Grainger Industrial Supply
570 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States
Grainger Industrial Supply

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The area is better at night so freaking serious

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Very helpful, plus they even have some inventory on display in this location.

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Noce parking lot and good services fasr shipping services

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Grainger is only a place to get parts. Do not seek advice from their expert technicians especially when it involves hydraulics repair. They will ask you to Google it.

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Terrible service I went yesterday And pay for my Items. They told me to pick up today . They dont have it make waste time And now I need to come back after midday.

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Called the store and they told me they closed at 4 pm on fri. I arrived at 3:30 pm and they told me oh sorry were closed and they were rushing to shut doors. I Ran into another customer outside and they told him over the phone they closed at 5:00 pm. Horrable experience. Its as if manager was not there and employes wanted to close store early.

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Good customer service. My order was ready to pick it up as they offerd

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Due to Covid the process is a lot slower, none the less I had 2 orders for separate days and they took the time to process both so I didnt have to make a second trip, customer service may still exist.

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The besssst selection of theee best tools. Friendly and helpful staff

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I made an online purchase with Grainger and waited for 5 days for Grainger to notify me the merchandise I purchased is ready to be picked up. According to their email the merchandise should be ready on the 30th but I didn’t receive any updates from Grainger so I called them and found out the order was cancelled because I don’t have a business account with Grainger. No cancellation emails were sent to me notifying the cancellation, I have waited for 5 days for the package to arrive and I’m in need for these goods. I find it very frustrating if this item is not available to sell to the public then why would you let me purchase it in the first place? And no cancellation email was sent to the customer.

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It was good.

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Excelent services...!

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In and out amazingly quick.

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Back in the 80s when I did maintenance work we used to order supplies from the Grainger catalog, so I was familiar with them. This weekend a friend of mine and I were trying to plumb a backyard fountain, and we needed a bigger catchment basin, but one that would fit in the space available. A half-round garbage can would be perfect. Ill just run to Smart & Final and pick one up, sez I.None at S&F. Nor Home Depot. Nor True Value. Then I remembered Grainger-- those catalogs had a dozen versions and sizes of EVERYTHING...I tried calling this Grainger location, but it was a fax number. Another LA locations phone number worked tho, and I was able to order the item with the first person I spoke with. A half-round 21-gal can wasnt in stock at any of the nearby locations, but she said shed order it, and it would be ready for pickup by tomorrow morning. (that fast?!) ...Or they could just deliver it to me directly.Great! Lets do that, I said, thinking that even if it didnt arrive until the end of the week, it would save me a trip. Besides, we wouldnt have time to work on the fountain until Wednesday anyway.All right, it will be delivered to your home by tomorrow sometime. (That fast?!?) I couldnt believe an out-of-stock item would appear so quickly at my home. She assured me it would.She was, in a way, wrong. The garbage can was delivered to my home the same day I ordered it! My son was in the front yard when a man in a red & gray Grainger uniform walked up carrying a half-round 21-gallon garbage can. While quizzing my son later I asked what kind of truck he was driving, my son said No truck. He walked here, asked if this was the right address, and handed me your garbage can.I dont think Grainger deliveries are actually made on foot from their distribution center, wherever that is, but this showed a commitment to customer service that is rare these days.They certainly have my business (what there is of it).

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Terrible customer service. They guy clearly hates his life and doesnt want to be there.

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Worst experience ever.I called in a day before to set up a will call pick up and they said they will have someone to meet me at 9 am and will also give me a confirmation call between 7 -9 am. So I woke up at 8 today, still no call from them but drove to the branch by 9 because thats the time we agreed to meet. And no one shows up until 9:30am. I called the 27/7 customer service line and all they told me (after being on hold for 20minutes) is that they are trying to contact whoever is the person that they designated to show up since 6 am and they were not able to get an answer from the person. They had 12 hours since last night at 8pm when I called to set this thing up and they still didnt have a clue about who is coming. I would have really appreciated if they called me in the morning to tell that theyre still trying to get things straightened. I did not get a single call until I actually called them. Ridiculous. And the customer service representative told me that someone is going to meet me in an hour. Thats two hours that Ive wasted this morning. So this person finally shows up at 11am and suprise, they got my order wrong. So now Im sitting in my car again waiting for them to get my stuff. Just like I waited here for the last two hours and fifteen minutes. Weekend emergency will call is supposed to work for emergencies, right? Well my emergency situation has not bees resolved what so ever and Im still in my car waiting for my products.Well done grainger. Well done.

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Bad service went in looking for a hobart handler 140 welder and the clerk went off about me not having the part number. Hehe put his catalog in front of me and I found it in two seconds. What did I need him for ??. Then it was $200 more than Northern Tool. If management is interested it was on 3/13/12 about 10:00 a.m.

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Awesome service,, in and out in less than 5 min

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These boots I got from Grainger are very comfortable and of good quality...

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Courteous, prompt, knowledgeable.

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They have the tools that you will need, but it is at a premium price. There is nothing in spensive about Grangers products.

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Good shop to buy and the best service

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I am delighted by the wide variety of items you may need at home and in the industry

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  • Address:570 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States
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  • Phone:+1 800-472-4643
  • Electrical supply store
  • Abrasives supplier
  • Electric motor store
  • Tool store
  • Hydraulic equipment supplier
  • Industrial equipment supplier
  • Janitorial equipment supplier
  • Material handling equipment supplier
  • Plumbing supply store
  • Safety equipment supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–3:30PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–3:30PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:7AM–3:30PM
  • Saturday:7AM–3:30PM
  • Sunday:7AM–3:30PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Service guarantee:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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