United Noodles
2015 E 24th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States
United Noodles
Review №1

Great store,fresh veggies and edibles. Loved the machi machi store with Bobba and teas.

Review №2

Has a good variety of products. The layout might be a little confusing if you aren’t familiar with Asian grocery items but the isles are clearly marked with signs. Love getting produce here. I got chicken here once and it was spoiled (smelled like eggs) so I’ve decided to avoid the butcher section. Prices are a little high but I feel like that’s pretty common in asian grocery stores since they have to import a lot of their products.

Review №3

This store has a great variety of foods that I enjoy. Prices are reasonable. Staff has always been attentive, helpful, and friendly.

Review №4

Best place in the twin cities for a large variety of authentic foods. Was there today and they even have a Hawaiian section now! Chinese Japanese Thai Korean Indian you name it. Great place for exotic ingredients. Not all of it is in English. Bring your readers or a magnifying glass if you are not sure what you have in your hand. Many items now have a printed label stuck on in English. Very hard to read sometimes. Fresh exotic fresh veggies and produce rock!

Review №5

Love this store! Just bought some wagyu steak the other day; best steak EVER! Also, their spicy pork Bahn mi sammies are THE BEST!!! They also have the cutest Ramen bowls to drool over😊

Review №6

Super busy store, has many varieties of food to choose from. Will have to come back again and browse the different foods to try. Couple of super helpful staff members that assisted me on my last visit made my trip more pleasant.

Review №7

They are phenomenal. Sp helpful. They stock both genders (see photo)

Review №8

You know the noodles is great. It has a selection of everything you need, if you are specifically going there to find Asian groceries. The only thing that I don’t see are Indian/Pakistani/Bengali food but they have an entire aisle dedicated to Ramen. So if that’s your thing, you’re in the right place. They also have the grocery store split into a produce section and a dry goods section, so it gets slightly easier to find the food you’re looking for if you do not speak the language of its country. Definitely the most friendly Asian supermarket to non-Asians.

Review №9

Awesome place! Best selection of noodles and my favorite Rose Tea buds. Everything you cannot find at your local Asian market you will find here.

Review №10

I adore UN. Went there last time to get all of the fixings for fresh spring rolls, sushi, some snacks, beverages. And it’s insanely cheap. It’s a great way to feed your family on a budget and create tasty food. You can also order food in the grocery store as well.Easy parking. 10/10 reccomend!

Review №11

I love this place!! A Korean friend recommended it to my this summer when I complained about craving Japanese/East Asian snacks, and now its my favorite local grocery store. It has the non-American snacks I crave like squid jerky and spicy tteokbokki, and it also has a great meat & fresh vegetable section.Only thing to note: If you go during COVID-19, please be respectful of their mask & limited household member policies!

Review №12

They have the freshest produce with large variety, with some of my favorite hometown vegetables, and the meat section is also impressive!! You can find all kinds of food from China, Japan and korea. The staff are friendly, honest, and provide superb services. 👏

Review №13

I just love all the snacks here. They have lots of authentic fresh ingredients. Where else am I gonna get pork belly to make stir fry with?

Review №14

This is my favorite grocery store in Minneapolis! I can get all my food here except for some grains/beans and dairy. The fresh fruits and veggies are the best. Good prices too.

Review №15

Love this grocery store. The produce and and chicken are so fresh and delicious. They have the exact brand of ramen we love, and theyve got multiple brands of canned Thai tea. We needed some Japanese sake for a recipe and couldnt find it, and the cashiers we so knowledge about Japanese and Chinese cooking. They scoured the store looking for the last bottle of Sake for us. I love this grocery store, its the only place for our cooking needs!

Review №16

Great assortment of various Asian foods. They have a Bahn Mi station which has bbq chicken and pork. If you are cooking Thai food, they have all the essentials.

Review №17

Best place to go for that hard to find ingredient. I love the snacks especially. Sweet or savory, you can find it here.

Review №18

The restaurant in the middle is top notch!

Review №19

Have only visited once but they had a good selection of both fresh and non-perishable items. I found exactly what I was looking for and the store had protocols in place for COVID. I will definitely be visiting again

Review №20

Has a nice selection of noodles, sauces, and snacks. Their dumpling wall is great for all your dumpling needs. They have a section for hotpot meats and ingredients so you can find a lot of what you might want. In the middle of the store, there is a Boba shop that sells the best treat-yo-self Boba with cream brulee toppings and other deliciousness.

Review №21

I love shopping at United Noodle for its food selection. I love that they carry various Kit Kat flavors i can not get elsewhere.

Review №22

Lots of incredible options, snacks and drinks! Plus they have Machi Machi inside with amazing cheese teas!

Review №23

Love this grocery store. Everything i need for affordable healthy meals.

Review №24

Very cool Asian grocery store! Huge inventory with just about anything one could imagine from noodles to vegg to meat to spice. The two female employees that assisted me with finding things were very nice and professional as well. I will be back for sure and it is right behind Coastal Seafoods btw😁

Review №25

Love shopping here! You can always find the best ingredients and ramen

Review №26

I dont know any other Asian food markets in Minneapolis. But when I compare it with the Asian food markets at NYC/NJ, its nothing less in any way except the price is a bit higher than East coast. Most of the goods are imported from Asia. Its understandable that the cost of transportation added up the price difference. 90% goods you can get from NYC/NJ, you can also get them here. Wow, what a surprise!....

Review №27

This is an amazing place to find anything you need in the Asian realm of cooking, from everyday to fancy. Their meat counter is unbelievable with its array of unique affordable meats. Great produce selection with hard-to-find produce!(Pic of brining pork belly slab...)

Review №28

Have unique ingredients such as Indonesian ginger tea that you can’t get elsewhere

Review №29

They have everything you need!!!It was one of the best experiences Ive ever had shopping anywhere. The amount of products, choices, and rare items was very impressive.Everyone, including the customers were very pleasant.United Noodles is my new place! 😀❤️

Review №30

Wow! Love this place! United Noodles has a authentic Oriental grocery and its absolutely amazing! Fresh produce, noodles and many other great Oriental foods! Definitely will be going back and Im impressed with the most of the staff, they helped me find alot of things I needed!Really awesome store! If your reading this...,you should go !

Review №31

I lbe the store will go again and I recommend this store to Amy and erbody

Review №32

Wonderful Asian market, possibly the best in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.

Review №33

Great grocery store! Has tons of sauces, noodles, and bulk rice! The exotic fruit selection is fresh and the staff is very friendly.

Review №34

Great produce. Large collection of hard to find groceries.

Review №35

For those of us lucky to have spent enough time in South East Asia to fall in love with authentic Asian-inspired dishes this place is for you. Come for the hot soba (absolutely delicious) and leave with groceries to make your own at home. You won’t be disappointed.

Review №36

This place is incredible. Every Asian ingredient you can think of, beautiful produce and fresh high quality meats. Will definitely be back again soon

Review №37

My favorite grocery! You can get lots of hard-to-find Asian goods here. Plus they have a great produce section!

Review №38

Wings, Rice and Ramen! You will not be disappointed with United Noodle. The garlic chili wings are good, but not as good as the kimchi wings they previously had on the menu (hint: bring them back). This was my first time having the savory rice and it was phenomenal! I’d go back just for that dish! Keep it up United Noodle!

Review №39

One of the most cleaned oriental stores in town . I can find most of my childhood snack in this store. Good variety of Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc snacks, drinks and sauces . Good selections of fresh produce. They have a small isle of kitchen utensils for dinning and cooking .

Review №40

Such a great store. Everything you could want in an Asian Grocery, including fresh noodles, meat, seafood, and produce. Also love the selection of affordable tableware. Highly recommend.

Review №41

Great place to get your imported food items, however they are constantly upgrading and remodeling so finding some regular items can be fun if you dont visit monthly

Review №42

They have a vast selection of Asian food. They also have a little cafe. The cafe used to be run by little old ladies with crazy good homestyle cooking, now its like ramen and spam sushi... the grocery part is still good.

Review №43

Awesome selection of some of the finest Asian goods and food. They also have a butcher shop in house as well as a huge selection of everything from fruits and vegetables to frozen and prepared foods, as well as a wide variety of spices and sauces. They also feature a small restaurant inside the building. I had a wonderful shopping experience here and the staff in every department were more than helpful when it came to answering all the different questions I had. I would definitely recommend for anyone shopping for authentic Asian cuisine and foods!

Review №44

I am learning so much about Minneapolis! United Noodles is an oriental food market that sells a lot of different cuisines from Chinese to Japanese to Indian, etc. They have a ramen restaurant in the middle of the store.You would not expect to drive by this place and know what it is - its kind of tucked in a warehouse district, but it is such a neat experience!For the fun experience and being able to get all ranges of Asian cuisine in a one stop shop, I give this place a 5 star. They had fruit that I had never seen before and apples straight from China!There were a few cons with coming here. You can find some good deals but it is a little spendy to shop here. I dont think its priced where you could do all your grocery shopping there if you wanted to. The staff were friendly but not very knowledgeable about the different products (at least in this experience). They knew where things were but not what the difference was between say a gold label and silver for seaweed. With this sort of store, it would be nice for newcomers to get more of a hands on experience and I would definitely have bought more.The ramen restaurant, we found out, doesnt use noodles that you can buy in their store...they buy them from somewhere else. I was kind of surprised they wouldnt offer a product that theyre advertising. Are their ramen noodles theyre selling not good then? What are you saying to customers?My boyfriend was raving about how good their ramen was until we had it. Dont get me wrong - the meat was falling apart tender (very impressive work with their meat and eggs!!) - which was amazing, but ramen is mostly about the broth and the broth had no flavor. It smelled amazing but when you tried it, it just tasted more like water. Maybe thats how it is supposed to be? We added soy sauce and hot sauce to it and it ended up being really delicious!! But it didnt seem to be as good as it used to as far as flavor. Their calamari bites were really tasty. See the attached pictures!Their chopsticks that they offered were of really poor material and the wood splintered on all of the ones we opened. I have never worried about getting a splinter from chopsticks until I encountered these.Overall, though, a really neat time and I would definitely recommend trying this place out and eating some ramen!

Review №45

I tell all my friends about this hidden gem. We always eat here every chance we get. We bring our exchange students from all over the world here to shop for any ingredient. They always have what we want! Our whole family looks forward to shopping here when we are in town. Still our favorite market after all these years.

Review №46

Good place to find specialty Asian groceries. Instant noodles, Asian snacks, sauces, hot pot supplies, vegetables, teas, Asian soup supplies, and a lot more!

Review №47

Find your Asian ingredients here. Great resource for weird and hard to find ingredients. Great place to grab a snack

Review №48

Great selection of both fresh and stock goods.

Review №49

Products we used to get there are nowhere to be found. Also now there are a lot less Chinese products.

Review №50

This place is incredible! So many different foods and options! I found sauces that I didnt know existed along with unique vegetables and frozen food. I cant wait to go back! And they have a deli in the store that serves really delicious foods! I ordered the Pork Bao and thought Id died an gone to heaven! Great place for a quick bite before or after you do your shopping. Highly recommend United Noodles!

Review №51

Omg let me tell you that this is one of the best Asian food markets that I have ever been in. There are so many hard to find ingredients here. We drove 2 hours and it was definitely worth it. We will be coming back.

Review №52

Good noodles. Nice price

Review №53

Their ramen went downhill. Its only ok now.

Review №54

Very cool. The ceiling and floor looks like its from a wholesale grocrer. (Yes, i have been to one.) The food there is really unique. And they also have asian stuff for cooking, like woks.

Review №55

Lots and lots of Asian food and toys very good place to go.

Review №56

Best selection of Asian foods, spices, ingredients and candy in town.

Review №57

Great selection of all-Asian, but Japanese in particular.

Review №58

Amazing establishment with friendly staff and helpful social media. They care about their community and the quality of their goods and the safety of their staff and patrons. Dont forget to grab some boba tea from machi machi while youre there!

Review №59

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Review №60

Its a small Asian grocery store with good variety of snacks and food.

Review №61

An awesome place to grab asian groceries! Employees are nice and helpful. Parking can be troublesome when its busy but there is parking space. Getting here is a bit confusing but its worth the drive. Unidelli is located inside as well. great place to eat and satisfy your ramen cravings and then buy instant noodles afterwards.

Review №62

I purchased beef 2 days ago and its gray on the underside! It turns out this was packed on March 4th and I purchased on March 12. Beef cannot be on a shelf this long. This is clearly spoiled. What a disgrace. I demand a refund!

Review №63

Nice shop, a lot of Chinese snacks and vegetables

Review №64

One of the best places to get delicious ramen. Also great Asian grocery store.

Review №65

My husband swears by this store for all his Asian cooking needs from Mapo tofu to Massaman curry.

Review №66

Great selection of Asian foods - if I need Japanese or Korean stuff thats not available in a typical Asian grocery then this place usually has it.

Review №67

Great Asian grocery options youre not going to get in a general grocery store. Also the only place in the Twin Cities that we can acquire a few Hawaiian products.

Review №68

Very clean and well maintained. Items we havent been able to find since our trips to Japan and Taipei . We will be back!

Review №69

Incredibly large selection of fresh and packaged Asian foods. Definitely recommended.

Review №70

The best Asian fast food Ive ever experienced is at Unideli in the grocery store. Id appreciate a little more variety.

Review №71

Excellent ramen. We got the tonkatsu and the dramen

Review №72

Have constantly upgraded their offerings and currently in process of remodeling a section of their store. Recently converted their cafeteria ramen shop into a tea drink stand. Offers a wide variety of pan Asian options. A good place to start if unsure about specific asian ingredients for a new recipe! Other asian stores are lacking or emphasize specific ethnic backgrounds cuisines.

Review №73

Awesome selection of different Asian cultural foods from Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, to Korean and so much more. If you want an exciting adventure try buying some new items based on the packaging, you may find a new favorite snack.

Review №74

Delicious food, thanks for all the cool stuff!

Review №75

Badass asain shop. So many options!

Review №76

Nice store, great selection and prices. It’s worth the trip if you don’t live near the store.

Review №77

I’m getting into ramen lately and found this place, the noodles had a nice texture but the pork was so thick cut and it needed to be cooked down more it was hard to bite into, the broth had nice flavor but egg was sooo salty I couldn’t eat it. Giving it a 4 star only because the peanuts in the ramen give such a nice texture and flavor I was sooo pleasantly surprisedAlso the savory rice was really good! Definitely will order again!!!

Review №78

My new favorite place to eat and shop! This is like a destination field trip for anyone looking for a new experience!

Review №79

I find this place overwhelmingly cool due to the amount of Ramen, Cool Souvenir items, and foods you can find there . The Food court is small yet big enough to fit the people dining here. The wait however can be 5-10 Mintues long especially when your in a rush . My one complaint really is not having items like manga, anime, things youd find in a store like tomodachi.

Review №80

Some of the staff not very friendly. I brought up a issue at there drink making place, they have you sign with your finger no sanitation to clean your hands with before or after. Also no signs posted that you cant have you drink with you while shopping! The young lady I dealt with need a class in how to treat people. I brought up one subject that was Important involving covid 19 and instead of accepting fault she turns it back on me. Poor costumer service!

Review №81

The stock and selection vary but there is always something delicious and new to try. The staff is friendly and the food is great. I can not recommend this local gem more.

Review №82

Love coming here to get a quick bite to eat and to get some groceries. Has a great selection of teas, candies, dry goods, instant noodles for busy days, and so on. One of my favorites to get from the deli area is the pork baos, they are filling and very tasty. My fiance loves the ramen especially the spicy miso.

Review №83

Great pan-Asian store. Lots of ingredients that are hard to find under one roof. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Review №84

Mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese foods. Some SE Asian, but not as much. Great selection.

Review №85

A good variety of Asian foods. It is recently becoming more gentrified which is sad. Used to be a good restaurant inside but now it is a place for $8 bubble teas.

Review №86

Absolutely loved my experience here. Had everything I needed and more. The selection available is amazing and the staff are very friendly. I live so close and can’t believe this was my first trip. Highly recommend.

Review №87

Widest selection of asian foods in the twin cities with a wide variety of noodles, spices, sauces, oils, and dried goods from most asian nations. Large meat, produce, refrigerator and freezer section, all with great pricing. If there is an asian product that you are looking for you are unlikely not to find it here.Unideli (closed for COVID) is also a great spot to grab a informal but delicious lunch when open.

Review №88

A Minneapolis staple. Has only gotten better and more popular over the years.

Review №89

Amazing selection! Multiple brands of most items, and lots of fresh, hard to find produce and meats. They have foods from every Asian country -- very rarely have I had to look for an ingredient elsewhere. Ive always had excellent experiences here. :) They are also taking safety precautions seriously, which is very good to see.

Review №90

Nice and tidy as usual. The UniDeli is a must try. A bit on the costly side but the food is fantastic. Wait might be long due to the high amount of customers.

Review №91

We absolutely love this store, we visit Everytime we are in Minneapolis. The selection is fantastic and the cafe is out of this world!

Review №92

If youre looking for Asian ingredients, this place is a must. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, they have it all. Fresh produce and meats. Japanese candies and treats. Stop by the Unideli inside for lunch before shopping.

Review №93

Great selection of Asian groceries

Review №94

Awesome store! Wonderful selection of authentic Asian ingredients and food!

Review №95

Kind of tucked away, but its your go to asian grocery store in mpls when youre sick of the neighborhood supermarkets basic selection. been shopping there since the 90s. they have all the imported goods you need for the perfect asian fix at home.

Review №96

A mind-expanding experience for those open to new culinary ideas. Noodles, seaweed, miso, mochi, rice crackers and more. Be prepared to explore and bring your translator. Good prices on regular produce, too.

Review №97

They have Asian delicacies...

Review №98

The best in the business! Amazing selection of a variety of Asian foods and ingredients.

Review №99

Great food! Clean and welcoming staff!

Review №100

The Dramen Ramen was fabulous! Saw Unideli on Diners Drive-ins and Dives and had to try it. We also had the Taiwanese Beef Roll, Tantanmen Ramen and Boba green tea. It was all very delicious and well be back to try more!

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