504 Iowa Ave W, Marshalltown, IA 50158, United States
Review №1

Very helpful staff lost my receipt they were able to reprint it and me on my way

Review №2

I asked for help at the customer service and they were very polite and accommodating and very helpful

Review №3

Good selection of products just no one there that has any idea of whats going on around them kinda of a shame seems like managment not paying attention to the employees need for training cant blame hourly on that

Review №4

Received excellent customer service today from a representative at the building materials desk. Somewhat disappointed with the limited choices of in stock exterior doors as I needed one immediately and all of the nicer ones were special order.

Review №5

Some guy that works there in a white pickup was driving way to fast and when I said something to the gard lady she said its normal and she has also said something to management about it. I hope you can fix it! His name is Josh

Review №6

I enjoy the holiday & home decor

Review №7

Always a large selection of items. Store is huge but staff always willing to help you find what you are looking for!!!

Review №8

Love the fact they enforce mask mandate. We always find what we are looking for. Helpful & professional staff

Review №9

Currently getting supplies for remodeling our home lady told me my 19 month child that was with she needed a mask. Good luck getting a child to keep a mask on. Will just do my shopping at IWS from now on

Review №10

A fun place just to walk around and see all this place has to offer.

Review №11

Love going to Menards. Got some cool stuff for the deck & they still have 11% off store wide.

Review №12

Was checking out, and a female employee reached over her lane and started yelling at us for a mask not being pulled up far enough. She then proceeded to do the same thing to another lane. She announced to the several check out lanes within earshot that Menards would fire the cashiers if they didn’t insist that customers wear masks properly—that all of the cashiers would lose their jobs.If that’s true, that reflects incredibly poorly on corporate Menards. I would hope they are not firing cashiers if customers masks are not over their nose. If it is not true, she should be severely reprimanded for throwing incorrect information. Either way, that employee is a very poor representation of this company.

Review №13

They were really great people!!

Review №14

Great place to shop!

Review №15

Overall terrible customer service. Do yourself a favor and dont buy into their rebate program because you may never see it, but they are happy to keep your money for as long as they want while blaming high volume and covid for their terrible service. I was just told that my rebate may take 18 weeks or longer as of now. Whomever at Menards decided to use Rebates International as their processor should be out of a job. I know I am only 1 of a ton of customers that are getting taken advantage of and it is unacceptable. I am happy to spread the word that everyone who is thinking of shopping at a Menards needs to change their mind and shop somewhere else.

Review №16

Thanks for saving lives making me keep my mask up when I was the only person in the store at 7am. Thank you for your grateful service making the world a safer place

Review №17

Polite sales personnel, willing to take you to the correct ilse and not just tell you.

Review №18

Great place to shop for all your needs for the home!

Review №19

Great place to shop and walk.

Review №20

I have no problem wearing a mask, and prefer to. Mine broke on way into store, so I asked for another. I was charged .42Most stores will supply one. Im upset. We are rerouting our house and have spent $2,500. So far. You think I could have a free mask. The extra shopping I was going to do will be done somewhere else from now on

Review №21


Review №22

Was told that certain things were not in stock, bought different products. Went to the warehouse to pick them up and found they had what I wanted. Tried to order a fixture that was on sale and was informed they had place the label on the wrong item, sorry about you luck youll have to order something else. Online said that 18 panels I wanted were in stock, get there and theres 1 and its bent. Rough day

Review №23

I love the Marshalltown Menards. Its one of the biggest Menards in Iowa.

Review №24

So I parked my truck near the exit of the building. I have a fractured hip and I am waiting for a hip replacement. I entered the building through the exit door which I have done for the last 5 days in a row. A young lady starts screaming at me to stop and I did. She told me I had to leave the store and come in the entrance, I asked her why, and she just said because. I told her my situation with my hip and told her that it was hard enough for me to walk this far and I would like to just get my shopping done. she told me I could not and that I had to leave the store and walk to the entrance. Once again I told her of my situation and she told me that she would go get me one of the little carts and park it outside the exit doors and that I could drive that over to the entrance. I told her that that made no sense that I was already in the store and I was hurting pretty bad and would like just just get my parts to fix my Plumbing problem and be on my way. She made me leave the store and walk down to the entrance without explaining to me why I could not just continue on and do my shopping. She is very rude and young and has no right to be in a managed position whatsoever. Needless to say after doing all the senseless walking to the far end of the store for no reason I walked out in far more pain then when I entered the building. With the embarrassment of this young lady yelling at me and making me leave the building in the pain that I was in and the pain it cost me walking all the extra steps I will never shop here again

Review №25

Why would you sale 20 -12 foot 2 X 10 boards to a customer when you only have 4?? Then tell the customer they can go to Ames to get the rest. No!! 14 foot can be cut to 12 but not everyone can use the saw. Understandable. An hour in the yard! Still waiting. Had contact with 2 other people during this time. Is this Customers service or not?

Review №26

Worse place in Marshalltown boycott this place they are all rude!!!Go out of town to another store like Ames or somewhere its worth the drive these people are so rude and disrespectful hate tbis place

Review №27

Nice place need a mask to walk in

Review №28

Very helpful associates and very pleasant when checking out. Several times they have helped take my items to the register (I use a electric mobility cart) because it wasnt anything that what fit in it. Then they took it all out and loaded it for me, dont find that much in resent years!Jim B.

Review №29

If I could give a negative amount of stars I would.I purchased over $3000 worth of product on November 14, and confirmed three different times with the store that I could pick it up on November 21. They told me they had what I needed and paid for in stock and that I could pick it up on that date.Upon calling on November 20, I was told that over $500 of my purchase had been sold out from underneath me to a different customer. I didn’t even receive and I’m sorry for this. I had to then buy the product that they no longer had in stock from a different Menards in Des Moines, and wasn’t even told when I should expect my refund for the Marshalltown transaction.

Review №30

Super clean! Very friendly staff! Wish all stores and places of business was like this!

Review №31

Had special orderd lumber because they dont carry it in warehouse. Was told it was in and went to pick it up and was told it was put in racks with other lumber. 1 and half hours later could not find it. Great i special ordered.

Review №32

Its great and unlike alot of places you can usually find some one that works there and the usually know where everything is!

Review №33

Had one item I wanted but the other one that I need has been out of stock for weeks.

Review №34

I am glad that theres a big box hardware store in town, but this has to be the worst managed retail store I have ever seen. Stocking is terrible (regardless of pandemic things). If you need to find something, even if its a special order item youre coming to pick up, you have to find the one person in the store who knows where it is. I have no idea why it seems they never use locations in their computer system. A simple trip routinely turns into an hour or two wild goose chase. If I wanted that, Id play Untitled Goose Game.

Review №35

We ordered and paid for 2 pallets of cedar fencing 2 months ago. They told us they would arrive within 40 days. We have called to inquire several times which always results in being transferred numerous times, no apologies, no answers. We were told we would be the first in line as soon. As they got any. Not once, not twice but THREE times we have gone out and found the materials on the shelves and being sold to the public...that we have already paid for. We are never notified when any arrives despite our pleas. Their system always says little to none is in stock but there it is on the shelf being sold to others after we have already paid for it while we wait and plead. Tonight after calling they tell us they will deliver in 2 days since we caught them. If it doesnt happen theyre about to pay our much higher bill to the competitor for breeching the contract numerous times and forcing us to fulfill our obligation s to our customers

Review №36

They were very helpful today and had employees that knew the product I wanted and also took me right to it . The cashier was great and friendly and thanked me for coming to Menards and also to have a great day there were a lot of great helpful employees working today keep up the good work it sure eho we today !

Review №37

Its a great store. They have a mask mandate

Review №38

Nice place has anything you need

Review №39

Oh like always they have young workers that dont know their products. Then I got harassed for not keeping my mask up over nose. I was in the store late Sunday. I cant believe there were more than 30 people in the entire store. There wasnt anyone near me or even in the area I was in. Menards has taken the pandemic BS to far.

Review №40

I ordered online Cedartone 3 step risers. The website indicated they had the 6 I needed. Got there and none to be found. 70 mile round trip for nothing. Come on Menards get your act together. Dont have something online that you dont have!

Review №41

The store manager was very understanding. I had my toddler with me and needed pool sand and pool cover. He allowed us to come in as long as we came in and out as fast as possible. We did have trouble getting in, security guard was not willing nor was he willing to call store manager up. He argued with me 5 times about it. I asked the gal at the desk to call store manager up and she told the security guard I was the one that was allowed in. He rolled his eyes and reluctantly let us in. The new rule due to COVID-19 makes it hard for single parents and those with toddlers they cant leave alone in a car etc to get things they need.

Review №42

Employee needs some better training. Know where things are in and out of the store

Review №43

I love it! Everything in one place

Review №44

I give it no stars the person at the register was rude and and when the prices didnt match with the prices where they were at on the shelves and we said something to her she threw the items around and started to argue with us. And she had a very bad attitude and we will never shop there again.

Review №45

I like that all Menards are laid out the same. The staff at this location has always been helpful and friendly, but also professional and knowledgeable.

Review №46

Brad from the mattress department flat out told me he wouldn’t help me and said I had to wait for someone else to come to the department to ask. I told him that was unacceptable and either he needed to help or find someone who could. He eventually agreed to help. He failed to mention when I placed an order to be delivered in 2 days, that it’s a special order item and would take at least a month. I called to cancel my order and the girl told me she couldn’t help me. Her attitude was awful. I’m beyond fed up with the service, or lack of, we received in store and over the phone. Customer Service is suppose to help customers but instead she made the whole situation way worse!

Review №47

Love this store. Has everything i need and of course want.

Review №48

Always well stocked with the stuff we need.

Review №49

All the building materials I need at half the price of home depot/lowes and decent quality

Review №50

Menards was great.

Review №51

Found everything I needed and at good price

Review №52

There is never anyone to help with assistance.

Review №53

Great place!!

Review №54

Need to improve on training employees. Website said the item was available in store but nobody could help me find it. Or improve the website.

Review №55

Dont like the rebate rewards program.

Review №56

Awesome place! Great customer service, and Awesome prices!

Review №57

Could use more or better signs directing you on how to get outside to see the outdoor lumber and lumber shed.

Review №58

Very nice and helpful employees.

Review №59

First & last time I order online & picked up in store. They charge a $1.50 processing fee per item! I did not know this until a receipt was e-mailed to me. I picked up the items in store. Some of the items they ran out of stock. Menards still charges the processing fee despite, employees not actually picking the items!!! They refuse to refund the processing fee! Customer Service associates were hard to find. The lead associates at the main desk by the registrars; have really poor customer service skills.

Review №60

Sick of being forced to wear masks. Inconveniencing the customer. Employees clueless on products. Just another Walmart shopping experience.

Review №61

Very helpful employees who are knowledgeable and attentive... the only problem is there seems to be too few of them! The store is massive with everything you could possibly need and more! Very impressive selection!!

Review №62

Service is almost always amazing! Knowledgable and friendly staff.

Review №63

Always a pleasure to go into the marshalltown store. Very friendly employees and very clean.

Review №64

It was alright. Not too crowded.

Review №65

They had exactly what I needed at a great price.

Review №66

Everything you could ever want or need! Great prices on quality products!

Review №67

Why would you shop here when they treat customers like infected lepers? A lumber merchant does not have the right to make personal health decisions for you by forcing you to wear an ineffective mask. Vote with your $$ and shop somewhere else.

Review №68

Had to get a gas dryer whom no one stocked anywhere Menards south side didnt have it but with help from ANDY in appliances he was able to get one pin pointed in marshalltown. He began calling non stop until he go through someone af Marshalltown Menards (ALEX) whom also was awesome and set the dryer to the side for us. In the end, it made our day 100% because both went above and beyond and we now how a working dryer today!!

Review №69

I love the place but my husband and mother in law could live there if they could. The problem is that if have kids under 16 they have to stay out of the store.

Review №70

Wife and I went in today for Kitchen cabinets, worked with the Department Manager Vicky who did a great job despite all the change requests we made, she stayed very patient and was very informative. Its nice to see some good old customer service. Thank you Vicky

Review №71

One of my favorite hardware everything stores

Review №72

Absolutely the worst customer service experience every single time!!! The most unfriendly, unhelpful, disrespectful, and rude staff. Its like the staff sees you and can see that you need help and walk the other way to avoid helping you. I cant count the amount of times Ive shopped at this store well over 500 times, and only because we have nothing else in our town. I never get asked if theres anything I need or help with and trying to find a staff member thats knowledgeable or a staff member thats willing to help me is almost non-existent. Just yesterday I was wanting to find out the prices on some clearance items and as I approached the special order counter I could see 7-8 staff members standing in a circle talking and as I got closer I could hear them talking about someone complaining about a 8 staff members standing around not doing they all chuckled. I approached the counter and wasnt immediately acknowledged. A younger male staff member ended up helping me, but he needed assistance from a supervisor to get some pricing on the clearance items, and the young kid walked over to the group of individuals still talking and it was obvious nobody wanted to help him so he could help me. Another complaint I would say about this Menards is none of their Rays list clearance items are ever marked if you can even find them. Like I said before Ive shopped there hundreds of times simply because theres nowhere else to shop thats close, but by choice I wouldnt give them another dime. Another complaint about Menards...tonight I was placing an order online to have pulled and picked up later...and they want a processing fee to pull the order...heck no...their loss. Ands not just the Marshalltown Menards it seems to be all the Menards need to do some training and customer service skills!!!

Review №73

Menards is a great box store, offering numerous option in each item category. Great pricing. Unfortunately the Marshalltown location is very poor in customer service. Ive had numerous issues where Ive rarely had an issue in Ames or Ankeny. I can assume nothing more than management shortcomings. Ive tried to reach out to management, typically I get not my problem response or no response at all. Head to Menards for all your needs, go the extra miles to Ames or Ankeny for better customer service.

Review №74

I love Menards for all the right reasons! The employees are always helpful with any project Im working on; generally they have any item I need and the prices are great. I especially appreciate that they stand behind their products!A few years ago I bought flooring that turned out to be defective. The full amount was applied towards the new flooring.The only improvement I could suggest is to make weekly sales items easier to locate.

Review №75

I was buying led lights & I was carrying them around looking @ blinds when one of the bulbs dropped on the floor shattered glass I was upset started looking for a Menards person then I went back to try & clean up the glass I was starting to panic the a customer that had been standing nearby was starting to clean up then a Menards employee showed up he cleaned it up I told him I would pay for it & he said not to worry about it happens all the time I tried several times to pay for it he said it will be taken care of very good customer service I still feel guilty. You guys are very good

Review №76

05/21/16 Great place. It has such a wide variety of merchandise that I can find whatever I need. From a variety of doors to carpets. From sinks to whole kitchens! Their normal groceries are reasonably priced and rival those of their competitors. You can save big money at Menards!

Review №77

They took a long time to find my order (metal roofing and when I got ut to job site it was bent. Could not tell because there were extra small pieces covering the bends?

Review №78

Great place to shop for almost anything

Review №79

I love shopping at Menards for my home improvement projects! The indoor lumber yard is great. The outdoor lumber yard is easy to get what you want. Great service!

Review №80

Dont like mask policy!Will go elsewhere if possible.

Review №81

Theres something for everyone! The garden area has lawn products such as mowers to clippers & bug/bird/pest products. From camping trips to snowy weather summer pools to toys for the kids & adults too. Theres all kinds of tools & parts for your household fixes. Interior/exterior items like, patio furniture, freezers, car cleaning supplies, & inside/outside cleaning products for almost any kind of mess. Theres also lighting fixtures for your house and yard. Many Appliances to choose from too!Colors of all kinds & paints, siding for whatever reasons & or seasons you have a need for. Lots of parking, handicap parking as well. Lots of friendly smiling employees to help assist you with your every need.

Review №82

Always great deals,have almost everything you need on hand. Great customer service. 11% rebates deals are the best!

Review №83

Service is pretty decent, some of the product is sketchy but overall, things are easy to find and youll walk away satified.

Review №84

This Menards has very attentive and friendly staff. They have strong knowledge of the store and always ready to assist anyone who needs help.

Review №85

Very friendly and knowledgeable!

Review №86

Its very nice to have available help; but they dont hover over you like some stores. I have never been unable to find the help I needed at any of the Iowa Menards stores!

Review №87

I am currently heading in a new direction in life. I spent 3 years of my life with menards. Like every work place we try our absolute best. But if your going on seen, be sure to ask someone for help, ( we dont bite) but we dont like being called over by snapping your fingers at us, or being yelled at or when a guest is having a bad day. Please be patient with us, we dont have all the answers, but we can find someone to help look for your needs, As a guest. I will be taking my leave very soon and I know a lot of great employee that take pride in there work here. There are many great employees that work here, that will be happy to help you. So please be kind and ask for help, if you need it. 💖

Review №88

The store wasnt busy today. I was able to quickly locate the items I needed. There was a minimal wait at the checkout and I was on my way.

Review №89

I went out to Menards on 07/31/15 to purchase a belt sander. They only had two brands on the shelf. I picked one of the sanders up. (there were only two sanders of this brand on the shelf) I asked the associate about the condition of the box, If the sander was new or had it been returned? We opened the box. The sander was clean. I asked about the way the cord was wrapped in the box. He opened the box of the other sander of the same brand which was in worse shape then the box i was holding, and said that it is typical for the cord to be wrapped in that manner on a new sander. When I got home and opened the sander the sanding belt that came with the sander was on the sander. I did not want to use 80 grid sand paper so I took the belt off to find that the sander had been very used!!They had cleaned the sander up, put it back in the box with all the plastic around it and put it back on the shelf for sale as a new sander. I am so disappointed! So needless to say, I did not get anything done on my project because I paid for a new sander and I am not going to settle for a used one. I have to waste more time and gas going out there to day to return the used sander at new price and get a new one. All the general manager could say when I called is The belts are usually not on the sanders when they are sold, we will check and make sure the one you exchange it for is new and not used.....I mean really! A used sander or anything should have never been put out for resale after it was returned. I would not know about the belt, I do not buy sanders everyday. But I would think that the employees at Menards should know that.If I had not changed belts, and just used the one that was on it out of the box I would have never known I had paid new price for a used sander.Check out everything you buy there to make sure you are not getting used stuff!!

Review №90

Its convenient.

Review №91

Always able to find help. The associates are friendly and always willing to lend a hand. A bit overpriced, the eleven percent rebate is welcomed. Brand selection for major appliances and tools is somewhat limited, but when you do not live near a major metro that has a Lowes or home depot, it is a very good option.

Review №92

Didnt find all of the things i wanted

Review №93

Got what we needed, with some help. Like coming to Menards for home projects when necessary. Good job answering my questions.

Review №94

I purchased a garage kit bundle from these people. When they delivered the materials I wasnt allowed enough time to do a proper inspection of the delivery through the Bill of Lading. The man was in a hurry as he had several other deliveries scheduled and was in a rush. Upon further inspection of the materials, they had completely screwed up the order! I went back and forth with them for the next 2-3 months, to try and get them to fulfill the order and ended up spending another $500 on materials that were supposed to be in the kit. Managers and team leaders were combative and hostile, as if I made the delivery. They are a group of bunglers that leave minimum wage, under trained employees in charge of +$8k orders and want to blame their customers for their lack of attention to details. Recently Menards Inc. has been slammed with manipulating managers contracts with language that makes the contracts illegal. No wonder the managers were hostile, they were being screwed too. Long story short... BUYER BEWARE!

Review №95

They had what I was looking for fair price not much help when asking young stock people

Review №96

Great store. The floor agent was very helpful with helping us find the right product well within our budget.

Review №97

It was good to see a wide variety of items that I wanted/needed.

Review №98

No real complaints. Helpful staff and easy get to in Marshalltown.

Review №99

Cant call...phones dont work. It will ring three times and then hang up on you. This is the second time Ive had this problem.

Review №100

Great store people friendly

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  • Address:504 Iowa Ave W, Marshalltown, IA 50158, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 641-753-6509
  • Building materials store
  • Home improvement store
  • Building materials supplier
  • Hardware store
  • Lumber store
  • Plumbing supply store
  • Tool rental service
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9PM
  • Thursday:6AM–9PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
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