Wigs and Plus
37 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
Wigs and Plus
Review №1

Horrible customer service. I have been shopping here occasionally for years and every single time i walk into the store, the associates go out of their way to follow me. They don’t even ask if i need help finding anything or say hello. It’s insulting to watch multiple people walk around bags i set down purposely away from me to look over inside the bags then walk past me like I have a wanted picture is the store somewhere. Then i have to go back to different parts of the store when i need help to find someone for help because the person(s) who was following are now hiding and watching me behind shelves. West 35th street is bigger, better and has a wider variety. This store is only convenient when needing things quickly sometimes.

Review №2

What a wonderful store! It has everything one could ask for in hair products, and is so well organized and immaculate. I got everything I needed, at 1/2 to 3/4 of the prices that the other beauty supply shops charged, and were sold out of (like semi-permanent hair color and application brushes). Of course, there are WIGS GALORE, and every type of hair extension and accessory. They also have makeup, and make you feel so welcome. Great staff, great shopping experience at Wigs & Plus. Rickys sales staff told me about them.

Review №3

Good selection and decent service

Review №4

What a great spot! They took great care of us and gave honest opinions to make sure we found the best products possible. Will recommend!!

Review №5

Great beauty supply on 14th St. I come here when I need last minute supplies for work for certain products that I wasnt able to purchase from my sales rep.

Review №6

Excellent Service. Very knowledgeable staff. Large variety of products.

Review №7

Thank u Collette for your good service! Bought two ponytails here very happy!

Review №8

This a good store with good merchandises but why are some of wigs so expensive and sometimes I would like the store to close more of a later time

Review №9

I think the staff needs to pay more attention to actually helping people then watching you shop. This is NOT a store to browse around in. guess they have people that comes in and steal. I went in yesterday to pick out makeup for my clients birthday, after i told the lady we didnt need any help she continued to stand in the front of the store to watch us pick out makeup. Got to the register with almost $40 worth of makeup, (almost 10 different products) the lady says do you need a bag??? Huh how the hell we supposed to carry the items? Instead of sayings Ill put your makeup in a bag, its just a smal fee of 25 cents. This is really a odd beauty supply store.

Review №10

The staff is friendly but the service is terrible. I came in to purchase a wig for tonight and the last one available was on the showroom floor.So naturally I asked if I could get a percentage off and they denied lost a loyal customer. Who wants a Web that has been touched by people all day long at full price?

Review №11

Though expensive just couldnt rock it. And plus huge selection pick threws. The sales rep was scraggly and poor convo but was a fun time

Review №12

Very helpful staff who helped me pick what worked for me

Review №13

Great place to buy wigs and hair products, love this store

Review №14

Great selection of wigs

Review №15

These are my peoples through chemo. Fun and pretty large selection. They even got all the potential options ready for me before I got there! Great prices!

Review №16

Great customer service and high quality products

Review №17

Really solid selection of wigs in the back and helpful staff. Wigs range about $40-70 for synthetic.

Review №18

Great wigs great price!

Review №19

Good selection of wigs. Nice hair product supply, friendly staff and decent prices.

Review №20

That is a really great shopping experience, except a little bit expensivei know a china supplier with very competitive price and good qualityowner can contact me if interested

Review №21

Variety of products decent prices.Staff weren’t rude but where especially helpful and nice to certain people and not because they knew them.

Review №22

Went in a bit nervous and very clueless about the beginning of my journey to grow my hair long. Store associate was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, let me smell scents carefully and got me what I needed. Could also easily point out which brands and products were black-owned. Excellent experience.

Review №23

Wonderful experience. COVID safe and the staff is very friendly!

Review №24

Products were missing labeled.

Review №25

The staff is unbelievably rude and turned me down at the door. I was on my lunch break so I only had a certain amount of time to get what I needed. They told me to come back in an hour even though someone just walked in right before me. Go to Harmons down the street. Better selection and nicer staff. And if y’all close at 2pm-3pm, then it should at least say that the hours are subject to change due to Coronavirus. It had nothing to do with safety, you should just have alternating lunch breaks while limiting the amount of customers allowed in the shop during each persons break. Instead of completely turning them down... it just doesn’t look good.

Review №26

I bought my very 1st lace front wig. I love it so far. Different prices for a big selection of wigs. I spent nearly $76 on mine. Kinda expensive I feel. But the lady who took care of me gave me lots of help. She was very nice and made me feel good so I did leave happy & wearing my wig 😉. If all goes good I think I will return for another.

Review №27

Prices are good but they wont let you try on more than a few wigs even if you buy a wig...or offer to pay extra to try on more wigs. I was prepared to buy a wig to be able to try on more since Id already used up my allotment... (I liked the one I was going to buy but a few others had caught my eye) but since they wouldnt let me try on more I walked away with nothing. I dont understand their business model. They were literally willing to lose a $50 sale rather than let me try on a few more wigs? I even offered to buy a new wig cap. How is it that a new customer can try on wigs but once you purchase one you cant try on more? Seems like it should reset your try-on allottment once you make a purchase. Pretty bummed out, I would have been a repeat customer.

Review №28

Medium size variety of braiding hair, huge wig section. There’s also white variety and products for various hair types which I loved.

Review №29

Great shop.

Review №30

Store is closed because one of their employees have COVID 19...Owner is lying...stay away from this store...One of the employees here have Covid 19...Stay away!!!!

Review №31

They wouldn’t take my husband’s credit card because name on my ID and name on cc didn’t match (obviously). I understand it may be a safe practice with big purchases but for $36? Really? I’ll just order from Amazon next time, it’s cheaper and I won’t have to prove to anyone I am not going to dispute a $36 charge.

Review №32

The staff is amazing great customer service every time. The wig selection is pretty good considering it is downtown. The other location has much better selection. One thing I appreciate are the Wig Pros giving me their honest opinion and helping me find the perfect look.

Review №33

Was ok

Review №34

I was recommended to this place to purchase a wig, which I needed for a wedding last weekend. I asked multiple times if the wig can be styled and they answered yes. Wedding day came, and it was a total mess, the hair melted onto the curl iron, and i the end is my lost because they dont refund...

Review №35

Went in to price wigs. The associates are always very pleasant and helpful. The wigs are on the pricey side though but overall always a great experience

Review №36

Great selection. Friendly staff. Very helpful, found the exact wig we were looking for. No judgements.

Review №37

Very nice lady was helping try on wigs. It was awesome so many different wigs and foundation liners face mask all kinds of beauty supply

Review №38

If you are looking for a way to cover thinning hair or just looking for a change, this is a fantastic place to go. I had the misfortune of losing my hair and the women who work here are discrete and mindful of how you might feel and make sure you are cared for well. They have many styles and colors to choose from so I never get bored! New wigs come in constantly! If you find a particular wig you love, they will order extras so there will be new ones when you need them. Check it wont be disappointed!

Review №39

Great.The ladies are really nice and helpful. Good products, good prices !

Review №40

Great selection of wigs. Recommend the wavy Brazilian Set

Review №41

One of the few beauty and wig supply businesses in Manhattan where you can purchase ethic hair and skin care products at reasonable prices. Wide range of products available. Staff is knowledgeable and willing to help.

Review №42

Shop is very clean and organized. Thato was very patient and helpful and helped me find mixed gray color styles. Her opinion was very honest and it was a great experience. Never did I feel like I was just being sold. Ill be back soon!

Review №43

I have never had wigs but after surgery and with thinning hair its time to accept it. Thanks to Jennifer and Millie who made the experience comfortable and even really positive

Review №44

I will definitely be shopping here again. Was a good experience. I was assisted by Camila. She was very helpful and patient. Great customer service. Awesome wigs

Review №45

Amazing! The ladies there were so helpful and helped me figure out wigs I needed. I highly recommend them for any wig needs!!!

Review №46

If theres any hair care product that isnt carried here, I cant imagine what it is. Huge selection of hair Care, makeup, and of course wigs. The staff is unfailingly both helpful and very pleasant.

Review №47

Had a great experience with Haingo. She was very helpful and everyone else in the store was helpful and friendly as well. Would definitely recommend!

Review №48

They matched my hair color perfectly to the clip in extensions they sell. Very helpful salespeople

Review №49

Great place and Ive been shopping there since 95.They have everything thats needed and the ladies know what Im looking for even when I cant remember.I love the atmosphere and the TALL brother at the door is a true gentleman

Review №50

The wig specialist lack customer service. Sad, to me they were rude but to Caucasian customers they seemed perfectly polite. I guess it all depends on who you are in this store. I was looking to get some half wigs for weekend fun but i suppose ill have to look elsewhere.

Review №51

Only store I know dedicated to the human head and hair that doesnt sell du rags for men 😑

Review №52

I love this place. The employees are wonderful and they have everything you need

Review №53

Lovely place. And great service. But a little expensive..

Review №54

Even though I went in for the fun of trying on wigs the staff was very friendly...they have a beautiful wide selection of wigs and the prices are very reasonable.

Review №55

Fun selection, great for events and good times.

Review №56

I received knowledgeable and very friendly service. A great place for all hair and skin needs.

Review №57

Service is very nice and the selection of wigs is great!! totally worth a visit!!! Prices are fair and I have zero complaints ❤❤Thank youuu

Review №58

Really like this place. Can find some good quality wigs for cheap and very accessible location right off the L subway line.

Review №59

Prices are reasonable and they have just about everything you need and the staff are awesome. I go there frequently.

Review №60

This place is the best for buying both synthetic and human hair wigs and hair peices. Everyone is super helpful especially when it comes to customizing the hair you want, and I’ve bought 4 different peices and every time I come in I’m never disappointed. Wide variety of both costume type wigs and every day wearable hair. Highly recommend :)Sidenote * for Strippers and Queens - Go Here and ask for the Caribbean lady. She knows her stuff

Review №61

Milly was very helpful during my wigging out process 😜🙆🏽‍♀️

Review №62

Great variety of products for styling and maintaining natural hair.

Review №63

The store carries wigs, hair extensions as well as combing products, barber supplies and products, as well as hard to find skin care and cosmetics products. Prices are reasonable to bargain.

Review №64

Im happy with my purchase and I will definitely be coming back to get more of their products......happy customer

Review №65

Loved it! Millie was patient and helpful! Will go back soon!

Review №66

Service was good but they made you feel as if you might steal a wig lol

Review №67

Awesome store. They have everything youre looking for.

Review №68

I bought a wig for 74$ that was only good for 1 night. What a waste! Tried to revive it and had no success.

Review №69

Great customer service! Love shopping here!

Review №70

A good variety of items!

Review №71

They have alot of good options, wide variety and good prices.

Review №72

Horrible hair .. prices are way over priced! Staff doesn’t have a clue about hair or good hair. They tell you anything to get ur money and most of their products don’t have price tags on them and they make up different prices everytime. I will never shop here again!

Review №73

This place sells low quality wigs. Hair on the wig is not enough to cover the holes on the scalp or net underneath. The store refused to return or exchange the wig so I was so disappointed!!!

Review №74

Good good

Review №75

Big store, nice helpful workers, has so much stuff affordable

Review №76

I found all the oils I needed here. Great selection of hair products!

Review №77

Great customer service and all the items you need to achieve your look😀

Review №78

They are just amazing here . They help you find exactly what you need

Review №79

Nice set up and lots of variety

Review №80

One of my favorite beauty supply stores

Review №81

One of my favorite beauty supply stores in the country

Review №82

Nice customer service and a good selection of affordable wigs as well as NYX cosmetics and other cosmetic supplies.

Review №83

NEVER HAVE I EVER BEEN SO OFFENDED IN MY LIFE! I was in need of a birthday wig. Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go to this location on 14th St because we have already visited their other location and wanted to see their wig selection.We walked to the back to the wig section where no one greeted us. We had to ask for assistance. Mind you, there were 4 employees in that area behind the counter(Bad Sign #1). I was a little confused, because two ladies came to assist me. One was supposed to come back with a wig that I requested, but moved on to another task without bringing me what I asked for (Bad Sign #2).The other lady asked was I waiting on something. I stated that the other lady was supposed to be bringing me a wig.While waiting, I was asking the lady about wig caps. She stated that they were $2 and I had to purchase one at that moment. I informed her that I only had card, would it be possible for me to purchase the cap when buying the wig. She replied that the card min. was $10 and what if I dont end up buying a wig. I stated that I would simply ask my friend for $2 cash or make a min purchase of $10 (Its a beauty supply store Gods Sake...Bad Sign #3).They checked the system and stated that they did not have the color that I wanted, but will show what they did have. They brought out 3 other colors. Iinformed the lady that I was going to get my friend in the front of the store, so that I could get her opinion. When we returned literally a minute later, the wigs were gone (Bad Sign #4).Seeing that I was starting to get annoyed, my friend had to ask her to bring the wigs back out. She provided me with a wig cap and I had 3 wigs that I wanted to try on. All three were of similar styling; a bob cut. I wanted a wig in honey blonde. Before trying on the first wig, the lady asked are you trying on for style or color? (dumb question) I replied both.Then she stated that she couldnt open the color I wanted and I had to try on the display which was black and red. Why would I try on something I dont want and that Im not interested in buying? (Bad Sign #5).At this point I was highly irritated and didnt want to try on that wig. I didnt even want her helping me. I asked for someone else to assist me. She replied that they were all busy (Bad Sign #6). At this point I shouldve left because she was really doing the most. I tried on another wig I was interested in and took a picture. Then she pointed to a note listed below that stated No photos. How in the world was I supposed to see that I eye level for one and two at the other location, they let you take photos of yourself in the wigs for future reference (Bad Sign #7).I ended up settling on one of the two that I tried on. I told the lady to make sure that it was a new wig and not the one from the display. She brought it up to the counter and tried to be funny stating, you see, this is the same wig as if I couldnt read. I replied, I know. I see the tag big as day on top (Bad Sign #8). She also made sure to remind the cashier of the $2 wig cap. Hell, I reminded the cashier my damn self (Bad Sign #9).The woman who helped me looked of Indian descent....WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GO HERE FOR WIGS! THEY ARE RACIST AND TALK TO YOU IN A CONDESCENDING MANNER AND IN AN ANTAGONIZING TONE! NEVER AGAIN!I WOULD GIVE THEM 0 STARS IF I COULD!

Review №84

Guess I wont be ordering from them. Im definitely not Caucasian.

Review №85

One of nyc best wig shop s

Review №86

The products here are great, just dont expect any customer service. Gone are the days where shop workers know their business.

Review №87

VeryFriendly, helpful n knowledgeable staff.

Review №88

This place has so many wings I didnt know where to start

Review №89

Terrible place. Dont buy any thing from herr. The sales have attitude. And dont allow any return. Aslo dont expect any customer service

Review №90

They have a large selection of wigs and hair accessories as well as many different haircare brands and products. The prices range from low to high.

Review №91

This hair store in nyc is fab..

Review №92

Wide collection of beauty products

Review №93

Quality wigs and products. Customer service excellent.

Review №94

Best experience ever

Review №95

Usually always have what I’m looking for and more but can be a little pricey

Review №96

Lots of wigs. Came in once so my mom could try some on. Taking away stars because I called for the price of some perm rods and I was told they couldnt give me a price on the phone. That makes a huge difference in NY when youre deciding on which store to trek to. Thats just silly. I asked if they were under $3 and was told some are and some arent. Were talking about perm rods here, people, not top secret government items.

Review №97

Have a fantasy hairstyle? Find it here.

Review №98

They have a variety of products, and good ones.

Review №99

Great prices and huge selections

Review №100

I WILL NEVER RETURN TO EVER PURCHASE A WIG !#1 ) Today was Black Friday, the special was Buy one wig and receive the other half off ... I didnt want another wig yet I did want a separate hair clip that was in ponytail form ... The employees gave me a HASSLE ... And said that the discount did not apply, even after I had spent 100 dollars#2 ) The wig came with Tax ... 108 and 82 cents ... I had only brough just 108 dollars to which they did not let me leave the store with the wig because I did not have 82 cents !!!! 82 !!!!! ... The employee then proceeded to lie and tell me there was no manager I could speak with ... I will never return . Customer service is disgusting here, truly disgraceful

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  • Address:37 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
  • Phone:+1 212-675-4129
  • Beauty supply store
  • Wig shop
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7:30PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7:30PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7:30PM
  • Thursday:11AM–6PM
  • Friday:11AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday:11AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7:30PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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