455 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, United States
Review №1

Great store. Low on stock due to covid like everyone is

Review №2

It might not be known for it, but Muji snacks are great. The strawberry marshmallows are little bites of pure joy. They dont have a lingering artificial flavor as expected, but instead taste like a fresh strawberry got frisky with some spun sugar. Dont sleep on the tea cakes either

Review №3

The store is interesting, their stuff is very practical. Their clothes are made with cotton or organic cotton, simple styles.Plain clothes, plain colors, very functional.

Review №4

Soho is confusingLet me start first by saying I usually love Muji but I will most likely never go in the Soho store again. I shop at Muji at the Hudson Yard store and the have a mask optional policy for vaccinated people. They had signage sayin mask required but the manager came over and told us very nicely that we can take our mask off if we are vaccinated, as this is the science and a vaccine is a move towards an open world and also the Gov of NY has lifted mask requirement in accordance with the vaccination rate and the CDC. Today I went into Soho store and the same sign is up. I asked the girl at the door if the rule was different for vaccinated people. She literally froze. She said let me check with the manager. There was nobody at the door and no counting people in the store for occupancy numbers. Something they chose to lift.? To be honest either way is ok with me, but since I have followed the rules and alway wore a mask and had a different experience at the Hudson Yards store and also notice that many stores have changed their policies and not their signage yet (as in Hudson Yards Muji). I’d like to know and would prefer not to wear one as I would like the world to return. Also I simply asked the young girl if she could check and stepped to the side. It is not in my interest to have a problem, after all she is just working. However when she went to ask she left the door with quite an attitude. To people who came in actually mentioned it to me. Clearly others would like to take off their mask. The manager a male came over and said to me”We are at capacity “. I told him I wasn’t asking about that I was asking him about mask for vaccinated people. Again nobody had any raised voices, including him at this point. He said quite rudely,”read the sign”. I said “ok I was only asking because Hudson Yards allowed it”. He said we follow CDC guidelines (which is incorrect, as the CDC clearly said vaccinated people do NOT need mask indoors) as Hudson Yards knows. He again said “read the sign”. Some manager. I wonder what he’ll do when Muji goes out of business with that kind of attitude and closes in the east coast as it has in the west. His attitude is a problem and the company’s lack of clarity will damage them. I know I will shove elsewhere, as I know hot to read and follow directions but really do need someone with a massive attitude. Bye Muji

Review №5

They were closing in 30 minutes when my friend and I went, so the basement was off limits. :(

Review №6

Such a great store. We did get over charge by a cashier that might have been new. Someone was waiting next to us with the same issue. Double check your receipt.

Review №7

Two stories just like other MUJI stores. The people who worked there were really nice! I was a little sad they had run out of scissors.

Review №8

Cute shop!! The stationary was so cute! I got a pair of mahogany chopsticks from here

Review №9

Upd! 06/29/21 I came today to return the piece that didnt fit me. I came to cashier, and she told that its impossible to do without a manager. And even though the manager is in the store, but they cannot come because they having a meeting. And there are no one in the whole store who can help me with that. So they offer me to go to another Muji store or wait for at least 30 minutes.Unbelievable negligence to a customers, and such a weird way to serve a customer doesnt make any good manager.

Review №10

Clean, easy to access, simple styles that are made to last.

Review №11

Muji never disappoints, no matter what city I find it in!

Review №12

Everything makes me feel like easy and comfortable

Review №13

In all honesty if your skin contains any type of melanin and you’re planning on shopping here get ready to be followed by security your entire visit. I never would have expected this from muji but not surprised.

Review №14

Whats to dislike at Muji?!Hand sanitizer at the door, marked floors, and I clean layout. I ran in between appointments to get a couple of pens. Just like the Times Square Store the pens are near the door so I moved in and out quickly to make my appointment.I appreciated that the associated checking out my purchase explained that my option to forgo getting a receipt would mean I couldnt get a refund or exchange.

Review №15

Great Muji location that recently opened an additional lower level so they could offer more products.This is a great shopping destination for those searching for unique contemporary Japanese home goods.They offer everything from clothing to appliances, stationery, food and more. Modern styled homes that are minimalist in style could benefit greatly from Muji products.The staff in this store are quite helpful.

Review №16

Nice clean and serene decor. Love this store

Review №17

Muji as a business sort of fascinates me - you can buy humidifiers there but then also t-shirts and then also notebooks? In short, its a bit of an everything store (vibe-wise it reminds me of Ikea). Definitely would recommend as the clothes are tasteful and the scents for the humidifiers are top notch!

Review №18

So few people shopping in the store... Perhaps its todays rainy weather, perhaps its COVID19...Theres a greeter at the door with a jumbo hand-sani if you desire your hands to be sprayed. The cashier upstairs was friendly; everything was well arranged and visible. Well, except for the large cut Ecru cotton squares which were upstairs near a clearance section. Not sure why the store doesnt have them on display downstairs as well with the other cotton sizes...(?!). All in all, a good shopping-day at this MUJI location!

Review №19

Wow what is the deal? I went into Muji today and I must say.....what happened? The products are still the same, but the staff. Are they angry they went back to work??? Muji where did you find this crew, an anime convention? They act like they have like they have a stick up their you know what! Amazingly they dont seem to mind. Ill stick with the 5th Ave store thank you very much

Review №20

Bought some pants and t shirts and the quality has gone waaaaay down in the last year here.... The fit and material are much poorer. Jean stretch fabric is uncomfortable and gets sweaty quickly compared to to uniqlo at the same size and type and t-shirts arent the same slim fit in size small. Much looser and generic.

Review №21

Nice place to see, formidable items

Review №22

Courteous service and enjoyable atmosphere.

Review №23

Good service wish the company would make jinbeis in large though

Review №24

I came here to buy notebooks for school and they sell 5 of them in a pack only for 2.99$This place is all about quality! Highly recommend to anyone who prefers cotton clothing.

Review №25

If you have been to Muji store expect everything to be neatly arranged according to catagory. Price $$

Review №26

I love the elegant minimalist design of a lot of their products. In-store service varies from location to location.

Review №27

Pretty basic, medium sized store as far a Mujis go.

Review №28

Muji feels like entering a shop in Ginza. From the ambiance music to the Japanese design goods it is an experience well worth the trip. Lots of things you didn’t know you needed!

Review №29

Great store. Super efficient. Great aesthetics.

Review №30

So many things for personal, home,travel, fun, practical and thoughtful gifts for everyone! I always stop in when Im in NYC. GREAT SALES AND STAFF IS EXCELLENT. must go!!

Review №31

A MUJI store with smaller selections and cold services. Many discount items are non-refundable.

Review №32

I mainly go here for the stationary equipment. The prices are definitely affordable and quality is great.

Review №33

Good clothes.

Review №34

First time there. Different take on common items.

Review №35

Very good cheap nice

Review №36

The staff there was really nice! If youre looking for good/minimal stationery this is the place. It is actaully bigger then I thought a pop up shop could be its pretty crowded there also, but at the end everything is definitely worth it. Would visit again! 😃

Review №37

Fun spot, little expensive.

Review №38

People working were friendly, helpful, and efficient. Would definitely go back again.

Review №39

Good collection

Review №40

The simplest, nice looking and good quality of products! A lifestyle.

Review №41

This is such an interesting store. I dont know a whole lot about the brand but I really enjoy looking around the store and testing out pens. Ive been meaning to swing back again and check out the cloths. Also the essential oils smell great and the staff is really polite.

Review №42

I gave one star to Muji Soho only because it’s the lowest I could choose.I had questions about some product packages the other day, but the 2 female employees near to me were just talking to each other the whole time, and I couldn’t ask any questions. I got annoyed and I didn’t want to ask them, so I walked a bit to another two employees ( a male and a female). The male’s name tag showed he is the store manager. He was talking and laughing with the female employee for at least 3 minutes and they didn’t even notice I was waiting to ask them a question. Apparently for the manager, FLIRTING with his female employee is more important than helping a customer. Later when I went to the lower level, the manager was there too. I asked him couple questions, he was just rude! His good attitude was only for his female employees but for not the customers.Unprofessional staff and unprofessional manager! I am extremely disappointed with the store. I live in the neighborhood, and I’ve been shopping at Muji Soho since when I was in high school. But Won’t come back again! And will ask my family and friends stay away from this store.

Review №43

Very cute and they care for their customers. Love the hand sanitizer at the front!!

Review №44

It was my first time when I visit Muji store and I liked it! So many interesting things over there. As everything Japanese- its clean and simple design, functional and often smaller than we used to. They have great office supplies like notebooks and pens.

Review №45

This high-quality product, despite affordable, Japanese concept store is an excellent choice for acquiring sustainable goods. From clothes to smart travelers items, you would be surprised at prices.

Review №46

Muji! Same stuff in Japan

Review №47

Muji is the kind of store where you get everything you never wanted, but desperately needed. The staff at this location are great and knowledgeable.

Review №48

Nice store

Review №49

If you are a minimalist person this is your place!

Review №50

Gotta love the clothing from JapanSlick smooth Fashion

Review №51

Muji stores are nice and clean and this one is no exception. The place is reasonably quiet (just slightly louder than a library) and leaves you calmer than you walked in. The pricing is reasonable, but definitely not cheap if what youre aiming for is good value. But what sets this place apart from the rest is the quality, you can feel it in almost every product except for the plastic containers (dont buy the plastic containers or plastic pencil cases, they crack very very easily). Other than that I highly recommend this place for anyone who is able to spend a bit more.

Review №52

Im slowly cultivating a room filled with muji goods. I have a 3/4 over coat from them, the stitching is very professional. Everything is of excellent quality. The Japanese know whats up. The things you dont notice are sometimes the most important.

Review №53

Beautifully designed store with so many different products of high quality. You could literally spend hours in this store, just browsing all the different things they have to offer. Staff are friendly and the atmosphere is really cool.

Review №54

MUJI SOHO is an immaculate store with a great selection of products that anyone could want. When you first step into the store, youre greeted with beautiful smells produced by their fragrance diffusers. Next, you see their display of high quality pens, with accompanying notepads to test. Throughout the rest of the store you have clothes, home accessories, supplies, and furniture. Whatever youre looking for, if MUJI has it, youll be very impressed and satisfied.

Review №55

I love Muji and its quality, but the prices are quite high. Otherwise it great!

Review №56

Like all muji stores, it had the stationary that I know and love. The store also has many other products that you use in your daily life, except with a simple style that muji embraces. The also have scents for your home. I bought a notebook, a few pens, and a sturdy umbrella.

Review №57

Great selection of pens, stationary and organization shelves. Tried their snacks, the taste is mild considering its supposed to be healthy. The shop is nice and clean and has lower level for home organization needs and cosmetics.

Review №58

Just filled with a bunch of mstd(more stuff to dust)

Review №59

Most of the stuff is made in Japan. Not too overpriced. Classical music and Japanese music plays as you shop. Place is super relaxing, I swear on their lint roller and organic cotton towels and sheets. Awesome place. A different flavor in NYC. Please be nice to the employers they are super nice. :)

Review №60

Clean, bright and good service.

Review №61

Love this store. Quality products at great prices, and a somewhat unique inventory.

Review №62

Muji is a beautiful store, with a Japanese, clean, simple feel. They sell clothing, housing ware, and some stationary. Ive only been there once, but I fell in love with their artistically simple design and am satisfied with my notebook and pen purchase. They have very unique stationary, that is well priced and different from the norm. I recommend you stop by and look at the store if youre in the neighborhood, even if youre not sure if it has what you need.

Review №63

Their pens write amazing. The staff was very nice.

Review №64

Nah! Most of their products are made in China with mediocre quality. In other words, they don’t last long and that’s not good for the environment. Design is passable but quite good considering the price. Staff were helpful but a few acted as if they hated working there.

Review №65

Offers Japanese minimalist goods that can be very high quality for the price. Beautiful store overall for even a window shopping experience. I enjoy getting pens and journals here, and its fun to stamp them after purchasing. However, Im sometimes frustrated because the store does not stock the black refills that Im sure many need.

Review №66

Nothing special. I dont get what is so cool about this store

Review №67

The store is full wonderful unique stuff for home and daily use. Their seasonal clothing line are made from quality material. The store has comfy beanbags to rest tired feet. Shopping or just browsing in a muji store is always a pleasant experience.

Review №68

NEVER GO HERE. Showed up at 7:54PM on a Sunday evening to drop in and quickly pick up an umbrella. The store’s closing procedures meant that they were not letting anyone in to the store. Security guards were very rude and store manager came out at 7:58PM and was not understanding what so ever. What kind of customer experience in this supposed to be. Never shopping at MUJI ever again after such poor protocols and shoddy care for customer experience.

Review №69

Great store with awesome stationary. love the vibe of the store and it always smells amazing

Review №70

Great products and love Japanese style

Review №71

This is a decent sized MUJI store with a lot to see. This is a great place to pick up any stationary or household goods that have a minimalist, generic feel to them so they wont clash with anything. The prices are fair, especially for the area, and the quality of everything Ive bought from MUJI has always been great. A large section of the store is dedicated to clothing as well.Make sure to check out their website for their full inventory as the store isnt large enough to hold everything.

Review №72

It is a pop up shop so it makes sense that they would lack half of what is offered at the full fledged store. Customer service is great and staff are friendly. But not overbearingly so which is nice.

Review №73

I love this place. Close to my school buy everything I ever need! Pens, pencils everything! They have these candles that always burn giving the room and amazing smell. Very roomy and clean.

Review №74

Such a cool store! They have everything from clothes to closet organizers to notebooks to candles. The store itself is the epitome of Japanese culture - everything is displayed beautifully and it is so relaxing inside in comparison to the hectic streets of Soho. This place is good for little gifts for the design enthusiastic. I come here to get the little notebooks, theyre so cheap and fit perfectly in my pocket.

Review №75

Cool store,best to shop during sale time. Great winter sweaters, t-shirts,and underwear.

Review №76

The pens there is a very great selection. I brought 8pens for $10 dollars. Pretty worth it I guess.

Review №77

A mid-sized home goods and stationary supply store offering minimalist products at very good prices. MUJI represents quality products with minimal waste and has to be one of the most pleasant places to shop in Manhattan (or America).I highly recommend MUJI because of the outstanding products and commitment to reducing wasteful packaging which leads to lower prices and less environmental degradation. If youre shopping for home good or office supplies, you need to go to MUJI and make the best choice in terms of quality and sustainability.

Review №78

Minimalistic in everything except the items costs. This shop is amazing for window shoppers.

Review №79

Fast check out! Easy to absorb organized display, shopper friendly

Review №80

Fun store with clothing, household, beauty and stationary. Helpful polite staff.

Review №81

This location is currently closed for renovation but I got some nice acrylic organizers here when they were on sale for $10 each; they are normally almost $40. They also have a nice skincare line that I tried from reading online reviews.

Review №82

The things was so nice and pretty there. Their Japanese snack was amazing. And the people are nice there

Review №83

Good muji store but not as robust as muji 5th Ave.

Review №84

Not much inventory

Review №85

Great products - however this is the 2nd time Ive been to this location and like the first time nothing but attitude by the hipster staff !!!

Review №86

Great store! Perfect for those who keep a journal and who are always in need of a pen. Cute minimalist style clothing.

Review №87

MUJI Soho expanded with a larger collection of their items usually found only online or in Japan. They now have some furniture, bedding, bath, cleaning supplies, food, office supplies, travel, clothing, home goods, etc. I love all their items but can get pricey.

Review №88

It’s just a Muji like any other Muji, except probably a little more crowded given the location. All the things are nice and tidy and make you wish your home were so nicely designed, and then you buy a few things hoping you can slowly make your way towards that vision.

Review №89

Love this store! I want one of everything! Simple, sleek, practical designs.

Review №90

Quality product and located at a great location. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Missing one product that I wanted to try (0.3mm mechanical pencil).

Review №91

Very friendly staff and store smell nice unlike some stores thumbs up

Review №92

I remember visiting the midtown location when they opened a while ago. Saw this as I strolled along Broadway and figured why not.Ended up buying their solid flannel shirt for $40. Very plain, but exactly what I wanted for work. So warm and comfy and most important well-fitting. Im a lanky Asian guy at 510 and the XS fits me perfectly. I ended up going back a few weeks later to grab the other two colors.Wasnt interested in any of their stationary or other products.

Review №93

Horrible experience. I didnt bring my card or cash. I asked if they took Google pay they said yes. I used it and the system said card not supported. I asked them if they took Mastercard they said yes. So we tried again. I asked if we could try at another register they ignored me and simply said nothing. I awkwardly waited there for to offer some other solutions. There were none. I had to dig out all my pens from my bag and give them back. Horrible that they didnt even try a different register and didnt say sorry or anything. They both looked like they didnt know what they were doing or what was happening. First time shopping here. It will be the last.

Review №94

One of New Yorks top ten design stores, if only for their point of view. Here everything is stripped down to the basics, which in the Japanese aesthetic means pure and gorgeous. Yes, sometimes the products are so simple they cross over into dull, but other times theyre cutting edge, like their paper speakers. Prices are good and definitely drop by if you need stationery supplies.

Review №95

I love the Astor Place Muji location. Spacious, serene and not crazy crowded. Good stock and helpful staff. I can amble through and shop at my pace. The furniture and bedding on the lower level is pricey for what it is but beautifully appointed and covetable. The products have simplicity of design and function.

Review №96

Muji is an amazingly fun store. So many things you never knew you needed. Fun to browse, reasonable prices - good luck leaving the store without buying at least one never-before-seen but all of a sudden must-have home product or little gift for a friend. Enjoy!

Review №97

Great shop, always enjoy myself when I visit Muji.

Review №98

Very nice store. Home goods at reasonable prices. The store is very clean and the sales people are very friendly.

Review №99

This place has super cool stuff for organizing your home. I just bought several organizers for my makeup and other drawers in the house. Bonus: AFFORDABLE!

Review №100

Definitely a great minimalistic store. Nice and simple Japanese items. Cool to browse around. Plenty of things for everyday needs.

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  • Phone:+1 212-334-2002
  • Department store
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  • Variety store
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  • Monday:11AM–8PM
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  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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