Walmart Supercenter
976 Commonwealth Blvd, Martinsville, VA 24112, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Shelves were well stocked. Only disappointing thing is how long all the lines were. Even the wait at the self checkout was about 9 people long.

Review №2

I was on hold for more than 30 minutes between two different phone calls trying to reach the deli. Then was on hold for more than five minutes waiting for the manager. So don’t bother calling. My friends father passed away and they live in Martinsville and I was trying to get some food for them to see how helpful Walmart is?

Review №3

Went in to purchase a rug: took me 40 mins to find the one I like in my budget. Some are in the right spot some are not. The ones that are popular are usually in the right spot. The ones that are the least popular get tossed around and misplaced in front of the wrong price. No one seems to care that I took 40 mins not to find a rug but the price. Finding the rug was easy, it was the price that made it a price-hunt. Staff are usually friendly and fast during an average rush. Parking lot is usually clean, especially during the day since its easier for customers to see they keep it tidied up. Oh and staff are helpful; they can really point you in the right direction. Dont be afraid to ask because they are not afraid to answer.

Review №4

Very clean and well organized. The staff is very friendly and eager to help.

Review №5

The negative is its to packed and hard to find parking places. Positive you a little more bang for your buck in meats. Its a ok store

Review №6

Very nice store. The management here clearly knows what they are doing because things here are very well organized and stocked very well. Very big store too with lots of parking which is nice. Employees here are very nice. Its rare to find a well ran walmart like this around nowadays. I highly recommend this place to anybody.

Review №7

One of the worst Walmart stores I have been to. At 9am the store is a mess. Obviously not an important aspect to current management.

Review №8

Went to get some stuff for snakes. Found some good stuff. Was around $14 spray for the yard. Smells like cinnamon lol

Review №9

A very good store but they sometimes dont have my grocery order

Review №10

Always a good experience and friendly people, can find most anything because of floor set up

Review №11

Store is fairly clean...Workers arent the friendliest...Many shelves are empty...Carts are in need of repair/ maintenance

Review №12

Manager has no reason to be in their position. I tried to return a itemthat was ten dollars over the amount that then said could be done without a recite but a lady dressed like she had mine had no problem returning her and it was over 100 dollars more than their so called limit but thats OK their is a lot more common people that shop at your store

Review №13

Its Walmart and a decent one unless you want something after about 8 pm

Review №14

I hadnt been in WALMART in 4 years. I went in for 3 things that I couldnt get anywhere else. Got 2 out of 3 items, no artichokes. Got out of there quickly. Not a fan of Walmart

Review №15

They never have anything in stock worst wal mart in the world. They never have prices listed. The management need to get their act together at this wal mart do their jobs. Employees here know nothing about anything when u ask them questions. Hire ppl who know what they are doing

Review №16

With few exceptions; employees are too occupied chatting with one another in the aisles or stalking the customers to be bothered with running registers or providing the least bit of customer service. If you must shop this Walmart, save yourself time and a headache, shop online & choose pickup/delivery.

Review №17

Rotten produce or turning brown,Floor and bathroom always nasty. No stock on shelves, store smells bad, all other locations are way better just this one location is always this way

Review №18

No body ever around when you need help very unfriendly people

Review №19

Nobody wants to check people out anymore. We were encouraged to go thru self checkout. I dont get paid for that.

Review №20

First of all, customers walking around paying money in your store really need too see a worker somewhere in the mountains.(The store). It would be nice also if your customers knew info about the products. And the womens bathroom could be a bit more cleaner. Throughout all Walmarts are everybodys vacation.

Review №21

I mostly use the grocery app for Walmart, I cant complain about that! The staff that brings my groceries out are friendly! If I had deal with the inside, Id probably give it 3 stars!

Review №22

Was the most stocked with gluten free items of all kinds for a smaller wm I think they are so much more organized and clean and friendly,

Review №23

I really like Wal-Mart its a good store

Review №24

I hate to say this but I am honest. This Walmart is probably one of the worst I have visited. The store itself is not stocked on a regular basis it seems a lot of shelves are always empty. The pricing isnt terrible ( on par). The staff here is were the ball is dropped in my opinion. I wish to be clear that not all the staff but most of the staff just do not seem to care.

Review №25

This is one of those super large Walmart. Plenty of parking, and multiple entrances/exits. Everything was stocked well with lots of staff members thought the store. Employees were super friendly and helpful. Excited to have this as my Walmart once I move to the town.

Review №26

Feels like a place you can shop safely

Review №27

Customer service is horrible... Under staffed no matter what walmart you go into. Walmart us to be booming when they had more people working for them and better customer service... But now they are slowing dying out and they still dont get why Amazon is beating them out

Review №28

They had the G. Hughes line of sugar free products and I stocked up.

Review №29

They had the lol toy we have been searching for.

Review №30

Some of the associates at Wal-Mart in Martinsville are unlike anyother. Alot of the associates ack like they are too good to help the customer and will turn and go the other way. While others will help the customers any way they can. I have tried my best not to shop at Wal-Mart in Martinsville.

Review №31


Review №32

Actually a good experience to this Martinsville Walmart. Usually not a good experience at all. Hope they keep it up

Review №33

Walmart theres a good store just the pharmacy in Eden North Carolina is the best pharmacy of all Walmarts that Ive been in one at Martinsville I mean they need to send the people from Eden Walmart up there to the pharmacy to help them out show them hash run so thank you

Review №34

Great place. They always have some helpful individuals.

Review №35

The place is clean,you can get in and out pretty fast usually, staff could be more helpful and friendly at times though,like greeting you at check out,smiling,when they see you struggling at self checkout they can come and ask you if you need help and don’t be so grumpy if and when they do come,be more helpful as you shop in store.

Review №36

Love shopping there, always find what I need, most of all u always run into family and friends.

Review №37

Much better trip this time. Not quite as many people and more registers open.

Review №38

In new York the lady who worked at the Walmart in herkermer NY help carry my she even help me with my other stuff like well it was great..

Review №39

Love this store. Its a much more bigger store than in my home town better selection of things.

Review №40

Dread going to wal-marts now, hate checking g and bagging my own sruff.

Review №41

Ordered Birthday cake for my Mama Birthday. The cake were delicious

Review №42

They hired people that dont work and stock anything and Dearing Halloween they dont stock costumes in age orders

Review №43

Shelves were a little on the non stock side and alot of empty spots throughout the store

Review №44

I love there low price deals

Review №45

I stood in line to long yall need more cashiers help other than that it was ok

Review №46

Really dont care for mville walmart anymore-everytime you have a line or 1 cashier-restrooms are nasty and the inventory of store looks like someone came in and robbed the place-

Review №47

Love walmart awesome place to hang out

Review №48

Always like going and shopping at wal-mart!

Review №49

Get there early. Sometimes it is like this is the only store in town.

Review №50

The majority of staff here are friendly and helpful most of the time, and.this Walmart was pretty well stocked in items I have trouble finding elsewhere, with the same general lower prices most people go to Walmart for! :)

Review №51

If you hire a tiny 80 lb girl to be the greeter at the door, make sure shes greeting people instead of on her phone. Shes very rude and doesnt need to be there. Walmart Martinsville is always terrible. Do you want to experience a nice Walmart go to Stuart or Rocky Mount

Review №52

Actually No Surprise at all. Why does Walmart in Electronics For there Straight Talk Display have every single Cell Phone card available. Not just available, but at least 50 Cell Phone Device Cards for each model. So when you pick up the phone card for that model and check out its not at all available. Basically your choices are most likely devices that start at 150.00 to 1200.00 dollars They never have any phones that are 35.99 and up to 125.00 dollars available yet there are Cards saying they do. Typical Martinsville Walmart Never have what they say or advertise. Just like Employee help never anyone around that knows anything. Anyone needing a great deal and unbeatable prices or Find the closest T-Mobile Store. There 5g is amazing works every where I go Roanoke to Danville and From there to Rock Hill, SC. They really have improved 150% since the last time I had them. Floyd 221 Bent Mountain is 5G never lost signal WoW 😲 is all there is to say. Walmart the biggest store with nothing in it.

Review №53

Just another night I find myself getting to Walmart 1 hour before they close. Its less crowded and I spend less $$. A good time to go. I will say that the closing shift makes announcements of store closing, and thier warnings about not letting anyone check out after 11 are kind of rude and ominous. really just makes me smile when I here it and of course thats when I hi-tail it to check out.

Review №54

They were out of alot of stuff due to being hit back to back with food stamps. They need to hire more stockers and keep up on this. Also the store is very disorganized.

Review №55

The shelves need to worked constantly, and they are always lines to check out at peak times, they should be making an incredible profit, because spend so little on support.

Review №56

It is good if they have what you need and you dont mind checking yourself out.

Review №57

Found everything i needed!

Review №58

While most would rather suffer a broken bone at times than take on a Wal-Mart moment,I find the majority of my visits enjoyable when Im not in a rush . Many familiar faces and conversations. with those I see on ocassions .Martinsville, Patrick County, Madison to name the most frequented ones and each are usually well stocked (okay Martinsville is slacking more) easy to navigate and usually can find what you need. The part-time and new hires are not trained to assist in many areas so be prepared to know your stores layout and if youre lucky you will find someone whos been around awhile .

Review №59

Some of the staff are rude as hell! Yall need to hire kinder employees who actually WANT to work. Just saying.

Review №60

Customer are the problem. They cant help it.

Review №61

Destinie she is one point cat and then interesting okay kvetch

Review №62

The employees are nice but they need to open more of the registers so the lines are not as long

Review №63

I hate Walmart there is never any help long lines attitudes and the worse thing they ever did was remove layaway during Christmas this year alot of people cant just buy things straight out they actually depend on layaway s

Review №64

Crowded as usual. Few registers open for the number of customers. Cashier was quite pleasant. Much prefer the Stuart one.

Review №65

No surprise. Average Walmart. Supercenter.

Review №66

Dont waste your money here

Review №67

Found what I needed luckily at least they took my suggestion a year ago and started getting white boxers back in there but it looked like somebody had let a bunch of children lose and they went down through there and just knocked everything off nothing was in its place no one was straightening a shelves you just had to pick it up and look to see if you was getting the size you needed and there was people standing around that could have been working thats just from an old Kmart hand, need to have a talk with your employees about straightening your store thank you I have a picture but I dont want to post it yet, will check it out soon to see if things have changed.. but whoever read this maybe the Manager or the ramps that have their stuff on the shelf maybe you need to check it out.

Review №68

Some items that show online for pickup are not actually in stock at this location. Employees seem disinterested in helping if needed. That said, the jewelry section and customer service center have helpful people who seem to have been working there for years and know their jobs very well.

Review №69

Its so messy!! You cant find anything!! And its the WHOLE STORE!!

Review №70

I know where everything is so I got what I needed and left! People werent lined up at the self checkout!

Review №71

I love me some walmart had to get my lotion and some things for my car

Review №72

Lots of choices. Great stuff. Always crowded

Review №73

Another great shopping experience thank you Walmart for everybody being friendly and the store being clean and taking proper precautions to help the spread against covid.

Review №74

They have smart key with chip to make copies from 35 to 67. however they do not cut your car keys from code, they just replicate the key. you can first get a blankwithout chip get it cut at Ashleys locks then come to Walmart to get cut with chip or however Ashley also cuts not sure how much their chip keys are.

Review №75

What a mess! Havent seen a Walmart in such disarray before. I guess they cant keep good help. Did observe group of employees just standing around.

Review №76

I can find pretty much anything I need. Friendly, helpful and courteous employees. Clean environment and facilities.

Review №77

Hello, it’s WalMart. What more can one say.

Review №78

Me and my granddaughter had a wonderful time while we were together at Walmart

Review №79

Leanna the pharmacist always takes care of me! She goes above and beyond to help! Thank you!

Review №80

Crowded, open 24 hours. Decent selection of food, clothes, pet supplies and household items etc. Self checkouts available. It has a deli and bakery . Atm, public restrooms and free wifi.

Review №81

Too crowded and not enough cashiers working to get everyone out the door. People were definitely not 6 feet apart. No social distancing in the store. Also, the deli did not have the chicken I went there for. A very rude associate told me they did not cook that day.

Review №82

Nice store, clean usually pretty busy. Not a lot of help no one really seems to notice you if your trying to ask a question or look for something but other then that a really decent Walmart

Review №83

Great customer service. I had trouble finding something and an employee was very pleasant and took me right to the item.

Review №84

Not handicap accessible...they never have the ride on carts at this location.

Review №85

Very nice.

Review №86

Last time I was in Walgreens and there were no long lines

Review №87

There pretty much all the same.

Review №88

Do not choose pickup for this location, at least not in the evenings. I chose the 5-6 pm time slot. Got a text at 5:30 that my order was ready for pickup. Arrived and checked in at 5:40. Called the number on the sign and no one picked up. My order wasn’t brought to my car until 6:30 pm. I understand this is supposed to be more convenient but that’s way too long of a wait time for it to be convenient for anyone.

Review №89

Horrible customer service and if you actually wanta work in this disaster good luck getting anybody on the phone

Review №90

Great place just their employees have their noses stuck so far up in the air you cant ask them anything without getting and aswner of I will have to go check and I will be right back and then they never return to aswner your question bad employee customer service attitudes

Review №91

I love Walmart. As a senior, I can get in a good daily walk just by visiting the store. One stop shopping is so great for me. Yesterday, I had a varied list of 10 things to buy including bday supplies/surprises, boots, bras, food, and household products. Upkeep for grandd is challenging. I prefer to order online and pickup in store. However, many times I find the desired product in store, but showing not available online. Guess they dont do real time updates. Found everything I needed, made some returns, and came home a happy camper.I always do my grocery shopping online and pick it up conveniently where they load it for you. They should reduce the minimum purchase for steady customers like me. Mission accomplished!

Review №92

Was a lil hectic with counters doing inventory but not that big of a deal.

Review №93

I Love Wal*Mart

Review №94

Always crowded n only a few limes open

Review №95

Better than Danville Walmart

Review №96

Only thing is self checkout. A lot of elderly people dont know how to use it. Theyd rather shop elsewhere, myself included and Im not that old.

Review №97

My girlfriend was racially profiled and told that she didnt pay for something. Then the cashier took the receipt from her and made her pay an the amount over again. It was pointed out that this was wrong since the charge showed up on her receipt and banking app, but they didnt care. There were also other people not scanning items beside of us yet they didnt care about that.I know that not all employees are responsible. Most have been quite pleasant in my interactions with them. However, racial profiling is unacceptable and we will not be going to this store again.

Review №98

Good prices no service. Its Wally World

Review №99

Find what I want easily and with the self checkout and the cashiers, usually maybe a five to eight or so minutes wait.

Review №100

Used pickup service and it was great as always...

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:976 Commonwealth Blvd, Martinsville, VA 24112, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 276-634-5110
  • Clothing store
  • Department store
  • Craft store
  • Discount store
  • Electronics store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Supermarket
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
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  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:5AM–11PM
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  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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