Gentilly Mail and Copy Center
3157 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70122, United States
Gentilly Mail and Copy Center
Review №1

I often do business at Gentilly mail and copy because it’s the one stop shop to handle all my business. The staff are professional and knowledgeable of a lot of things. I am very happy with my experience. Sherry w.

Review №2

John was SO helpful! I had a bunch packages to ship and had half a clue of what to do. He was really patient and made sure I could finish my job. Thanks so much!

Review №3

Rob was an awesome person to work with. Very professional! Everyone delivered prompt service. Will definitely be back!

Review №4

A good Mall to shop and buy clothes etc!And theres a Sallys Beauty Supply Store 🏬 on site etc.

Review №5

Every time I use Gentilly Mail and Copy I leave thinking about what a great experience I’ve had. The staff are always friendly, polite, and helpful. I’m always quickly in and out of the store, I don’t think I’ve ever spent longer than 5 minutes shipping something.

Review №6

With each visit and phone call to this location, the staff is always friendly and nice. Its great doing business here. Keep it up! :-)

Review №7

Im so glad Gentilly Mail and Copy is in my neighborhood! Gary was quick, helpful and super friendly! 5 Star service!

Review №8

GREAT place. Everybody behind the counter was focused and busy, but attentive; their courtesy is refreshingly GENUINE. There were seats at the computers that they rent out, where they allow customers to sit as they wait to be served, or as they wait for their orders to be filled. A wide selection products greets every customer from the door to the checkout counter: post cards, birthday cards, keychains, stationery items, snacks and drinks, memoirs. Besides copies, services ranged from lamination to packaging and shipping, mailboxes.My turn in line came quickly, as Arreina greeted me with a smile that started from her pleasant attitude and traveled through her voice on the way to her face. In a world where rudeness and selfishness have steadily increased, how grateful I am to see a true young (20s) *lady* again (it has been over a year), who treats people right! She worked with the machine to get my oversized copy to fill the page just right, bringing the progress back to the counter, and immediately going back to make adjustments according to my requests. While she was working, I noticed that ALL the employees were looking customers in the eye, listening and working as respectfully as they were efficiently and accurately. Price was a mere 40 cents--very reasonable.My only disappointment with the visit was and the end, when I saw a wedding ring on Arreinas left hand. But I cant have EVERYTHING in life go my way. I admire her husbands taste. But anyway,, I congratulate this place, and cannot more highly recommend it. I will be back!

Review №9

This is a 5 star plus business! It was one stop shopping. Got documents notarized and FEDEX in less that 30 minutes!!!!!

Review №10

Exactly what you need. Line moves fast. Everyones polite.

Review №11

The workers r kind I love how they are patient with older people. Our neighborhood loves this shop!

Review №12

Every time I have come here to mail or pick up a package I have received quick and courteous service. The employees are friendly and capable, moving customers through the line kindly and efficiently—which is much appreciated because it is a small location. Prices are reasonable and items are handled respectfully. The premises are always organized and clean. Definitely my post office of choice!

Review №13

Gentilly Mail and Copy Center provided excellent service for a printing order I had to have done the same day. Thanks John for your assistance.

Review №14

Jamaal is always super helpful and friendly. He’s an asset to the company.

Review №15

Awesome service, super friendly. This is my go to postal store!

Review №16

Great customer service; very professional service, very friendly staff and friendly service

Review №17

Wonderful! Friendly, professional, and helpful which are not qualities you will necessarily receive from businesses in this part of town. Highly recommended! Thank You!!!

Review №18

Fast, courteous, and all around very nice people.

Review №19

Gentilly Mail & Copy is fantastic! John went above and beyond to help me.

Review №20

This place is seriously over priced. I went to them for a photo print and it was more than I expected but I was in a hurry so I went with it. Today I tried to drop off a package. The guy said the label I printed wouldnt scan. I wouldnt have had time to buy more ink and reprint so when he told me I could email it to them and have them print it I though that was a good option. Once it was printed the I saw the guy had changed me $2.65 to print one page. Never using this place again.

Review №21

I mailed a King Cake from this place that I waited in line 2 hours to get. It was delivered 4 days late. They also shipped my package to Tennessee when the delivery address was right here in Louisiana were I sent it from. The item was spoiled and destroyed and because it a food item they dont want to refund me my money. I will never ship anything from them again horrible customer service and they dont care about the community that supports their business.

Review №22

Gary was very polite and helpful

Review №23

Waited 30 minutes to get fingerprinted, just to be told after 35 minutes of waiting, that the person called and would be even later, meaning 10am late, never mind the fact that I got there at 8:15am...had I not asked, they would not have said anything. 1 time is enough for for me not to return.

Review №24

I went to them to sell my new textbooks and they tried to cheat me out my money. A books that I paid $900 for they tried to offer me 10 dollars. So I ended up selling my books on Booksrun. My advice: sell online you get way more money.

Review №25

Wow! Wow! Wow! The high customer service quality and product/ servicing prices are unbeatable. I would personally like to commend Rob for always going above and beyond for me. One of my packages was lost for a month. He immediately looked into the problem for me and resolved the issue. He also always follows up and calls back! BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for my friends at the Gentilly Mail and Copy Center! Thank you!!!

Review №26

Love this place. Copies are affordable (especially self-service). Lines can be long but they do move fast. Employees have good customer service skills. The only thing I don’t recommend is shipping anything USPS (Postal Service) here because their pickup times are weird. Just go or the shopping center next door to the actual post office to shop your express packages. FedEx and UPS services here seem like they run well. Lots of customers utilizing those services when i frequent here, but I haven’t had to use them.

Review №27

Gary was a big help

Review №28

OMG they literally do everything!!! And do it superbly!!! The entire staff is very pleasant and personable. You can tell everyone enjoys working together, just overall good vibes. I would recommend this place for ANYTHING, Im sure they will get you right. Also they are extremely helpful and patient with customers.

Review №29

Fast and easy, the employees are super helpful and nice

Review №30

Was really excited about the great reviews of this place, and having them so close to my house. I found them to be harried and found customer service lacking. I needed a tiny piece of tape for one small package and they wouldn’t give it for free (which is fine) nor would they let me use a credit card (didn’t cost enough to justify the transaction. Reading through the reviews, maybe there is one guy who’s difficult to work with. He’s been called out before?

Review №31

Shipping King Cakes to my out of town business partners... per box would have been $33 each to get there Monday. Rob took to the time and did the measurements and got me on ground which will be delivered Friday for a total of $30 instead of the expected $120. Fantastic service. If I need to ship anything, this is my place from now on.

Review №32

This is a great place to come and do anything. The staff is very helpful, kind and efficient. They multitask help everyone. Never had any problems.

Review №33

My experience with the company was excellent. I had a crystal vase that I needed to ship to my home. Rob took time to explain how he could package and ship the items without damage, and also the most inexpensive method. Upon my return, the box was not dented which was a good visible indication, and upon opening the box, the vase was in perfect condition. When in New Orleans, I will continue to use Gentilly Mail and Copy Center.

Review №34

Jamal was awesome

Review №35

Great place with knowledgeable staff!I have to ship things domestically as well as the occasional international package. The folks that work here know what they are doing and can get me either the best price or the best delivery date based on what I need.I have also had to use their printing and scanning services which were great value for the price and part is the automated email notices when the package is picked up for shipment as well as when it is delivered. So much easier to copy tracking numbers from an email rather than from a paper receipt!

Review №36

These guys did a 36 x 48 Giclee of an original artwork I own. The original was around 12x16. What they created was MASTERFUL. Outstanding!

Review №37

Great location! Thats about it. Beware of the guy in charge. Short White Male with chin hair. Comes across as a bit pompous. Uses sharp words and phrases, comes across as a bit condescending. Lucky for him Im a bit more mature now at my tender age of 44. Ive chosen to let you all know what type of person he is in my review rather that match intelligence with a narcissist. I could have chosen to be condescending as well. My vocabulary is broad. Could have had fun! Instead, I chose to be mature and let you know to be prepared. You should Google the procedures before visiting his location. Not having the knowledge and him doing anything more than whats necessary to assist you will irritate him. Not my fault. Its his fault that I wrote this review. You cant blame the customer whos spending money at your establishment. While I was there, I had the pleasure of witnessing an episode that involved a senior citizen. Nonetheless, lets just say that it was awkward. Find another location.

Review №38

Im a big fan of this place! Im sorry to say that I didnt discover it sooner but once I found it, I will go out of my way to take my business here!The staff has always been super helpful, friendly, & supportive of whatever project or errand it is Im trying to get done. Love your New Orleans local businesses & go see these guys!

Review №39

Thanks for having your business in our neighborhood. Your services are a necessity especially when you need notary, shipping, or fax/copy services I pray you remain to be a thriving business that stays in Gentilly! I appreciate the convenience and extended hours too! V. Bethune

Review №40

I visited the store two days in a row and received excellent service both times. The staff is awesome, such a great team. They made sure to acknowledge each guest and made sure everyone was assisted in a timely matter. The prices are great. They offer soooooo many services! I definitely recommend them for your mailing, printing, any business need. Check them out guys!

Review №41

DO BUSINESS HERE!!!Gentilly Mail Services provides several much needed services to our little slice of Gentilly! The staff are personable, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional.That I was able to get an Act Of Property Donation printed from an email, counter-signed, witnessed, notarized, and mailed to the Donee’s attorney, all in a matter of minutes, and for a VERY reasonable fee, made that transaction seamless and stressless!And, btw, don’t come here lookin’ for license and title services any more, ‘cause they ain’t Gentilly Title no mo’!

Review №42

I always leave Gentilly Mail & Copy impressed by the supreme quality and service! Best prices in the city and very knowledgeable about paper, printing and graphic design. I save so much time shipping instead of going to the post office.

Review №43

The staff and owners are phenomenal!! Their customer service, exceeded my expectations of a copy and business center. They are willing to go above and beyond to help please the customer. All are a beautiful, professional individuals. A MUST stop for copies or computer uses.

Review №44

This is the 3rd day in a row I visited Gentilly Mail. And I must say the service and patience each employee displayed was incredible. Would highly recommend anyone who may need their services to check them out. Awesome place!!!😀😀😀😎

Review №45

The best service in town!! Trey Ball is the absolute MAN when it comes to getting exactly what you need! High quality at a great price!!

Review №46

Awesome place. Service was outstanding. Immediately greeted by John who provided me with quick and fast help. Highly recommend for shipping and mailing needs.

Review №47

What an outstanding addition to Gentilly. This place is far more convenient than the post office (which is just across the parking lot) and you can ship UPS and FedEx. Theyve also got a notary. And copiers. And computers. And PO boxes. And a limited supply of office supplies. Theyve got it all. I used to go to the downtown post office all the way from Gentilly just so I didnt have to deal with the rinky-dink one on Caton Street. Now Gentilly copy and print takes care of me. Thanks yall.

Review №48

Very helpful & friendly... you can do alot here.

Review №49

It’s so nice to have a mail service place in Gentilly! The wait was short and my transaction was easy. Thanks guys!

Review №50

So quick and easy! Dependable and efficient.

Review №51

I have been here many days trying to get paperwork sent out to someone and from someone. Everyone here are friendly also. Best business on this block!!!

Review №52

Great Service. Ashley was a really big help when I needed fingerprinting service done remotely. Very professional, prompt and courteous.

Review №53

This place is great and 500x better than the post office! Keep it up and thanks for giving excellent service.

Review №54

The staff is always friendly, there is pretty much never a wait, and they use UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL, so you can always company and get the fastest options and lowest prices!Update: They dropped USPS as a carrier, which is kind of inconvenient, but at the same time I dont blame them. USPS especially recently has frequently failed to deliver on time or at all! I still use them for anything I have to ship.

Review №55

I think the people working for this place have very good attitude they treat you real nice when you go in When you trying to get anything done at you dont know about the have a pleasant altitude to help you very good place to go to

Review №56

Its great to have a FedEx And UPS ship and drop off point at the same location. So convenient and quick.

Review №57

Excellent Service. Customer Centric. Highly Recommend!

Review №58

I totally love this place there service is fast and easy they always keep me smiling and there so kind..I always go here because there reasonable and always get the job done.

Review №59

Quick and fast friendly service. I would recommend to use for your local needs.

Review №60

I like that you offer so many different services in one place. You don’t have to run around town!

Review №61

Fast and on point in and out in no time.Every one is friendly and ready to help. I had two things in no time flat and the price was really good.Although that guy Brian is a little short he seems to do the most work around there.LOL but other then that every one does a great job.

Review №62

Im always in this place. The staff is super helpful. All packages they make sure they are properly packaged for you. They always have what i need or the answers. Lastly there are refreshments you can purchase if you have a lenghty stay. Drop in.

Review №63

Gentilly mail and copy are very excellent and convenient they have great customer service

Review №64

Great friendly fast service, Im there at least once or twice a week getting anything from copies, invitations and labels for party favors printed. Such a convenient location for me.

Review №65

The team running this place is excellent. Knowledgable, fast & efficient. Highly recommended.

Review №66

You have a great location for what is needed in this area thanks for your service

Review №67

I’ve been coming here for years, and everytime I stop in I have a good experience. There is a helpful staff and many services are offered! 😊

Review №68

The worse place in town. Tried to send a FedEx package using my account number and the young lady behind the desk argued with me telling me that my 10 year old account number was incorrect. I was the second person in line behind another disappointed customer. I live 5 minutes from this location but Id rather drive to St. Charles Avenue. Dont trust your mail there and DONT send a package from there. They seem to be the same old arrogant, inefficient people who want Black dollars but dont have courtesy and respect for Black people....

Review №69

Excellent service and reasonable prices. Wonderful employees ❤

Review №70

Fast, friendly service. Highly recommended

Review №71

Great place to handle all your daily business needs. Great customer service.

Review №72

I needed some passport photos and Im sorry I went here. They charge $12.95 for 2 photos which is not bad compared to some other places. The problem I had was that I needed 6 photos and I was charged $12.95 for each set of 2 and this is ridiculous. Usually anywhere else would charge $12.95 for the 1st two photos and have a lower rate for any additional, after all, they only took 1 photo. I also printed 4 photos for my son and that brought my total bill to $53.40 for some passport pics 😫. I couldnt believe when the guy told me the price. But thats not the worst part. When I went to use the pics I took I was told that the quality was poor and they couldnt see one of my ears and the background was dull so now I have to go pay again for better quality pictures. I wasted my money and I cant get it back and I really dont have money like that to be giving it away. I had some documents to print and I was considering using their services but I dont want anything to do with this place again. DO NOT TAKE PASSPORT PICTURES HERE.Update: I went to Identogo and paid $14.92 for my 6 passport photos. They were professionally taken quality pictures. Theyre on Tchoupitoulas close to the Walmart. They also offer fingerprinting and background checks among other services. I should have just taken the ride to here in the 1st place.

Review №73

Great service and prices, and love that it’s right in my neighborhood! 😍😍😍

Review №74

Very friendly staff and most accommodating (my mother, a customer, is deaf)! Encourage all to patronize this small business!

Review №75

ATTENTION: If you’re BLACK DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE! The customer service clerks in all of their menial peon glory are RACIST! They treat all black people as if they’re incompetent and ignorant! The customer service was horrible! Which is sad because the HELP was an ASIAN MINORITY female and an oblivious octogenarian male who was in fact unable to operate the machines! I wouldn’t be so irate if this was the first occurrence but it was in fact about the 3rd. If you don’t want black people to come to your establishment find another location! But it’s ok, I won’t patronize you all any longer i’ll take my business to FEDEx where at least if they’re stereotypically judgemental it’s covert!

Review №76

I went in to have documents faxed that were double sided. I was cbarged $8 for my documents only to find out that there fax doesn’t have the capability of faxing double sided. How did I find out, from the receiving party, not them! I went back only for the rep to tell me “ no fax machines sends documents double sided”. I was upset that he couldn’t acknowledge that he didn’t know how to use the option to fax double sided and moreseo bc he didn’t realize how it affected me with he documents I was sending.

Review №77

This day was like no other but coming into this building today helped me to successful complete my day with hope. I really like this place!

Review №78

Great customer service! They helped me alot with what I had to do!

Review №79

Quick and simple. Copies Very reasonable

Review №80

Went to get copies made very helpful and professional.

Review №81

I like this place but the prints from email is too expensive. Office Depot charges $.16 to print from email vs. their $2. It’s too huge of a difference. I want to support but it’s too big of a difference if you print 2 pages you have bought lunch.

Review №82

Love the convience! Thanks for bringing businesses back to New Orleans the ORIGINAL!

Review №83

Incompetent employees who do not take responsibility for their mistakes

Review №84

Staff is always nice to me when I come in

Review №85

Great, fast service and very polite!

Review №86

Great small business with great employees!

Review №87

Good reliable shipping and packing and more

Review №88

Wonderful customer service and staff!

Review №89

Great service!!

Review №90

Excellent location, great staff!

Review №91

Friendly definitely recommend

Review №92

Very helpful

Review №93

This place rocks 👩‍🎤

Review №94

Great customer service

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:3157 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70122, United States
  • Phone:+1 504-304-9595
  • Copy shop
  • Shipping and mailing service
  • Fax service
  • Fingerprinting service
  • Graphic designer
  • Notary public
  • Passport photo processor
  • Photo shop
  • Print shop
  • Promotional products supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
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