Ground Central Coffee Company
800 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States
Ground Central Coffee Company
Review №1

I got their iced latte and it was good. The taste is milkier than I prefer it to be but still the coffee taste wasnt completed diluted. I would try their flat white next time.

Review №2

Cool little place to get coffee. Taste is great. Liked their artwork. Reasonably priced

Review №3

Good location and fast service.

Review №4

$3.50 for a large iced coffee. Totally reasonable price and delicious. Recommend

Review №5

Great little coffee shop. Service, drinks, food and decor were all cool. Only strange thing was that the store was strangely hot; dramatically warmer than outside which made it almost uncomfortable to sit and relax in.

Review №6

Friendly coffee spot in busy midtown East. Quirky decor and good coffee make this a reliable go-to when in the area.

Review №7

Great Coffee with friendly staff. Highly Recommend.

Review №8

My latte was decent and they take cups app. It’s a small shop with very few tables. They offer dessert options and bags of coffee to take home.

Review №9

Still my favorite coffee spot in Manhattan! Try the Almond Dirty Chai Latte, if you havent yet. Matcha lattes and mochas are also favorites. The staff makes the experience personal and pleasant, no matter how busy this little location gets. Theyll even suggest new non-dairy milks and other nudges outside the usual.

Review №10

Best coffee around..I mean the coffee as opposed to lattes etc which I havent had

Review №11

An awesome place. If you want to chill and have a brief study, is a place to seriously consider. I will go again!!

Review №12

Outstanding iced decaf Americano with half and half. I will be back again and again.

Review №13

Very very cool place! Nice design.

Review №14

This is an absolutely amazing coffee place. Coffee lovers will love this spot. While a lot of people go to Ground Central for their capucino, I always go for the regular Black coffee. I absolutely love the strong, bitter, toasty taste. Insider tip: you can buy a gift card for which you get more value than the price you pay. If you pay 75 usd, you get a 100 usd value. I always buy such a gift card and use it myself. That way I can enjoy my daily coffee at a good price.PS: kudos to whoever gets to decide the playlist! Very different each day but always spot on!

Review №15

Great coffee and pastries in a small, but hip shop. Love the books and records available to browse.

Review №16

Used to like their coffee when they served it in real cups and mugs. Can’t pay the same $ for a paper cup…when one block north is the same quality coffee, better seating…and real mugs!

Review №17

Small coffee shop. The cold brew tasted a little sour to me. The chocolate croissant was ok, better if it was fresh and still warm. Service was fast.

Review №18

Coffee was good and strong.

Review №19

Great little coffee place in Midtown, probably the best one in the whole area for a thick espresso. Since its very small there is not much chance to linger, but rather to grab-n-go.

Review №20

I’m glad we happened to pop in this cafe on our way out! The baristas were knowledgeable and kind. I had a delicious dirty chai latte with the perfect amount of espresso. Only regret I have is not buying some grounds for home!

Review №21

The staffs are friendly and coffee taste very good!! They have many kinds of pastries, which I took a time to choose from cause all look yummy!! Hazelnut chocolate scone was not too sweet and went well with coffee.

Review №22

This coffee shop should be known by others. The taste of their coffee was a bitter-sweet, which I like the most. Their barista was so neat and good looking as well. The place was so cozy and relaxing. This coffee shop is my favorite place in this area.

Review №23

Great music and espresso! Cool vibe close to 42nd Street

Review №24

Coffee is great, and they sell food. space is small with three to four indoor seats available as of end of October. no bathrooms.

Review №25

Friendly staff, good selection of coffee and a nice place to relax.

Review №26

Great little coffee shop!

Review №27

Great coffee and friendly service. Wish they carried vegan food items as what they do have looks quite tasty.

Review №28

I visit here frequently. Staff is always friendly, and super efficient; no matter how long the line is, youll receive your drink in a timely manner. I regularly order an iced latte, iced coffee or hot chocolate, and enjoy them all.

Review №29

One of the best coffee spots I’ve found. Pricey, but they also have a generous rewards card. This location is small, so less room to hang out, but perfect for a grab and go. Amazing baked goods, as well!

Review №30

Small place, but quick service and friendly staff!

Review №31

This is for me the perfect coffee place. Excellent coffee, top notch pastries and sandwiches, cool vibe and great music. Just love it!

Review №32

Awesome coffee shop serving prime roast beans, vegan bites along with sandwiches for meat lovers. Great range of pastries, yogurt and non-coffee drinks as well. The perfect spot for an espresso based drink when you don’t want the corner store’s burnt drip joe, or you just feel like a treat. Friendly staff who are great at recognizing repeat faces & knowing your orders. Also, after 5pm pastries are half off.

Review №33

Great coffee. You are in the diplomatic quarter of NYC here so just as likely to hear five or six different languages and people talking and laughing. Go here instead of sterile Starbucks around the corner. If it is full, which it is many times, take your coffee around the corner towards first to Tudor City Parks. It is a real treat. Two private parks in the middle of diplomatic quarter that seems old world.

Review №34

Great coffee. Service is very kind, good and fast. A bit more expensive than Starbucks but quality is better. The latte and small macchiato are the best options. Havent tried the bakery, which is mostly organic and pricey. The place is small so good luck finding room to sit.

Review №35

Sooo glad this place has re-opened! Really sweet staff and the coffee is a much needed step above standard bodega options in the area.

Review №36

Very cute/stylish coffee shop. The weekend staff are super friendly and remember the regulars. The coffee is pretty good, I always get a latte with almond milk. The pastry selection is also pretty nice, that chocolate chip banana bread is delicious.

Review №37

Really friendly staff, and great coffee and food. I loved this place!

Review №38

Wow! I was thoroughly impressed with both the pastry and the coffee. I had a flat white with a spinach feta tomato turnover, and both were absolutely marvelous, not to mention the super friendly service. Will definitely return!

Review №39

Nasty staff. After purchasing a drink for they Didn’t let me wait inside when there was a heavy rain. I will keep away, you should too.

Review №40

Service with a smile and knew locals drinks. Flat white was delicious as was one of the smoothest lattes I’ve ever had. Yummy croissant and cheddar/chive biscuit.

Review №41

Great spot to grab a coffee and more. Of course, this is not just any other coffee shop, but a place to hang out, surf the Internet, and grab a bite to eat. They also have a bookshelf so you can read while having your coffee, sandwich, etc. There is some seating, but it gets crowded during the afternoon. Unfortunately, there is neither a restroom nor a lounge, so for that I deduct one star. But the wifi there is quite fast and the pastries are half price past a certain time (5pm if I recall correctly).

Review №42

Coffee is not overburned I love it. pain de chocolat is super too

Review №43

The coffee is excellent. The service is very good. I havent tried the pastries. The only downside: no bathroom.

Review №44

Super cool coffee place, with incredible muffins. Staff is friendly, very fast and they memorize everyones favorite drink!

Review №45

My favorite coffee spot in the city; the staff is amazing, when you come regularly they are great about remembering everyones order, and of course, the coffee is great as well. I couldnt think of a better coffee shop to start my day at.

Review №46

Nice staff great Expresso drinks. A gem in the immediate area

Review №47

Best coffee in town. Plus the egg frittata is amazing ☝️

Review №48

Cozy (read also: very small) coffee place in an area in dire need of more coffee joints. Cappuccino is good but the espresso (just like most places around it) is not good by any standards.

Review №49

Best coffee in the area. Love to have a good coffee served in a real cup and sit in a coffee shop.

Review №50

Ok neighborhood option, but coffee isnt great – often tastes burnt, even through milk.

Review №51

I enjoyed my flat white and coconut donut at this little coffee shop. However, if youre looking for a quiet place to read a book, study, or get some work done, the music was playing too loudly for me. Not what I was expecting from a cafe.

Review №52

A new coffee shop in the Midtown East area. I dont drink coffee, but my friends say that they have good coffee. My friends have good taste in coffee so I would believe them!They have some good quality pastries and sandwiches, which they sell at half price after 5pm.Other than that, the staff is super nice and cheery. It is so much fun just to be inside and have a chat while they are making your order.I love the decor!The only thing that bothered me is that their prices are relatively high, but if you use the CUPS app, it can be more affordable.

Review №53

Small great space near the United Nations. Very safe with much police presence around, havent tried the coffee yet but the pastries, lemonades and ice teas are tasty.

Review №54

By far the best coffee in the area. The service is always very attentive and positive. Definitely a good way to start your day.

Review №55

Terrific little coffee shop located right by the United Nations building. They make the best iced lattes in NYC. This location also offers delicious pastries.

Review №56

Nicely designed coffee shop with good coffee and free Wi-Fi.

Review №57

A very cozy little coffee shop, great quality coffee and friendly staff. Love this place

Review №58

Only a few blocks from Grand Central Station, this still has the feel of a small, local coffee shop. The barista remembered me after 1 visit. They have macadamia milk and their matcha and ham and cheese breakfast sandwich is really good.

Review №59

Independent coffee shop in a sea of Starbucks, serving good coffee, Kusmi tea, and apple cider year round. A great alternative to the typical chain.

Review №60

Great coffee and fast service, even if the line is long it takes a few minutes at most

Review №61

Nice cortado, much larger than expected but very well blended.

Review №62

Fantastic oat dirty chai.

Review №63

It’s pricey, that’s fair, but a good coffee and an apple galette with a perfect crust is worth it.

Review №64

Amazing. Expert roasters. Refined understand of coffee

Review №65

Excellent coffee and atmosphere. It is popular with limited seating so dont expect to always have a place to sit when you go.

Review №66

Kind staff, good quality food, some choices for gluten free

Review №67

Delicious and well-prepared drinks in a cute setting and quaint neighborhood. Just a few minutes walk from a park and views of the UN!

Review №68

I love this place, the coffee, and the music. Just try it out!

Review №69

Lovely food and coffee and such nice workers - asked about the cookies they had and got 2 free.

Review №70

Employees are so friendly and nice, the coffee was amazing also! Would recommend

Review №71

Superb quality coffee roast executed flawlessly. Top-level coffee house.

Review №72

Clean and classy place. Customer service is excellent!

Review №73

Had good cappuccino on my stop here.

Review №74

Love the decor!My almond milk decaf mocha was awesome!

Review №75

A coffee shop without Apple pay or Samsung pay? Weak tea indeed.

Review №76

Coffee was fine but egg sandwich was cold in the middle

Review №77

Great coffee, the place is small, it might be crowded in rush hours

Review №78

Great coffee and pastries, some limited seating area too.

Review №79

I love coming here to sit down and have my coffee with the chai cookies. But i recently learned the chai cookies are no more and its very dissapointing! That was the best part of the experience....made a good cup of coffee great!

Review №80

Really nice place with rare friendly service, but the coffee was no better than Starbucks - bitter and overroasted with no depth of flavour. Really disappointed :-(

Review №81

Great spot for coffee amidst the commerical vibes of midtown east.

Review №82

Small shop, but good coffee

Review №83

This was one of that event that the crew was small but was very cozy, this was the perfect way to spend a winter night, where we were drinking hot cocoa while having a lovely conversation with fellow yelpers, In addition to the hot cocoa they had a smores station, complete with graham crackers, chocolate strips and big marshmallows to roast over a sterno, this was make it yourself event, where we the elite have the option to add anything from the smores station.Any combination that you made that night was going to be perfect, the hot cocoa was creamy, rich, and simply had a wonderful taste.

Review №84

Awesome coffee, pastries and service. Highly recommended!

Review №85

One of the best places for a coffee aroun UN building

Review №86

Awesome coffee. Great people.

Review №87

Great coffee, but always teemingly busy!

Review №88

Lovely people who know what a long black is

Review №89

Best place to meet someone!

Review №90

Friendly staff, delicious coffee!

Review №91

Great coffee and super nice people

Review №92

First coffee in New York, so yummy, good croissant too!

Review №93

Fine coffee but NO bathroom. Frustrating.

Review №94

Cozy place to grab a coffee and a bite

Review №95

The best coffee in midtown east

Review №96

Small, but a nice place

Review №97

Great spot to meet friends

Review №98

Good coffee, super small location, nice

Review №99

Great artisana coffee

Review №100

Great coffee and espresso

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  • Address:800 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 646-861-0015
  • Coffee shop
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–2PM
  • Thursday:8AM–4PM
  • Friday:8AM–4PM
  • Saturday:8AM–4PM
  • Sunday:8AM–4PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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