thai tea was delicious too!! Worth the visit, even on a cold winter day.

Review №73

Loved the Filipino ice cream flavors and their halo-halo is a must try. Staffs were nice and their service was good. Prices were cheap too.

Review №74

Village Creamery has my bestest 🙃🤭ice cream flavor of all time (well, equal to Baskin-Robbins chocolate chip) And that is... UBE! 🤩😋🥳 I believe that its a purple sweet potato. The 🍌 banana is very banananie and they have many flavors popular in the Philippines 🇵🇭 such as jackfruit, halo halo, avacado and green tea. They make ice cream cakes and pies to order and they have bubble shakes. Fun place to go after shopping at Home Depot.

Review №75

Go here for the Obe flavor ice cream!

Review №76

Great ice cream

Review №77

Great neighborhood ice cream joint.

Review №78

LOVE THEIR ICECREAMS so sad, we cannot do free trials for other flavor so that we know whats best when we try again 😔

Review №79

Hands down one of the best ice cream shops around. Welcoming staff and delicious homemade ice cream. The chocolate and the cookies n cream are always delicious. They have a bunch of other flavors that you dont find in other ice cream shops such as avocado, banana, and halo halo n a ton more.Definitely recommend 👍

Review №80

We all scream for ice cream! Check out the halo halo shaved ice sundae. Bomb diggity!

Review №81

Delish ice cream. Could update their signs outside as the smaller one is faded greatly. I will plan to return.

Review №82

Wide choice of Icecream!

Review №83

Great exotic favor. I had durian, mango, pistachio, and ube. All are great.

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Review №85

Definitely one of my favorite ice cream and bubble tea destinations in the suburbs. A lot of the flavors are Philippines-inspired, which my filipino family appreciates! The bubble teas are made with their ice creams so they are amazing!!!

Review №86

Family tradition must go and have the best flavors you cant find anywhere. Always a great way to end a family event

Review №87

Great variety and quality. Also the store takes care to respect cdc guidelines for coronavirus.

Review №88

You have to try there milkshakes with tapioca. ANY FLAVOR

Review №89

Another level of ice cream and very good service! I wish the Skokie location was still open. You will NEVER find ice cream like this on the Southside/suburbs.

Review №90

The best home made ice cream!

Review №91

Great local ice cream spot! Great selection of unique flavors. Options include cup, cones, and bubble shakes (with tapioca pearls).Had the sapin sapin bubble shake today; was refreshing!

Review №92

I enjoyed the Halo-halo

Review №93

Great variety of homemade ice cream. Unusual flavore, as well as favorites. Look carefully when you get near it, you could miss its corner location.

Review №94

Yummy ice cream. Kind of like Baskin Robbins, but more expensive. I did try a new type of ice cream. It had an Asian name and it had slices of coconut in it. Delicious!

Review №95

Best ice cream place in the Chicagoland area! Staff is super friendly and helpful!

Review №96

Homemade ice cream with your choice of traditional, sugar, or waffle cone. The best is the Whiskey Caramel ice cream.

Review №97

Amazing, unique flavors. Good prices generous scoops!

Review №98

I drive 45 mins from the Midway area in Chicago just for the ube, its amazing!! From the bubble milkshake to just the plain ice cream its delicious all around! If you can get over the purple color you will be in for a delightful treat! Like the saying goes, Dont knock it till ya try it!

Review №99

Favorite place for bubble tea. Fair prices. Friendly staff. And definitely love that the bubble tea is made with the ice cream. Most bubble tea places Ive gone to have bubble tea that I feel tastes watered down from so much ice and taste more like a slushie. The bubble tea here is perfect!

Review №100

Great Place For Great Ice Cream Kids Love It

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