Tokio 7
83 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003, United States
Tokio 7
Review №1

You got to look but there is some supper nice finds. Also the prices are very far especially because lot of stuff is discounted. Staff is very friendly and respectful.

Review №2

Been coming here since a kid. Love the various designer brands and deals, but the staff always seem to give you “hostile” looks, especially the owner. Sorry to say, but to all my Black People who shop here, just be cautious. The respect you give is not reciprocated.

Review №3

Great clothes & friendly staff.

Review №4

Great collection in nice condition, (updated) came here 5 times, shopped 6 items so far. Though it’s difficult to find the right style with your size, it’s never boring to shop here. Based on my observation, the staffs aren’t nice to everyone, but are def respecting to ppl that appreciate their items. This place is really popular so items gone fast before dropping to killer prices, but I still recommend this place. Always fun to see ppl with unique styles here.

Review №5

Almost 10 years shopping and consigning with this store, andI’ve never felt so disrespected.Walked in as usual looking something specific.This time a good quality leather tote bag for men.Luckily found one and was ready to pay.Being so used to Apple Pay/Google Pay etc., I pull out my phone to make the payment.This ‘arrogant owner’ behind the main counter close to the entrance where he usually operates, immediately grabs the bag and places it behind him while rudely waving his hand at me to leave, and mentioning verbatim “no Apple Pay is accepted”.In my mind, I was like why are you advertising it on the payment device then, at least put up sign.I reached for my wallet to use my debit card while I expressed my feelings.You walk in and greet him, and he doesn’t even acknowledge it.All his employees seem to be on extra guard once a person of color walks in.Almost 10 years consigning and shopping in this store?A MESSAGE TO THE OWNER,WHENEVER AND IF I EVER WALK INTO YOUR STORES,I’M NEVER THERE TO BEG OR STEAL.EVERY ITEM YOU HAVE ON SALE FOR 50% COMMISSION “WHICH IS A RIP OFF”, TO CONSIGNORS, I CAN AFFORD A 100 TIMES OVER.SO YOU BETTER CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. Unbelievable.......

Review №6

I have been a long time shopper and sell here. The staff is always polite, and I’ve gotten really good gems on top of cash for my goods. I will be honest sometimes things are overpriced for the name and the style is not great but overall good selection of up to date designers. The reason for this review is due to covid I have moved and my current consignment was owed to me. The staff kindly reached out to me offering a mailed check. This is outstanding customer service and makes me feel good to support such great owners and employees. Don’t think about consignment anywhere else!!

Review №7

Love this shop. some great rare designer finds. be prepared for high prices its not a cheap shop but there are some amazing clothes and price is worth it

Review №8

Excellent, vibrant selection of designer and gently used clothing, bags, shoes. Its like each piece is personally selected. Very well organized. The manager and staff were helpful and polite.

Review №9

I have been going there for about 20 yearsI love this place very muchThe staff is great 👍🏻

Review №10

I really liked Tokio7. I found a lot of cute stuff there and really was more limited by my own time than by options of things I would like to take into the dressing room. There were only a few dressing rooms there (maybe 2?), so there was a bit of a wait to try on when I was there. Selection was, of course, more limited than say Beacons Closet, but I liked the location being closer in better personally. Will definitely be back!

Review №11

Over priced

Review №12

Cosigners beware leaving your designer goods with them! I give them 0 stars.I had a $700 brand new pair of black classic patent leather designer brand heels that I ended up not wearing for an event that I needed to sell. I listed it at 50% off the price I paid - which was a steal to anyone who knows designer shoes. I called week after week to check if they sold, the counter lady said no it hasnt been sold. I was truly shocked and thought they may have kept it in the back to release sporadically good items but she told me they dont do that, only hold items until the end of the day and never bother to check on them. I stopped in and saw they werent there and the lady at the counter checked their log and said its not sold so prob on hold and to check back tomorrow - I called the next day and she checked her log and said the person never came in to purchase them. They just kept giving me excuses and never checked on the physical item. After 60 days, the policy states your merchandise has to be picked up as it hasnt been sold. When I came to retrieve the new heels, their sales log said it wasnt sold but the heels were nowhere to be found in the store. The lady said she thinks it was stolen and no where in the store. I was really upset. I purchased the heels for $700 and they gave me back $75 and said I am lucky to have gotten something at all since it was stolen. I was truly offended! I dont think its worth the risk of theft in their store. Youre better off selling on Poshmark!

Review №13

Going to a consignment store is a bit like playing the lottery: yes you could win by finding a piece that had always been missing from your wardrobe, but more likely than not, youll be leaving empty handed. This has never been more true than at Tokio 7 where the emphasis is on designer/couture brands.The clothes themselves are in excellent condition and bargains are to be had but that last point may be relative as a button down shirt will still set you back $100.For those prices one couldnt be faulted for expecting the clothes to be better arranged, sectioned off by size perhaps, but maybe this would take away from the joy of the search.Come here if youre a fashionista and a size Medium.

Review №14

Racists owners. Ive spent a lot of money and time in this great store until today. I noticed 3 people-of-color customers shopping here and the staff followed them around the store, watching their every move. Made me very uncomfortable. Will not be returning. Such a shame because they have a great inventory.

Review №15

Good stuff can be found but the owner (?) (guy with glasses) is rude and not professional at all. Won’t come back again. We don’t treat people like that.

Review №16

Great place for consignment especially if you have really good *designer& merchandise!

Review №17

A good consignment shop for contemporary fashion. Inside the garments are all from the top names in fashion. If you are searching for fashion treasure Tokio 7 may be the X on your map. Beware though the prices are high and they have a strict no haggling policy.

Review №18

Thrift shopping is supposed to be a way to save money, but everything here costs $100+. However, its with good reason. Everything on Tokio 7s shelves is designer, and they always have an amazing selection and wonderful service.

Review №19

Large great selection of designer items. Some are still quite expensive and most items where small sizes but still found a great derek Lam overcoat for 150$

Review №20

A high end consignment store in the middle of Greenwich Village. They carry a great collection of designer and streetwear items ranging from Balmain and Supreme as well as more indie companies as well. The store owners are Japanese and the store carries hints of Japanese vibes. Overall a solid consignment store though the prices are a bit higher than norm.

Review №21

Great place to buy and sell, very polite staff and fair prices.

Review №22

This is the best clothing consignment store in the city! Its a family owned business that gives 50% cash for eash consigned item sold. If youre looking for upscale contemporary and streetwear brands for a great price or if you have lightly worn designer pieces to sell, this is the place to go!

Review №23

I love Tokio 7 its the best consignment store for high-quality ultra-chic amazing condition pieces at amazing prices I hope these guys never go out of business!

Review №24

This is a high end consignment shop.The service is gruff but generally the clothes are in good shape and they have a fair mix of designers fairly priced.

Review №25

Good selection of designer goods . . . Some overpriced & some underpriced. Definitely worth visiting if your after some used or vintage designer clothing.

Review №26

Great place to buy pre-owned name brand items from sunglasses, bags to jackets and shoes. Most are in pretty good conditions and prices are reasonable. There are not a lot of selections but if you come by regularly, you might find good pieces to go with!

Review №27

Absolutely horrible service! If you are selling be prepared to be humiliated by the snobby staff that will treat your designer clothes like its H&M, give you snarky comments about the labels they prefer (over brands Alberta Ferretti) and whatever they dont buy in a pile on the floor! These people are a disgrace to the otherwise respectful Japanese culture!

Review №28

Lots of couture and mid range designer pieces.Decent prices. They carry both mens and womens clothing and accessories in very good shape and organized so it makes it very easy to shop. I love to shop here.

Review №29

Took a subway all the way from 26th St to come to Tokio 7. Arrived in front of the store at 7:58, customers were still inside, and they didnt let me (and two other strangers) in because they were closed. Wasted 40 mins just to get denied when they shouldve allowed willing customers to come inside and literally give them more profit. Lmao and smh, yall deserve this one star.

Review №30

Name brands, much fairly priced (no bargains for quality or condition) and others slightly overpriced.Variety of clothing and designer brands in a large dusty space, but youll have to share mirrors and aisles with other customers as it can get pretty busy. With multiple changerooms you likely need not queue for those. My qualm is with this stores products and that is, that most items are in pretty bad condition, very worn, old, and dirty. And I looked through most of the racks. Was able to do so in about 50 min, and didnt find much that I liked! There are a few items here and there in great/excellent condition. This place takes some digging and repeat visits, but I wouldnt visit again unless I were in the area.

Review №31

Bern coming here for years. You have to come often as it is hit or miss. But the hits are wonderful. Very fair prices.

Review №32

Love the fact that they have great pieces for reasonable prices but I have to give this place 1 star because I dont have any tolerance for discrimination. I recently visited this store in search for a backpack for grad school and one of the workers was watching me to see if I was stealing! I went towards the back where I saw a Rag & Bone backpack for a really good price and I while I was trying on the bag, the same associate came over where I was while pretending to fix a rack of clothes. As soon as I walked away from the area, low and behold she walked back away from the area. I felt so hurt that I had to directly say something to her about it and she claimed she was looking for a shirt meanwhile another associate that overheard the conversation was apologizing. BS. And I really wanted that bag but I just couldnt buy it. Black people: dont buy where you are not welcomed. These people dont deserve your hard earned money.

Review №33

Overpriced full of young people with money to waste and older people trying to be hip.

Review №34

I feel like prices dont take defect into consideration. Also, dont expect Japanese hospitality from the employees.

Review №35

Hidden jem for the realest in street wear and fashion go now before everyone and their mom starts

Review №36

Nice products, ok prices.I would NOT recommend at all for the disgusting, arrogant, rude people working there.Go into that shop, and get sick of their toxic attitude for a week.NO thanks and the people working in that shop are a shame for whole Japan, i been many times in that glorious island and i can tell you true japanese people are among the most well behaved and educated humans on this planet.Tokyo 7 is disgusting!

Review №37

The best consignment/resale in new york

Review №38

Best designer s found ever

Review №39

Amazing vintage and secondhand designer shop. great value! toptoptop

Review №40

One of the best thrift shops ever. Japanese designer jeans and serious couture for a fraction of the label price.

Review №41

Nice secondhand shope for designer clothes

Review №42

Nice shop and some great prices, I feel the discrimination too tho tbh, its nothing new in the lower east/soho area but it nevertheless doesnt feel good ):

Review №43

Of course its random ish whether you find what you likeBut I sure did!Great selection, tons of y3/cdg and service was good for the most part.Looking for Undercoverism but u Kno kinda rare

Review №44

Nice clothes but the store could be much nicer and cleaner

Review №45

Good thrift shop. Though thrift is probably not the right word

Review №46

Very good streetwear selection here, including menswear. Slightly dingy interior but worth the potential finds.

Review №47

FAKE!!! I bought Rick Owens Mastodon from here and they were fake. I called and told them and they weren’t nice at all and would not give me a refund I will never go there again. please beware of what you buy in there and they also told me I should’ve asked if they were real lol I would not recomend this place .

Review №48

The best consignment shop around lower East side

Review №49

Okay selection. Friendliness could be better.

Review №50

Great place to buy designer clothes for good price. Love it

Review №51

Great place to get some high end consignment pieces for lowlow

Review №52

Love it. I had a wonderful time and scored a Romeo Gigli blouse that I adore.

Review №53

This place does have some great stuff, from Louis Vuitton to Rick Owens to Simone Rocha. But their prices are can be astronomical, sometimes I see used garments for less than the same unused garment on sale. Crazy.Also, the guy who runs this place has a judgey attitude. Just today I went in there hoping to get some store credit I was hoping to use to this great old Ann Demeulemeester oversized trench coat I had my eye on. I was wearing a black hoodie and adidas track pants, and felt immediately dismissed. When he coldly told me I couldnt get store credit, I said fine, see how much money I could get. I brought out my first piece, a mohair floppy neck sweater by Isabel Benenato (barely wore it because I impulse bought it in Italy and it just was I dunno, too girly for me personally) and he said, Only spring summer. I saw another guy next to me slinging coats, he was dressed better. when I said I had spring summer pieces, he either didnt hear me or ignored me. I had some serious stuff here, that just either didnt fit me or wasnt my style and was taking up room in my closet: Margiela, Y-3, Armani, it had at least some value and he didnt give me the time of the day. I cant confirm if it was because I was dressed like a bum, but I felt dismissed.I sold the same lot for $250 store credit down the street at 11Eleven boutique, though they dont have nearly as good a selection their customer service outweighed the Ann D coat I will never have.

Review №54

Found some amazing clothes for great prices

Review №55

Owner and employees dont really interact with you, nor do they make themselves really available. Many pants in larger sizes arent labeled and they dont bother to label. Its alright.

Review №56

Terrible service, great clothes. definitely overpriced and the employees are borderline classist if not racist

Review №57

Fair prices but you have to go often as it is hit or miss. you never know what youll find here as its all consignment and high end designer.

Review №58

Excellent selection and reasonably priced designer clothing.

Review №59

Ive been calling since yesterday and no one picks up the phone. Is everything ok?

Review №60

Menswear selection is pretty limited and mostly consists of unattractive, expensive t-shirts and jackets by big-name designers. Solid shoe choice, but dont bother if your shoe size is on the smaller end.

Review №61

Ay japan you feel me?

Review №62

Got a nice jacket with good price.

Review №63

I didn’t get to go in. They opened late and I got tired of waiting.

Review №64

Best designer vintage in NYC

Review №65

Racist establishment. Employees will follow you around store if youre a minority. Old man at front desk told me & my friends to go outside if we wanted to talk. Prime example of anti blackness in the Asian community.

Review №66

Way overpriced for items - on average twice the resell value

Review №67

One of a kind designer pieces at a discount yet still expensive price

Review №68

Aboslutely my fav in NYC

Review №69

I went here based on an article about thrift stores in the east village. This is a designer consignment shop. Too expensive...not thrifting.

Review №70

Love this place, always amazing finds

Review №71

Nice designer items, owners aware

Review №72

When you need to impersonate a rock star...

Review №73

Always find good stuff

Review №74

They even have sportswear!

Review №75

Love this place

Review №76

Very expencive

Review №77

Over priced

Review №78

Great pieces

Review №79

My favorite store

Review №80

So much clothes!!!

Review №81


Review №82


Review №83

I hate this place so much. Beyond rude staff. Always crowded and way too hot. Way over hyped

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