Best Buy
4429 Pecanland Mall Dr, Monroe, LA 71203, United States
Best Buy
Review №1

Love this location, I had a special order that only that store could get in store for me, so I drove about an hour and a half away to get the product. I was not disappointed the stores staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with, I enjoyed my experience with this location. The store it self was very clean and well kept up, they have a huge selection of electronics and other accessories for phones, TVs, tables, and other electronic devices. I would highly recommend this location if you are in the area or in need of specialty items, even if you are not in the area it is well worth the drive you will not regret it.

Review №2

The store was clean and well organized, and the guy at the door was very friendly; HOWEVER, the sales person in the computer section is nothing short of a bully! He will attempt to talk you out what you want and practically shove a more expensive product down your throat. I was very unhappy with the service and ended up leaving upset and disappointed.

Review №3

Great place to shop. Courteous and helpful associates.

Review №4

Their online ordering is not great. I kept getting texts telling me to pickup my order. It was delivered. Why keep saying its ready to pick up? Wasted trip.

Review №5

A great place to test out new electronics as they have iPhones, Tablets, Headphones, laptops and much more on display to try out. I also shop here for Electronics because their curbside pickup is faster than Amazon shipping.

Review №6

Horrible experience. Spent 4 hours on the phone to be told to go the the store. Store says there is nothing they can do even though customer service states that they can. Back and forth customer( lack of) service hangs up on me twice. Spent money up there all the time believing that a big box store like Best Buy would stand behind their sales. Spent 600.00 on a junk product in March that was suppose to have a warranty. 1 year later no help from anyone. Save your money and buy from the cheaper places down the street as you will get the same degree of service.

Review №7

It was great.the young man was as helpful as he can be.and I did find what I was looking for.

Review №8

Went in for a stylus. I was immediately greeted and ask what I needed help with. Then associate took me to the product. Wouldve given it 5 stars but I asked the cashier if they price matched and he said yes. I proceeded to show him the stylus for a few bucks cheaper on Amazon but then he said he wouldnt price match that.

Review №9

I came in to buy a galaxy watch and the salesman showed me a watch that had an open box discount totalling at $197. He took me to the lady at the register and she rang it up for $447, I explained to her what he showed me. She then told me very rudely that he told me wrong and that Id have to pay the full price even though it was an open box. Terrible customer service and terrible sales

Review №10

Well organized, pleasantly cool, customer service reps were readily available to assist you. Didnt have to wait in line long to check out.

Review №11

I like Best Buy, but the Monroe Best Buy needs some more help. A lot of their products are short stocked and some employees need training on products.

Review №12

Its a good place. A very smart guy helped get my android tablet working again! That was good, but for me the whole store is a little over my head! Lol!

Review №13

We needed help with a cell phone that was not purchased at Best Buy. The gentleman who assisted us was helpful and friendly. We appreciated his help so much.

Review №14

Can they not answer a call?? Every time i call, i get a message saying theyre not taking calls. Why?? They expect me to drive 30 min to find out my own answer?? No thanks. This is why online buying is so much better

Review №15

I mean as you can expect a place up to high standards has excellent customer service definitely cant complain

Review №16

The young lady that helped us with gaming laptops was the absolute best! Thanks Breanna!

Review №17

They literally have every thing you need from phone to coffee pots to auto speakers they got it covered and the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable

Review №18

Superior customer service and prices. More business should be like them.

Review №19

Great attitudes, from the time I walked and the time I walked out.

Review №20

A great place to buy electronics and other items.

Review №21

Purchased a new telephone. They lose money because of short staff. My guy was awesome.

Review №22

Horrible customer service....we literally waited almost one hour before getting service! Too bad we only have one Best Buy in Monroe!

Review №23

Great dishwasher delivery experience.

Review №24

Store very clean and store personnel very helpful and knowledgeable however the store didnt have items needed in stock. Items were 15 foot cat 5e and 10+ foot fiber audio cable. No fiber audio cables at all and the shortest cat 5e cable was 25ft. Store personnel said the items could be ordered, paid for, and will arrive at the Best Buy store 5 days later. Well guess what? I can go home, order for lesser price, and receive at my door in 2 days.

Review №25

Standard box store. Found what I needed after about 30 min wait. It appeared they were super short staffed and the displays were measly. Not sure if covid stock shortage or if they are just pivoting to more online sales with pickup. Anyways, poor outlook for the instore shopping.

Review №26

Dont go there often and when I do they arent very friendly and act like dont want you to ask them for any help

Review №27

No phone to call them is highly unprofessional, still, I bought the Dell G5S from here, and the keyboard backlight won’t come on, but it seems to be a problem with the model, as the problem is common. This was key to me, when selecting a laptop, and without it, my purchase feels incomplete. There are no associates I can call,to try and resolve this with.1 star for that,

Review №28

Friendly and helpful staff but limited products.

Review №29

So I work out of town, due to covid restrictions I was unable to make it home within the return period. Now that I am home I finally got to open the monitor to find there is a massive crack down the middle of the entire screen. I call my local store which took 45 minutes of waiting to have a manager show zero interest, and tell me he cant help me and to call corporate. I call corporate for them to give me the run around and say the manager should be able to help me due to the situation. Ive spent thousands of dollars with this company, and I understand why they have these type of policies in place, but its sad to see how they treat loyal customers in these troubled times. So they are basically telling me I have to take the loss, I will never spend another penny with this company!

Review №30

Superior customer service. Everyone has always gone above and beyond to make sure I get the best product for the best price. Highly recommend.

Review №31

Always get good deals here

Review №32

Didnt carry what I needed so dude found one on Amazon for me

Review №33

Nobody in the front but the guy that we managed to find was very friendly and helpful.

Review №34

Busy when we there. Difficult to get help quickly.

Review №35

It was cool. Lots of technology stuff. Located in a populated hwy section of town.

Review №36

Its like walking to a really expensive candy store. Lol. I enjoy going just to look around sometimes, theres usually always something new or interesting that would be fun or useful to have. As far as actually needing something thats already on your grocery list they are sure to have it in stock. Plus customer service is always helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Review №37

Store seemed in disarray. Noone wanted to help. No towels in bathroom. Overall store was not orderly or clean

Review №38

They have 5 of us standing in line waiting for the customer service worker to check us all out. While at least 4 employees are standing around, 2 of them are playing on there phone

Review №39

Found what I needed but was never asked if I needed help.

Review №40

Would be 5 star but with the covid stuff going on you have to checkout at customer service/pickup. So if you go in to buy 1 thing be prepared to wait behind people that are doing returns, pickups or need assistance. I would like to think they would have 1 register specifically for customers shopping in the store so they dont have to wait.

Review №41

Was helped by Jas, who was very helpful to find and get my small freezer. He loaded it in my truck. Very pleased with the service!

Review №42

Never fails. Try to get something from this best buy and they wont have it.Terrible place to shop.

Review №43

Stopped in to have the SIM card changed on my phone. Cole volunteered and had it changed out within five minutes.

Review №44

Shout out to Brandon in the phone/service area. For whatever reason he was the only one there who was able to assist 4-5 people. When help did get there he was locked out of a particular service and could only assist with certain things. Brandon finished a sale, got another guy taken care of and phone data switched to the new phone, assisted a woman with carrier questions, another couple with a carrier questions AND got my hotspot set up and connected with a great attitude. What an asset to have to the Best Buy team. Thanks Brandon for the help, made it to my hair appointment 💇🏼‍♀️.

Review №45

Very helpful staff

Review №46

Order online, said ready in an hour. 3 hours later, not ready. Called, on hold for 50 minutes before someone answers the phone. She tells me it will be tomorrow before my order is ready. I told her the reason I needed it was I was at work and would not be in town the next day. She told me to come into the store, they would cancel my order and sell me one over the counter. Went to the store immediately at 8 pm, store hours posted say open until 9pm...they are closed. Charlie should have told me they were closing and I was basically SOL. Poor communication and poor service.

Review №47

Its Best Buy. You shop here when you dont want to wait for Amazon to bring it.

Review №48

Its ok they are always out of everything tho I guess cause trucks are running due to covid-19 I dont know. Their customer service is really slow. They see you standing there and wait 10 minutes before coming to help you.

Review №49

The people at best buy have always been ultra friendly and reliabe as far checking inventory, but recently Ive noticed a decline in product knowledge its a shame to be looking to spend 1500 or more on a Surface Pro and no one has any knowledge on the product, I was told oh idk I have an iPad but still very friendly staff

Review №50

The girl I dealt with was awesome I was not there long as I was just picking up an order.

Review №51

Ramey was very helpful nice guy

Review №52

Pretty good service.. Friendly staff. Well organized. Easy to fimd what you need. Very clean... Mostly well stocked.

Review №53

Hard to rate during COVID. I found customer service to be helpful. On the sales floor it was difficult to get help which is normally not the case outside of the COVID situation.

Review №54

Used to love Best buy but they lied about a product their online said they had so canceled that order and ordered another color said it would be the next day..WRONG

Review №55

Great selection but hard to find a salesperson to answer questions

Review №56

They are pretty helpful here in any department you go. Great customer service.

Review №57

Went again today 5/13/2021 Kyron is the best

Review №58

Matt was an excellent assistant, made our experience fantastic. Wonderful 👏

Review №59

Worst curbside shopping experience ever. Purchased item online to pickup in the store and they never notified me to come pick it up. So of course that was a gift I didnt have for Christmas. Manager of the store told me they had too many orders to filll and did not get to it. Customer service guaranteed me my order would be ready bu close of business which clearly did not happen. The most upset part of the whole incident was I could have waited in line and just bought out the store but was told curbside pickup would be faster. Yea right 2 days later....

Review №60

Waited an hour for help no one had the time or ability to help want go back

Review №61

So apparently if you get a product sent to the front desk to purchase and someone orders it online while you stand in line they get it instead of you. The manager just told me too bad buddy and sent me home. What kind of service is that?

Review №62

No service no good prices

Review №63

I found the computer I wanted, but nobody ever asked if I needed help. Used to be at Best Buy youd trip over employees offering their assistance; here, they were scarce. I found what I wanted despite them.

Review №64

Awesome customer service!!!

Review №65

This place has just about everything. Salesmen and women are always helpful. My go to place for anything electronic. They also have cool gadgets.

Review №66

Not great, wont answer the phone, emoyees have no clue what they are talking about.(ar least the ones I felt with). And for some reason they dont open until the middle of the day. Apparently you can only shop here if You have zero responsibility and dont wake up till mid day.The return policy is a joke they will say whatever u need to hear to sell you somthing and you better hope you dont work normal hours because if you do good luck returning anything.Oh and they will use any excuse to just not open the store at all. Guess Im going to call corporate to get my return done

Review №67

Rudest cashier that I have ever dealt with. Even worse than Mcdonalds employees

Review №68

Very helpful IT guy while looking for a new laptop.

Review №69

Went in to buy a pa system 15 or20 sales people were standing around doing nothing.the one person that I got to help left to go hang out with the other sales people, left me totally hanging....

Review №70

Great place and employees

Review №71

I hate Best But because the sales employees is no at all.Today I was looked over in line whole I was waiting.A white guy came to ask an question on an item. Chad is one of the person that didnt seem that it was important to see to needs and the other guy came n the phone department left me standing while he was on the phone talking to someone about a customer who was having issue with his phone.While he was tending to him, he walked off leaving me to help a white man.The door greeter (worker) I made a statement about customer service wasnt helpful, he looked at me like he wasnt concerned. So I let walked off and I told him that I will contact Best buy customer service. My rate is 0.I will take my business to another company.

Review №72

Usually find what you want and Associates are willing to help.

Review №73

Very inefficient, do not answer calls, had my computer 4 months and i didnt receive a call had to go in to get it and it still was not ready for pick up.

Review №74

Found what I needed needs better service

Review №75

Employees were friendly and knowledgeable. They were efficient. Had what we needed when no one else did.

Review №76

Great they only had 2 sales people but managed to keep it going

Review №77

Geek squad is awesome!! They didnt hesitate to help and did it with a smile!! Love them!

Review №78

Bought tow new and Im in love it with it

Review №79

Workers were nice but store did have the product I was looking for.they also didnt t have the answer for when they may get it

Review №80

May not find everything in stock at this location. Just use it as an online pickup. Other than that, well kept retail environment.

Review №81

Great experience picking up my 65” TV curbside

Review №82

VERY unprofesional staff at customer service. Playstation 4 Pro trade in value worth $175 on their website. Go to trade in and he says no value first, then quotes $80 and says the website is different than in store and then laughs at me. Should be ashamed to hire these kind of people. Ive traded plenty at Best Buy and never been quoted different in store price than on the website, but to laugh at the customer? Im done doing business with this location. Absolutely no way to treat one of your Elite Plus Members.

Review №83

I love best buy they always have what Im looking for.

Review №84

Stock was less then expected, convinced I guess

Review №85

Quick and easy shopping, loved the customer service, theyre always willing to help with whatever you need.

Review №86

Friendly helpful associates

Review №87

Helpful staff

Review №88

Terrible customer service. Ordered my radio kit online and only 2 of the 3 items were processed correctly. I went in the store to be assisted and was stopped at the door and told I’d have to call a “1-800 number” and they couldn’t help me. I then called the number I had to find by myself because he didn’t tell it to me. Waited in the parking lot for an hour while calling the number just for them to cancel my order. So I decided to just buy something that was in stock. Found a different radio and went to checkout but was told my radio was in fact at the store. He sent me to a worker that handles purchases and he refused to give my the radio because in the system is shows that it wasn’t there. I drove and hour for my order to be canceled upon arrival, rude workers who don’t care about their customers, and a waste of 3 hours. I’ll never order or shop from them again.

Review №89

Very quick service by the geek squad one I finally got an appointment for my Apple product.

Review №90

Natalie is so awesome!!! Supper helpful with everything I needed. Friendly! Cute! She was just great!

Review №91

I have had good and Bad situations with them. Bought a dryer online and paid for install. They broke something and had to get another. Took me over 30 days still no dryer. I got tired of waiting and went and picked it up myself. I wasnt pleased with the whole thing..

Review №92

Friendly helpful from the moment you walk thru the door

Review №93

Its so awesome to have a large tech shop with so much to look at and the staff are usually pretty knowledgeable about the products. Some are super knowledgeable & others still getting acclimated. There are so many things tech that you just have to see and touch before you buy. So glad this place has that & the prices stay competitive if not the best.

Review №94

Couldnt get someone to help me at mobile service desk...but customer service helped right away

Review №95

Helpful, friendly workers. Great selection of merchandise from multiple manufacturers.

Review №96

Love buying my tech from the local Best Buy. Curbside service is convenient and fast.

Review №97

I recently went to Best Buy to look at an item for drawing on computers. The salesman (Steven), in computers, was very helpful and actually recommended a laptop that would serve my needs better. Steven has great product knowledge & is very helpful. If you need anything computer related, especially Apple products, go see Steven. This is probably the best experience Ive had in ANY retail store within the last number of years. I would definitely recommend this place to others.

Review №98

Jumbled mess. Cannot find any helpItems are not Cleary priced

Review №99

Very helpful staff.

Review №100

Fast service. Was only in store 20 minutes and was able to purchase exactly what i needed.

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  • Address:4429 Pecanland Mall Dr, Monroe, LA 71203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 318-388-1045
  • Appliance store
  • Electronics store
  • Computer store
  • Home theater store
  • Music store
  • Video game store
  • Video store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:10AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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