Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen
428 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014, United States
Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen
Review №1

Coffee / matcha is great. The bowls are pretty good too. It would be nice to have some vegan protein options in the bowls. The cookies they used to have were really good but the new ones are not so great. I tried the spelt chocolate cookie and it’s awful. The buckwheat chocolate used to be amazing!

Review №2

Delicious and GREAT staff. But I am not a fan of how much disposable cutlery etc you use and then dont recycle (it goes all in the same trash bin). I understand because of Covid but theres more you can do.

Review №3

Great coffee food, the granola yogurt with red fruit and the banana toast with tahini were both delicious. They have specialty beverages such as turmeric latte, also excellent. Cozy indoor place which is closed during covid 19 pandemic but they have a nice covered outdoor terrasse. A must go!

Review №4

Beautiful coffee and food. Unfortunately the prices are excessive for the quantity of food provided and the fact that there is no table service. 1 small piece of gluten free toast with avocado and egg is $13. Left hungry.

Review №5

Great Counter Culture shop affiliate with great coffee and nice place to work. Staff seemed a bit hurried and tired after a long day of work and a smile would have come a long way but I get it, that sometimes things are busy. Would come again!

Review №6

Very good cold brew. The barista was very nice as well.

Review №7

Love the Merriweather Morning Sandwich, yogurt, and drinks. Staff is also friendly and attentive. Highly recommend.

Review №8

A very cozy breakfast place. I was very pleased with the service and the quality of the breakfast. I ordered the Mushrooms on toasted bread with a poached egg and a Macchiato.I would recommend everyone to stop by and have a great breakfast which is also not too heavy on the pocket (as per NYC standards)

Review №9

Excellent coffee, not overpriced. Yum flat white. Nice people, good toasts. Perfect place for a delicious quick breakfast for one or two. Mine was $15.

Review №10

Love the coffee at this sweet spot. Friendly staff and great music are an added bonus, and theres plenty of space to spread out with friends.

Review №11

Best Cappuccino in NYC ! It is that popular, the que is out the door...☕

Review №12

Delicious place! Good menu. This time I got a cappuccino and a Merriweather toast: feta, tomato, za’aatar and lemon. It was delish. Pretty low key, great for a breakfast. The service was really fast which I appreciated.Usually see people working, which is nice, they keep the music to a conversational level.Total spent was around $15 for the items on the picture, I still think it was somewhat of pricey, great coffee.

Review №13

Really good avocado toast. I love me a poached eggs. Great cold pressed juice too

Review №14

The Americano tasted strange and the almond croissant was cold and hard to bite. The staff was super nice, though. And the fact that they are open during these covid times is highly commendable.

Review №15

Great little shop in the village. Can get crazy busy but has great foor, good coffee and an amazing staff.

Review №16

Merriweather is a cute, clean, and just plain friendly little space. The espresso here is strong and on-point and I highly recommend the yogurt and oatmeal choices.Both the staff and patrons here are, in all the times Ive visited, very welcoming and friendly. The only problem is that theres rarely a free seat, which isnt a problem if youre ordering to go 😋

Review №17

Delicious breakfast sandwich, fun chill atmosphere.

Review №18

Cute, little cafe with a comfortable atmosphere. The food is high quality, healthy and the combination of food is really nice and unique. I had the Merriweather Morning Sandwich, which I can highly recommend! Made me want to have a second one .. they also have a nice selection of cake. Space is relatively small, so you have to be lucky to get a table. Will come back for sure!

Review №19

Besides great food and the very best coffee the young woman who is at the register outside the cafe is hands down the most inviting person in any cafe in NYC - it is a joy to see her handle her customers and be greeted so nicely every time one orders. Im annoyed with myself that I do not recall her name but she knows mine and my exact order!!!!

Review №20

One of my favorites places! Everything is great. Service is awesome. I love the orange french toast. The berry cake is super tasty. And of course the coffee!My favorite is the dirty Chai. And if you sit on the batio you can bring your fur babies.

Review №21

Great service, I tried the iced detox elixir, with sparkling water. It was delicious. They had these turmeric nut balls that were scrumptious. Next time I will try the coffee.

Review №22

They now open outside seating only.

Review №23

Really great coffee (flat white!) and a fine addition to Hudson. Food is a bit pricey for what it is but tasty nonetheless. I had the rosemary ham croissant. Friendly atmosphere, good music. Space is tight so dont bring a laptop here.

Review №24

I wish they had longer hours, but other than that, this place is perfect. Reasonable prices, much more reasonable than some of the small coffee chains in the city, and their drinks arent micro sized like other independent coffee houses. I also love that they give you a personal teapot for your tea and a steeping time.

Review №25

Had the Ethiopian pour over. Knowledgeable barista, clean store, fresh locally roasted beans, expert pour over. Highly recommend.

Review №26

Fantastic food.I got the Cauliflower Curry Bowl and added spicy chicken. The contrast between spicy and the lime flavor in the curry plus the contrast between warm chicken and cold salad was fantastic.I recommend this restaurant if you want to sit and eat, do some work or just meet for coffee.

Review №27

Creme del la creme of coffee in Buffalo. There are cafes in Buffalo that do a great job of creating inviting and comfortable environments for enjoying your favorite coffee drink .... but I find many cafes fall short in one way or the other (either you get environment or quality coffee, not both).

Review №28

Nice coffee in NYC.We we were looking for something healthy and tasty and we found it here!!Avocado toast was delicious and coffee too!!We recommend it 100%

Review №29

Best coffee in New York. As an Aussie in the states having the opportunity to have a good flat white made my year!

Review №30

This has to be my favorite coffee shop in NYC so far - it’s small enough to be quiet and welcoming and tasty enough to be a must see! The coffee is great, the food is wonderful and the atmosphere is by far the best I’ve experienced, homey and trendy. I love Merriweather!

Review №31

Currently serving Counter Culture beans for milk espresso drinks, and Lofted (guest roaster) for pour-overs. Theres a good selection of pastries and savory fare (soups, sandwiches). The large front window makes the space bright and airy.Adding a star to the rating. Went back yesterday with a friend and tried a salad and one of the toasts (feta, tomato, zataar). The food is very good. The Lofted guest espresso was phenomenal.

Review №32

The coffee program is legit. The food is delicious, healthy and great value for this neighborhood which is generally pricey. The staff is awesome and friendly. Great vibes and energy. Love this place.

Review №33

Solid west village coffee spot

Review №34

Great little local spot for a coffee or pastry. Bright and airy. Good egg sandwich too. Owner is an Aussie and super nice too.

Review №35

Last week I came to this cafe and sat at the same table and had 2 ppl to my right and left on laptops and sales calls.This week as I’m sitting in the same exact spot and my friend is next to me on her laptop and we are being told that they have a policy (not written anywhere) that you can’t have laptops on tables and for us to move.Inconsistent and poor “policy” communication.

Review №36

One of the best places for breakfast in Manhattan !

Review №37

This new gourmet cafe is a real find: superb specialty coffees, very well thought-out original food made fresh every day, and a comfortable, very friendly environment. The staff is most helpful and courteous. Its worth getting here from wherever you are!

Review №38

Delicious and popular

Review №39

We found a hair in our salad!

Review №40

Great way to start the day when so many bright colors show up on the table! Got turmeric oatmeal, matcha latte, coffee and mushroom toast, would like to try more because everything looked so yummy.

Review №41

Nice atmosphere.. Coffees good.. So are pastries.. Attractive baristas.. Plenty of seating

Review №42

Great coffee in the greatest of Australian traditions. Had an oat milk cortado. Was perfect though not cheap

Review №43

Great cafe, great coffee, WiFi available on weekdays. They have several outlets too.

Review №44

Excellent BLAT sandwich and iced latte. Pricing is about what you would expect in this part of the city. Cheers 🤙🏻

Review №45

If you want great coffee, come here because you’re guaranteed it. I’m a Melbournian from Australia, so my coffee standards are high and I was not disappointed.

Review №46

I like coming here on the weekends. Great coffee, friendly staff and good vibes all around. Never too crowded like some other coffee shops in the area. The food looks really good, however, have yet to try anything bc there’s never any open seating.

Review №47

Great coffee and food. Relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff. Had the mushroom toast with poached eggs and it is surprisingly filling

Review №48

Delicious coffee and wonderful staff. I didn’t eat here, though the food looks really good.

Review №49

One of my all time favorite coffee houses in the city. Get their morning sandwich, it’s to die for!

Review №50

Best Almond Milk Latte in the city! Great food, cute vibe, and the employees are all very friendly! Highly recommend.

Review №51

Amazing coffee! I work 2 blocks away and come 3-4x a week. One star off because they have real shitty pastries. Please upgrade your baker!!

Review №52

I like this place a lot. Its in a super useful location (for me) has lots of seating, friendly staff, and a nice crowd. The coffee is good, not great. The food/treats are very good. There are some outdoor seats and lots of indoor seats.This is just a really nice place to chill out. Its also a great refueling stop if you are in the air, especially since there arent too many other options around there unless you want big brand coffee (Dunkin, etc) or want to venture east into SoHo.I definitely find myself here at least once a month, more when the weather is nice.

Review №53

Great cafe with sizable food menu. Cant speak to the food, but the coffee was delicious. They serve utilizing counter culture beans.

Review №54

Coffee is top notch and the breakfast sandwich was really good! Thanks for a good breakfast!

Review №55

Nice, casual coffee shop. Good tea! Like the ambience.

Review №56

Great coffee and breakfast spot. Love the atmosphere

Review №57

Forgettable. I am really struggling to understand how this place is rated so high. Ordered a coffee and tea, and I can’t even recall anything about it - that’s how forgettable it is. It also has nothing Australian about it. Go to Blue Stone Lane instead which is only a short walk away. Also the interior is uninspired and needs a refresh ASAP. I wouldn’t come back. Just bland. On the upside, it’s always empty on Sundays so it has that going for it.

Review №58

I really like this place, has the feel that Bluestone Lane used to have.

Review №59

Delicious avocado toast!!

Review №60

A great place for a sambo and coffee. Shared the soup of the day (tomato), Saigon Saga and Tasty Ham and Cheese sandwich - both served on a warm and perfectly crunchy baguette. Good music and chilled atmosphere - a great alternative to Bluestone Lane.

Review №61

Great espresso and latte drinks. Wonderful baristas and welcoming decor. Will absolutely be back

Review №62

Love this place for my morning ritual. Great coffee and a simple/easy menu of some tasty selections.

Review №63

Had a delicious sandwich! A great place for a quick bite or a relaxing afternoon with a book

Review №64

Best coffee in Manhattan

Review №65

Amazing food, amazing coffee, beautiful location, and great employees

Review №66

Love this spot. I always get the chicken Tahini Qinoa salad bowl.

Review №67

Intimate cafe with interesting food and beverage selections with small outdoor space. Friendly service.

Review №68

Wew, chillay! WHAT A DREAM?!? This gem of a place is across the street from my job and Im having such a hard time staying away.The signature breakfast sandwich with prosciutto, yes!!The ginger turmeric oatmeal, yes!!The poached pear toast, yes!!Dona Chai in stock and in their awesome chai latte, yes!!Regular coffee is so refreshingly good and just yes!! Its all a yes. If youre on the fence about going, demolish the fence and go!!

Review №69

I loved it here. I had the lemonade and it must have had a secret ingredient in it because it was lovely!!

Review №70

My regular coffee and lunch spot close to work. The breakfast sandwich is awesome, and theres no beating their coffee.

Review №71

Beautiful space! A welcome addition to the neighborhood. Beach vibes abound. Coffee is top notch, but the food leaves something to be desired.

Review №72

Superb coffee, and their Detox drinks are fantastic. A special slice of Australian cafe culture in West Village.

Review №73

Amazing breakfast sandwich. Also, Vietnamese sandwich was good.

Review №74

Two thumbs up. Perfectly made coffee. Healthy + tasty food

Review №75

Delicious food and great place to have a cup of coffee

Review №76

Coffee is top notch. One of the best places in the city, up there with Box Kite and Black Fox. CCC and Tandem on guest when I went. The Tandem SOE was great as was the Kalita PO which was a natural Ethiopian. Superbly sourced and roasted by Tandem and brewed perfectly by Merriweather. In other words, the coffee is mad good and consistent. Bravo!

Review №77

Insanely tasty and healthy lunch bowls. Get the hearty winter vegetable miso quinoa bowl.

Review №78

Amazing food and coffee!! Ive seen several celebrities eating here. Love it!!

Review №79

The baristas were very nice and made great coffee!

Review №80

Kind staff and consistently delicious drinks prepared with craft and care.

Review №81

Been here a few times now and really enjoyed the menu, which adds some flavorful nuances to simple classics. Oatmeal with poached pear and turmeric. Breaky sando with a yummy harissa kick. Might actually be the best breakfast sandwich in the city. And while the coffee is super good, I actually recommend the matcha almond latte which isnt sugary like the kind youd find at a large chain. Sweet staff too! Im quickly becoming a regular!

Review №82

Great coffee, friendly service and good sandwiches. Great addition to lower Hudson.

Review №83

Great coffee, food, and service

Review №84

Such a cute coffee shop with surprisingly delicious food!

Review №85

Good coffee and avocado toast.

Review №86

The Tumeric macadamia latte is the best both iced or hot!

Review №87

Small cafe with some great coffee! Try grin by there earth it as the gets are laptop clad crowd in every table otherwise

Review №88

Obnoxious staff; were incredibly rude to my wife and I. And Id say that Starbucks definitely has better coffee... a disappointment

Review №89

Aussie style cafe with great coffee and smashed avo

Review №90

Not my favorite coffee but the food there is excellent

Review №91

Amazing Aussie cafe with good food and one of the best coffees in NYC!

Review №92

Good food and music

Review №93

Great food and coffee was fair dinkum 👌

Review №94

Merriweather is the place to go to have coffee or an amazing Morning sandwich!

Review №95

Sipping a warm, berry, sweet single origin coffee is the best in this season.

Review №96

Great mellow Aussie beachy friendly cafe with excellent coffee

Review №97

Cannot get enough of the BLAT sandwich ! Messy to eat, but so savory

Review №98

Amazing avocado toast and iced matcha almond lattes!

Review №99

Tasty cafe and nice food

Review №100

Super simple setup. Great coffee.

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  • Address:428 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014, United States
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  • Phone:+1 646-678-5678
  • Coffee shop
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Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–4PM
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Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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