Hong Kong Supermarket
157 Hester St, New York, NY 10013, United States
Hong Kong Supermarket
Review №1

Great selection and fair prices. Highly recommended.

Review №2

This place has so much stuff! Like a gazillion types of mushrooms, fruits and vegetables that I have never seen. Also fish section looked pretty decent. Overall great place to visit to get old favorites or something new. They also sell seeds to if you want to have your own Chinese vegetable garden🪴

Review №3

Here is my favorite supermarket! They are selling many Asian products and foods! Why dont you go to there at once!

Review №4

Bustling market with many Asian ingredients as well as Western. The prices are very fair. The produce is very fresh and well priced.

Review №5

Huge Chinese Asian supermarket. Great price for veges. You got to do a bit work yourself to sort through the good and bad stuff but you can find some great quality stuff for bargain price. They have a basement floor with lots of everyday necessities toilet paper, pots and pans etc.

Review №6

1st time there good prices

Review №7

Has most of everything that I need. Most of the time, Im just grabbing items that I cant find elsewhere, as its pretty fair in price and the options are generous. Pretty clean for an asian grocery store of its size, and they do have a butcher section.

Review №8

The store has 2 floors and everything I needed. All the asian fruits I wouldn’t be able to find at regular chain grocery stores and the good teas. They also had dried scallops, FRESH seafood (like you could choose it while it’s still alive), and so many snacks, sauces, spices, and produce that you need for many Asian dishes. The prices were fair and they also have helpful bilingual staff. I didn’t know where to find some things and I showed one of their employees a photo and he actually walked me to the product to show me what they had and to make sure it was what I was looking for. No complaints.

Review №9

Extensive selection of Asian foods and goods. Always busy. Fair prices.

Review №10

Everything online and at the store says they’re open until 8. I go at 7, waste a half hour shopping, several employees walking around me, no one says anything, I go up to pay and they refuse to check me out. Register to is obviously still on. They tell me to leave rudely, no apology. And they also were caught price gouging throughout COVID. Great people over there.

Review №11

Great market with fresh fish and many other cultural food items.

Review №12

This place its amazing. So Many things. I went in for some goodies. I spend and hour and half . Big place two floors. Lots of things

Review №13

A large supermarket in downtown with good selection is hard to find. Has good quality and inexpensive ceramic dishes and other apartment necessities downstairs. If you want a live fish, they got that also. A large collection of snacks, dry goods

Review №14

Amazing array of things, you can find absolutely anything. The produce and the meat are good too

Review №15

One of the best Asian Supermarkets Ive ever seen. An amazing selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, and a huge selection of imported goods from different countries in Asia. You can probably find every ingredient you might need in this place

Review №16

At this place, youll be able to find your daily east asian groceries the cheapest in town. I wish they had more various items though. They have a lot of same stuff stacked a bit inefficiently.

Review №17

Great selection of things from Hong Kong.

Review №18

Great and huge supermarket for many Asian products.I will return!

Review №19

Where else do you get such fresh produce and asian condiments?

Review №20

Nice market. The store is a lot larger than it seems and there is a big variety of Chinese goods. Definitely a fun supermarket to stop by if you’re looking for an “asian” experience in New York.

Review №21

Products that a self healthy person should have exotic foods and drinks

Review №22

Hong Kong supermarket has variety of fresh seafood. Vegetables, and reasonable prices. I love learning other cultures food. Its a good experience. U should visit when u get a chance.

Review №23

One of the best asian supermarket in the area, they gave tons of fresh produce, east/south-east asian groceries and dried goods. It can be crowded on most hours and days, Id advise anyone who visits to be patient with one another while shopping especially with the aging community. There is a mini shopping cart lot at the front of the store complete with an attendant so you dont have to take it around the store with you.

Review №24

Crazy amount of veggies, fish, and Asian ingredients, all for good prices. Extremely crowded, but probably because it is such a good store! I would recommend to check out if you like good whole foods and exotic fruits and vegetables.

Review №25

Extra Large Asian Supermarket... Everything Youll need to craft any Asian dish- huge selection of Fruits & Veges, Spices, Sauces, Meats, Fish & Poultry, Dumplings, Seaweed, Asian Wares, & countless varieties of noodles...AWESOME PRICES; BEST IVE FOUND IN NYC CHINATOWN... So Authentic, the clientele is mostly Asian... Its 1 of the Best kept secret in NYC CHINATOWN!!!Can You Tell... I LOVE THIS STORE!!!

Review №26

Lots of choices. All kinds of foods, housewares & herbal medicines. Reasonable prices. Fresh produces & seafood. Has ground floor & basement full of a large vary of itemsm

Review №27

Love this supermarket, wide selection of fruits and veggies. Decent frozen food selection of dim sum, dumplings and steamed buns. Downstairs is a wide selection of snacks from shrimp chips to japanese gummies. Can get a little crowded but cashiers are efficient.

Review №28

The fruits and vegetables are great here always are great and the food is awesome great place to shop

Review №29

The produce is amazingly fresh and there’s a good variety of items that you’re most likely going to walk out with everything you needed and then some. The prices are lower than what you’ll find at your average NYC stores. Besides coming here for specific things that can’t be easily found elsewhere, it’s also great for weekly grocery hauls!

Review №30

I really appreciated that this supermarket plays Priscilla Chans songs. Classic never die.

Review №31

Excellent! Very affordable prices and their produce selection is outstanding. Very fresh and clean.

Review №32

Best place to get your chinese groceryVegetables are hands down the best price.Fruits are not so fresh / good here. Recommend getting fruits elsewhere on the streets

Review №33

Huge selections of Asian food but with subpar cleanliness and questionable freshness. Be aware that expiration date was wiped off on some products while shopping there.

Review №34

This place is my bliss. I absolutely love food and shopping here fulfills not only my hunger but also my hunger for culinary exploration. Its not a matter of what they have, but what dont they have at this market. I bought enough groceries to feed a small army and I plan on returning every damn time I need to fill my freezer and belly.

Review №35

Great selection of produce and fish. Very fresh. Check out lines move quickly

Review №36

Affordable for all your Asian market needs...They literally have everything!

Review №37

Was there last week. great selections. But they only had 3 registers opened and it was a long wait.

Review №38

Good place to find your Chinese food ingredients, veggies, seafood, groceries.

Review №39

Things are busiling there, the seafood is fresh and kept well. Good selection of stuff

Review №40

Overall the smell of the place was ok. It was kind of expected though. The floors were kind of dirty and probably could use a little touch up, but hey, this is in New York so youre going to have to expect some dirtiness. There were lots of things sold at the market. Including things such as candy, dried foods, and many many types of ramen noodles. The cashiers were not Americans so they were kind of hard to understand, but other than that it was pretty good. They sold pots and pans there and other things. I was satisfied because I finally found myself some Guava candy which I have always liked.

Review №41

Snax for dayz

Review №42

They have almost everything you can think of when it comes to Chinese products. Their prices are very reasonable and they have a very large produce selection. The lines are long sometimes but thats ok, its really worth it.

Review №43

I come here sometimes for basics, but recently I went to get a face mask for walking around. I noticed they had some last week but they had just closed and wouldnt let me in.Just made it back today, as Chinatown has weird fear energy that was making me cough. They had a lot of stock on soup and meat etc which many supermarkets were out of.Unfortunately, they only masks in packs and the prices looked crazy. Especially for the Clorox wipes, which were 2x the prices at Pharmacies down the street. Also, Im not sure this is the same owners at Chinatown Supermarket on E Broadway, but both times- a woman cut in front of me in line acting as her goods/time was more important. Pretty bad customer service, nobody came to ask me if I needed help with the masks although I stood there for 5 mins.Anyway, if you need Clorox wipes, go down the street to Peoples Farmacy at 77 Mott. If you need groceries, and dont mind suffering through rudeness- this place is okay.

Review №44

Good place to buy Chinese food and vegetables.

Review №45

Huge Asian grocery with everything you need to make homemade dishes. Great variety of sauces and veggies.

Review №46

Lot of selection. Large two level grocery store. Good prices

Review №47

Excellent selections of Asian groceries at great prices.

Review №48

One of the largest Asian food market in Manhattan Chinatown, you will find variety of choices. Hard to find parking weekdays you have more chance to find a spot.

Review №49

Decent place for chinese groceries but be prepared for long lines.

Review №50

A fantastic selection of produce and harder-to-find Asian cooking ingredients, one of the best supermarkets in the neighborhood. Be sure to check out the variety of snacks and treats in the basement-level as well!

Review №51

Great produce at chinatown prices. Bought two pears, two red onions, a bag of baby bok choy and a bag of grapes for only 12 dollars. Card only for $10+.

Review №52

Is very cool, lots of stuff you wont find anywhere else

Review №53

Love to shop here . Has everything I need and want . 💓

Review №54

Its larger than you typical Chinese supermarket, there a lot of sauces, and there are 2 floors. Its meat section is small and nothing stands out. If you need meat go to deluxe Market that is around the corner. Decent fresh fish selection and veggies.

Review №55

You can full on shop for groceries, get there wonderful deli items, drinks bakery items and deserts to go, or sit in in the store and enjoy. Beautiful fresh food.

Review №56

One of the go to Asian super markets in NYC. Its huge.

Review №57

A large Chinese supermarket. Contains lots of basic groceries.

Review №58

My go-to grocery for all Chinese pantry needs - flours, noodles, sauces, spices, etc. Prices are so much better than the “ethnic” aisle at Whole Foods, etc. Spacious and well organized. It was also calmer than my other Chinese supermarket around the corner.

Review №59

Great supermarket for Chinese and some Japanese groceries, as well as many general items you will find in American markets. Went there only to look for potato starch- found it but also walked out with frozen pork buns, frozen dumplings, pockys and some hot chilli seaweed chips!

Review №60

Great selection of Asian products, very good prices. Also good to shop for vegetables!

Review №61

Nice like ice fishing.

Review №62

Rude employees and expensive store

Review №63

Seems like the fresh seafood area always stinks and the floor is always wet. Its not a seafood stink either. But I dont come for the seafood. I come for the variety of goods. Theres a little area for people to leave their stroller bags in the front while they shop.

Review №64

Low priced produce, funny moon cakes.

Review №65

Ya gota to check it out

Review №66

Large selection of everything, including two aisles of sauces/condiments, two aisles of candy, even had black sesame soy milk.

Review №67

Found this place walking around Chinatown. Really clean and great place to find all you need. Produce looked real good and loved walking around the store and looking at all the great snacks.

Review №68

Huge selection of Chinese (and other Asian) ingredients and products. Fresh produce at low prices, and a decent meat/fish selection. Whenever I need specific items for Chinese cooking, this is where I go.

Review №69

Fully stocked asian market where you can find almost any ingredient needed for the asian recipes you are probably trying to make. They also have a ton of fresh produce and they even have a fresh fish section. Prices are great!

Review №70

Great selection, just okay prices. If youre in a hurry and dont want to make multiple stops this is the place for you

Review №71

Large selection. Good prices. Too crowded sometimes and workers are either hit or miss

Review №72

Regular chinese supermarket where u can get live seafood, frozen dim sums, cute snacks/carbonated drinks from asia, dried food, chinese herb/ medicine, fresh produce and dirt cheap rotten produce

Review №73

Asian supermarket, crowded narrow aisles, fair amount of selection, credit card reader can only take magnetic strip and cant do emv chip. I feel nervous using my credit card here.

Review №74

Go there at opening to avoid crowds.

Review №75

Yay for the options of Asian merchandise ! Nah for the cleanses and check out line

Review №76

Love it! A wide selection of goods literally from (noodle) soup to (Singapore sesame) nuts. Also meats and seafood.

Review №77

Can find almost everything here. Some fruits and veggies were a little too ripened for my liking, but the prices are competitive and its a one stop shop.

Review №78

They have everything from groceries to household items and cosmetics.

Review №79

Great prices, amazing amount of items available. Just be sure to bring your own bags.

Review №80

Really is a supermarket in terms of size and selection. Great produce, fresh seafood, and all the dry Asian groceries that you would need. Not a lot of houseware though (but Chinatown is already full of houseware vendors). The lines were pretty quick too (I went midday on a Saturday).

Review №81

Alot of shopping.

Review №82

Very crowded market that has a large selection of Chinese groceries. They close around 6pm in the afternoon even though Google might say otherwise.Its a great place to get fresh fishes

Review №83

Love this place and have been stopping in for years.Everything you need for any asian cooking. Also many items that you will not find in other supermarkets.One upside is that it does not smell and it is not dirty like some other Asian markets.One downside is do not expect to get any help/assistance if you are not a Chinese speaker.Conveniently located, great prices, huge selection.Give it a shot and be sure to grab some things that you may not have any idea of what it is. It will be a big hit or a huge miss.

Review №84

Definitely a lot of great and interesting products at this establishment. 😀

Review №85

Very cool supermarket where you can find hard to find ingredients that arent sold in other markets. Friendly staff but maybe too crowded especially now because of Covid...Though everyone had on a face cover

Review №86

Can buy various food with good price

Review №87

Big selection of ramen noodles

Review №88

Amazing selection. Great prices. Some of the rarest & strangest ingredients youll find in NYC.

Review №89

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Review №90

Full of Chinese snack foods, produce, drinks and cooking ingredients. A gem of a supermarket such as this in the middle of a city is a real treat. Thecashier service was nice, the selection of packaged goods and snacks was great, and the produce was alright. Its easy to get lost inside, and its bustling during the evening hours. Very easy to get to from the subway and from the rest of Chinatown.

Review №91

Wonderful place for green vegetables and fruits at a reasonable price.

Review №92

Best grocery store in NYC, been shopping here for 10 years. Great selection of pretty much everything at good prices. Produce is very fresh, and staff is very helpful.

Review №93

Decent place of all inclusive Asian foods which could be a hard time picking one.

Review №94

Very crowded, hard to navigate. apparently the veggies are pretty good here if you dont want to shop from a street vendor with all the car exhaust piling on fresh produce. The meat is not as good as some of the other places. But overall a convenient place to get all the grocery one needs at reasonable price.

Review №95

Love seafood from here

Review №96

Best shopping all my favorite dumplings and sauces.

Review №97

Lots of options, reasonable prices, and very accessible for someone like me who doesnt speak any Chinese

Review №98

No frills supermarket based in Hong Kong...erm Manhattan

Review №99

Very negative attitude from check out person. Let several people go in front of us. After ringing us up didnt tell the final cost.

Review №100

Not bad,certain things were too expensive but,certain things had good prices just, have to walk around and see what you see

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  • Address:157 Hester St, New York, NY 10013, United States
  • Phone:+1 212-966-4943
  • Asian grocery store
  • Grocery store
  • Supermarket
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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