Jiffy Lube Multicare Maryville
305 Whitecrest Dr, Maryville, TN 37801, United States
Jiffy Lube Multicare Maryville

Review №1

They are the BEST of the best. They have great service, they dont try to have you buy things you dont need. Very courteous.

Review №2

Best prices and service in Blount County. Charged me 63 dollars for full synthetic oil change. Valvalene and Firestone. Wanted almost 130.00!

Review №3

More than just oil changes! These guys helped my sister with kindness and compassion, fixing what I would have thought was beyond repair. Good job boys!!!

Review №4

After 4 visits across 2 or more years, these folks are consistently respectful and prompt. I cant think of anything they are missing. They move through their tasks w determination and speed, always courteous. Waiting room clean and neat. Plenty of room outdoors also.

Review №5

Great service with good knowledge and care provided. Very kind people who are willing to make it work for you.

Review №6

Used this location previously with no problems. This time only took 10 minutes because it was slow and they had several technicians working on my vehicle. Employees were friendly. Noticed as I drove away they did not clean the windows, at all, and they did not vacuum the interior as advertised. With 5 techs and no customers it wasn’t like they were in a rush. Will have to think twice before using them again

Review №7

They really only want to change oil...thats it. Both my mother & husband had an oil leak after going here. Dont recommend this place right now while the economy is experiencing staffing problems.

Review №8

Greeted quickly, questions were answered in a friendly, professional manner. I was in and out in a very reasonable amount of time.

Review №9

They get it done in a jiffy and they do a good service for your vehicle!

Review №10

Good service. Fairly priced. Did a lot that other places didnt offer me

Review №11

Manager really went above and beyond hunting down parts for my old toyota van. All the techs are friendly and pricing was great too. Highly recommend these folks! Also theres free coffee 😎

Review №12

Very quick out. Explained everything they checked and what they did. And very polite.

Review №13

The manager at this Jiffy Lube needs a raise in pay Great job

Review №14

Took real good car of my vehicle. Very knowledgeable and polite.

Review №15

I have had my oil changed here a few times. The first time was about 2 years ago and there was a very nice, kind gentleman that took wonderful care of us. He was the reason I went back. Well, I haven’t seen him there since the first time and I am not sure what his name was but we have not had good service since then. I have a problem with my check engine light coming on after every oil change and the first gentleman 2 years ago was very polite about taking care of it and told me what the issue was. So the next few times it done it again, I told the technicians what I had been told. I am not sure if it’s because I am a female and they think I don’t have a clue about my car but they laughed and told me I was wrong before even looking at it. Then they scan it and find out I’m actually correct. Also, today one of them told me the check engine light was already on when I got there. I told him “no, three other lights were on and I know why but not the check engine light”. He just kept insisting it was! So I really didn’t appreciate at all being called a liar. My car does this every time, and I’m tired of being laughed at or being told I’m lying or arguing about what the reason of the check engine light being on is and will absolutely not be back here.

Review №16

Wait was extremely long. Was told by General Manager they were 5 people short. If you dont mind waiting then theyre ok

Review №17

Got a oil change, new windshield wipers, and a little antifreeze in 10 min. Was awesome. Really nice guys. And I was impressed, they had a bible, pic of Jesus, and love their country. I will recommend them to everyone I know.

Review №18

If I could give 10 stars I would. Driving from PA to FL we decided to stop in Knoxville and had an issue with one of our tires. Not only was all of their employees extremely helpful and knowledgeable, even the manager came out to help. These guys really know their stuff. If we lived in town this would be our go to stop for tires. Thank you for the southern hospitality you guys are awesome!

Review №19

Jiffy lube is usually the best place for an oil change but there is nothing jiffy about this location.

Review №20

Mark and the guys always do a professional and fast job.

Review №21

Kind of expensive for what you get.

Review №22

The crew at this location are awesome, there knowledgeable, intelligent, polite and dont mind cutting up when its appropriate. I highly recommend this location for all of there services.

Review №23

There always very friendly go there a lot and never had a problem theyre always there

Review №24

Very fast and professional services offered. No hassle environment with knowledgeable staff ready and willing to help tend to your vehicle servicing needs. Each of my visits have only been for routine oil changes and they have me in and out in the course of about 25 minutes. They also perform repairs in addition to routine service. Cant really comment on that as my vehicle is still under warranty but the routine work theyve done has been great each visit. Check their website for coupons before your visit to help save some extra cash! Highly recommend!

Review №25

Fast, efficient, courteous and half the price of another place in town.

Review №26

This is the greatest service I have ever received at this Jiffy Lube I would recommend this 305 Whitecrest Avenue location to everyone the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable

Review №27

Very kind and courteous people working here. They explained everything they were doing in my car in detail, explained what it would cost and why it cost that, and told me how long it would take. I was in and out in less than half an hour. Great experience and very fast service!

Review №28

Super fast and efficient.

Review №29

Very efficient crew that does good work👍👍

Review №30

THIEVES. Do NOT go to this Jiffy Lube. I had brake services completed here and although the service was good and at a reasonable cost. That was overshadowed by the fact that a mechanic stole a disassembled firearm from my trunk. I currently have an open police investigation into this situation. Please BEWARE of using their services. Dont leave anything of value anywhere in your vehicle, because they will check in places that they should not even be. There was no need to open my trunk at all, yet my pistol was stolen in the only bay that they have with no cameras. Convenient.

Review №31

Great staff, very friendly environment and very knowledgeable and very good at what they do.

Review №32

The Manager was letting someone else go in front of me, before I spoke up, then argued with me about it.

Review №33

Friendly and fast service.

Review №34

Service was fast and great I will be back for all my service needs ty

Review №35

I dont know what you are paying Mike but it needs to double. The guy is honest, hard working, and the reason I keep coming back here time and time again. Its really hard to find someone like Mike in the mechanic business. Whatever you do, do not let him go anywhere! Thanks Mike for everything! Be back soon!

Review №36

Since it is mine i have to say jiffy lube was awesome as always

Review №37

Great ppl good work

Review №38

This place was great! I found out that my brake lights were out on my drive home over the Holidays. I called ahead and they let me know they could repair it quickly, once I arrived they took care of it as quickly as they could! They even cleaned off some scrapes my car had with some magic goo stuff (no idea what it was). They were very considerate and I was surprised how cheap it was! Overall, great experience.

Review №39

One suggestion, dont go here on a Saturday unless you want to wait hours. I tried two different Saturdays and the wait time was over two hours. I did not have that type time so I tried another day. I went on a Monday morning and got right in. The service was fast and the workers were nice and professional. The price was reasonable. I will have my car serviced here again.

Review №40

Very pleased!

Review №41

Outstanding customer service and very professional and knowledgeable. Mike was A1 I. Handling my tire issues. 1st time there and will now be a longtime customer

Review №42

The guys were very patient in explaining everything to me. Honest and polite, I didnt feel like they were trying to force me into something I didnt need. Plus they were so fast!

Review №43

1 hour wait. Not to Jiffy. Couldnt plug a tire. 20.00 RIP off to change the spare. Not recommended. Although they were very professional.

Review №44

I have a foreign car a Volvo and nobody will work on it and when they do they cant tell me an answer I went to Jiffy Lube they coated it got the part got my engine check light off and its perfect I love these guys go to him every chance you get their knowledgeable and know its right in great job guys

Review №45

Drew and all of his crew are great employees and handle taking care of my car professionally. I wouldnt trust anyone else but them. Jiffy lube has great rates and often times you can find a good discounted coupon online

Review №46

Always get service here. Very efficient and always give great customer service. I highly recommend them for basic car needs

Review №47

Do not go here. Our car(07 volvo) was fine until we went for an oil change and fluid top up here. The coolant reservoir doesnt hold coolant anymore. Literally day after we went there it started showing low coolant levels. Also 2 weeks after we started low oil level indicators. Do not go here unless you have a domestic brand.

Review №48

I found this place to be as others have said. Friendly and efficient without the pushy upsell. Austin took care of me and did a wonderful job. All of the staff were courteous, respectful and friendly.Management should be proud.

Review №49

Good honest place. The people that work there really know what they are doing and they do their best at everything they do. Would recommend to anybody that wants good honest work done.

Review №50

I went on my lunch break and was worried about time but I was in and out in 15 minutes. Super friendly employees and they didnt try to sell me a bunch of stuff I didnt need or tell me I had a lot of stuff wrong with my car. I will definitely be back.

Review №51

Been going to the same jiffy lube since I moved from florida...they are courteous and do a great job servicing my 3 vehicles...highly recommended

Review №52

Great service! The staff here is the best! We will definitely use them again.

Review №53

Im not a big fan of the Knoxville area but these guys are thorough as hell and friendly too!I think the whole process only took 15 minutes. I just came for a standard oil change, but they found problems even my favorite mechanic back home didnt point out.The price is great too!Thank you!Synergyheal dot com

Review №54

Just needed a simple rotation three wheels off and realized the other was crossed. Didnt charge anything because they couldnt finish even though they spent about 30 min. Friendly

Review №55

I don think some of the workers there know what they are doing. My grandmother had a free oil change there about a month ago. Since then the check engine light has been on and the engine has been shaking. I checked the oil and there I had it. After all of the steps and re do checking to make sure the dipstick was picking up right it was way over the full line. They not know that with it being that over full it could have blown the seals out of her engine and she would have to spend $ getting it re programmed!

Review №56

Typical oil change place. Seems pricy for normal maintenance. Of course they brought me a list of problems like air filters, wiper blades. These were so expensive i said no thanks. Took about 25 minutes, boring waiting room, so bring your own reading or entertainment device.

Review №57

Very knowledgeable employees who I can always depend on. They also have a lot of connections if you need other services. I do not go anywhere else.

Review №58

We got the everything oil change. They sold us a 40.00 air filter and didnt vacuum the car like they were supposed to but the staff was nice and professional. Great 99.00 oil change. All proceeds on the day i visited were donated to officer Kenny Moats memorial fund.

Review №59

More thorough and efficient than most Jiffy Lubes I have been to.

Review №60

Great employees! Fast service! 😊

Review №61

These folks are so honest and helpful. Great customer service.

Review №62

Friendly staff. Free inspection with an oil change. The employees do not try to pressure you into spending money on unnecessary fixes.

Review №63

I went to Valvoline near taco bell first. Guys were rude and unhelpful. They quoted me a ridiculous wait time of 45 min with just ONE car in front of me. They made me feel like they didnt care about my business. So I went 3 minutes down the road to Jiffy Lube beside Krystals. Guys were super friendly and helpful from the moment I pulled up till I left. They had me in and out within 10 minutes. They have definitely earned my business. Tell your staff thank you!

Review №64

Okay I took two of my trucks there to be worked on a 91 Ford that had to have the fuel pump replaced took 5 days to get to thing replaced then I go pick the truck up the nozzle that you put fuel in that runs down to the tank was mashed flat so I stopped at a gas station to put fuel in it spray gas all over me and the parking lot had to take the truck back and have them fix that the next day Im at home in the truck wouldnt start again I raise the hood and all the vacuum lines were unhooked on the truck so I had to fix that but in the meantime I also left my 2000 model Dodge Dakota pickup there to get a oil change in a air filter which cost me another $100 when I get home with it the next day I start the truck before I leave to go to work and the check engine light comes on and the oil pressure is down to 20% so I checked the oil I am 2 quarts low on oil and I just had the oil changed the day before so you tell me $800 and 100 to fix the second

Review №65

Very quick oil change and great service.

Review №66

These guys are quick and efficient and helpful, and not too pushy with upsells

Review №67

I spoke to Harris, and couldnt believe that on a Toyota vehicle he could not tell me the actual total price of an oil change without the car being there (said there would be an upcharge over 5 quarts, which is understandable, but then said he didnt know how many quarts it took--really???). He also told me thered be an upcharge on the filter, but again he didnt know how much that would be (gave me a $2-$8 up charge). Hard to believe I am the only customer who would ask for the price of an oil change ahead of time, and I felt like he was a used car salesman--You must be here before I can tell you… Certainly Jiffy Lube knows all of this information, but wont be upfront with their customers. Very disappointing that they use these type of sales tactics....

Review №68

Great service and great prices

Review №69

Great staff and friendly employees. Will continue to use Jiffy Lube!

Review №70

Great staff and quick service.

Review №71

Awesome fast service and friendly every time.

Review №72

Excellent quick service from friendly helpful folks.I will take all my oil change needs to This Jiffy Lube!

Review №73

Quick service and do a fantastic job.

Review №74

Helpful friendly staff. Quick in and out

Review №75

Great work and customer service! Highly recommended!

Review №76

I stopped by Jiffy Lube several months ago because I was in a hurry. Ive always used Auto Pro, but they have become too busy and have misdiagnosed some car problems for me the past few years which ended up leading to costly expenses. (Me smelling gasoline on my Suburu, for instance, and them saying everything was fine). Come to find out... two years later... that it was a faulty IMAP sensor. Running rich for all this time led to the clogging up of my catalytic converters and a $550 repair at a muffler shop. Not to mention filling up my windshield washer fluid tank with straight water, causing it to burst the tubes during a cold winter, so now I cant use them). ANYWAY..... I had a coupon and tried Jiffy Lube. Sure... they try to upsell, but all successful businesses do that, including mine! Its very easy to simply say no. They were very courteous and professional. The reason Im writing this review is this... The technician actually diagnosed a problem with my vacuum hose that Auto Pro had fixed before... a janky repair. He offered to fix it for FREE. It took him about 45 minutes, and he didnt charge me a dime. I used to always refer people to Auto Pro. I just referred one of my customers to Jiffy Lube instead.

Review №77

Incredibly fast and great service. I gave them a set price that I could pay and they gave me options and discounts.

Review №78

Great service not to pushy.

Review №79

Always Quick and Courteous.

Review №80

Fast and friendly service.

Review №81

Great service, very dependable and fast

Review №82

Good management there

Review №83

Friendly people and very fast

Review №84

These idiots tore the oil drain plug on my daughters acura to I wouldnt recommend for anyone to go there owner is a grade a dumbass period

Review №85

Clean friendly services

Review №86

Great customer service

Review №87

Celebrate car maintenance

Review №88

Wont go back...tries to upsale too much...quick though.

Review №89

The staff is very friendly, and they dont seem to try to make you buy anything but suggest it instead.

Review №90

Loved it!

Review №91

A little bit cheaper than the others

Review №92

Professional and courteous

Review №93

Great service!

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