Robinhood muffler
695 W Hackley Ave, Muskegon, MI 49441, United States
Robinhood muffler

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The people at Robinhood dropped everything to fix my car yesterday! I told them I have a family function to attend today and that since I was out of town in Norton Shores, I didnt have a place to stay overnight to wait for the repairs. The staff was so incredibly nice and helpful. They fixed my entire exhaust in about two hours!Thanks so much for the excellent customer service!~ Tracey Lynn Melody

Review №2

Got me in quick and done the next day for a fair price. I cant even hear my engine now! Will go to them from now on. They seem honest, too... didnt try to sell me something I didnt need, and let me know it could be patched instead of buying new parts. Appreciate!!

Review №3

Every single time I have had to talk to the women who works there, she has been extremely rude and snappy. Making me feel stupid and like I am causing them extreme bother for calling them. I am choosing to bring my car to them for servicing and she is treating me like I shouldn’t need it. She is in the wrong profession if she is going to treat customers that way! I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Review №4

The guys at Robin Hood were great and really got me out of a jam. My exhaust system was dragging on the ground and I was afraid it would be an expensive fix. Turns out it was a broken hanger and a patch jib on my muffler. They had me in and out in less than and hour, it cost $60, and they EVEN gave me a piece of Strawberry Cheesecake !!! I will always go back there for mt needs. Thanks Guys !!!

Review №5

I recommend to family two shops, this is one of them. Theyre nice, affordable and fast.

Review №6

This place is amazing!!My tire had a broken stud.I called Robinhood at 1:14 p.m. and mentioned that I was leaving on a trip. They said they could fix it that day if I brought it in, so I went right away. At 1:44 p.m. I was already out of there and sitting at the stoplight!! That was exactly 30 minutes after I called. Im pretty impressed and quite appreciative!

Review №7

Friendly and fast work at a Great Price

Review №8

Great service and reasonable price.

Review №9

Great service. Replaced some exhaust pipes and the catalytic converter. Came in at a reasonable rate.

Review №10

Had an engine transmission put in did a great job thank you very much

Review №11

Great customer service. I highly recommend this shop. The owner is hands-on, and makes sure the job is done right, and customers are happy.

Review №12

Unfortunately, even though their answering machine promised a return call, I never did receive one. Too bad they are too busy to care about customer service.

Review №13

Ridiculously high quoted me 400bucks to weld two flex pipes on my car which I was providing and attempted to sell me additional exhaust hangers and 02 sensors which I had already replaced less than 6 months prior.

Review №14

Let you know when the job is finished.

Review №15

Got my car in and out

Review №16

Good quick service

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