Kosher Kingdom Supermarket Aventura
3017 NE 199th St, Miami, FL 33180, United States
Kosher Kingdom Supermarket Aventura
Review №1

Unbeatable selection of gourmet Kosher ingredients, including imported goods and specialty Vegan-suitable items. Great prices for basic necessities like pantry foods and frozen produce.The store is larger than it appears with a non-traditional layout, but the departments and aisles are extremely well organized and clean, which I more than appreciate.Prepared foods were fresh and varied; I was overwhelmed by the options for soups, salads, spreads, etc. Lots of veggie rolls at the sushi counter, and the bakery and pizza oven smelled amazing. Parve prepared foods that are suitable for Vegans are marked as such, which is again much appreciated.

Review №2

Your pea soup too salty!!!I had no idea that this was going to be posted. Sorry for that. We love all of your food and meat and this is the only kosher store we shop in. Best regards

Review №3

Absolutely terrible customer service. I went to go check out and I politely told the very rude cashier I didn’t want some items. And she goes, “where do you want me to put it, you go out it back”. I am encouraging everyone reading this do not shop here. You will get better respect and service at Publix next-door. Everybody got to Publix and thank me later. You’ll find most of the items there!

Review №4

Great Clean Place and Hard working People that try to Organize a Daily Positive Experience for there Customers!! Overall Excellent Experience!

Review №5

A great experience so many things to choose from service was excellent The people were very courteous and friendly

Review №6

I just threw out 2 briskets that I prepared for Rosh Hashanah. I am famous for my brisket but the meet I bought here was inedible. This ruined my family dinner dinner . Never again will I buy meat from here !!!!

Review №7

Overpriced. I am beyond shocked how expensive the items are. Even Publix is not that expensive.$2.5 an avocado, $8.99 some pain au chocolat (that you can buy for $2.99 at Aldi).

Review №8

Is a great kosher store.Has tons of product. Very clean but ...but ...but $ are really high and parking is really bad and when it comes to make a line to pay theres no space where to form and thats always a big problem!!!Also ordered a week ago a big order of 300$ that I was supposed to pick it up today at 9 am well guess what?the order was nowhere to pick up and nobody knew anything about it!!is not the first time so why do they take orders if they dont deliver them on time at all[I mean deliver inside store!!!]

Review №9

I was there staff was great.The long lines are not the cashiers fault its the people.

Review №10

Makes a great kosher pizza.

Review №11

Great selection of kosher food and wine. Deli carry out. Bakery and pizza cooked for carry out. Friendly people.

Review №12

Very expensive.1boliche of 20 in miami its cost 80 dls

Review №13

Great place but dont go there Erev Shabbos its jammed packed and heavy lines

Review №14

Great place to shop for real Kosher fresh food in Aventura. Its sometimes busy but shouldnt take you too long.

Review №15

Live on Miami Beach go there every week to shop till the past few weeks found this place great service and qualityThe past few weeks and this week especiallyI find the quality is not what it wasThe salad which i have been buying every weekFor many months by Sunday lots of it had to go to the trashThe ribs that usually i find the guys behind the counter to be honest assured me they are meaty and greatSurprise i got most all bone very disappointedBakery usually best cinnamon danishes they are usually fantastic this week subparSushi was good as usual. Wish they would of had the poke bowl!!Hope all this is a one time off weekSince i truly would like to continue shopping there.

Review №16

Best kosher supermarket in town!Great service, prices, and products. Everything is very fresh and looks great.

Review №17

Good selection. Clean store

Review №18

The store is very clean, well organized and all the workers we very nice and helpful!

Review №19

Very good store. Has also kosher take out

Review №20

Everythings good inside inside

Review №21

I was really impressed with the layout of the store.. great environment..I will certainly be back.

Review №22

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Review №23

Came from Key West yesterday and stocked up on kosher meats while I was in Miami. I was not disappointed! Kosher Kingdom has very large selection- much cheaper than buying in Key West or online! I will be back.

Review №24

You would think that Jewish people are nice and heartwarming but thats not the case of this location they are very rude and disrespectful towards people and special if youre black and youre shopping here they look at you as if you shouldnt be here just being honest

Review №25

Very impressed with the selection of items here for a kosher market. They have some great organic options that I do not see too often including eggs. This could potentially save you a separate trip to another market to get items like these.I would love to see them continue to expand the organic options available including produce.Would also like to see them carry the Bethel Creamery cholov yisroel organic milk and yogurts.All in all the selection here is great.PS the parking lot sucks.

Review №26

THE RUDEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Ask your PIZZA Man, today at 1:30pmish. Harried to say the least, has the AUDACITY to Say, not once, not twice, BUT 3X are YOU READY, ARE YOU DONE ORDERING, Im in a hurry (says that a few times, also). I said Im done, WHICH I was not, frankly, just wanted to leave. Definitely you all lost money. Who wants to buy after being yelled at? While heating my Bourekas, to distract me, he suggest I visit the bakery dept, we have a nice backery dept?Then where are the bialys, onion rolls, everything bagel, egg bagel?Eventually apologizes, due to Purim.Then, the Meat GUY YELLS at top of his LUNGS Put YOUR MASK up Higher as required by law. He could have asked kindly. You had to be there...

Review №27

Good variety, but rude customer service on deli counter. Should be more efficient on Fridays

Review №28

Horrible experience trying to place a pick up order. Pizza man hung up the phone on me.

Review №29

This is a great Kosher Supermarket; they have a wide variety of basically everything however, I did find that many items were slightly overpriced. Employees were friendly.

Review №30

Great!!! So many kosher products and take out. De La Rosa organic olive oil-- the best!!!

Review №31

If its KOSHER they have it they have all your grocery needs and more. They have an extensive wine selection with something for every budget. Friendly staff all willing to help you find what you are looking for

Review №32

Mason told me to do this i his groups CIT at camp

Review №33

My grandmother has frequented this establishment for well over a decade now specifically to buy Kosher brisket. I had not accompanied her to the store before today. Upon arriving, I found the place to be quite unkempt which made me question the hygiene and treatment of the meat products we were there to purchase. My grandmother made inquiries for her purchase of 2 pounds of brisket when I noticed the price PER POUND was $35. We left the store as I found this outrageous. I called Fresh Market and was told their price per pound was $7.99. I don’t care if a rabbi took that brisket home, spooned with it all night and whispered it sweet nothings. I can’t imagine such treatment will assure my access into heaven by paying such an outrageous fee. Next time the owners are cranking the ignitions on their Escalades, maybe think about all of the little 80 year Jewish women you’re conning out of their pensions by promising them eternity by labeling your products “kosher”.

Review №34

Incredible selection of ready to eat, fresh and frozen kosher food. Prices are reasonable

Review №35

Wow. Wonderful Kosher food! So many things to try !

Review №36

This store rivals any NYC store like Pomegranate. Their prepared foods are fresh and amazing. Their pizza bar wonderful with fantastic calzones. A great wine selection as well.

Review №37

Not nice to increase the price because of the Cov19 crisis !!!! it;s called price gouging and its illegal !

Review №38

Excellent Kosher supermarket. Nice and helpful staff and owner always nice. Fresh and best kosher meat in town, baked goods are amazing, wine selection is outstanding with options from Israel, US, Italy, France, South America, etc. vegetables are also fresh and always available. Plenty of products from Israel as well. Outstanding kosher supermarket, we buy there weekly for many years and very happy!

Review №39

Amazing grocery really enjoy shopping there. the workers are really nice great quality products

Review №40

Great customer service 👍. WAY overpriced.

Review №41

Great kosher supermarket with nice variety of food.

Review №42

Great selection & variety of products, fresh kosher meats & fish, veg fruits. &.more

Review №43

Lovely shopping experience. Great Kosher food selection. Friendly staff. The experience is however, marred the atrocious parking.

Review №44

This market is big and have everything you need and want .very clean and great service .during corona all staff members are wearing masks .they even had a sukah built in the back for whoever needs to seat in the sukah to eat their lunch .great prices too

Review №45

The service was great. The lady at the deli area was always nice and helpful.

Review №46

Just an amazing Kosher supermarket in the center of Aventura. Minutes away from Aventura Mall and free parking out front.

Review №47

Good food, nice staff.

Review №48

Wow Amazing Take Out FoodBest Shrimp Really Tasted Like The Real Deal

Review №49

Great service. We came a few min before store closed. Nobody rushed us. Friendliest service!!! My go to for takeout whenever Im in FLA

Review №50

Excellent selection of freshly prepared, aNd delicious foodSharp & caring staff — orders done right, brisk checkout experience aNd they make an effort to get to know customers (like family there)

Review №51

I came in today to buy some stuff. About two dozen of sealed beef liver packages were expired for over a week. After pointing it out to the manager the packages were removed from the shelf. When I came to the register to pay i presented a coupon 25$ off if you buy over 50$. This coupon was published in the magazine called DEALMELON, sweet local savings (September issue of 2019), it clearly stated that it’s for fresh meats and poultry among other things. The cashier refused to accept the coupon saying it’s only for the cooked food. I asked to speak to the manager, a guy claiming that he is the owner came out and gave me some lame excuse that he did NOT put that add in the magazine, and told me in the face he is NOT going to honor the coupon deal.

Review №52

Great selection, giant deli with very fresh prep food, attentive customer service, and personel ready to go an extra mile for you, great great,

Review №53

Im doing review since Covid-19 I absolutely recommend this place very very clean I feel safe shopping here, price is high but quality on safe is more high.

Review №54

Very nice. Havent been there in a long time, because I was out of state, but everything was pretty much as I remembered it. Was happy to see many veg/vegan items as well ( including vegan chopped liver 😀). A bit pricey, but arent high quality items always so? I will be back.

Review №55

Crowded. The people do not respect social distance. I just pickup a couple of things and go away fast

Review №56

Used to work there. Great quality and better chiefs and rabbis. Best prices and treat their employees great-Joey

Review №57

Always fresh and the people are really nice

Review №58

Nice kosher store. Laid out nicely. Most likely items priced on the shelf (not on the object) fresh pastries had no pricing. Comparable prices to other kosher stores in the area.very pleasant experience. Cashier very unfriendly

Review №59

Great service. We came a few min before store closed. Nobody rushed us. Friendliest service!!! My go to for takeout whenever Im in FLA

Review №60

Simply despicable service. Just got off the phone with who sounded to be a manager or owner of whom was simply rude, abrupt and impatient. Truly a revolting way to treat and speak to prospective Customers. Will not be purchasing anything after such a repulsive experience.

Review №61

Stopped to pick some gifts for my son’s birthday. They offered excellent customer services, quality goods at fair prices.

Review №62

Great quality selection - esp deli

Review №63

Very kind cashier.So this obviously out of place gentile (me) walks into KK to buy sabbath candles on a busy Friday afternoon. The cashier left her register and walked with me to the aisle to help me pick out the correct ones. I will be back.

Review №64

It was a good experience and very welcoming to customers. Got everything we needed very easily!

Review №65

They are the only kosher supermarket in my area that carries my type of yoghurt and such a large variety of kosher foods

Review №66

Great selection of prepared foods, baked goods and my fav yogurts... The place could take an update but other than that it is a great place to shop for groceries

Review №67

Good!.... But some sort of expensive :)...Parking is ok...

Review №68

Its a great place to shop

Review №69

Crowded, chaotic, disorganized - if that doesnt bother you, you will be happy to find a very large selection of good kosher food. At Holiday time dont even think that you will be able to park there. You may want to walk or drive 200 yards to check the neighboring Winn-Dixie for a smaller selection (but sufficient in most cases) of kosher food. It is equally good and priced lower than Kosher Kingdom.

Review №70

Great place to shop! I’m impressed with your supermarket, will be coming here from now on.

Review №71

Nice selection of prepared foods and unique items

Review №72

I wasnt feeling well today due to chronic pain..... that being said, order your Sushi in advance, they are so busy because its that good, 15 min wait can turn into 30min or more when requesting at the Sushi counter...... then I got the wrong rolls and was in so much pain with food in my car to wait again.

Review №73

The best Kosher supermarket in Aventura!!!!! Thank you for excellent products!

Review №74

We got Passover dinner from the store. Very disappointed. The turkey was terrible, the skin wasnt clean well, the middle partially uncooked, and very dry.. The rest of the meals was ok, although we did not find the horoset in the package.

Review №75

Wonderful people. Harry in the deli is the greatest. Got all my goodies to bring home, 5 hours away. I will be back next time I am in town. Thanks to the wonderful people that helped with everything we needed.

Review №76

I think its the best place in south Florida. I live near 41st but still make the trip coz the meat is so much better. They have grass fed beef and organic chicken.

Review №77

A very nice kosher market. Great meat selection, huge and varied wine selection, and lots of other stuff!

Review №78

Best of the best. Choice like youve never seen. Nicest people in town

Review №79

I live in NY but needed to send something to someone in the Miami area. Did a nearby Google search for Kosher food and found Kosher Kingdom. Ordered bagels & a fruit platter for a shiva and I heard the bagels were some of the best theyve ever had and the fruit presentation was beautiful and the fruit was great. Thanks again Kosher Kingdom!

Review №80

If you are looking for a great selection, this is the place! Prepared foods are the bomb as well.

Review №81

Once again, excellent food, excellent service and excellent experience dealing with Herbie of the catering department. Thank you!

Review №82

Expensive and not have quality products.Not have good quailty meatI bought meat after you cooked less then half left.They are trying to get advantage who is eating kosher .what i feel in this shop.I will try other options for sureParking always problemCant find cold drinksNot a place to buy for meHave to check carefully expire datesAnd have to check carefully prices in cashierthanks for your poor reply after a year !!!

Review №83

Terrific experiences over many years.Great fresh breads and challah including whole wheat.Delicious pizzaWell stocked large selection of meats and wines which are priced very competitivelyThey also stoke fresh fruits and vegetables.I like to shop at Kosher Kingdom

Review №84

Unprofessional and disrespectful staffSlow service.Bad.

Review №85

Great selection of prepared foods, baked goods and my fav yogurts... The place could take an update but other than that it is a great place to shop for groceries

Review №86

Clean, well stocked Kosher Grocery store with plenty of ready meal options as well.Great discounts and great staff.Highly recommended

Review №87

Great place to shop, great food clean and usually easy to get your stuff and get out.Im a regular shopper here even though I live south and 41st would be closer for me, and the manager has recently been a real nuisance. 1st time he charged me twice for something, and made a big deal when I wanted him to give me the money back holding up a long line on Friday afternoon. Another time he decided that a price was wrong on an item and on the spot added a few dollars to it. A third time he made me wait to get something that I asked to order before checking out, till the transaction was approved.I love the store and hate shopping at the other kosher markets in Miami but if I will feel cheated and disrespected everytime I shop I will go elsewhere.Stay away from the checkout manager.

Review №88

The store has a good variety of kosher products. However, I have often purchased prepared foods that were old and I have gotten sick a few times. I have talked to some other people who have shared my experience, as well. I remember some years back, Jeff Wiensier of Channel 10s Dirty Dining segment investigated Kosher Kingdom and found over 20 violations from animal droppings to unfresh items like tuna fish. The deli counter often mixes older items with newer items by dumping tomato sauce or gravy on top to disguise the dryness. I have noticed raw hamburger meat that is red on the outside (probably from food coloring) and black on the inside. The steaks are always hard no matter what type you purchase. The chopped liver the store is selling lately is mushy, tastes weird, and appears to be mixed with something like challah bread.The baked goods are more often stale then fresh. Unless you see an employee taking cookies, cake, or bread off their rolling cart and bagging it, stay away. It probably wont be fresh. Some of the dry shelf items and frozen goods have expired, as well. On another note, the family members who own this business are extremely nasty. They dont want to refund your money if you are unsatisfied with your purchases due to the items being old or way too spicy to consume. The pizza guy is also cranky and argumentative. And, quite often, Kosher Kingdoms registers will ring up a higher price then the item actually is. The parking is horrendous. Cars backing in and out hitting each other. There are other kosher markets in Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Hollywood, etc. where you can shop without all the hassle.

Review №89

Visiting South Florida, had an easy and pleasant time ordering delicious food for Shabbat.

Review №90

The bourekas are over priced and not good at all. In other kosher and Israeli places they charge you by the pound, not a dollar per item and they’re not even tasty. Hard like a rock. Don’t buy bourekas here at all.

Review №91

Great! Food is fresh... staff is very helpful..

Review №92

I liked Kosher Kingdom Supermarket

Review №93

My friends dad owns this place and I’m very impressed with the cleanliness of this store :)

Review №94

Great place to shop!

Review №95

Excellent food and selections. Great customer service

Review №96

My first time. Strolled through. Variety is the spice of life! Will return when I can shop.

Review №97

The best place to go for all your kosher food and more.

Review №98

There is takeout food, and snacks, and a parking lot the parking lot is narrow.

Review №99

Excellent service. Pleasurable shopping experience. Management is terriffic.

Review №100

They have good service. I love it.

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  • Address:3017 NE 199th St, Miami, FL 33180, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 305-792-7988
  • Kosher grocery store
  • Butcher shop
  • Deli
  • Supermarket
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Saturday:7AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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