Beacon Wines & Spirits
2120 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, United States
Beacon Wines & Spirits
Review №1

Either they have what I’m looking for at a good price or they make a great recommendation at every price point I’ve requested - from cooking wine to Perrier Jouet

Review №2

They have Pisco! (Queirolo, quebranta). Very helpful staff. Great prices. They will do their best to get requests they dont have at the moment.

Review №3

If youre looking for a good wine this is the place. The sommelier give us a nice tips.

Review №4

Without reservations, we arrived and shared a large table inside the room. I valued the versatility, quick, cheerful, and knowledgeable service. You can have a glass of wine, or you can browse the wine room and pick your own bottle. We are going to come back and recommend it to my family and friends!

Review №5

This wine shop is my go-to shop whenever I ran out of stock of wines in my place. The reason that they had a huge range of wines to choose from at a very affordable price. The staff here was so knowledgeable and expert about the wines. Also, I love this place because it had a great atmosphere. It was so cozy and warm as well. This place is really great for a drink and to relax as well.

Review №6

This wine shop is great! These guys really have everything that I needed, and it was nice because the staffs here are very masterful. The wine here really tastes good, and Im enjoying every ounce of it together with my friends. Indeed, a nice place to enjoy and sip some terrific wine. You guys are the best! THANKS!

Review №7

It was my first time visiting this wine shop, and I got fascinated by the huge selection of wines they had. I got astounded by the expertise of their staff about the wines. He suggested one of their best collections. It was really delicious. The aroma of it was so good. I cant wait to visit this shop again.

Review №8

Great wine store. Packed to the hilt with wines from every corner of the planet. Even a great organic wine section. Stellar Organics Pinotage is just awesome...

Review №9

Knowledgeable employees, and great selections of wines.

Review №10

Great selection and prices are reasonable. They carry hard to find whiskey 😊.

Review №11

Nice place! Lots of variety of foreign wines, classical music sounds in the background while you shop, there is a guy in a suit asking you if you need help, it’s awesome!

Review №12

I come here pretty often because of the diversity on liquor. They really have a good selection of bourbon and whiskey. Very happy with that!

Review №13

Good selection of champagne and California wines. Plus French liquors.

Review №14

My favorite place to buy wine on the upper west side. Great selection and helpful staff.

Review №15

Excellent selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff good prices. Make sure that you tell them what you know. Even when I say that I know nothing about wine, they are very helpful. When I show that I know my bourbon, they are extremely helpful.

Review №16

The worse! Ive gotten corked wines from them more times than I can count — the manager is super rude. Never again.

Review №17

Great service. I made a call from overseas to have a delivery made to a local hotel. Without hesitation they helped me out on a busy night, Christmas Eve and made a swift delivery. Thank you so much!

Review №18

Best wine store in the city. Great Italian red section. I really like the manager’s picks section-very great value wine.

Review №19

Excellent selection, knowledgeable staff, friendly

Review №20

Theyve always been helpful to me in here. There is a lovely selection for mid prices wines all the way to the moon. Only good experiences here!Just found out they deliver (nearby, I live 7 blocks up) for orders over $35. Amazing!!!

Review №21

Great staff and, selection.

Review №22

This location offers a great selection, including hard to find saké. The staff are knowledgeable and very accommodating - they go out of their way to ensure you find just the right bottle for your needs. Highly recommend.

Review №23

Interesting concept this place. VERY cool little walk up that you can order something to-go from the menu, order and dine in a very small area, or buy fresh homemade pasta by the pound to take home and make your own concoction!My reason for fo Beacon Wines & Spirits ur stars instead of five is due to the smaller portions and price. Im okay with the menu price- just wish I would have gotten more food for it!

Review №24

Wonderful staff, fantastic selection, great pricing.

Review №25

Excellent service - always friendly, they go out of their way to be helpful when you look lost, would like recommendations, or need anything, but leave you alone when you know what youre doing or are just browsing. Theyll give you honest opinions too: Told me straight-up that the bottle I was buying wasnt a home run but that it was solid, especially for my price point (read: slightly more expensive than cheap). Yeah, that was right on the money.In general, this seemed to me to be one of the -- if not THE -- most reasonably priced wine shops in the UWS. Really happy with my experiences in-store and with the wines Ive taken home.

Review №26

Good selection, nice people

Review №27

Owner always has a recommendation and a smile!

Review №28

A great wine 🍷 shop that seems to always be open! They have a wide variety of wine from all regions and their wine tastings 🥂are a fun perk! The only thing “off” about this place is some members of the staff are a bit a strange😳 and can make the experience less enjoyable but overall it’s a great place to find some tasty vino! 🍾

Review №29

I ordered vodka for a friend with their online service on April 30. As of today (July 11), they have not delivered it, and they have ignored multiple emails from me for an update.Avoid this vendor.

Review №30

What I like about Beacon Wines & Spirits is the competence of the people working there. Two of the owners/managers are knowleagable of wines and understand the blance between quality and price point. The selection is very impressive. I tend to gravitate around Italian wines and the choice is wonderful. Love their Sabbie dellEtna, a Sicilian wine which is not easy to find. Love their Mas de Gourgonnier. I always have case of wine delivered nd they are always speedy and efficient.

Review №31

I fell in LOVE with this store if there is ANY OBSCURE, IMPOSSIBLE, HARD TO FIND bottle that youve been looking for try them out. I went the them with 2 such requests and they had both of them so they will be where I go when I need my RARE treats. One of the items Ive looked for in other stores all around NYC and been told It didnt even exist even though I had a bottle of it with me to show them. The other item is also carried by other stores just at a MUCH lower Proof. At the end of the day it was worth the drive to pick up bottles I cant get elsewhere.And they even carried my box to my car for me, Great customer service!!!!

Review №32

A seething angry silver haired Scots Irish looking gentleman asked me if I needed help with his teeth clenched, probably cause hes racist and cause I forgot I had my headphones on, causing a bit of confusion; however, he was very polite and good looking. I had a big grumpy dog with a coat that was similar in color to the his general color scheme (pale skinned, gray haired and wearing cream and beige colors) My dogs grumpiness and growling didnt make me love him any less. Lol.With regard to the store and their selection, service and even the aesthetics: wonderful! Really lovely.

Review №33

Great source for all things alcohol. Excepting beer of course. But thats a NY thing. They give my dog treats, so he drags me in there. Knowledgeable and gracious staff.

Review №34

Great selection of wines and spirits, found a prosecco that I was looking for years.

Review №35

I wouldnt recommend this store to anyone. I went in because I know my boss likes a certain brand of wine and I wanted to get him a bottle for the holidays. Everyone at the store was greeted when they walked in, but me, but that did not bother me. What did bother me was when I asked for assistance, the guy doing whatever he was doing at the register rolled his eyes and said Im listening. I said I would like to buy a bottle of wine, thats locked in a case. He started yelling 2221 and a stock boy came by, opened the case, and stood in front of it staring at me in an intimidating manner. I said thats okay, Ill get my wine some place else. As I was walking out, the guy behind the register apologized by saying he was busy preparing something. He wasnt too busy to help the woman who was looking for a bottle of champagne. I admit, I just came from a long day at work, wasnt wearing any make up, and definitely didnt look my best, but my appearance didnt warrant such intimidation and blatant discrimination.

Review №36

Great liquor store on the Upper West side. Extensive wine selection. Knowledgeable & helpful staff.

Review №37

Excellent selection of liquors. Ive always found everything I was looking for! Definitely the reference in the neighborhood!

Review №38

Primarily offered wines, but good spirit (gin✔️) range, staff were nice.

Review №39

Nice selection of quality spirits, very helpful and knowledgeable staff

Review №40

One of my favorite liquor stores. Good prices. Great selection.

Review №41

Experienced staff who know their selections. Reasonable prices for UWS.

Review №42

Decent neighborhood wine and liquor store with a helpful, friendly staff and a nice selection of different wines. Prices are pretty decent and comparable to other shops in the neighborhood. Like most wine shops, they have wine tastings once or twice a week and they also have a frequent purchaser program.

Review №43

I truly enjoy that Beacon Wines & Spirits will deliver Uptown. They have a wide selection of spirits and are one of the few places I could get limited stock of Absolut flavors in the city. The staff are extremely helpful and are always willing to provide you with assistance when it comes to purchasing items. I highly recommend them for your adult beverage needs.

Review №44

Chris is super helpful and very knowledgeable about whiskey. One of the best selections of bourbon at fair prices on the UWS.

Review №45

They would not replace a corked bottle of wine worth ~$12 when we brought in the brittle and unsoaked cork. (Picture attached of the dry cork which broke in half when opened. This is the second half) Weve been loyal customers for 4 years. This was very disrespectful.

Review №46

Decent prices, large selection, and very friendly/knowledgeable staff. They also deliver everywhere!

Review №47

Great selection, prices and very informed staff.

Review №48

Great selection of wines and you can find good prices for some really good wines.

Review №49

Incredible selection and very friendly staff. Reasonable prices for the area as well.

Review №50

Great personal recommendations and service! And of course, excellent wines, especially the selection of local area/NY wines.

Review №51

I live nearby and this store is the closest to me, so I keep making the same mistake and buy my wine there. However, this time Ive finally learnt my lesson and wont set my foot there again. I bought 2 bottles of wine for my Thanksgiving dinner -- I was very specific in my request and made sure to ask for a recommendation from one of their employees (tallish older man, white hair -- dont bother to ask him anything, he doesnt know his wines) -- and not only the wine I got tasted nothing like what Id asked for, it was bad to the point of being of simply undrinkable. I was very embarrassed to serve wine like that, thank god my friend brought a couple of decent bottles. Forget the waste of money, it was a real bummer to not be able to buy normal wine as all stores got closed soon after due to the holiday. I guess they used Thanksgiving as a way to dump all their bad wines. I suspect they carry a lot of bad wines in general, as I got a couple of tolerable bottles from them before, but never anything great. So for hard liquor its probably fine, but their wines are gross. P.S. Im not a wine snob or anything, I just think wine shouldnt taste like rubbing alcohol, agreed?

Review №52

Knowledge of their spirits and wine, decent prices but you have to know what you buy or ask about it, not too good wines are mix.

Review №53

What poor customer experience.

Review №54

The store owner is rude, unprofessional and unresponsive. Never replied your email and got back to you for your complaints. Poor customer service and no follow up at all. Horrible experience and definitely not recommended

Review №55

One of the best liquor/wine stores on the UWS. Good selection, okay prices

Review №56

Love the store, and Chris is a great wine guide. He is a gem.

Review №57

Exceptional NY serrvice, best selections! My GO-TO!!

Review №58

Good selection of alcohol and decent prices for area

Review №59

Great variety. Great help and service.

Review №60

Good wine. Good prices.

Review №61

Selection is better than 79th street liquor. However, I might not suggest taking recommendations from the store on what to purchase.

Review №62

Great Service and lots of kosher wine

Review №63

Good place

Review №64

Good selections of wines and hard liquor.

Review №65

Great selection and staff, but a weird, unpleasant odor, always!

Review №66

Nice selection.

Review №67

Great knowledge and assistance

Review №68

Friendly, helpful staff.

Review №69

Couldnt ask for better service and theyre very prompt to ship when you order online.

Review №70

Hard to find any bargains.

Review №71

Unwelcoming staff

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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