The Peach Cobbler Factory Dessert Lounge
5814 Nolensville Pike Suite 106, Nashville, TN 37211, United States
The Peach Cobbler Factory Dessert Lounge

Review №1

I hated the packaging. The bowl was sticky outside. But tastes great and fast service. I went to the food truck. May go back

Review №2

Delicious peach cobbler with ice cream. Taste I was looking for and had to come from California to find it 😊

Review №3

Their freshly scooped banana pudding is AMAZING! There are no banana pieces and the layers of vanilla wafers are almost cake-like.HOWEVER, the prepackaged banana pudding has soggy, crumbly vanilla wafers that make me sad, so if it’s coming out of the refrigerator don’t get it.I would give them five stars if I wasn’t so disappointed by the prepackaged version, but I know they’re trying to keep people safe.

Review №4

The cobbler is bought pre-made from GFS in Franklin on a weekly basis, and sold as homemade. If you want this exact same cobbler, just go to GFS and buy it yourself for much less money. They make an 800% profit on a piece of subpar cobbler, but dont even pay their employees.Scam.

Review №5

So excited to find this quaint little place with great service and the most amazing peach cobbler. Cinnamon rolls, banana pudding, and 7-10 flavors of peach cobbler. Loved it!

Review №6

I would call but there is no number and Im not driving back there. Last time I paid for ice cream, this time it was complimentary, but still paid the same price. Then when I got home and saw the electronic receipt it shows them charging a tax for Davidson County and a tax for Rutherford County. Thats not right.

Review №7

So so so so good. They never disappoint! Reasonably priced and quality is always top notch.

Review №8

I ordered the peach cobbler and it was just okay. Their cobbler is very doughy and has plenty of peaches and I think for some people this can be exactly how they like their cobbler. I prefer more crust than peaches and I like my crust to be crunchy. Even though I didn’t enjoy my order there are plenty of other options on the menu that I think people will enjoy.

Review №9

They were out of peach cobbler. How is a “peach cobbler factory” out of peach cobbler? They didn’t tell us until after they took our money and waited 20 minutes! Then when we asked for sweet potato instead, they were out of that too. We asked for our money back and they couldn’t find our card information! We had to call our bank to reverse the charges. No one in the restaurant tried to accommodate us, off something free, a rain check... NOTHING. Both workers sat there on their phones while we tried to figure things out.

Review №10

I would add a photo but I ate my cobbler immediately. They have so many flavors, along with cinnamon rolls and banana pudding, I may go every day just to try everything. I live way too close to this place and I’m fully prepared to put on 5-10 lbs in the next few weeks. Are y’all open for breakfast?! I’m coming back tomorrow and I’ll bring coffee for everyone. Sweet Jesus. Thank you!

Review №11

This company is a fraud. They don’t pay their employees and the food is not homemade but store purchase. Please take your money else where!

Review №12

Thank you to the lady who greeted me today at the Nolensville Rd location, she was very polite and her Customer Service was Stellar! My husband and I drove from Smyrna, because the Smyrna location was out of the cinnamon rolls. The stuffed rolls are AMAZING..

Review №13

Love this place its so GOOD

Review №14

Company doesnt pay employees and food isnt homemade its from GFS

Review №15

AMAZING!!!!!! Id post a picture, but I scarfed it down too quickly! The cobbler is flavorful and delicious, and the owner/staff are kind, welcoming, and helpful. Ill be back to try as many kinds of cobbler as possible, and I highly recommend you do the same!!

Review №16

Best cinnamon roll Ive had since childhood, amazing.One trip and my husband and I are already discussing our next visit.Great people, great desserts 10/10

Review №17

Cherry cobbler and peach cobbler are my absolute favorites! Thanks Peach Cobbler for my expanding waist size 😅💜💜

Review №18

Great desserts good music nice people and the smell was amazing. If you are close stop in you win not regret it. If you can eat in do it it will b worth the time dont get me wrong the cobblers great when you get home but when its nice and hot and has that ice cream on top WOW

Review №19

The cobbler here is fantastic! Also, the customer service always seems to be great, but the type of music and the volume it is played at is not appropriate for this type of establishment. I don’t mind waiting on my order, but the music will have you counting the minutes.

Review №20

Absolutely delightfully delicious! A can’t miss on whatever you order!!!!

Review №21

Absolutely Delicious!! We had Peach, Strawberry and Cherry Cobblers... Sooo Good!!😍😍 Jazzy lil place...comfortable...feels peaceful.

Review №22

Had never been to the actual store but it was well worth it!

Review №23

Great treating treats! They have games to play like Uno. Music is playing, too.

Review №24

Never disappointed. 😊🥰 LOVE IT!!! Great vibes, friendly staff.

Review №25

The food was excellent and the service was quick, friendly and nice.

Review №26

When you run out of ice cream, drive to the grocery store and buy some. If not, reduce the price of your product that typically includes it. Dont financially take advantage of your customers!

Review №27

Cinnamon roll was amazing 👌

Review №28

Amazing cobbler!

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Love love love!!!!

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