MarineMax Miami
700 NE 79th St, Miami, FL 33138, United States
MarineMax Miami
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I can not recommend This MarineMax enough!I wish I could grade above 5 stars!Manager Andrew went above and beyond to help me with my older SeaRay yacht. He made me feel like family and was very gracious and helpful.Miah was very helpful and made sure I was taken care of, I can’t say enough about her willingness to help us. She is perfect for customer service, you can tell she loves her job.The entire crew made me feel like family the few days I was there.Their moto;“UNITED BY WATER”Rings true there. They turned a stressful time of our vacation into a positive one.The KoKotis family thanks everyone there very much.Cheers!

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Amazing staff, attention to details and always a positive attitude. Services always exceed my expectations. Go where the pros go.

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Gabe was very friendly. Professional and knowledgeable, will look forward to doing business with you.

Review №4

Shame. Found a boat at MarineMax, but engine failed on test. With the commitment that Marine max would fix it, contract was signed and engine would work, but MarineMax never did properly, maybe they dont know what, and how to do. Took the boat back, they performed a superficial revision, stating upfront there wasnt be any cost (obviously!) but surprisengly, received an invoice few days later. Note engine is still broken. In parallel, I had to go to Yamaha expert so they could taught Marine Max what to do, but they didnt. Now, I have an invoice, and a broken engine. Time for legal action?

Review №5

Great sales consultant very happy with serviceGregg was very knowledge

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Bought 2 boats from here, sold my boats a year later BOTH times I made money, this is normally unheard of in boats as the value depreciation is extreme!!This just goes to show you the price and quality you get here!!Thanks a lot I shall return

Review №7

Horrible Service Experience. Andrew Armao in Service doesn’t answer phones or replies emails in weeks. He tried to close my account and send me to another store without my permission because I complained about customer service. I was told by the GM Christian Gonzales to go somewhere else. All this after I purchased boats from MarineMax worth of $3M !!!! Stay away from this company. Buy boats and service them somewhere else !!!! Don’t make the same mistake I did !!!!

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I went to this location to buy a boat I had a sales rep that I was doing with him deal for a boat that me and my wife liked. We gave a downlayment after servel days the bank didnt approved us. Its more then 30 days that they primissing to give us the refund back. I will not reccomend to anyboday to go to this location. Dint buy nothing g from them they just big and they are not professionals lime they thinking.The finace manger and this copmay marine max dont buy there nothing.Till today they want refund the money probably they don’t have money to pay bills this is the reason why not refunded us.Shame to marine maxAlso the finance guy there don’t work with home shame you.

Review №9

Awesome Service.. Anthony Armayo in Parts/Service is a truly wonderful person who really knows his stuff! I would definitely recommend MarineMax for Sales, Parts and Service!!

Review №10

Shame. Found a boat at Marine Max, but engine failed on test. With the commitment that Marine Max would fix it, contract was signed, but MarineMax never did it properly, maybe they dont know what to do. Took the boat back, they performed a superficial revision stating upfront there wasnt be any cost (obviously!) but surprisengly, received an invoice few days later. Note engine is still broken. In parallel, had to go to Yamaha expert so they could taught Marine Max what to do, but they didnt. Now, I have an invoice, and a broken engine. Time for legal action??

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Called 5 days left messages for Johnathan service writer to service 4 -350 veradoNever heard a word, I called yesterday and asked the lady answering the phone if he was the bosses son ! Figuring nobody that lame could hold a job .If you have to call a dealership for five days to get your boat serviced and nobody cares enough to call you back stay away

Review №12

​Two of my buddies recommended them and all was great. Very knowledgeable, professional and affordable. My propeller shaft seal was leaking. I called and they got me in the next morning. Had them paint the bottom, replace props and fix a few other issues. Got out of there $2k below estimated. Dont waste you time looking around and price shopping. Give them a call. Andrew and Armando are great guys.

Review №13

No 1 star...

Review №14

.Updated review 9/19/2019I am adding this to my original review ...So I needed some rod holders and some of my cushions exchanged as they had stains on them . The entire team at Marine Max went out of their way to help me again. They replaced the cushions and also did a great job in installing some gear I wanted on myBoat. The enter staff got involved in helping me including Manager Christian Gonzalez, Salesman Brian Carranza, Finance Manager Estephanie Herrera and Service Manager Andrew Armao. These folks went of their way to help me and make sure I was happy .Please feel free to contact me if you have any doubts about purchasing from Marine Max Miami . They are a truly amazing group of folks and you wont regret the experience !

Review №15

Service tech Craig has been awesome.Great customer service with great follow-up on how the repairs went....... going as far as texting me on a Sunday to see if everything was okay with the boat and the service he had done.The best tech at MarineMax Miami.

Review №16

Great experience with MarineMax on my potential purchase, Joanny is great as well as Robert! Location is unexpected but really nice on the river.

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Review №18

I bought my first boat at MarineMax up in NY and now my second down here in Miami! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable who helped me pick out & custom order my new SeaRay. Bryan Carranza is the guy to go to! Supper excited to get out on the water on the new boat!

Review №19

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that you guys are awesome. great assistance from Juan Weller and Estephanie Herrera. Im very happy with your service over all, and really just wanted to share my appreciation :)

Review №20

Bought my first NEW boat at MarineMax Miami and absolutely loved the high level of professionalism I experienced. These guys know their boats well. As a past licensed 100 ton U.S. COAST GUARD Certified captain, I can tell the entire staff is passionate about boats and boating. This is not just any dealer, its a dealer way above the rest. I have now been a wealth manager for over 20 years and buying a boat from a publicly traded company, gives me a great deal of confidence. If you are in the market for a new or used boat, I highly recommend buying from MarineMax Miami. God bless and see you on the water or at one of their fabulous rendezvous.....another great reason to make them your trusted boat dealer!!!

Review №21

This location is very unprofessional people working there don’t buy there any boat they just stealing money from people over pricing done by there

Review №22

Perfect Marina Max company !!! Super Manager. Thx so much 🌞😉🍻Mr. Günter Bermudez . See you in 2020 with my AZIMUT 52

Review №23

Overall amazing experience purchasing my SeaRay outboard. My sales rep, Gregg was super friendly and helpful with helping me choose and order the perfect boat. The general manager, Christian was extremely professional and helped to make sure the whole process from ordering to delivery of the boat went smoothly. Estephanie in finance/insurance acquired all the quotes for my loan and insurance. I didn’t have to do any work at all! Since purchasing the boat, the office manager, Taylen has coordinated me to go on 3 amazing trips with my new boat. The service department has been extremely responsive to all my questions and extremely helpful, especially the service manager, Andrew. I give this dealership the highest recommendation for anyone looking for a new or slightly used boat.

Review №24

Called 5 times and left 2 voice mails to try to get a hold of somebody to buy multiple parts for a engine boat. After being transfer from the operator, always got a Voicemail and never a return phone call

Review №25

Never seen a place so disorganized, bad service at all, dirty and nobody knows what to do.... They adore sell boats but there is NO after sale support. RUN AWAY FROM THIS DIRTY PLACE.

Review №26

I recently went for a Navigation Course with Capt. Peter M. Koltun and it was superb. Given his years of experience as a U.S. Coast Guard, he is extremely knowledgeable about everything related to boats and safe navigation. Ive already bought 2 boats from MarineMax Miami and this course with Capt. Koltun is one of the reasons I will buy my next one there too!

Review №27

First of all, I want everyone to know that I read all the negative reviews . It impacted me but I decided to give MarineMax Miami a shot and I am so glad I did . They were very nice to me and my wife and the service was excellent. I ended up buying my boat from Salesman Brian Carranza . He was very patient and professional with us. I met many of the staff here including the Manager Christian Gonzalez, the Finance Manager Estephanie Herrera, the service staff to include Service Advisor Abdiel Borges, Service Manager Andrew Armao and Service Advisor RolandoWillimann. They made me and my wife feel like long time customers and friends . They went out of their way to help us . Once we took possession of our boat and went home, we noticed that the Bimini Top had made a hole in the backrest of the seat. We immediately called MarineMax and they told us not to worry and to bring the boat back to have it repaired free of charge . They are truly amazing . If you want to buy a boat from a great dealership, Look no further than the staff at Marine Max Miami, I recommend them 100 percent ! I will be a permanent customer because of their professionalism and courtesy..Lorenzo Toledo

Review №28

Great service, amazing boats. Will definitely purchase my next one here.

Review №29

It was great, everyone friendly and helpfull.Dealt with Stephanie Herrera and she was great.

Review №30

Manuel and Estephanie made our boat purchase personal and seamless. The service provided by MarineMax Miami was EXCELLENT!

Review №31

I went to Marine Max in Miami for the first time to give my boat service and had the best experience ever. they are amazing and very knowledgeable with MErcury engines highly recommend this place.

Review №32

This is by far the worst service I have ever witnessed so far. There are two employee there, both name Andrew, and they are professional layers. They prepare estimates for a certain amount of money and for a reasonable timeframe, but they just never deliver, neither on time nor within the budget. They make cstumers think they are working on their boats, while the boat is probably laying there with no workers around for weeks.Please avoid this place, you will certainly waste time and money. There are other options in the city that offer a better service. I am definitely not coming back ever.

Review №33

Great help with boat and repair parts.

Review №34

Working with MarineMax Miami and Greg Kopp has been an incredible first time buyer experience! From the beginning and throughout the entire process we felt we were working with a competent professional as well as a friend.When our family decided to get a brand new Sea Ray we were nothing but surprised to encounter such a helpful and responsive team. Greg and Stephanie gave us the advice we needed in order to make the correct decisions and once we were committed to the deal they continued to guide us every step of the way. Even after we took possession of the boat and we had our first to be expected hiccup, Greg was there for us coordinating every detail of our service experience.We highly recommend their entire team, especially Greg Kopp (Sales Manager), Estephanie Herrera (Business Manager), Tino & Abdiel Borges (Service) They were all extremely helpful and they truly made us feel like we were part of the family.

Review №35

Service is non-existent. Its usually difficult to get a hold of anyone. They will happily sell you a half million dollar boat but when it comes to handling the necessary maintenance and servicing, they just cant do it.Its not worth the hassle and frustration of waiting weeks to find out info on repairs.Save yourself the headache and buy from somewhere else and check their service reviews first! Many people have had the same negative experience I have. Just read the reviews.... Happy Boating!

Review №36

Rahim did a great job on every single step of the purchase, and Estephanie helped a lot too!

Review №37

As I read thru the reviews I noticed a few complaints. You cant please everyone and everyone cannot be totally pleased every time. Ironically I purchased my Rinker 270 from the GMs brother several years ago. I have a couple of not so great experiences back then but since dealing with Andrew in service Ive been treated like royalty. Manuel in service should have the title of Chief Surgeon because for boats thats what he is. After Banyon Bay marina totally ruined my boat in 2013 while i was deployed to Afghanistan I thought it might be best to sell my boat for what i could get. But thanks to those guys and Marine Max Miami I practically have a new boat. Thanks guys for all youve done and continue to do for me and others like me.

Review №38

Need more customers services skills my God not a nice place to by a boat .Dont do it

Review №39

Three years ago, my wife and I went to Marinemax in Miami and wanted to get a boat that we could go out in and stay out for days and not have to worry about not having water or heat or cold . Well at the time we could not afford a brand new boat. So the sales person we worked with helped us by keeping an eye out on boats even if we had to travel which we did to North Carolina to see a couple of boats at the Marinemax dealers their. Well we did not want to be so far away and decided to wait till something came open close to home. Sure enough Gregg Kopp found the perfect boat for us. We loved it and he helped us with everything to make sure we got that particular boat. We enjoyed that boat almost every weekend, took family out and really had such a great experience that we wanted to upgrade to a larger boat. Again we waited for about a year and we got a call that a boat was available. We saw the pictures and immediately put a deposit on it till we could go see it. Once we saw it, we were sold on it. Everyone at Marinemax was so helpful in us getting this boat. When we got the call to come down to sign the papers, we couldnt hardly wait. The day we took ownership and got it to our new dock space, it really hit home. Since than we have gone on many of the outings that Marinemax sponsers to the Keys,Bimini both North and south and to the Exclusive resort Ocean Reef. I have been boating since I was 15 years old, and I have never had more fun than now since my wife and I joined the Marinemax family. If I ever buy another boat, it will be from Marinemax. These people dont just sell you a boat, they make sure you are happy not only with the boat but the service it needs as well. There service department is outstanding and want you to be happy with their work. I know customer service, I worked in the industry for 45 years, and these people do it right from the young man whocleans the boats to the GM Omar who oversees the whole dealership. I dont know of anyone that is unhappy with them who i have met though Marinemax Miami. The main outting they do is called Lobster Bash in North Bimini. They go all out to make sure this is an experience you never forget. This was the first time we went, and i will make sure we go to this every year. From the costume party to the all you eat Lobster to the amazing Fireworks show at the end. You will not be dissapointed.

Review №40

Very friendly and knowledgeable sales person

Review №41

Ive been trying to contact the parts department for 2 weeks already and no answer, this place must be a Laundry for some drug dealer or somethin!!!!Impossible to be a legit business with such a lame customer service....

Review №42

I have a sea ray L650 wen to Marin Max to finish some work, Bad costumer servic, the Manager Andrew all time is in meting and never can call you back, Jhonat asked for you number and never call you back.

Review №43

Nice place, and very good people.

Review №44

Great place to buy a boat

Review №45

Terrible Service Department. It is very difficult to coordinate a repair with them.

Review №46

Great staff

Review №47

Great service

Review №48

Amazing staff

Review №49

Smoke and mirrors ...

Review №50

Best yacht buys

Review №51

The best brand of naval engines and excellent variety of boats.

Review №52

Nothing professional.

Review №53

Excellent atention

Review №54

The worst place in the world to take your boat, the worst service, zero professionalism, the worst treatment,. The place where you would never wish to return. Disappointing.

Review №55

Super bad customer service I do not recommend them to anyone they do not attend you leave you waiting for a lack of respect really

Review №56

Very good offer of boats.

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