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Audio Zoo
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Good Sunday Afternoon to all.. Im honored to be able to leave my review about Audio Zoo(Im a real customer nor am I getting anything from this review) With that being said.. I heard about Audio Zoo by word of mouth. So I gave them a call.. inquiring about a set up, price, and scheduling. I wanted Audio Zoo to install 2 12woofers (Audiopipe) I received as a gift.Jordan whos knowledgeable beyond belief walked me the the process (longest two weeks I was awaiting with anticipation) You know for my appointment date. Long story longer.. Jordan and the Audio Zoo done a superb job on the install I wanted to just hang out at the store because the environment is like a Audio candy land.. Great Customer service from beginning to the end and I will recommend anybody to have their Audio installed by great guys . I need to have some door and rear speaker installed to swap out my factory speakers but it still sound amazing with factory but you can always get better sound from aftermarket speakers A THOUSAND THANK YOUS TO GREAT STAFF AND GREAT EXPERIENCE.. MOST COMPANIES WOULD ROB YOU AND LEAVE YOU FEELING LIKE A JACKASS.. Thanks Audio Zoo for your expertiseIzzard, (Izzy)

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Nice looking store. The staff was really friendly. Didnt purchase anything and the staff didnt try to force a sell.

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I had a terrible experience at this place. I called to get a price on an installation in my 2016 Ford F510 with specific details on what I wanted done. I was quoted a price and made an appointment. When I arrived at audiozoo of Macon the prices changed by $300. Jordan tried his best to help but between the installer,manager and owner it came down to me wasting my Saturday morning trying to get them to honor thier word. Please do your research around middle Georgia for car audio installation. They are reap offs and very rude and unprofessional. I had my truck done at Soundsource which didnt cost me not even half of what audizoo quoted me. Soundsource is the place to go.

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They did a great job installing my radio. Took their time to explain it to me and be sure I knew how it operates. Wonderful people!

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Stopped in the store to ask about help with my home audio. We were told they were busy and that the owner would call us back to schedule someone to come out to our house... which never happened. We called 2 weeks after and the guy was dismissive and told us they were too busy to even send someone out. They should have called us and let us know that they could not do it. Instead we got attitude over the phone telling us that first they needed to take care of what they had on hand. We took our business elsewhere.

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John and Billy are Freaking Awesome. Please go and support this local business. The best in the Game. Two Thumbs up. Way up!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Profyle Auto Design.

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Great group of guys. Very reasonable. The entire staff is A1.

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Keary in audiozoo is a awesome guy and seller. Im really big on people doing their job well. And I came away with more than a great deal on speaker and amp+ install.Chevy impala 2020. Im happy I met this guy today

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I brought my truck in to get a basic install. I had installed an aftermarket stereo so all I wanted them to do is install a 4 channel amp and 4 speakers. What I got was a bunch of noise and other issues. The day the stereo was installed, I had issues rolling down the windows and the window hitting the back of the speaker magnets on all 4 speakers. On top of that, the installer did a poor job mounting tweeters behind the speaker grill on the dash. I was driving and the tweeter literally fell from its location down to my ankle on the drivers side. I brought it back in the next weekend after speaking to the manager over the phone.The cost for installation was very expensive and I found out that they did not run wires to each corner of the vehicle, but instead cut into the factory wires starting with the amp under the passenger seat and spliced into the speaker wires in the doors and the dash. I found this out later and after Audio Zoo closed temporarily due to COVID-19 outbreak when it first started to occur. After they fixed the issue with the tweeter falling through and the power windows hitting the back of the speaker every time you roll down the window, I had all kinds of engine noise going through the speakers.I spent countless hours trying to resolve the issue and come to find out, they were running the tweeter of an Alpine Type R component set off of the head unit instead of the 4 channel amp! I ended up having to relocated the tweeters in the sail panel of the door and ran wire from the midrange to the tweeters like it should have been run in the first place.These guys had 2 shots at resolving the issue and could not do basic installation. They also were very expensive for shoddy work that was done that I corrected. I was going to return to have a sub amp installed and purchase shallow mount subs, but they lost my business. I wont ever recommend or return to these guys again. I should have gone to Kens or do it myself. I had installed a stereo system in my past few rides. It was more of a convenience factor for going with these guys and I ended up getting burned.I was hoping that I could later remove the stereo and plug in the factory speakers and amp back when time comes to trade in or sell the vehicle. Now I dont have that option no thanks to Audio Zoo.

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Ask for jordan he is the best dude at help n with tuff jobs

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I arrived at 9am per appointment and was greeted and they were ready for me. Chris is the guy who did my tint job. All I can say is he takes pride in what he does. Great job Chris very happen. Had 2 compliments before I even got my XF home. It was an hour ride from Dublin but well worth it. 💯💯💯

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Great staff everyone was very nice an helpful

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I bought a radio from another store and did most of the installation myself but for some reason it wouldn’t turn on so I called Kens audio and they told me it would be $85 - $115 for them to help me and there was no way I would pay that, so I called Audio Zoo and a man named John answered and said he would be glad to take a look so I brought it over and before you know it John was cutting wires, changing fuses, and doing whatever it took to get my radio working. Without 25 minutes my radio was working great because of John taking the time to help me. These people aren’t trying to screw you over they simply love what they do and offer fantastic service, I highly recommend Audio Zoo to everyone who needs car audio work done.

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Took my 2019 Corolla in and had all the door speakers replaced. The front doors, and rear deck. I had an amp put in to power them along with a sound processer. All high end equipment. I brought in a old L5 sub for them to include in the installation and it all sounded fantastic! However my sub ended up blowing. I went to get it replaced thinking I had picked out a better L7 but ended up getting the shallow mount for trucks. I told them about my mistake and theyre going to fix it. Cant complain about that.

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Made an appointment two weeks in advance, but they refused to honor it because they were too busy. Rude to top it off. Never again.

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Ive been going to Audio Zoo for 15 years. Its the only place I trust my cars to. From Mercedes to Ford and Toyota, they have excellent always done a great job. Weve even sent boats and golf carts. Communication is spot on so you always know how long itll take, cost, and steps involved. 5 stars!!!

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Excellent workmanship! For working on existing equipment that needs rewiring, their labor rates are lower than most shops with top quality workmanship.

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When I got my first install I thought the place and people were the greatest then after I paid for my $3000 custom system all friendly left service. Got another install a month or two later not so good experience... went there for a third time for another install and wanted to charge me over $400 to just put in a radio! !!..... a radio that’s it! $3500 later I wish I had dealt with someone who appreciated my return business.

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Audio Zoo did an amazing job installing my radio and speakers!!! Very prompt and definitely professional........I would highly recommend anyone in the central GA area to give them a try!!

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Audio Zoo has a helpful staff. I have purchased a few items from them over the years and the staff has been attentive to my questions and helpful. They will get business from me again when it’s time to upgrade or outfit another car.

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Great people and spectacular service have always taken care of me and my family. Billy and his team are the best around hands down. Fo see them for all you electronic needs.

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Paid $45 to get a tent stripe on the front windshield, ended up with 3 sand filled spots underneath the tent....went back 3 times just to get excuses on why they couldnt repair it that day ....informed them that we lived 30 minutes away and the best solution they had was being it back for a 4th time or except a $10 refund ...and wanted us to wait 90 minutes for them to remove what it took them 30 to install.... $10 refund and a 90min wait ..... think twice or better yet dont go here for quality

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These guys are the real deal good guys, and they know there stuff

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They are very helpful,friendly and they make you comfortable. They tell you a time to be there and they are on time. Good people

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Will hook your audio up!😉 Fast Friendly Fun to visit! Make sure you stop by for all your stereo system sounds and more.

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I have always gotten top notch service from Audio Zoo. After moving to Indiana, I took a special trip to Macon just to get my car stereo and tint done there. Highly recommended.

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Great and very informational as always

Review №29

Had some custom work done on my M3 and Jace killed it! Great attention to detail and fair pricing. Will definitely be back!

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Honest information. Great staff that listen and are there for you! Top Notch!

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Has always done great work for us...we wouldnt trust anyone else with our stereo needs

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Every vehicle I’ve ever owned has been upgraded by these car enthusiasts. From installing tachometers, car alarms, speakers and amps. I’ve always shopped here because they stand behind their word and their work always exceeds their words. If your looking for any car or home audio, go to the zoo!!!

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Bad customer service. Guy trying to get me to spend more money than to fix whats wrong. Tried to tell me how my car is wired up without looking at it. Just to come to the car to see what was wrong he was charging me $85 and wouldnt let me speak. Sound source is way better and cheaper. The exact same radio I bought at sound source was almost $75 more expensive. No way would I go there again. Lost a customer here.

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Very knowledgeable and dont mind telling you about the product. They tell you exactly what youre getting before you make your purchase. They also have the best prices in town and can get you whatever you need.

Review №35

Best all around shop for the prices and experience. Talk to the guys that know audio instead of amatures. You will get your moneys worth here.

Review №36

Excellence and knowledge with true experience do not hide here. The whole process from start to finish is nothing short of thorough organization can’t thank the staff enough for all of the help and hard man hours it took to get my bmw right 👍🏼

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Went here to look at car stereo and was not treated very well! Everyone seemed like they hated their job and did not want to help so I left! My friend was right about this place! They installed a radio and speakers into her car, the very next day everything was messing up and the radio was cutting off and on! She Got everything perfect and working with new equipment when she went to kens stereo

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They tried to oversell and almost lost my business. I got a basic tint for them, which they did a great job on, but they kept trying to er me to buy the metalized tint and it was frustrating. With that being said, good product and good service.

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Awesome Service I Love them

Review №40

Got a price and they seem honest. I see if I go and get it done to my car now.

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Awesome service

Review №42

Great staff! Very friendly and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend Audio Zoo!!

Review №43

Over price and disrespectful will skip right past you to help anybody else even if youre 1st in line I recommend everyone go anywhere else It will be cheaper and you will get more respect then dealing with those 2 duches Races crackers

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Good knowledgeable friendly people that help you pick out the right stuff

Review №45

The only place to go

Review №46

Garbage! Appointments mean nothingI was willing to pay higher price but service was abysmal at best and a complete waste of time. Avoid at all cost.

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Great assistance and advice on my issue!

Review №48

Hahhaha I would rate zero if I could!! So a few months ago I had kens put in a system for me and it was amazing and a low price for it!! So 2 or more weeks a friend of mine went to audio zoo and said that he got a better price than me and said he was gettin them to put it in and I was a little jealous but come to find out the reason they were cheap is because the had no clue what the were doing and messed everything up!! So I took him to kens to fix all their mess ups like the speakers not working and wires everywhere!! Of course audio zoo didnt admit to doing these things wrong and kens stepped up to the plate and helped my friend out with his truck!! We had the expert of experts do it!! Austin jones said he would make it right cause he was the car audio King and he did the best job everything was clean like my truck and it was all nice sound and great quality he was so thankful for kens and swore he wouldnt go back to audio zoo

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Terrible experience. Poor customer service. Condescending and rude. Took my business elsewhere.

Review №50

Great audio and video equipment.

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Great prices, helpful, and knowledgeable people.... A++++

Review №53

I have been looking for a radio for my F150, so I decide I would try Audio Zoo a shot, big mistake I told him what I was looking for, he gave me price, I told him that Kens best him by 100.00 bucks, so I asked for a detail print out of what I was getting, he asked me did Kens give you one, lol I am not at Kens I asked you for detail print out, if you cant show me what I am paying for I can go else where, an i have, better customer service at the trash dump.

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Poor service no one act as if they care if you bought anything or not use to be the only store that did my audio but never again think they are under new management

Review №55

Have used them for several issues. Always great customer service and installation service at the Macon Store.

Review №56

Helped a lotHaving crazy malfunction

Review №57

Stopped in while passing through, they took care of my civic and had me fixed up and on my way. Will defiantly be returning!

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Very knowledgeable and professional staff

Review №59

Go see Billy for all your a/v needs

Review №60

Great customer service at the Macon location.

Review №61

From car stereos and tint to home theatre, there is no where else I would go between their two locations.

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Amazing service

Review №63

Good place

Review №64

Excellent job!!

Review №65

Chris is the MAN!!!! Fixed me right up!!

Review №66

Nothing ordered some speakers weeks ago and still havent heard anything but excuses I will never order anything from them

Review №67

Awesome place

Review №68

Not happy at all 3 times my car been there to fix the problem, now its going # 4, everything was working right now all kind of electronic problem, they get a 1 star because the problem not fix, guess Ken is my next stop with my money

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Installation prices are to expensive

Review №70

Good job

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