Les Schwab Tire Center
8405 State Ave, Marysville, WA 98270, United States
Les Schwab Tire Center
Review №1

These people were polite and knowledgeable about their products. We were treated very well. Our mechanic was amazing. I wish we knew his name because we would say thank you for taking excellent care of our car.

Review №2

The quality of work is beyond unacceptable. Patrick, is not qualified or competent enough to do this job. Not only did I waste my money, but more importantly my time. Please explain how my alignment was closer to specification prior to Patrick servicing. This makes me question your company ethicasy.

Review №3

They are trustworthy even though it is no longer owned by the Schwab family

Review №4

Always professional, clean, knowledgeable, and quick.Highly recommend this place if your looking for tires.

Review №5

My favorite place to go to have work done on my 5th wheel. Its very accessible for large rigs. Plenty on maneuvering space if you use the back truck entrance. Its also 3 miles from my RV storage which works out so great. And last but nott least, there is reasonable prices, good service, excellent work quality and they uphold high integrity as advertised. I went to the Midwest on a long trip, and I missed Les Schwab so much. Good businesses overall!

Review №6

Helped me out like always, great customer service, the floor manager was helpful and not scared to joke with you, cool team here for sure.

Review №7

These guys are awesome!! I made an emergency stop here on my way up North, staff were very friendly and helpful in letting me know I had a bad wheel bearing.. they drove it around the block first to check for noises and then jacked it up back at the shop and printed out an estimate which was very fairly priced. I didnt have the funds to cover the repairs at first so waited for a ride home for myself and my two young children . Staff inside were very hospitable as we waited. I ended up having to leave my vehicle in their parking lot and in the midst of getting ready to go I failed to let staff know that I was leaving the car locked up. They were very understanding when I called a week later asking if they could repair it and completed the work extremely fast- next day! The final price was the same as the estimate, maybe even a few dollars less. Thank u all for the peace of mind and speedy recovery of my vehicle !! Great work

Review №8

Had a screw in tire and surprisingly they didnt charge for it because nothing needed to be replaced as far as parts. Great customer service and very friendly.

Review №9

I like this company. I even like this location. Only problem I have is that I was forced to schedule an appointment for a week later then when I wanted/needed my bearings packed on my boat trailer. That initially was fine except when I went in to get it done today, I was told that I had to wait 2 hours after my appointment time because they were backed up. It felt as if my appointment was not important... so I believe its a neglect in priorities.

Review №10

I had a very bad experience at a different Les Schwab many years ago, resulting in me not going back for a long time. This location has restored my faith in Les Schwab.

Review №11

They do great work at a fair price.We do all our brakes,tires,shocks, chamber work done with them.Been dealing with them for 30 + years..

Review №12

Super polite and considerate staff

Review №13

The employees here are always so wonderful and helpful. They get you in and get their stuff done quickly and get you back out on the road. Isnt that what we want? Good job Les Schwab

Review №14

It was great I got a transmission problem my Cadillac CTS and they took a look at it and got me down the road for free

Review №15

They are always willing to check the tire pressure for me!

Review №16

Always prompt and friendly but try not to be late for your appointment or they might bump you.

Review №17

Great costumer service they have a big yard wich it makes it easier for big rigs i had a flat tire on my 53 trailer and i got there before they opened as soon as they opened, they worked on my trailer tire and the person who attended me was very optimistic and energetic. I really like this place.

Review №18

This is how I found my van after they had told me that my tiers were too bad to put back on or at least two were too bad. So being that im out of work due the crazy stuuf going on I infromed them that I could not afford new tiers at the and I would just take my van and tires back. Never will I go back ever!

Review №19

Had them rotate some of the tires from winter to our regular season tires they did a good job. They staff was super friendly to work with.

Review №20

They rotated my tires, but said only bought 2 from them which is wrong bought all 4,they had to replace 2 later

Review №21

The staff here is great. Very friendly, honest, and professional. They took care of my tires and alignment very quickly. Even fixed an issue I didnt know about but wouldve been a big problem gone unnoticed. Car drives great just as promised. Did not try to sell me on anything I didnt need. When my Toyota needs new tires this will be the place I get them. Thank you again, Ryan!

Review №22

I have always had a great experience every time I have visited a les schwab, especially the one here in Marysville. I have had a low tires multiple times and they have always patched it up for free! This last time I was there I even said I probably needed new tires, but instead of having be buy new tires that I didnt need yet, they were honest that my tires were still in good shape. Its sad that I find that rare, but its one of the reasons I will always go back to them even if its not for my tire because they arent going to push things on me that I dont need.

Review №23

Great customer service and quick service in general. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone.

Review №24

I always get good service here. Over a year ago I came in with a leak due to a nail in my tire. They told me that my tires were at 5% or less tread remaining. The gave me an estimate and plugged the tire for free. They earned me as a customer. When I came back they gave me some super sweet tires at a good price and a guarantee I can trust!

Review №25

Cant seem to figure out whats wrong with my husbands truck.🤔

Review №26

Alot more expensive than I thought

Review №27

I purchased a tire for my mercedes benz 3 days ago. I now have a flat tire with apparantly b the wrong valve stem in it. And Im seriously in a bind now on a Sunday with a flat tire in the rain. Thats great! In this day and age its not safe to be stranded on the side of the road. So good job guys! I paid top dollar for a new tire to be stranded so why dont you all pay for my tow and my time wasted and the loss of a job because I didnt make it to work.

Review №28

Sent my daughter in to get a tire replaced for her car because it was damaged. They told her she needed to buy all four tires. I know as a auto mechanic the other tires have 60 percent left on them. I warn all women to be aware of the scam. Absolutely rediculous!

Review №29

I had a flat tire and I stopped by today. They were really nice and were able to help me right away. They replaced my valve stem and reinflated my tire all for free! I couldnt have asked for more! Just the best helpful neighbors! I highly recommend this store.

Review №30

I love this place. My tire pressure lights came on. So I went here. Pulled into that area on the side of the building they filled up my tires no charge. If the light comes back on I will go back to have them fix it.

Review №31

Less Schwab has always been good to us, can depend on them. Got all new tires on my wifes truck.

Review №32

Very friendly fast dependable service mask required six foot distance!. Yes I liked it.

Review №33

Awesome and friendly place! Took care of me right away, and listened to all of my concerns!

Review №34

Needed new front tires. In and out, on the road in less than an hour. Les Schwab is awesome.

Review №35

Very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Well organized, efficient and accurate in their time estimate. A pleasure to do business with.

Review №36

Roy was wonderful and saved our day. This place is the best. Everyone went above and beyond!

Review №37

This location for Les Schwabs Ive been to this one here is probably the most capable especially for the brakes and front end alignment and suspension .they have all the parts you need and if they dont they can usually get it within about a half an hour from another distributor if you need to get something done on your vehicle this is a good place to come . Easy access good parking .the awesome crew crew and they work extra hard for you .good luck on your next Auto Repair

Review №38

They still give you small town service. I have been going to them for tires and service for over 30 years.

Review №39

I love this place they gave me such a good price for what I needed. Barry is such a friendly guy, great service and good natured. Ive been coming here for years. I dont like going anywhere else. Definitely come here.

Review №40

Always great service here at Le swab! When you need financial help for an emergency break down they can try and help you get through that too. The warranty service they have when you purchase theyre products are unbeatable based on my experience with other places. You and your vehicle want to be cared for right? Come here.

Review №41

Always quality service, quick and with a smile (we can no longer see because of the masks).

Review №42

So friendly and efficient staff

Review №43

Exceptional customer service, fast tire repair at an affordable price.

Review №44

Good people good service very helpful

Review №45

They got my car in first thing this morning after I blew a flat on black ice dropped by someones car on the freeway. After an uber to go pick up my car, made it to work in time at 11am.

Review №46

Nice big clean lot plenty of room no waiting

Review №47

My Automotive person was very helpful and diagnosed a long time problem And fixed my tire..all at no cost. I highly recommend them!!

Review №48

Saved me after hours... As usual! The only place I go for tires, brakes, etc... They provide customer service above and beyond.

Review №49

Been going here for years great service thanks guys

Review №50

Make an appt. Save you hours of grief.

Review №51

Very good service...and fix my tire when I was not a customer, for free!

Review №52

Good servicio and friendly people

Review №53

The only tire store I use. Great prices wonderful fast service and the popcorn

Review №54

Excellent customer service. A little pricey, but satisfied.

Review №55

Been in several times to test them with obvious safety issues that would be noticed if the tires were worked on and not once have they caught ANY of the problems.

Review №56

It seems like the customer service people are not as friendly as years past since they remodeled.

Review №57

Helpful nice people you can trust!

Review №58

It is true that the wait times are very long. Yet, the service I have received every time I go there is always fantastic. They have repaired flats for free, they have rotated my tires for free and when they cannot repair a tire they offer competitive prices, and I was able to qualify for a credit card that allowed me to pay for 4 tires over 90 days. I will always go Les even when I know I will have to wait for 2 hours before my car gets looked at. :-)

Review №59

Great service! Very satisfied with their work. Will go there again.

Review №60

These people will lie directly to youre face with a smile. That is not the les schwab way. I wont ever go here again. A mistake was made by them, and they blamed the prior person who worked on the vehicle, which was the manufacture who built the car. They blamed Toyota, and told me how Toyota overtightens bolts from the factory when the car is being built. Im not sure how a person at les schwab would know this kindve information, but it took the blame away from the kid who was maybe 19-20 years old who worked on the car. It couldnt possibly have been his mistake, but the robot that builds hundreds of thousands of toyotas every single day. I was charged for a whole new axle because they completely destroyed the one that had been on the car since it was built. Ive never had that happen when I worked at a dealership, or in my backyard. How disappointing of them. We told them we didnt need it done that night, they worked after hours because they told us it would be done that day. We had 2 failures of when the car would be done, wasting time outve my day at the same time. And then for them to make a mistake but put blame on Toyota afterwards..they will lie with a smile. Thats the les schwab way these days. I dont recommend wasting youre time at this service shop. If you want youre car to end up like this part, go right ahead. Best of luck.

Review №61

Great customer service and care for your car

Review №62

Last night, when leaving work, I realized I had a flat tire. I called right as they were closing and they were nice enough to stay open for me! I was able to get my car to them (I was right up the street) and decided to get new tires, not only did they stay open for me but they put all 4 new tires on!! I was literally out of there within 20 minutes! I know that they have been extremely busy helping people that arent even Les Schwab customers due to this Covid issue! I am so glad to be able to do business with a company that looks past the dollar and helps the person! I will ALWAYS recommend Les Schwab but especially the kind people at the Marysville (State St.) Location!!

Review №63

Super helpful and vary fast!

Review №64

Great service here!! Showed up at 2 and was packed!! Still were able to get 4 tires changed! Front desk staff was friendly and helpful!!

Review №65

These guys renewed my trust in les Schwab. Was going to the one in lake Stevens and had a couple problems with them and never went back. So, I tried these guys and they are awesome. As long as youre there before 5pm they will take you in. Only thing is. Last time I had an appointment and had to wait an hour past that. Nice tires. But expensive.

Review №66

Honest, trustworthy, outstanding customer service! Received an estimate for work to still be done, and I will come back to Les Les Schwab to have that work done. Being a woman, it makes me feel good to know I can go to a reliable place of business for my car and not worry about the type of service or the quality of work I will receive. Please keep up the wonderful work!

Review №67

Have used Les Schwab for my tires for over 25 years now, always great customer service and free tire repair.

Review №68

A huge thank you! Walked in just minutes before closing and everyone was extremely helpful & friendly.They found a nail in my tire and patched it up within minutes free of charge 💕😊

Review №69

Excellent service always!

Review №70

Its Les Schwab! How can you not trust them? Fast and very friendly service. Very thorough and honest. I feel very well taken care of by the Marysville crew.

Review №71

Awful service

Review №72

Staff was friendly and attentive. I had lug nuts that had seized up on this old truck I bought. They were able to take care of that with a smile. Definitely recommend the Marysville Les Schwab!

Review №73

Very helpful and fast

Review №74

Went there for just tires. As I know how they run this shady business. I only want tires i said. Next thing i know they are telling my shocks and struts need to be replace. They didnt, I replaced them a month earlier. Not only did they lied to my face. The parts they were trying to force on me were cheap I could of gotten the exact same parts the whole set for 150 dollars they wanted 150 dollars for each part. I have 30 years of experience of working on vehicle. After proving they had very dishonest practices. I was ask to leave. Gladly I said. Point is never take any vehicle here without someone with knowledge of vehicle. I feel sorry for everybody else they have manage to RIP off.

Review №75

Rude customer service. Dont come here unless you enjoy being talked down to. Ill be taking my business elsewhere.

Review №76

Came in to top up tires on a loaner car, and was told my tire was actually flat. Had to be home soon because my son was coming back from school so I expressed that. Still had a 45 minute wait, which wasnt too bad. They were efficient in fixing the problem, the lady even ASAPd my vehicle so I could head out in a timely manner. The staff was friendly, their bathroom facilities were clean, their waiting room was clean and stocked with a drink/food machine as well as popcorn. The repair ended up being free and I left with good tires. Ive been coming here for years for air top ups but this random flat allowed me to experience their amazing customer service.

Review №77

This place is top notch. They go above and beyond in every aspect. Customer service is beyond perfection.. And Les schwab locations are everywhere so no matter where youre at You can get your automobile taken care of.

Review №78

Les Schwab in Marysville is a complete 5 out of 5, as my old 91 Chevrolet had the disc breaks warped while needing new everything for break parts, and they got it done same day! The cost to completely replace all the break parts was quoted at double, and even triple the price with other mechanics, but not with Les Schwab, they did it for such a low price that I know I got way more than I paid for! It just kind of makes me wish Les Schwab would open entire car repair shop because than at least you know your not just getting a bargain, your getting way more than you pay for! I am a 100 percent satisfied customer and will definitely pay for my tires and breaks here every 3-5 years as the quality work they do comes with a warranty with NO extra cost to you the customer!

Review №79

Did a great job. But they want to fix everything possible. I had new rotors installed only a few thousand miles and they replaced everything. Told me my front end needed all new parts. I have now wear on tires and it drives straight no pulling. Think they just want jobs. Not saving me money they want my $$$

Review №80

Great service like always! Someone rushed out to greet me at my vehicle and addressed my requests promptly and professionally. Les Schwab always seems to go above and beyond. I didnt have to wait long and when they were done they told me there was no charge!! People treating people right is a rare thing...but always seems to be found at any Les Schwab to happen to visit! Thanks guys and gals!

Review №81

Friendly service and the work was completed very quickly. Very pleased with the replacement tire options presented and the price.

Review №82

Love the service and customers service.

Review №83

They were busy when I arrived, and it was close to the end of their day, but they still fit me in to fix my punctured tire. Roy helped us look at new tires if we needed them, and quoted me for some other work I wanted to come back to have done. He was very nice and professional. I did go back to have the other work done as well.

Review №84

Excellent customer service and quick to check me in. These guys hustle and its appreciated!My mom, visiting from Oregon came in for air up before her trip South, found out all 4 tires were unsafe. The guys took care of her quick. 4 tires is a small investment these days and they were very kind during a very upsetting situation.

Review №85

They helped me get my truck fixed with a credit account and I really thankful.

Review №86

This location always takes care of my car well. I dont get harassed into buying things. The staff is friendly The employees take there time to answer my questions.This place is extremely busy. FYIIt is well worth it the wait.

Review №87

Quick and easy!

Review №88

Fantastic service. Battery died with four kids in the car on the way down to Seattle. Had us in and out in just over 30 minutes and price was excellent! Zane changed our battery and he was great!

Review №89

Amazing, excellent service! Highly recommend this location, great staff, done early. Could not be more happy!!

Review №90

Great.. Didnt have to wait to long.. Very friendly..

Review №91

I always go to Les Schwab for brakes and tires inspection because this service is typically free. Whenever there is an issue I trust the employees at Les Schwab to find the issue, and give me a variety of pricing options. Les Schwab may not be the least expensive option but I choose them 90% of the time because they treat me great, they give me free services, they keep track of all services provided, and they are very reliable as they support their work with a warranty. I will continue to take my car to Les Schwab.

Review №92

Got me in for a tire rotation and balance without an appointment. Short wait and great service.

Review №93

Took my car in to have a slowly leaking tire fixed. I waited an hour only for them to tell me it was too dangerous to fix the tire and I would have to buy 4 new ones. Not too dangerous to let me drive off with an under-inflated tire though.

Review №94

Love this place

Review №95

Love being able to set appointment. I was given options, not pressured.

Review №96

Quick and polite service - which has been my general experience at this location over many visits over the years. Purchased a new set of tires prior to a big cross country move, salesman was very polite and instead of upselling to the most expensive set - pointed us to the set that truly suited the long-term weather conditions we will experience.Previous experience my wife came in with a damaged side wall to her tire - rather than charge for replacement they asked we consider them for further replacement. Great customer service prevailed as the next set was purchased there as well.

Review №97

Nice and friendly. In and out quickly.

Review №98

Went to get air in my tires due to low tire pressure light, was provided with fast and friendly service. Quite literally was in and out. Thank you!

Review №99

They got my tires and alinment done in a very great time while I was able to go shopping at outlet yes kill 2 birds with one stone.

Review №100

Generally get the tires rotated on my vehicles here and this is where I got the tires. This one always finds some sort of issue with the vehicle. This time it was struts need replacement. When challenged they said just age. So beware ask why ! Also had an alignment after four months it was well out they said it was only a thirty warranty. I pointed out that vehicle had dome a thousand miles so really they wanted to charge me for that. Again beware and ask why and always question this one.

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  • Address:8405 State Ave, Marysville, WA 98270, United States
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  • Phone:+1 360-659-7601
  • Brake shop
  • Tire shop
  • Car battery store
  • Truck repair shop
  • Wheel alignment service
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
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  • Saturday:Closed
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Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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