Game On Midland
841 S Saginaw Rd, Midland, MI 48640, United States
Game On Midland
Review №1

I was in Midland for a couple shows for two days and always make it a habit to stop into local game shops when on the road. Game On was fantastic. Very clean, organized and had a decent collection of board games. We even got a really nice Play Mat for only $5! I highly recommend.

Review №2

Love going to my friendly local game store and seeing new products that may be out or buying additions to my ever growing collection of board games, classic video games or anything. They have a great selection and I highly recommend checking them out to anyone needing want board games, card games or video games.

Review №3

Great place, friendly staff, responsible prices. If you need game stuff, including the hugely popular dungeons and dragons stuff look no further.

Review №4

Awesome selection of retro video games, new video games, board games, TTRPGs, and card games.Super friendly staff and good prices make this one of the best places to buy games in the area.

Review №5

Clean well organized store. Hands down would shop again!

Review №6

Friendly staff and decent selection. A pretty nice game store to visit in town.

Review №7

Game On is a great place to find new and old games as well as a nice selection of merchandise. Prices are fantastic.The staff are always super nice and happy to help in whatever you may need.

Review №8

Awesome store, staff was great from start to finish, clean organized and a great selection.

Review №9

Great shop, awesome selection for Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Warhammer, and board games. Friendly staff and large play area for tabletop. Worth stopping in.

Review №10

I needed a power cord for a super Nintendo and they were very helpful with finding me the right one

Review №11

Great place if ur a nerdLovely even

Review №12

I had a great first impression. I walked in, was greeted politely, was offered help, and had a great conversation with the staff. One of my best shopping experiences lately.

Review №13

Ive been to ~10+ local game stores in Michigan and none of them are even close to Game On in terms of prices, selection, and staff. Owner is great too! 6 out of 5 for me.

Review №14

Great staff and great selection. Thank u to everyone here for making our experiences (son and I) great

Review №15

This store is a great place to buy/sell used video games and consoles. They also have a large collection of Magic The Gathering cards which are very organized and almost always have what I am looking for. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable as well.

Review №16

I was able to smoothly get my games tested and traded in, no complaints :)

Review №17

Speciality games, no bargains but lots of rare items game related.

Review №18

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who are willing to answer any questions you may have. Whether it pertains to board games, cards or consoles. I have found if a particular employee doesnt know the answer to my questions they dont hesitate to admit this and hurry to get an employee who would know the answer. Nice place.

Review №19

Great knowledgeable and friendly staff. Large selection of boardgames, magic the gathering cards, pokemon and other accessories. Cant recommend them enough.. Bw sure took join their Facebook page to get the latest deals.

Review №20

Super helpful and very knowledgeable!Thanks again guys!

Review №21

We love it. Great selection. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Review №22

Always good stock and great prices, personally have pulled some big cards from this location!

Review №23

Came here and they discriminate against those who cannot wear a mask. No accommodations required by law provided. Very rude and pushy. No point to enforcing a mandate when theres laws via ADA(ESPECIALLY IN TIMES OF PANDEMIC)that override. Not to mention Id been in there for about 5 minutes before they started getting belligerent.Update to reply:I have left these reviews lately with companies that refuse service first off as a disclaimer for people that want to go there, and second its an actual concern of your customer service situation.

Review №24

Way too aggressive with an attitude for asking a simple question.

Review №25

Great local FLGS!

Review №26

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Ive never had a problem with them.

Review №27

Ive played magic the gathering here for years, since I was around 13. Very comfortable store for young players and a friendly staff to help learn. Very competitive prices and sweet deals. Would recommend any existing or new players to give Game on a shot.

Review №28

I had them order me some games and they called me as soon as they came in. Definitely a great place to game on.

Review №29

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable about just about anything, gaming, mtg, etc... Welcoming, polite, professional, and patient as well. Would highly recommend to all.

Review №30

Good swction. Good guys

Review №31

Clean, well-maintained store with great selection and excellent service. On point with a little bit of everything you could want.

Review №32

Brian and the Game On staff in Midland are always friendly and helpful when I visit. They have easily the most competitive pricing on mtg, video games and board games which all interest me. Highly recommend visiting if you have not.

Review №33

Great prices, lots of gaming inventory. Pinball room is clean and machines are well maintained. Knowledgeable staff!

Review №34

Quick and polite service, huge variety of items (especially if youre an MTG player) and fantastic prices. I really cannot recommend this place enough. Only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 is the location. Which has absolutely horrific traffic any time of the day. So, be ready for that.

Review №35

Great place to get retro games. Place for nerds to play magic the gathering. Call before you sell certain games they may try to low ball ya so call around. Employees are very cool though!

Review №36

This is an awesome spot if youre looking for a hard-to-find board game, D&D or other tabletop game, or if you want to meet a new group of friends who share your passion for games. The employees are knowledgeable and helpful. There is a great group that meets the first Saturday of every month to play games. There is also a room full of pinball machines. I believe they also host tournaments for Magic and other card games. Love this spot!!!

Review №37

Great store, great stock, great employees.

Review №38

Brian and the game on staff have always treated me fairly. They have gone beyond what is necessary to get the cards I want. I would highly recommend Game On to anyone!

Review №39

Game on is one of the best independent/small chain stores in town. They have a great variety of products that is all well priced. The staff is very friendly and know and there is a great environment. If you enjoy gaming of any kind(video games card games board games etc) its worth checking out odds are you will find something you want

Review №40

Great place for buying tabletop oriented accessories!

Review №41

This is one of 3 shops in the central Michigan area owned by Brian. I appreciate the selection of titles and quite often reasonable prices of both modern and retro games. They also have a wide assortment of Magic the Gathering, Blu-ray and box sets as well as disc golf discs. This is the go to place in Midland as of this review for selection of retro games.

Review №42

Amazing local game store, the employees are knowledgeable and are willing to order whatever you’re looking for that they don’t stock.Great prices on board games and a large and current inventory of them. And a large place to play games with a demo rack and clean tables!They also recently added a pinball machine room.

Review №43

AMAZING. Super chill atmosphere with a strong selection of games and Magic memorabilia and a huge space for playing games. I stopped by just to play Warhammer for a while and the proprietors were welcoming and happy to fill us in on the goings on of the store. Will definitely go back.

Review №44

The owner brian, digs into the customers past and bans that person and their whole family from any of his stores. Brian will report you to wizards of the coast for just about anything if he doesnt like you.The staff at the Midland Michigan store is stuck up and rude to the customers and expects the customer to conform to how they or the store is. They sell damaged MTG cards.I have almost died in the midland store a few years back. I was buying about 200 or so dollars in cards. When I had to leave your store quickly I never saw those about 200.00 in cards and some cards from my personal collection. Your staff at the midland store showed no concern for my condition, the cards I was buying, and my personal collection that I lost when I didnt come back into the midland store due to I was on my way to the hospital to were I was in the hospital for about a week. Your store didnt call me to say my cards I bought was safe with my collection and never gave me a recipe for the cards I bought so I could go back and get them.And you did stop my friends who family from coming into your store. My friend had his son go into your mount pleasant store to sell some of his cards and the mt. Pleasant store almost didnt even talk to his son due to his son was in the store.

Review №45

Amazing shop. knowledgable and friendly staff. Decent trade value for magic cards.

Review №46

So cool. They have all of the old and new games and a pinball room! Can’t wait to come back with a roll of quarters.

Review №47

Best place to get used video games.

Review №48

Always helpful staff. Best prices on used games and movies. Staff is very knowledgeable.

Review №49

Nice staff, and decent prices. Only reason I give 3 stars is because only some of the games used there cost more than to get it new. Usually fair pricing, for the most part

Review №50

They were super helpful and their prices were very reasonable.

Review №51

Stopped by here on a Thursday on my way up north. Bought a game and then passed on a game that was priced at $25. The game I passed on was a game that a friend of mine was interested. My friend wanted the game and decided on the way home we would pick it up. 2 days later (Saturday) we called to make sure the store still has this game. The store offered to hold it for us for a couple of hours. We get there just to find it at a price of $40! I told them this was priced at $25 two days ago and they responded with just a sorry, we changed the price. So yeah, sorry, not coming back and buying anything.

Review №52

Always friendly staff, good selection of used games and MTG products plus a sizeable play area and Pinball games

Review №53

I used to frequent this store when it first opened and have since moved away. It was my frist real retro gsme shop and i loved it then! Well i came back to visit today..Girl was nice and helpful. Other guy Joe was short with every customer i saw him with and rude in some variety to all. Not making eye contact and just a grumpy demeanor..I have worked at multiple game shops and never have i seen someone behave in such a way towards a customer for no reason.. Nice little shop, not bad prices. Sometimes a rude employee just ruins it for you and makes you not want to go back

Review №54

Great MTG events. Amazing board game selection.

Review №55

Always check you before you buy from another store. I havent found anywhere with better deals. Im always satisfied with the games and used products i purchase, and the people are great too.

Review №56

Always a great place to shop for all your gaming needs. Friendly staff (except for that furry guy with the tattoos 😜) Brian is a class act all the way around and everyone who works for him goes above and beyond to satisfy customers needs.

Review №57

Everyone here was polite and professional. Recommend coming here for your table top card games.

Review №58

Love this store and I love the employees. They are always very helpful, happy and good people to talk too! This is my go to store for video game stuff even though I paid for memberships at other game stores.

Review №59

My favorite hang out place in Midland. Brian does an amazing job with the place. Good prices and great employees. Also they have a wide variety of Pinball Tables!

Review №60

Best used game store in town. Great selection, friendly staff, good prices

Review №61

Helpful staff, and had most of the cards I was looking for.

Review №62

Great LGS. I would prefer if they did Draft for FNM but its probably not that popular around here

Review №63

Great owner and staff. All friendly and experts in their fields. Still waiting on Brian to open a store in southwest michigan. Ill be his first employee 😉

Review №64

The best place to get D&D or MTG supplies in the city. Always kind and helpful staff.

Review №65

Ive been a patron for years. A great place for all your gaming needs! Magic: The Gathering, DnD, Warhammer, video games (new and old) and any board game you can think of! You name it, they got it or can find it for you! Knowledgeable and friendly staff. With locations in Midland, Saginaw and Mt. Pleasant Game On is the Best LGS in the area!

Review №66

An excellent hobby shop for tabletop and older console gaming.

Review №67

They have such a vast selection of board games and other games to make a gamer boy squeal

Review №68

I love game on great products and prices amazing staff. Tony is my favorite always helpful going above and beyond to help me!

Review №69

Extremely knowledgeable employees who are very helpful. There is a great game room and there are always events happening. If youre into Warhammer or Trading card games, there are always table to play on for free and plenty of tournaments happening.

Review №70

Very friendly crowd, walked in on a Saturday gaming session and was welcomed by staff and players alike, great store, games board and electric....even pinball

Review №71

On occasion, I drop in for a purchase. Each time, I have been greeted by a friendly associate and found what I was looking for at a fair price. The return policy is more than fair, and the product selection is right up my alley.

Review №72

Pricing is ok, certainly not the most competitive like they used to be. Midland and Mt Pleasant have pretty decent customer service. However the Saginaw store customer service is rude and unfriendly and is continuously ignored by Game Ons owner despite numerous customers saying the exact same thing about the one store. Combine that with the stores shifting its general focus from video games to magic and other card games, you have the recipe to just decide there are, more often than not, better options for your video gaming needs. Also, if you leave an unfavorable review of their store like I have, you are personally encountered and confronted by the owner Brian. He himself is not friendly towards you and thinks you are wrong and his employees (especially in Saginaw) can do no wrong instead of trying to improve or listen to the customer. Oh....and an unfavorable review gets you banned from contacting them on social media about common questions about games you might be inquiring about or other questions to fit your gaming needs.

Review №73

Has 12 + pinball machines available and in excellent working condition.

Review №74

Everyone is awesome! Love this place! Cheaper than online most the time!

Review №75

I go frequently. I love the staff, they know their games as if they live and breathe them. Everyone there is happy to be around, funny, and its just overall a great place to be.

Review №76

I was charged the normal price for a box of iconic master. i was charged 150 dollars instead of the sale price 139 dollars. i even told him when he said 150 that is not right. i thought he changed it to sale price. he didnt.

Review №77

Great supply of games, good customer service 👍

Review №78

Great selection, great deals, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Saturday game parties in large space, first Saturday of monthly luck. Love this place.

Review №79

Extremely helpful staff plus very competitive pricing make game on a great place to go for all your gaming needs.

Review №80

The staff are wonderful. they will tell you if a game is buggy, and their funny stories when they played it. The prices are really amazing!

Review №81

Used video games, board games, miniatures games, card games, disc golf and dvds/blu-ray movies, they offer something for the majority of people who call themselves a gamer. In addition, they have a space next door thats open to play games in, regularly hold Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and host a big board game day on the first Saturday of every month. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful as well.

Review №82

Staff is always so friendly and informative. Absolutely love coming here.

Review №83

Love to play games there before I buy them have lots of game nights check them out

Review №84

I gave a 2 because the staff r not very friendly to excisting customers and prices r not very fair. I understand everyone has to make a profit but its just a little rediculous. Learn some paitence and customer service reason for rude people that will make people want to spend the extra money to get better service somewhere else.

Review №85

Really great low prices on everything and there is even disc golf stuff!

Review №86

Nice little game store, had awesome selection

Review №87

Awesome business

Review №88

Love the staff here and they have so many things to check out. It is def one of the stops when looking for retro games.

Review №89

Always great. Staff are really helpful.

Review №90

Kind staff, great variety of tabletop, MTG singles, retro gaming, and other fun stuff!

Review №91

A great used game store, they have quite the selection of classic games, and their trade in value is great. Recently bought a Ps2 and the three Ace Combat games, all worked just perfectly.

Review №92

Its an ok store but the atmosphere is kinda blah. The staff seem nice and friendly but they dont really go out of their way for you. I will admit some of my issue is that the store seems more focused on card games than anything else and thats not my thing. But really I wish it was a more fun environment. Remember game crazy? When you went in there it was fun video game music playing and the had like 8 or 9 TVs with different game systems and you could try ANYTHING before you bought it? Is this a good store? Yes! Will I keep going here. Yeah from time to time. Is it my favorite store? No, but its still ok

Review №93

Helpful staff. Found, ordered, and shipped my older series to the store with no additional charge. Has ally daughters accessories and games for her older systems.

Review №94

Friendly staff and good selection and variety of games.

Review №95

MTG/ videogame store, small, family like atmosphere, good for beginner MTG players

Review №96

Great staff and all your video game and table top needs

Review №97

Friendly helpfull staff. Good prices. Public bathroom.

Review №98

Great trade in and sale prices here and the staff is extremely friendly and arent afraid to build relationships with its customers

Review №99

Bought & traded some games for XBox 360 & PS4. Bought a used PS4 here. They have a pretty good selection of games. 🎮

Review №100

Nice place. Can find games here

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