Apria Healthcare
505-507 Pech Rd, Medford, OR 97502, United States
Apria Healthcare
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Excellent customer service! They got everything we needed quickly and efficiently. A big thanks to Mercedes at the Pearl City branch. We really appreciate all you did for us!

Review №2

I cant even begin to tell you how horrible this company is to work with.. W ordered equipment from them and had two machines fail within 4 days almost killed my mother. Then try to call them lol just a answering machine i went ahead and drove down there and found an office full of people not willing to take accountability for any actions they tookour didnt take.. I will be changing my provider and i cant say it enough bad things stay away from this company..

Review №3

Extremely frustrating company to work with. Customer service ranges from terrible to just passably good. Im attempting to move both of my parents from this company to another medical provider. I can tell you a dozen negative stories - 8 bad encounters for every 1 good encounter. They perpetually have bad attitudes towards customers. I wish I could say something nice.

Review №4

I wont go into detail because this may become a legal case, but suffice to say, Im fairly certain what they just did to me cannot be legal.

Review №5

House oxygen concentrator for the house has been spewing oil and reported to Apria a month ago. Nonresponsive to several calls to remedy and my wife has been without the use of.I know that if we were still in California, wed be seeing them in court.Avoid these company unless theres no other alternative.

Review №6

This company doesn’t care if you go without oxygen. I don’t recommend them to anyone who absoneeds oxygen because they won’t come fix equipment or deliver supplies no matter who you call. Their customer service number is a joke it just keeps going from one menu to the next and you never get to talk to anyone so you have to select a completely different option and go from there. Please avoid at all costs as my client has been without oxygen since Friday and they promised to come out Friday and now it’s momday and I’m getting the run around on the phone.

Review №7

I would give their actual on site technicians 4 and 5 stars.Outside of that, 0-1 star.Don’t answer phone 1 out of 2 times. (50% pick up on phones)I am a patient new to oxygen requirements unexpectedly resulting from surgery, released from a local hospital with whom Apria has a 2 HOUR contract review/completion time. Because there was a wonderful technician who cared, I was able to receive a concentrator that he dropped off on his way HOME in spite of the fact the order had not been worked upon - although the technician was able to confirm by time stamp that it had been received more than 6 hours prior by Apria. In spite of repeated calls to the company, no further action was taken on the contract for THREE full days, promised return calls were not returned-EVER, and when their CSR finally said good to go-it meant not for another day and a half in spite of being told by the CSR it would be less than a day. If not for the initial technician, readmission to the hospital would have been a certainty. This would be a very poor utilization of hospital resources, albeit necessary.The second technician, also quite good at his profession, informed us that in planning an order to expect next day delivery - and gave us his number for emergency situations. A combination of routine reorder plus an item that should have been included but wasn’t turns out to be a full two day lag in delivery. As the routine reorder was planned around days involving doctors appointments, this lag was highly inconvenient.The CSRs and/or their phone lines are either (or both) poor practitioners of English or have very bad phone lines. This was confirmed by additional family members attempting to understand what was being said by these CSRs.All in all, their excellent technicians are Apria’s only saving grace. I would not be surprised to hear, based on our experiences and on these other reviews that there have been cases filed against them in court as this is a critical medical service essential to health and welfare of the patients under their ‘care’.

Review №8

No Phone number to call the office, automatically re-routed to a customer service line. On Google maps it shows Apria in a Dirt parking lot of the PAPE building, it should be specific to show it is in the Platt Electrical building across the street. I tried calling customer service and she pulled up the same Google maps and was just as confused as I was on where it is located. She tried calling the office and wasnt able to get anyone on the phone either. I hope I dont get lost when I go there this afternoon!

Review №9

Now like all business they have gone to a 1-800# to get support supplies instead of direct to the local business, unable to order as the 800 # just rings and rings, not very good service.

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