Keki Modern Cakes
315 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States
Keki Modern Cakes
Review №1

Perfect system!I loved their bouncy cheese cake and still do. But then I got to try the wow tarts and those were my new favorite… then cream puff were all “hold my beer” omg, delicious bomb of favor. Tried the ube and was good, then stole a bite of my daughter’s milk flavor cream puff and was good, took a bite of husband’s (what is his is mine right?!) cookies and cream and OMG! Took a pistachio one back home for next day and delicious cooled in the fridge.I of course also brought home a bouncy cheese cake, might not be the latest favorite but will always be the first love.Highly recommend you to do and try but go early because those 3 things fly fast!

Review №2

Sooo good! I was walking by and decided to stop. I got the purple cheesecake. It’s so good. I had never had one, but it was exactly what I thought it would taste like.I loved it!

Review №3

Got the cream puffs - 1 of each flavor. They were delicious! Would have liked to sit down and enjoy them but I guess its just a grab and go type place. Definitely going back for the cream puffs though! The pistachio was my favorite

Review №4

Finally got a chance to try their cream puff. I’ll say not the best but still outstanding! Like the crunchy crumble on the top, and the filling was also rich but not too sweet! Wanna try their cheesecake next time.

Review №5

I very rarely leave reviews but just had to for this one. Just received this cheesecake today. The pictures will clearly show you why I only gave 1 star. It really doesnt deserve any stars! I paid $65 for this Bouncy Ube Japanese Cheesecake and what I received was a warm, squashed, damaged cake. All they did was wrap it in plastic with no formal box. Just a styrofoam container with a fully melted ice pack. There was moisture inside the packaging which is ideal for mold growth and could make someone very sick! A cheesecake is not a shelf-stable product. It should not be transported under warm conditions! Absolutely disgusting and as a food industry professional, I am appalled I have received something like this. I would never ever order from this place again nor would I even buy anything from their stores!

Review №6

We got 3 cream puffs and they were amazing … will definitely try the cheesecake in the future. Also really fast service.

Review №7

Found this place as we were walking around Koreantown. Everything we got is so delish. Let me start with the Ube’s so freh .. perfectly sweetened. The Cheesecake is just melt in your mouth. The puff OMG!!! I ate them so fast didn’t even get to take a picture of them.On my way back to Orlando, I bought 6 of these and hand carried them. It’s worth the hassle coz they taste so good. Can’t wait for my next trip to NYC to get a taste of these sweets again.

Review №8

Great tasting Japanese bouncy cheesecake. It was just what I had hoped for. I was not disappointed. I like it better than the green tea one.

Review №9

Great cheesecake!!! Not as heavy as traditional cheesecake, so you won’t feel as guilty after eating a lot. Must try!

Review №10

Ordered matcha and taro cream puffs. Ordering was quick, packaged well, would make a nice small gift too. Prices are fair, seems there are a variety of drinks and other desserts as well.

Review №11

Cream puffs were really good, we tried the cookies & cream, milk, and ube. They were not overly sweet too.

Review №12

The best place to try cream puffs, they have 4 flavours. I loved ube and pistachio.

Review №13

A coworker recommended to me their cheesecake and I’m happy I tried it! The strawberry cheesecake was pillowy soft and not too sweet with the taste of real strawberry on the outside and inside. The price tag of $40 is worth it based on my and my family’s response to it. I also was able to try the cookie-flavored cream puff which was also delicious!

Review №14

I recently got their bouncy cheesecake since I really like it. However, I was highly disappointed to find a small piece of plastic in the cheesecake!! Also, I feel that the staff should be more courteous and welcoming.

Review №15

I love passing by Kekis stores because you can smell the sweetness of the freshly baked bouncy cheesecakes they are known for! Their original cheesecake is a must try, but also dont forget their specialty fancy cheese cakes! The Cookies n Creme one had cookies in them and so many delicious layers! It was the right amount of sweetness that I would not feel guilty for having another slice. I cannot help but to rave about their wow tarts. Literally WOW! It was so delicious and I may come back a few more times to order 3 or 6 more. You have to try their cream puff/custard buns. It has just the right amount of filling and you dont have to go searching for it either!

Review №16

Had the Ube Cheesecake because they were out of cream puffs for the day which was a little disappointing. The Bouncy Ube cake was phenomenal though! The texture is unique and the flavor is sweet and earthy with the tangy hint of cheesecake. Couldn’t get enough of it!!

Review №17

Delicious cakes! The bouncy cheesecake is so soft and light and tastes amazing. Watched as they were freshly baked and taken out the oven. Friendly staff in a small bakery shop. Very reasonably priced. Would recommend!

Review №18

My go-to for bouncy cheesecake. I came here last time to get the ube cheesecake, because I was intrigued at its deep color. Compared to their original, the ube one is more moist and softer. I really liked this over the original. Their castella is also good, but not as sweet as I would have liked.Right now this location does not have any indoor or outdoor seating, and you order directly at the door.I have yet to try their green tea one as you need to call in advanced to place this order (and well I always end up going to this area spontaneously).

Review №19

Must try their Japanese cheese cake! Its so fluffy, you will eat it all before you know it.

Review №20

Well, everything is perfect and service is great. Highly recommend and we will be back

Review №21

I found this gem looking for a korean restaurant ( later on that 😑)and the words bouncy intrigued me 😅 and cream puffs. I wasnt expecting anything special until i took a huge bite on the creampuffs and hooobooiii i remembered the lyrics of Spice Girls 2 Become One and I am singing and twirling! I am speechless how good the cream puffs are and the cheesecake! Are the gods fated me to be here?! I want more!Btw the korean restaurant i was looking for was completely forgotten after eating here.😅

Review №22

The best part of my cheat meal. Pistachio cream puffs are now my fave. Perfect dessert. From the aroma to the texture to taste. No complaints. Thank you Keki ❤️.

Review №23

Their Original Bouncy Cheesecake is to die for! Wish they made mini versions. Nice to see how theyve pivoted to keep folks and staff safe against COVID.

Review №24

Very small cake shop in Midtown Manhattan. They specialize in sponge and cheese cakes with multiple flavors. Most of their offerings are for 3-4 people. If you want single serve portions, definitely go earlier because we came by late and most things were sold out. There is a small counter to eat at but there isnt a place to sit. It is however wheelchair friendly and accepts mobile payment and credit cards.

Review №25

Came after dinner and buy a Ube Bouncy cake back home. This is a small cake shop. I like this place because it has more cake choices than the other place. The cake is good. I had their tart long time ago, with the price, I was expecting the tart is warm but it came out to be cold which I hate. From that point on, each visit, I stick with their bouncy cake only. Surprisingly, this time when I checked out a cake, I got a sugar cane drink for free with Mikey Chen brand. I think they giving this drink for free probably it is expiring soon and I am still okay with it as long as it is not expired yet or taste change.

Review №26

It was just ok! A little overrated.

Review №27

A tiny little place but so warm and friendly inside! the person at the counter kindly explained what everything was and the prices were quite reasonable for new york and the amount you’re getting. the traditional bouncy cheesecake was just that—bouncy, light, and refreshingly creamy. a must-go-to if in the city!

Review №28

Got the ube cheesecake and pistachio cream puff. Both were good but the pistachio cream puff was among the best puffs I’ve ever eaten. Decent sweetness, not too sweet, and has a hint of almond flavor. Loved it!

Review №29

You MUST have the cream favorite cookies and cream...everything is delicious!!!!

Review №30

My favorite thing that they have is the wow tart. It’s so creamy and delicious. My only *complaint* is that they are so tiny and gone too quickly. I could seriously eat like 4 on one sitting

Review №31

Super cute bakery with the best bouncy Japanese cheesecakes. Everyone is super also nice here which is a plus when you can’t decide what to order! Warning: small space and only a small counter space for quick dining; you’re better off taking it to go. They also say if you stop around last call for soft serve (9pm) they’ll offer it for free :)

Review №32

Summary: A small bakery serving the iconic bouncy cheesecake and other delicious pastries. The texture of the cake is reminiscent of a hybrid between cheesecake and sponge cake. Although the flavor of the cake isnt overly unique, its jiggly nature makes it a big hit with family and children. The reviewer personally prefers the ube cream puffs and believes that it is the best item on the menu.Must Try: Cream puffs and soft serve ice cream.Also recommended: Ube cheesecake.Avoid: N/A⭐⭐⭐ - Good, worth a visit.

Review №33

Ive went to Keki at the Chinatown location and decided to come visit this one too. The cheesecake was amazing. I always love buying their jiggly cheesecakes its so delicious. I even tried their melon soft serve. It doesnt have that green color, but when you get a lick of it you can really taste the flavor. Super refreshing especially during the hot summer. They now have cream puffs! My favorite cream puffs were the Ube. It taste so yummy and there is so much filling too! Definitely recommend getting Keki cheesecakes for the office, for friends, for a party for whatever!

Review №34

Lovely small shop with great selection of sweets, visit it u will not regret.

Review №35

Looking to try one of the fluffiest and creamiest Japanese cheesecakes? Check out Keki Modern Cakes in NYC! Keki was on the top of our list of foods to try in NY and they did not disappoint. The silky texture and gentle sweetness is out of this world! It was so delicious that we visited them twice on our short trip! ☺️☺️

Review №36

The creme buffs sold out when we arrive at 8PM. So we got the cheese cake. Nice and creamy, Great!

Review №37

I challenge you to not eat the entire cheesecake in one sitting

Review №38

Worth the trip to NYC. Words cannot describe the cream puffs and bouncy cake.

Review №39

This restaurant mainly selling soft, bouncy and cheese cake. The cakes here was delicious. It not too sweet so that anyone could have it. My friend, he doesnt eat sugary/sweat treat, but he tried the green tea cake here and loved it. He ended up buying a lots for to go. Overall, 5 stars.

Review №40

Great cake and dessert place friendly service and good food a must visit for those who love dessert they also have drinks as wellprice is good not too long for wait time

Review №41

Google Maps location isn’t exactly right it’s slightly further off 5th Avenue than shown. Regardless, the cream puffs are FANTASTIC.

Review №42

Yummy cakes and cute packaging! What else could you want? I thought the price for the cheesecake was a bit high, but when I took a bite that made me forget the price hahaha. If you love cheesecake and love trying new things, this is the place to check out.

Review №43

Bouncy cheesecakes are always a hit-or-miss, and tend to be eggy. Keki makes great ones, you can taste cheese and not eggs. Its a fun texture, but for us, one was enough to share.

Review №44

Given totally wrong items. Ordered Ube cake, given original cake.

Review №45

The cake was not as fluffy as expected and compared to other original cakes I’ve had. Service was great though.

Review №46

Delicious! The cake, Strawberry Fancy, was extremely delicious and will definitely buy again!

Review №47

Woahhh this place was recommended by someone to me . I was truly amazed how good there things were. They are famously known for their Japanese bouncy cheesecakes. It was so good and light !! Truly unbelievable how they even make this . I also tried other things like the creme puffs and ice cream. Honestly I would go back like everyday if it was nearby.

Review №48

Bouncy cheese cake v yum

Review №49

Taste just like cheese Cake but with the consistency and texture of a normal cake. Very good, not overly sweet and staff was very nice.

Review №50

This is the best cake I have ever had. When my sister and I discovered this cake last year, we planned on eating just a bite in the store before heading out and ultimately finished the whole thing just standing there. Its bouncy, fluffy, not too sweet. I cant praise this cake enough. I have since moved out of the city and recommended it to everyone I know visiting NYC. When I went back to NYC a few weeks ago I bought two cakes, ate one immediately, and took the other one on the plane back home. If I could only recommend one thing to eat in New York, it would be this cake.

Review №51

Cream puffs are sooo good! The cream on the inside is lightly sweetened and the puff is buttery and soft. All four flavors are all amazing. So yes, get them all!

Review №52

We keep coming back to these cream puffs and cheese cakes. I’m absolutely in love with their cookies and cream puff and their fancy cheesecake. We had a matcha fancy cheese cake where the cream cheese filling, the matcha overlay, and especially the graham cracker crumbs were addicting!

Review №53

Hole in the wall that sells the city’s best Japanese bouncy cheese cake. The original is good but ube is my favorite. Their cheese tarts are also a must try. They run out from time to time and the wait for new batches can be as long as 45 minutes. Get there early or call a head to see if they can hold your order for you. I’ve had varying success doing this.

Review №54

Literally heaven in a cake ! Love the castella, ube cheesecake, and the classic cheesecake!

Review №55

The softest cake I have ever had !!! The staff is super friendly. However the space not that big for sitting !!! 10/10 for the cakes!!!

Review №56

The best souffle cheesecake in the city. You can see them bake it too, so its fresh, unlike many bakeries in the area.Id been looking for Japanese cheesecake and my search ended here. This is the closest/best version around.

Review №57

Very tasty ! The ube cheesecake is rather unique to me. Really enjoyed the cream puffs.

Review №58

Usually went Keki to get their cheesecake. Dont know they start to have softserve so I decide to give a try.Before I purchase, I try the melon favor, which was a big NO NO. Taste very artificial, and very sweet. So I decide to get the original milk favor instead.Their milk softserve taste really good!Very strong milk flavor but not too sweet.And it melt very quickly, so make sure you ate quick!

Review №59

The cheesecake and the cream puffs were amazing! You order through the window these days, and its nice and quick.

Review №60

Such an amazing cheesecakes! You really got to try them! The seller its an amazing person and he explains you that is you want to eat the wiggle Jiggle cheesecake, the best time its 5 to 10 after oven, but thats no problem! They have juggle wiggle cakes all day! And different flavors also! Like matcha tea and cookies and cream! (ask for the free ice cream try, the have milk flavor and ube!)

Review №61

The cakes are amazing!

Review №62

My friends from Utah stopped in after we had lunch and they were raving about it. So of course I had to try and it was amazing!!! Yum!!! Bouncy cheesecake is number one!!! Ill need to make this a regular stop on my NYC trips!

Review №63

Lovingly made, very fresh cakes - but a little too eggy for my taste, and some may be an acquired taste. It’s worth coming by and trying one of a few they have available by the slice.

Review №64

Love their bouncy cheesecake, sweet but not that sweet that you cant have anymore because its too much... but the one that you dont want to stop eating, delicious; if you go to NY and pass to Koreatown or Chinatown is a must stop!!!

Review №65

Awesome new location. Just as good as the original Canal St. location. The new location is just as tiny and smells just as yummy! I believe still the only place in NYC that comes as close to Uncle Tetsu (in Toronto) with Japanese cheesecake in terms our taste and texture. Price is reasonable for the shareable size you get along with the fresh, natural ingredients they use. They constantly bake new batches as they sell out so a 10 minute wait time is most likely expected. Highly recommend to try their Wow Tart at least once-- though its expensive at $3.75 for a two-biter. Service is friendly and will definitely be back to try their soft serve lineup.

Review №66

Love their cream puffs 💕💕

Review №67

Something different and sweet 😋

Review №68


Review №69

We were waiting to be called for our turn at Kang Ho Dong one year, so while waiting, we crossed the street to have some pre-dinner desserts. Keki is a humble Japanese cake shop in K-Town, simply making cheese tarts and bouncy cheesecakes.Initially, we ordered three cheese tarts to try out. There were freshly baked with a molten, sweet cheese filling. So delicious! We made it a goal to come back to grab both cheese cakes and tarts prior to our flight.Cheese cake survived through security and through the flight. Cakes are good room temp for up to 7-8 hours and needs to be eaten within 3 days.Cheese tarts are good toasted up till warm, cold, or room temp.We killed our batches upon the first day returning home. Worth it!

Review №70

I love this place so much! Their bouncy cheesecake is so affordable and delicious. Their cream puffs and soft serves are also super tasty. Right now they have a great melon flavor. I’ve also tried their Green Tea “fancy cheesecake” before and it’s SO good! Be sure to get their regular bounce cheesecake if it’s your first time, but everything is fresh and amazing here.

Review №71

I was finally able to try thier creampuffs ( the ube and milk one) and it was so good! It is just the right amount of sweetness and it was very creamy. I like my cream puffs very creamy, so be warned if you do not like too much cream.I will definetly be going back for thier cheesecakes, when walking by the store you can definetly smell all the goodness.

Review №72

So yumm. Best cheesecake ever!!

Review №73

Heavenly bounty cheesecakes!!

Review №74

They offer amazing cream puff, which comes in 4 flavours, but each one is different and has a unique flavour. The Uber flavour is a must try. The staff working here are very sweet. Its a small place. Can be a little congested.

Review №75

One of the best cream puffs in town!Try ube puff!

Review №76

Everything here is excellent, can’t go wrong with anything

Review №77

So fresh, light and yummy! Super fast delivery😍

Review №78

The bouncy cheese cake is always my No.1 choice when I go to my office around 28th St. I can have them every day if I could!

Review №79

Place is crowded at night, but the servers are quick. The bouncy cheesecake was light and fluffy. And the cream puff had a lot of filling which was great. We got the pistachio, cookies and cream, and ube ones, and the pistachio one was the best in my opinion.

Review №80

Tasty cakes!

Review №81

Keki’s ube cream puffs and bouncy cheesecake are delicious!

Review №82

Ive gone to this location of Keki Cakes at least ten times in the last month. The cream puffs are consistently delicious - my favorite flavor is ube (purple color), but all of the cream puffs are so so good. The cakes are good too, but if youre on the go and want something quick and easy to eat, I highly recommend the cream puffs!!

Review №83

Employees were very helpful and nice. Cakes are so fluffy and yummy you would like to buy more than one.Note:First time I was looking for this place couldnt find it. Maybe this will help: I found it at E 33rd St. next to Little Italy Pizza. It is pretty near the façade of the Empire State Building.

Review №84

Wonderful Japanese cheesecake. Don’t look at the price and say “that’s too expensive” because the amount of work that goes into making those cakes is incredible. Got and ice cream here too and it was yummy. But those cakes are to die for.

Review №85

My favorite moderately priced treat shop in the city.

Review №86


Review №87

Unbelievably delicious cheesecake. One crumb and I’m hooked. GET the PURPLE one. It’s the best one.

Review №88

Really really good

Review №89

Fluffy ube cheesecake

Review №90

Great place on midtown to get something sweet

Review №91

Tiny place but perfect for carrying out a treat for you and your friends (or just you). Like everyone else says, get the bouncy cheesecake, any variety will do. Spongy and super moist and just plain good.

Review №92

We walked by this cute little store front one evening and were intrigued by the cakes being baked and the amazing scent. We walked in and ordered the classic cake which the gal said was the most popular.Once home we opened the cute box and to our great delighted tasted the super, super fluffy light textured cake that tasted very similar to a cheesecake but slightly a bit more egg-like, but not eggy in a bad way.It’s a fantastic tasting cake!!! I highly recommend it if you like cheesecake... cause it’s a fluffier version. Awesome!!!! Must go!

Review №93

It was great, walked in and it smelled amazing not to mention the free soft serve, the bouncy cheesecake was totally worth it. I will suggest to definitely come and watch them make it and also have a free treat. :)

Review №94

Got the traditional japanese cheesecake. Most amazing cheesecake in my life. So light and delicious. Not to mention that the service we got was incredible. They were so nice and we even got to sample a product they hadnt put on the menu yet and were testing. Which btw that was amazing too. Put this place on your must do list.

Review №95

My favorite is their WOW tart.But I prefer the cookie crust of BAKE (Keki’s crust is a Danish/puff pastry) - the filling at Keki is better - it’s a mix of cream cheese and mascarpone. But they should do better with the pastry crust - it tastes like cheap, supermarket frozen pastry. Not a fan of their cotton cheesecake as I prefer my cheesecake creamy and not floury-tasting

Review №96

Their cream puffs are divine — I had the pistachio.

Review №97

I have come here four times in the past month— always AT LEAST two hours before closing. THREE OUT OF FOUR TIMES they have been out of the castella— the sponge cake they are known for. Not sure how they stay open when they literally don’t have stock of their most popular item.

Review №98

Location is tiny with no seating. This is a carry out place with my favorite cheesecake in all of nyc. The servers are very nice.

Review №99

Oh my God the cookies and cream puff omg what the hell this is so good omg wow

Review №100

Delicious Japanese style cheese cake!! The place is small & has no seating though

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