Box City
2056 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States
Box City
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Great place with a ton of boxes, filling, bags and foam. Perfect if youre moving or running your own business. Prices are low and you can buy bulk. This BOX CITY Is very neat, clean and organized.

Review №2

This place has a great selection, every type of box you could imagine. They have specialty boxes of all kinds, large to small. They have gift boxes of all sizes, even jewelry box size. They have wrapping paper, mailers, tape, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. They even have a selection of styrofoam boxes. Dedicated parking area in the back. Rear entry. My only complaint is high pricing. I was expecting boxes at this store to be more discounted. Great for specialty finds, though.

Review №3

Bought boxes here thinking UHaul etc would be more expensive since this is their speciality. UHaul is about a third of the price for moving boxes. Not sure about other types. But don’t come for moving boxes until they lower prices. At time of this review medium boxes at uhaul were $1.37. Extra large 2.37. Mattress bags at UHaul are 2.95. Paid upwards of 10 bucks at Box City.

Review №4

They have boxes for EVERYTHING!Now I dont have to spend time shopping for small boxes (and having to buy at least a half dozen of the same size at one time)on Amazon and waiting for delivery, I can buy them as I need them and get them right away from here.They also have packing and shipping materials like bubble wrap, foam, packing noodles, tape, labels etc.They even have silk and velvet bags for jewelry.I also spotted seasonal tissue paperWhen I got back to my place I checked out the website, and couldnt find something I had seen in the store, so maybe that could improve

Review №5

Ive been using Box City for over 15 years. Always the best quality reliable boxes and other materials. Stopped by today for about 15 boxes. Staff super professional and friendly. As I hauled off a few of the boxes to my SUV, I turned around and unexpectedly received help from Eddie hauling the others behind me. That was very kind and unexpected because he went out of his way w/o asking if I need any assistance. He saw an opportunity to help and took it. Thank you Eddie!!! I appreciate your kindness and helpfulness.

Review №6

Nice place with boxes of all sizes. Helpful staff. It kept me organized during my move.

Review №7

Wow, what a seamless experience. Plenty of parking and boxes at very decent prices. If there was some some tunes playing I’d hang out there all day with the boys.

Review №8

Its a great place to find odd size boxes for storage or moving. I came here for moving supplies and had exactly what I needed.

Review №9

Need a box? This is the place to go. They have a wide selection of boxes, tissue paper and packaging tape. Perfect place to buy items for shipping and relocation purposes.

Review №10

They have the boxes you need! They also ship packages for you!

Review №11

Workers very friendly and helpful. Variety of products. Free parking in back. Fed ex pick up.

Review №12

It ok customer service cant say anything about because they dont help delivery service

Review №13

Love this place. Always very clean and organized.

Review №14

The best place in town. They have everything, know what you need and are so nice to deal with.

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Review №16

Very helpful service

Review №17

Box City is the best! If you need boxes for packing if you need boxes for storage, they have everything. Packing supplies for shipping as well. I ship a lot out of this location, I dont know what I would do if they werent there!! About to do a lot of packing so they will save the day for me for me once again!! Thank you!!!!!

Review №18

Friendly customer service!

Review №19

Was happy to see them still open as I needed to move during this chaotic time. Always assisted me to my car and went over questions I had about packing particular items with ease.

Review №20

I have been going to this place for numerous years for a variety of things ranging from a very small box to gift a piece of jewellery to a friend in, tubes for my One Sheet movie posters, boxes for a large variety of items, and also a huge amount of items (boxes, moving blankets, bubble wrap, dish packing set, etc.) to assist me in packing to move.They have almost anything you can think of for gifts, moving, packing, shipping or just storing things in.I will always use this place for numerous needs I have, you will too once you have been here.

Review №21

Well they have a lot of boxes and a lot of sizes lol. They sell some tape and things too. It was good to find something with the dimensions I needed.

Review №22

Ok so I have them with five stars because they have a large assortment of styles sizes of boxes. But. But if they get busy you may wait a bit when theres just two employees. I recommend tho because of their great selection.

Review №23

It IS what the name implies- a place to buy boxes for shipping or moving.

Review №24

This is the only place I go for boxes. They have every box you’ll ever need. The crew knows what they’re doing and can help you find your way if you should need it.

Review №25

Small store with so so so many boxes. The service can be lacking if the store is crowded because only two people work there at a time. Prices are not too bad especially if you are in need of boxes right away and cannot buy online for cheap. I got the insulated shipping boxes for a little over $10 on a 12, 8, 8 box.

Review №26

As advertised. Its got a lot of boxes in any size youre looking for

Review №27

Always very helpful staff. Ive been in here quite a few times... the pricing is low, and even lower when you buy 12+ of any one item. Great for bulk packaging purchases. Also, if you dont use a box and have no need for it, so long as it has no been used, taped, etc and you keep your receipt you can return it. They have just about everything you need for packaging, shipping, moving, et al...

Review №28

As a tourist in LA I was told by someone that this is where they filmed all the Rocky movies. I took 3 buses to get here. Only to find out it’s not a boxing gym.

Review №29

Great shop. Thanks!

Review №30

Amazing little Hidden Gem on busy Westwood Boulevard. They literally have everything you might need for any type of move big or small.

Review №31

I buy all my boxes, tape and bubble wrap here, what a well organised selection.

Review №32

Everything you need for packing and shipping. Great selection of small gift boxes too!

Review №33

Everything you could need in box sizes and accessories to package safely.

Review №34

Has what you need if you need plain cardboard boxes and packaging. You do pay retail, but its not that bad all things considered.

Review №35

This place has a ton of boxes. The counter was in the back and you couldnt even see it from the entrance, which was weird. In addition, it didnt seem like there was anyone there to help me carry the boxes, which I would have appreciated since I had so many.

Review №36

Fantastic spot for all your packaging needs, at a great price too.

Review №37

I will never patronize this establishment again.

Review №38

Good place. Organized. Clean. Good service. Employees are good.

Review №39

Prices are way competitive here.

Review №40

Offered different price on phone, disappointed! Otherwise everything was good

Review №41

Good place for all moving related items and signs of all sorts

Review №42

Good place for all moving related items and signs of all sorts

Review №43

Handy but personnel is very not courteous.

Review №44

So many boxes!!!

Review №45

I was in a rush to get something packed and shipped before FedEx closed. I called ahead and they had the boxes waiting for me. The price was right as well.

Review №46

Theyve got any size box you might ever need...

Review №47

Good cheap boxes for moving.

Review №48

Low priced boxes and moving stuff

Review №49

Huge selection of boxes and packing materials

Review №50

Always works well for me.

Review №51

Why havent I found this place before?

Review №52

Has exactly what you’re looking for

Review №53

Employees have mad face and not nice..

Review №54

You can get various sizes of shipping boxes here.

Review №55

Great supply

Review №56

Closed 10min earlier! Bad customer service!!!

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Very good

Review №59

Excellent service are very efficient employees. I loved

Review №60

Bad attention

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  • Address:2056 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States
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  • Phone:+1 310-474-5144
  • Moving supply store
  • Packaging supply store
Working hours
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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