Landmark Coffee Shop
158 Grand St, New York, NY 10013, United States
Landmark Coffee Shop
Review №1

This place is like I went back in time to the 70s/80s. It’s small, but cute and charming. The food was very good and very affordable. The waitress was nice and very personable. I had the pancake lumberjack meal. It was a huge portion and oh so satisfying. I definitely recommend this old New York style diner.

Review №2

Terrific local diner. Cheap and delicious, with friendly owners and staff. The Landmark is my go-to whenever Im in Soho.

Review №3

This place is a classic neighborhood corner diner! The atmosphere is great, the lady at the register is a big personality and makes you feel like a local as soon as you step inside. The service was exceptional and the food came quickly. I heard the chef has been working here for over 40 years and it shows! Everything was excellent and I will definitely be back!

Review №4

This place is a great diner! I got the two eggs on a roll with bacon and cheese for less than $6, which was refreshing price-wise. The waitress was so nice and she was fast with our order. 11/10

Review №5

This is the classic, old school, simple diner. The French toast is classic, eggs and bacon are perfect, and the home fries are exactly what you want— flavorful and crispy.Go here for a reliable, easy, good meal!

Review №6

Gooooodt Food! Nice eatery in Chinatown

Review №7

Old school new York diner with the best prices in town. Perfect old-school cheeseburger deluxe less than $10 BUCKS!!!

Review №8

Good food, good service, great way to start the day

Review №9

The best ever! This coffee shop is indeed a great place to relax and have a cup of coffee. The pastries are also the best here, and the staffs are amazing too. I really had a great time here, and Im sure that I will come back again together with my friends. Thanks, everyone! Keep up the beautiful work!

Review №10

Best old school diner in lower Manhattan!Looking for a place with solid food at reasonable prices in this part of town is tough. Landmark offer a service you might find at a roadside diner on a dusty highway.Amazing omelettes and pancakes with crispy bacon. The portions are perfect and the prices are even better. The bottomless filter coffee is served at your table.Service is fast and efficient and the place is very clean.More details on our Sling Adventures website

Review №11

The REAL French toast. Spectacular, a complete and big breakfast for a good price.

Review №12

Giving 4 stars because the waitress is amazing. She has a very friendly personality, was quick to wait on and serve us with a cheerful attitude. This is a classic greasy spoon with a huge menu.

Review №13

Tasty. Quick. Large portions.The owner and staff were delightful!They treat everyone like theyre long time friends.

Review №14

Awesome place for NY sandwich/deli classics. I had a turkey sausage, egg and cheese on a roll. Came out fresh in 2 minutes and was delicious. Woman who waited on me was delightful and entertaining. Highly recommend.

Review №15

I actually met my wife at this building 16 years ago. I was a fashion photographer in NYC, and above this diner were a couple of photo studios, where she was. The food at Landmark is quintessential NYC diner food. I painted a portrait of this place in my series of Disappearing New York, which you can see on my website, kovalfineart dot com.

Review №16

They need to update their hours so people wont waste their time coming there if theyre closed

Review №17

Even if the prices are good I would not recommend this place. The pancakes were greasy and the filtered coffee was bad. They did not take card and told us after we ate so we had to go find an ATM.

Review №18

The service was good, the food less so. Good place for an egg cream, though!

Review №19

Great diner with no-nonsense classics. This place will serve you a BLT like your grandmother used to make, not some hipster brioche bun maple bacon grain fed butter lettuce. It may kill you faster but its worth it.

Review №20

Tried ordering 5 blocks away and they said they couldn’t do it because It was too far. After going back and forth and being hung up on I just gave up. I was so excited to try them out since I pass by them every single day on my 5 minute walk from the train to my job, but I guess that’s too far.

Review №21

You get real service and fast usually always friendly and what is to expect in this part of Manhattan, little Italy.

Review №22

I really enjoyed my breakfast here. The place has a great vibe even if it feels a bit mundane. I liked it and I will be back when I’m in the immediate area at breakfast time.

Review №23

Reasonable priced conventional diner. Been there for years.

Review №24

Classic Diner, Great breakfast and conversation! Try the cakesOne of the last in the NYC. When in town Ill back, Cheers!

Review №25

Probably better for breakfast; lunch burger and cheesesteaks were dull and unseasoned.

Review №26

The best breakfast i had since i got to NYC.Great vibe awesome customer service.

Review №27

A nice, small greasy spoon right at the edge of Chinatown with old barstool style counter seating. Cant ask for much more than this.

Review №28

Add the commitment to serve and this is a venture I can endorse without a reservation. Great atmosphere, excellent drinks, and friendly staff are a good combination for success! The drinks are fairly priced and you can certainly tell the difference in quality. I will definitely come back for another tasty coffee!

Review №29

The service was amazing and my waiter was very accommodating to the language barrier. He recommended the burger salad which was really amazing and of course dessert was perfect. The atmosphere is elegant and inviting. I honestly cant think of a single negative. I will definitely recommend this coffee shop to all coffee lovers!

Review №30

I love this place, if you love diners you need to drop in and have breakfast.

Review №31


Review №32

Food is great staff is great, but the place looks VERY old and Dirty.

Review №33

Im happy that this small, unassuming diner exists in the middle of soho. This is as simple as it gets. The server was quick and efficient. The food was good. The price was agreeable.

Review №34

Quick efficient service.. food brought very quickly ..

Review №35

Havent eaten a nice breakfast in a while me and my husband was in the rain looking for a good place to eat some good american food so we asked a stranger and he pointed us in the right direction boy was he right the food was delicious and the service was excellent the waitress was very nice and friendly made you feel right at home I will definitely come again and recommend others.

Review №36

I highly recommend this shop to all of my family and friend who also love coffee. I came here yesterday, and I was so happy and satisfied with the overall service. I like your staves because they were so friendly and courteous. You deserve to be known by many, guys! Thank you so much!

Review №37

Friendly staff and good service.

Review №38

Been there for breakfast, but had better french toast and pancakes before.

Review №39

I was able to come to this coffee shop to have some coffee to boost up my day. I was really impressed with the taste of it, and thanks to this barista that made it fast. Also, the service was extraordinary, and the atmosphere was so relaxing. Indeed, a nice place to have a cup of coffee! Very worth it!

Review №40

The orders are made very fast. There are lots of chairs and tables to accommodate many customers and they offer ample parking spaces as well. The place is very convenient since it is nearby my place. Thank you!

Review №41

The food quality is so incredible. So delicious. Love this place, always have.

Review №42

Best little spot for a Great meal thats cheap an delicious 😋 would recommend it to anyone ✋down...

Review №43

Excellent place to get a platter of eggs overeasy,bacon,sausage,home fries,and whole wheat toast.

Review №44

Normal breakfast place, not so delicious and not cheap either. There are many better choices in this area at same price level. Coffee tastes like water with a little coffee powder. The lady yells at her employees, very unfriendly.

Review №45

California Omelet & coffee $13.45 for an early breakfast. Quick, tasty no frills diner. No man-buns in sight “baby”!

Review №46

The atmosphere is cool and relaxing and good for studying or socializing. They also have free WIFI inside the coffee shop. The best coffee shop I have ever been too! I would recommend anyone to go and experience great coffee here!

Review №47

I love the coffee here and the art is amazing on the walls. And also, the wi-fi connection is very fast and the seats are very comfortable. This is my go-to coffee shop ever since I discovered it. Great place to study or hangout. Highly recommended!

Review №48

Quintessential NYC diner. If there’s a God, this place will stay open forever. Great food reasonably priced with friendly, personal service.

Review №49

Good coffee,french toast and bacon

Review №50

Great place for a quick, greasy spoon meal. So glad its open again!

Review №51

Great place with classic food.

Review №52

Had a great breakfast

Review №53

Decent place for having breakfast.Tasty eggs benedict, good coffee.Friendly service.

Review №54

Nothing special here. Many unsavory people come here. Always beware of your surroundings.

Review №55

Great coffee. Perfect basic breakfast.

Review №56

Wonderful. Love the service. And the cook is very good at the dishes he prepare. 4 thumps up.

Review №57

Love the staff here, so welcoming & friendly.. plus the breakfast is on point! It was so good we went back the next day.

Review №58

Nice place to take your Dad

Review №59

Love landmark my fav place in nyc for pancakes super affordable

Review №60

Very nice fresh coffee and smiles.Support local business during lockdown tyranny

Review №61

Was food was excellent.Waitress was great. Prices are some of the cheapest in the city.Solid choice. Definitely coming back

Review №62

Good Diner style

Review №63

Nice cozy mom and pop shop. Food was great service was awesome. Menu was diverse. Nice place to eat.

Review №64

Sorry, but the food and coffee were really really bad.

Review №65

🇺🇸 Happy 🎃 Thanksgiving 19. 🇺🇸The Landmark Coffee Shop located at 158 Grand Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan is an old New York City classic diner.An old NYC classic diner is where the restaurant serves all sorts of food at all sorts of hours.They generally have breakfast, lunch and dinner specials everyday at a reasonable price.The Landmark Coffee Shop is that NYC classic diner, the food is fresh and served properly at the customers request.The staff is very friendly and polite, and they do it with a smile.

Review №66

Old school. Affordable. Delicious. Their breakfast is one of my favorites in NYC when Im missing the diners of NJ. Its not fine cooking, but for the price its damn good. Service is extremely efficient, and theyll watch your coffee cup to make sure you dont run dry.

Review №67

Good food. Quick bite and reasonably priced.

Review №68

Food is freshly prepared. Service is good, the cook is very nice, but one of the ladies working there tends to over charge if you dont pay attention. Place needs mayor update. Every time I go, there are always tourists, place needs to look better. Prices are OK.For me, the 3 stars are for how the place looks and prices.

Review №69

I grew up coming here and everything is still the same! I love the food and always have a great time here. Great for all ages and if your looking for some diner food thats inexpensive and yummy!

Review №70

Great prices.

Review №71

Awesome breakfast and totally reasonably priced in NYC

Review №72

That diner you were so sad to see it go? It exists!

Review №73

Good and affordable breakfast!

Review №74

No BS kind of diner. Had the French toast with bacon and it was fantastic. Dont expect the servers to pretend they like you, because she definitely doesnt, but she does her best to make sure your food gets to you quickly.

Review №75

Not like it was,something is missing the Pleasant smiles. I dont think the same owners anymore.

Review №76

Classic New York diner. Its been here forever. Reasonably priced a d usually no wait for a table during the week. Great service. Dependable food.

Review №77

Good eats

Review №78

An amazing experience. I loved the fast service the fresh coffee and the amazing food.First time to New York and i walked to times square. Was well worth the sore feet. I will be back and landmark will be my go to breakfast spot.

Review №79

A decent diner with traditional diner fare and friendly service. The prices are reasonable and the staff are friendly. The inside is not the nicest or cleanest of restaurants, but its what you would expect from a real diner!

Review №80

This place is simply delicious with excellent service. Both Jasmine and chef D are friendly and we were very satisfied with our order. It is more upscale than other soul food restaurants in the neighborhood and you should come and give it a try.

Review №81

Very friendly staff, opens early, takes credit cards and cheap but but but their food taste like meh. I had chicken noodle soup and it was pretty bad. Scrambled eggs had no seasoning whatsoever. The home fries was pretty decent. I really wish I could give them 5 stars cause they so nice but honestly I wouldnt go back there to eat.

Review №82

The only (and I mean the only) down side to this place is how it looks. Everything else? Fantastic. Fast service, casual atmosphere, friendly workers, and fast food. Truly an homage to the mom and pop diner culture. If you ever want breakfast on a budget, save your time and money by coming here. You wont regret it.

Review №83

Wanted to go to the brunch places around the area, but the waits were ridiculous. So my friends and I decided to go to this little old fashion diner.The service was quick and the food was solid!You cant go wrong with their omelettes and pancakes. Portions were perfect!

Review №84

This is a great place. The owner is a really nice person. She is energetic and charismatic:) it is so nice to start your day with such positivism. Also the food was delicious. Recommended!

Review №85

This place made me very uncomfortable. If you paid cash no tax would be incurred and if credit card was used both tax and 4% fee. I was walking out and they kept on calling me to come back it was embarrassing. Well the end result I was charged tax but not a fee. I took the food even though I was uncomfortable doing so. It was inedible and me me very sick. I still have an iodine taste in my mouth 2 hours later. I tried to call to return it but they were closed. Consumer beware!

Review №86

My friend from Germany wanted to have a New York diner experience. He found this place and I met him there. the food was fine I suppose you would say unremarkable but fine. the service was fairly typically Brusque but efficient. They have no wifi and most of the electrical outlets are broken. To get electrical power while we did our work we had to sit near the door and Fries every time a new guest came in.

Review №87

A no frills typical diner. Not out of this world mindblowing but very very solid. Good portions. Good prices. Great, fast service. Accepts credit cards. Ideal for a quick stop if youre in a rush or missed breakfast and need to fuel up (the latter was my case). I would come back if Im ever in the area.

Review №88

Very tasty food!

Review №89

An alright place nice waitress

Review №90

Its what youd expect out of a classic NYC diner at 6AM. Warm server and a great breakfast, try the pancakes and coffee. If I ever have the misfortune of being up at 6AM again, Ill go here.

Review №91

Loved it! Fast and satisfying 😌

Review №92

Food can be more up to par. They dont serve grits and cheese eggs never really seasoned well I like mine with a taste of salt. Pancakes taste like your eating flour to thick to be so thin. Hot chocolate watered down. But overall nice service always paying attention.

Review №93

Was able to come in for my hour break and was able to receive a whole breakfast meal. The service was quick and the place was clean. I came in around 11am and as I was leaving around noon, it did get more busy.

Review №94

Lovely little coffee shop with a great atmosphere. Staff very friendly, food delicious and the environment very cozy.

Review №95

Didnt write down orders. Gave us too many cups of coffee when we asked for 3. Too crowded and not much seating. Recommend ordering ahead. Pancakes were great ngl.

Review №96

Happy feeling. Good looking bacon. Has Ruben sandwitch. Great place. Asking myself why have not stopped by before....

Review №97

Perfect balance of a diner experience in the heart of New York City.Love their food!Belgian waffles, eggs benedict, Italian omelette, corned beef hash and french toast are some of the things weve had.All amazing!Come here for a great breakfast or brunch and you wont go leaving unsatisfied.To top it up, refills of hot, piping coffee on the go for ya.

Review №98

Great staff, feel like family when here.

Review №99

Once again, another great hole in the wall serving delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner has been discovered. As expected this local favorite serves fast paced serves but the food is well worth it. Note: the corner restaurant can be a tight squeeze, especially for big parties. But, other than than that, two thumbs up

Review №100

Place was very welcoming, great service, and prices were decent for the amount of food you receive. The food was normal breakfast food that you can find in a diner, you can see right into the kitchen and the food comes out relatively quickly. Overall it looks a little run down and small, but I think thats part of the charm of the place XD

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  • Address:158 Grand St, New York, NY 10013, United States
  • Phone:+1 212-334-0040
  • Coffee shop
  • Cafe
  • Diner
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–6PM
  • Thursday:6AM–6PM
  • Friday:6AM–6PM
  • Saturday:6AM–6PM
  • Sunday:6AM–6PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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