House of Intuition Echo Park - fully open
2237 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States
House of Intuition Echo Park - fully open
Review №1

I have shoppped at the House of Intuition for several years now, which makes the racial profiling I experienced at 6 PM, Sunday September 12, 2021 all the more disappointing. Of the many times I have been here, I have never been followed around and monitored as closely as I was today. I am typically greeted once, asked if I need help, and then left to my own devices as the cashier works behind the register.Today however, an employee took it upon herself to repeatedly circle around the crystal shelves, in her feeble mind slyly watching me as if I didnt notice her constantly eyeing me out of the corner of her eye. She pretended to look at the products, but was really looking at the only Black people in the store as if they did not have I have had enough anti-Black retail experiences to know when Im being watched. For it to happen while I am holding stones that I have purchased at this very location is quite the twist of disrespect.According to their website, House of Intuition is a metaphysical oasis dedicated to enlightening, empowering and uplifting our community. You will be hard-pressed to name a single genuine metaphysical oasis that condones anti-Black racial profiling. I genuinely question which community the phrase our community refers to. Their stated claim Wherever your spiritual journey takes you, you’ll always have a home here at House of Intuition is merely a flowery-sounding About statement that this business clearly doesnt adhere to. This is gentrified spirituality and it shows.

Review №2

I had a terrible experience there today.Firstly I work retail myself and I understand customers can be annoying. But when you work in a space like this you need to understand some people will be coming to you while they’re in crisis and need guidance.My mother owned a witch shop when I was a kid. Like I know the deal very much. It sucked to have some sales person who was more eager to just scroll Instagram on her phone than be helpful at all. Also there were no matte black candles. Only these weird gray looking ones with oil in them. That was the main reason I even came to the store. I still got some of them as it was the only option they had.Also the books are organized counter-intuitively to me as I feel they should be divided up into categories. When I told the sales person I was sort of lost while looking at the books I was told they were in alphabetical order in a lowkey condescending way. Like that still doesn’t make sense to me, and only really helps people who know what specific book they want.I don’t know. I’m almost resentful that I spent my money at this establishment. I will not be returning.

Review №3

I just want to say how relieved I am to know that I’m not the only one who walks into HOI stores feeling worse than when I came in. Not warm at all, just very heavy (dare I say dark) energy. Staff isn’t very warm and friendly and I’m always leaving feeling confused by the incongruent energy that sticks with me. I don’t know what’s going on with this brand, but the higher ups should definitely take this into consideration considering the whole point of their business is to help support their (often energy sensitive) customers in their healing journey and at least help them feel lighter and better while they’re in their stores.

Review №4

I had such an amazing time looking for things that I needed here. Such lovely people and exited to spend some birthday money here.

Review №5

I love the simplicity and effectiveness of HOI products and will continue to purchase from them. It hurts my soul however to have purchased from a company who says they’re doing all they can for the planet, then my order shows up in ridiculous packaging. You can tell this is cutting corners. Styrofoam peanuts?! Plastic bag that can never be recycled?! For glass jars?! I hope you take the thousands of dollars from your holiday sale to stop expanding and start making better choices. You’re about to loose a loyal customer over something easily changeable. Simply use recyclable or reuse able packaging.

Review №6

Ive never been here but this businesses response to a review that sage should be sold natives was terrible. I can not give these people my money.

Review №7

What a wonderful little shop! I very much enjoyed my time there! The man at the door was very very kind and answered all my questions! He was also very laid back, I got a really calming vibe from him! I will definitely be back!!!

Review №8

The shop is fine for beginners and tourists. Totally overpriced for anyone who knows anything about the products. But I cant get over James Walker, the white man below, lecturing female latinx business owners about what they should and should not sell in their shop. Does it get more 2020 than that??

Review №9

Had high expectations, but the careless selling of sage without even a disclaimer shows this is not the kind of place I want to be patronizing. Sage is a closed practice, no non-Native should be buying or selling it, and I’m sure the owners know this. So disrespectful, not to mention potentially harmful. Let’s educate ourselves and do better!

Review №10

Perfect house for intuition to be manifested in all its greatest abundance. Crystals, oils, candles, books and much much more. A place for all that seek...a little intuition! Karla serviced me and was a Jem and a delight. She lent a quiet ear when I shared my deepest feelings and answered my questions, guided me to what she intuitively felt was needed to clear my space, bring protection and ☮️ to my new place in EP!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Review №11

Every time I go inside this store I end up HIGH AS HE** and needing to ground. Very powerful energies inside this store. I like it!

Review №12

Great store for crystals, stones, gem, some books, and some tools. They do have some oils, cleansing herbs, but they seem mass produced, and I got an uncertain vibe from them. All in all the store is okay for the newly spiritually open, but not for people deep into any specific belief.

Review №13

This place is sweet if this is what your into. Wide selection of stones and crystals in all shapes and sizes, extensive book selection, great candles, and most importantly a very friendly, attentive, and helpful staff. Its maybe a little on the pricey side but thats what Id expect for a place of this caliber. Bottom line if this is what your looking for you wont be disappointed.

Review №14

One of my favorite places back home. If youve got a loving energy, theyll pick up on it and treat you sweetly. Some young girls went in as a joke and they were politely redirected, but still welcomed. They changed their attitudes and even went into the meditation room. I learn so much every time I go in. Thank you, Im humbled by your wisdom.

Review №15

I have only dealt with their mail order incense business, Japan Incense, but their selection is awesome and their prices reasonable, and you get free shipping over a certain amount. Shipping is quick and the communication is top notch. Recommended. Just be prepared to spend more than you planned when they send you an amazing free sample from the incense artisans of Japan.

Review №16

Unfortunately their sales clerks are rude af. Ironic that it’s a crystal/metaphysical shop and the energy is just honestly super stuffy. There’s plenty of other shops in the area you can visit where the employees genuinely care.

Review №17

Adorable shop with really interesting things--bought a soy wax candle, a mini air plant, and some adorable Japanese antiques for Christmas gifts. The prices were great and they packaged them up very nicely in pretty paper and little boxes. Wonderful service, lovely shop!

Review №18

First time there today... Definitely Im coming back ☺️

Review №19

Very tiny store. Crystal selection is poor. A bunch of tumbled stones tossed on shelves. No larger pieces and nothing of collector quality. Gal working there got all emo when I walked in the door about using some bottle of ramdom hand sanitizer when there was no sign to do so. She was lighting sage and I hope she used it on herself to calm down. Geez. Dont bother with this store..plenty of others that are way better on every level.

Review №20

Always good vibes here. Ive bought crystals here and they have pretty good prices in comparison to shops that in the Venice and Santa Monica area.I usually come here for sound baths and Dominic is amazing. I definitely recommend him if youre new to sound baths. Im always weary of people who charge a lot for that stuff but for the price he charges, I should be giving him more since he does such a good job.

Review №21

Just ok. The energy felt sad and tired here. Maybe overworked employees? I spent a lot of money here and I felt the need to shield myself before entering because it felt so heavy.

Review №22

My favorite address for incense, mugs, and tea!I love everything they offer, the store is really cute, and they have great decor elements, including plants and Japanese traditional items. I can go to CA just for this store!The owners are also very nice, which is a huge plus for me!

Review №23

This shop is really fun to visit! There is a good amount of interesting stuff to look at. They have crystals, incense, books, Tarot decks, household items, beautiful dream catchers, candles, herbs, and more! The staff are all friendly.The prices are on the higher end though. Theyre crystals and Tarot decks are all priced significantly higher than other shops in LA County (like Spellbound Sky, Alexandria II, and Native Spirit Lodge).They also offer classes, meditations, sound therapy, etc. its def a shop worth visiting! Their incense and candles are my favorite part, but def not my first pick if youre looking for reasonable price ranges.

Review №24

So impressed with the customer service I received from House of Intuition!! When a lovely necklace I ordered from them online tragically broke a few weeks later, HOI shipping department was quick to respond to my email; ensuring a replacement was on its was fast. Thank you! 10/10 will shop again.

Review №25

Cool products if not a little pricey. Clean atmosphere. Worth checking out the classes in tarot card reading that they offer.

Review №26

Wonderful shop! Everything is organized, so its easy to find what youre looking for. And if you dont know what your looking for, the kind staff is very helpful in targeting your needs!

Review №27

I have been in many spiritual shops around the country. I am an intuitive. This shop has negative shopkeepers. I perceived the energy of these two women to be dark and self-centered.When individuals pick something that speaks to them, that means you have held it to check its energy for you.Cashier, long black fingernails: indifferent and socially inadequate for spirital shop. She was so concerned with her nails, that a particular stone I had held was slammed on the counter without an apology or inquiry to change the stone.Her dark-haired assistant does not welcome people or ask if one could be helped.This is a dark and inadequate shop.All who come to these shops are in need or they wouldnt be there.PROPRIETORS: Take Note: A shot at social graces, smile, engage. If you cant handle the shop, get out.All should be welcomed and asked if they need assistance, not just your familiar customers.SINCERE ADVICE TO OTHERS: Skip this shop.

Review №28

Im not sure about this location. But I went to the one down in Venice. Their selection is amazing and the people are so nice. Will be back again for more crystal points to make my unique jewelry.

Review №29

I had received a package from House on Intuition from a friend for my birthday and it was everything. I ended up going into the store to shop around and could have spent hours in their. Lots of nice stuff for anyone going through anything. Would highly recommend.KEREZSI REAL ESTATE Your Property, Our Priority.#KeepingUpWithTheKerezsis

Review №30

Great spot for crystals, candles, insence and more. Great literature selection as well. Fairly priced on most things. Great jewelry finds too!

Review №31

If youre a little lost in where to go, or what to do in your life, go get a reading here! The story about how this particular little shop came to be is inspiring and powerful too. If you have a chance to talk to the owner, do it. Your mind will be absolutely blown by the pain, struggle, and almost unreal story these dedicated people have done to make this shop a thriving success in LA.The reading I got here was great. Ive always been into tarot cards and psychic hippie stuff, so this place is great! The prices are a little on the high side, but if anything, get a reading here.The readings you get from their tellers are a mix of intuition, healing, and motivational speaking. You dont just get a feeling of what to do. You feel inspired and ready to take action after hearing the reading. I was so charged after getting mine I smiled out the door and felt like I was ready to take on the world!tl;dr - get a reading year. You wont regret it. Pick the owners brain for an inspiring story too!

Review №32

Im ONLY IN LOVE with this place! It smells sooo good. As soon as you walk in you feel an energy shift, at least I did. I was so tired before going inside. Just being there gave me an energy boost. They have a large variety of products and testers. I felt like a kid in a candy store. YUM!

Review №33

I love the energy here! They have such a wide variety of spiritual items. Incences are the reason i come here but Ive bought a book called The Soul of Sex that has changed or reminded me of the magic and intertwined nature of intimacy. Aside from that, they have some sage, oils, rocks, candles.... The list goes on. If youre not knowledgeable on how any of these work dont worry, their lovely staff of beautiful souls will help you step by step! Love this place! 😍😍✊

Review №34

From the minute I walked in I love it.Great place for unique gifts

Review №35

I paid for a crystal meditation class, which they canceled without notifying me. Because they did not spend 30 seconds sending me an email, and they did have my email, I drove an hour and a half round trip for nothing. I wont be back.

Review №36

I enjoy visiting this place. Great energy, great teachers & classes, and lots if quality product. Ive had readings by Candace and Afi, and highly recommend both.

Review №37

Literally my favorite place in LA. Such an amazing staff, atmosphere and spiritually safe/enriching spot. Absolutely love HOI and Temple of Intuition too :)

Review №38

Ive been going to this place for over 5 years. So much growth, and healing. The sound baths on Tuesdays are absolutely life changing.

Review №39

Ive spent thousands of dollars at this specific location because they usually have unique pieces and most of their staff is knowledgeable. For the first time, I needed to return an item after realizing I had an identical piece when I got home (that I purchased from this location!). I came back within 12 hours and requested an exchange, not even a refund, from the same sales rep. I dont blame him for regurgitating store policy. I was disappointed when cut off by a pointer finger with muscle memory pointing at the recepit, ensuring I see the black/white All sales are finalI will take my business elsewhere for all future stones and essential oils, all due to being rejected a measly $12 store credit that could and should have been authorized.A store with a name like House of Intuition should not need a reminder that most of us fall somewhere between polar extremes, regardless of the topic at hand, constantly shifting, identifying ourselves by our fleeting preferences from a vast spectrum of colours and vibrations, inadvertently circling back to those who help make and keep us whole. The search restarts.

Review №40

The stones are expensive and you cant exchange because you bonded with the stone, but in the store, you have countless people touching those stones. Cockamamie excuse. Anyway, you have a lot of stores out there and you should check them out. Spellbound sky, crystalarium, a store just opened in Hollywood and its great....

Review №41

Great experience. Lots of love; lots of life!

Review №42

This is the larger of the two locations. I loved it. You can schedule appointments with their intuitives. The staff is quite helpful and will direct you to what you need even if they dont carry it.A very beautiful space though I was surprised that their book selection is not more robust.The temple of intuition is where they hold classes. Overall a great experience.MaryYourSoul(dot)com

Review №43

Cute location with many great items. Most of which are too expensive for me but I got an awesome birthday candle with stones in it and the best was their honeysuckle incense.

Review №44

The Crystal Bowl Soundbath with Dominic is NOT to be missed! Tuesdays at Noon for me! Extrarordinary! Miracle Mike

Review №45

The go-to place if you’re into tarot, chakras, and meditation.

Review №46

“I wouldn’t go there to spend my money”

Review №47

Not good as I was expecting.The main thing that I was concerned never happened.

Review №48

Very nice environment to be in

Review №49

They sell fake/counterfeit materials.

Review №50

I think they should have bathroom for the customers.

Review №51

A unique, magical place.

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