1605 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States
Review №1

Jose Flores and Arturo did an amazing job! Installing this monster!! In my home. Thank you so much.. they are so respectful, amazing attitudes.. and I will continue to make purchases from this store.

Review №2

Friendly, professional, helpful! Great place to shop for those with little to no credit; trust me, theyll make it work and itll be worth the time invested (theyll beat all competitors offers- need I say more?) 😀I also want to really give a shout-out to Lourdes (I hope I spelled it correctly)... that girl was the warmest human being and she has a great future ahead of her! Curacao youre blessed to have her on your team.

Review №3

A few days ago my wife surprised me with a 75 Tv mounted on the wall. Jose Flores from Curacao Pros came to my home and did an amazing installation. He explained the whole process and very respectful to me and my wife I would like to thank Curacao for sending me this great service to my home. 100 percent recommended

Review №4

Best curaçao duo in the gameShout out Juan and Richard in the credit department these guys will get you right !!!

Review №5

Julio was awesome he help me with my new acount and I got a PlayStation 5 !

Review №6

Jose Flores from Curacao pros came to my familys house and did such an amazing job installing our 75 in TV on our wall. A very respectful young man and was very explanatory and very professional I highly recommend Curacao pros to anyone who needs a TV mounted. Im very satisfied with who was sent to my home and the service.

Review №7

I just wanna say that Cristian Guzman was awesome in helping with my new Apple Laptop purchase. He is real knowledgeable and super hi-tech. My purchase was much smoother that I though. I wish all the customer service was as awesome elsewhere as it has been here.

Review №8

Stephanie Reyes did a very good job helping me and they also have excellent customer service. She was the one who served me the best when I was there. I will definitely return to that store.

Review №9

Maria Ledesma help me with good costumer skills and professional attitude.Thanks to Her I had a great day.

Review №10

Isabel Hernandez was such a great help. Loved her service and kindness!

Review №11

Laguna días was very helpful and everything was so fast everyone was really friendly and nice make me feel so welcome.

Review №12

Laura Diaz helped me a lot, was very fast and helped me open a credit card here. 10/10

Review №13

The service was excellent. Even though Im Brazilian and I find it difficult to speak Spanish, Maria Henriquez was very solicitous and attended to me very well. Congratulations on the excellent service.

Review №14

Great experience by Laura Diaz. She’s an amazing in CSR. You rock !

Review №15

Great service by Kevin Ovalle in getting my some iwatchGreat help by araceli

Review №16

Great Experience Overall would recommend their service. If you guys get Jose Flores and Arturo as your installers they do a great job and leave the job looking excellent.

Review №17

Good service!! By Juan Montiel from credit. Don cheto was right!!!!

Review №18

My experiences was this Curacao. It’s very great and benefits!!

Review №19

Been coming here since I can remember, let me say yes they bring brands that are true but they sell it more expensive. Not everything to buy here is the best options. There are other stores that give the same that are authentic (Best Buy) for real cheap prices.

Review №20

Went to the department of glasses best customer services, Jessica attendant with excellence service, hope to get her next time; for my purchases: thanks to Jessica

Review №21

Maria Enriquez provided absolutely excellent service

Review №22

Was able to find what I needed at a great price! Veronica Vellevas was such a Sweet Hart and was to help me get what I needed.

Review №23

I am very happy with my shopping experience at Curacao today. Cristian Guzman helped me through out and answered all my questions. He is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №24

Maria EnriquezShe was the best on helping us I would come back to this store because I like how she was telling us

Review №25

Cesar R. - the worker by the Bluetooth was explaining good in details being specific, being attentive 👌🏻 5/5 service

Review №26

Good service from Isabel Hernandez from the electric department

Review №27

Honest and friendly is the two words that I can describe the customer service I was provided. The person in particular is Emanual and he gave me the appropriate information and help during my time looking for what I need or want. Thanks again man.

Review №28

Christian Guzmán did an amazing job helping me create an account and get the best offers. Thank you!!

Review №29

Went to this amazing store looking for a television and surround system and was helped by an insightful individual who has excellent customer service and knowledge of the products in order to best assist me in making a wise decision in purchase for my home. I will definitely be back to this store and location to shop and purchase. Friendly customer service, very professional, helpful, and very knowledgeable in products as well. Excellent place and wonderful people.

Review №30

Good customer service Aracely Mejia

Review №31

Deysi MenjivarExcellent service I came to open a credit to buy things I was happy about the service.

Review №32

Great costumer service! Kevin help us. He is the best.

Review №33

Curacao is a department chain store with locations in California, Nevada and Arizona.  Our 100,000+ square foot retail stores offer a large selection of the latest electronics, fashion and home products.  Curacao ranks among the top 100 Electronics and Appliance Retailers in the U.S. Through its proprietary financing models, Curacao has opened the door to the world of credit for millions of people. All of this has allowed Curacao to build a unique relationship with its customers and their communities.

Review №34

Maria Henrique she was a good help got what I wanted thank u...

Review №35

I did not know how good of a place the curacao was until my last trip, I needed help getting a new tv for my grandma and Stephanie Reyes helped me so much getting it, she recommended me a samsung. after six months the tv is doing good and I could not be happier ❤

Review №36

My Lil Man was so happy . Yall should have seen his face. Thanks Curacao.

Review №37

I was lost and then I was found! Osiris Reyna came to me and gave me a great deal on a computer and monitor! After being up sold at Best Buy I was able to find a better deal here and I bought the full package.

Review №38

Great service from hailey t. She helped me apply for My crédito card.

Review №39

Great customer service from Daisy Hernandez went to buy a phone and left very happy

Review №40

Great service. Knowledgeable about product and services. Friendly.

Review №41

Great place and good service.

Review №42

Thank you I apreciate De manganer And Sale Man Davin Good Sercice Thank youu

Review №43

Excelent custumer service from the fashion department stephanie reyes and natally gonsalez are the best i am more than happy to come back

Review №44

Maria Henriquez and Fatima Iglesias, these two ladies were amazing, they helped me find a perfect hair straightener. very friendly and very professional.

Review №45

Sonya Paso y Julio archila they help us out very good customer service we left happy from the store they are excellent at there job

Review №46

This store is a joke if you have a problem dont even bother looking for a manager, they have them for decoration. I went with a problem and they passed me to 3 different managers and nobody knew what to do, even the manager of that area. They kept me waiting for like 3 hours. I give it 5 stars not because they have been able to help me, but because to help me they had to call a young guy in the frige area who clearly knew much more than any of the manager they could have done that from the beginning and save me 3 hour, I forgot this guy name but solved my problem in 5 minutes.I subject to have knowledge people as a managers.

Review №47

Opened an account for the first time, and david was very kind and helpful in doing so. Liz from electronics was also really helpful, and I loved her energy. both made this a pleasant experience

Review №48

Aurora helped me greatly to open an account. Very helpful during my time and very friendly.

Review №49

Aurora Cabrera was really helpful and helped me with what I needed to the best of her ability. Service was friendly and quick👍Veronica Villegas down in the furniture/ mattress area was very sweet and helpful. When we first went in she greeted us with a smile and great attitude. It actually made me want to buy something. Needless to say, I left with a brand new dining table😁

Review №50

My review is based on the customer service: Jessica G. Was so helpful with the replacement of my sunglasses. I highly recommend getting the protection plan. She was informative and very knowledgeable of the replacement policy. She made sure that when I left I was very happy with my new sunglasses. Thank You!

Review №51

It’s a good store for some items. But the staff is never really informed they need to hire more staff that is knowledgeable. Especially for tech items

Review №52

I love the customer service of the store they are all nice and helpful. Specially thank you to Bryan Mendoza

Review №53

Very helpful place. Was a very easy process to get approved for credit, then to get a few products I needed. I would most def recommend to try & apply & shop with them.

Review №54

Liz and Darien helped me purchase a television for my mother as a birthday present. They were kind, professional and knowledgeable about how to make my payments on time and ensure me that I will be protected if I ever have trouble paying. Will come back to buy more items in the future.

Review №55

Sonya Paez was so much help! She made sure to resolve my issue with a return. Sonya also made sure her staff was respectful. I will continue shopping at curacao because of her.

Review №56

Amazing customer service, very friendly and helpful. Explained everything with enough details, thank you Bryan Mendoza !

Review №57

I find a lot of good things on sale a lot of quality items and good prices very helpful sale-persons to help with anything need to know !!!!!! I. Will. Be. Happy. To. Come. Back. !!!!!!!

Review №58

Liz was great! She was helpfull and really efficient. Knew what she was doing!

Review №59

Awesome costumer service! They were able to help me with my purchase. Thank you for you help and your patience Adriana Rosales

Review №60

After a series of bad life choices I find myself having to rebuild my credit. A friend told me go to curacao to start building credit. I thought I would get at most $200. After applying they gave me $2000 line of credit. The process was quick. TY curacao for giving me a chance.

Review №61

We recently got a tv delivered to our house. Jose and Arturo the delivery guys were very efficient and friendly. They used face masks and did set up and configured the TV set as well as the sound bar. It feels very comfortable to have a job well done personally I don’t know anything about electronics it’s a relief to have everything working properly. I wouldn’t doubt to have a delivery in the future. Thanks for the outstanding service .

Review №62

Jose Flores from curaca pro recently came to our house and did such a great job in installing my 75 inch tv in my living room. Thanks so much for your service I’m truly grateful. Highly recommend him and his partner.

Review №63

If you need good stuff come here and stop he will give you deals

Review №64

I open credit years ago but I didn’t like the service so I took my business somewhere else. But the other day I risked myself going into the store because I wanted to change my dining room .. when I walked in Kevin helped me and Julio Posadas... they are amazing ... their customer service is great.. they made me feel comfortable and important ... I ended up buying my dining and my living room with them.. Thank you so much for your help and for making me want to go back to this store.

Review №65

Oliver sakil have the best customer service he did a good job have knowledge of the items on the store even if he still training… keep it up Oliver !!

Review №66

Sunday, July 18, 20210 stars. I was approved for $1,800. Waited for a month for my card, never came. Went into the store and made an $800 purchase, and they began calling me within days saying I somehow went over my $700 credit limit and needed to begin making payments to avoid being sent to collections. Out of 20 times calling the store, 19 didn’t answer and 1 answered and immediately hung up. The only-store employees in the credit department didn’t know/couldn’t fix the very apparent issue on Curacao’s part, and the manager wasn’t available the 3 times visiting the store and waiting for over an hour each time. The second card I requested after waiting the first month, also never came. The people at Curacao are not only incompetent, but they simply do not care about, nor value their customers whatsoever (based off telephonic and in-person interactions with over 20 different employees at entry and managerial levels). Save yourself the time and hassle, do not associate yourself with this store or company.***UPDATE***Friday, July 23, 2021I originally posted this review this past Sunday evening. The owner replied Monday, as you can see. In hopes of finding a beneficial resolution (or any resolution, at this point), I followed the owner’s directions and emailed the escalation email address provided on that same Monday. On Wednesday a Curaçao employee had called while I was just finishing up getting my haircut, so I asked for them to please call me back in 5 minutes. They said okay, but they didn’t call back in 5 minutes, or that day. They haven’t called back at all.. It’s now Friday evening, and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get the assistance I require and deserve. If not, I believe the next step will be to dispute the account with the proper credit bureau(s) associated with Curacao credit, and to report to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) expressing my dissatisfaction and dilemma. Calling this a time consuming headache, would be putting it nicely. I truly do not appreciate any of this, as a supposedly valued customer and member. I feel like the opposite.

Review №67

Excellent place if you are looking for a nice living room at an affordable price, also the gentleman that was helping me was very knowledgeable. Byron Garcia is one of the best sales agent I have encountered specially after coming from Ashley furniture and being treated like I wasnt wanted there. Great store curacao.

Review №68

When they say theyll beat the price of another competitor, all they took off was a couple cents. Didnt offer me any type of insurance for my item or tell me any restrictions as far as return policy. The service was not what i was expecting, disappointing i doubt ill return at that point i prefer paying more and getting good service.

Review №69

Luna Aldana was very helpful very happy with her service

Review №70

Great customer service, very helpful when it came to finding the things we wanted! Daisy and Franco were amazing in the computer department!

Review №71

I found it great Daisy and Franco were helping us out well and I rate it 5 Star.

Review №72

I really recommend Sonia paez really nice respectful and really helpful and helps you a lot

Review №73

Cheap furniture high prices no speeky spaneesh dont bother to go in Remember im a personal shopper by the hour so customer service and value 4 the $ but Very clean

Review №74

Amazing service when I went. There were always people asking if u need help with anything or questions would definitely come back here. Jazmine Chavez helped me out today. :)

Review №75

My experience was good everyone was really nice especially Alejandro and Osiris

Review №76

Really great service!!! This lady named Maria Henriquez helped me today, and she was very kind and patient. Would definitely recommend coming here.

Review №77

Laiz Morice was super helpful and offered us many options. Very nice and super sweet. I recommend getting assistance to any of your questions to her.

Review №78

Torres Mathew was helpful person I required people with him he has a good personality take u step to step thanks .

Review №79

Been trying to get the ps5 console and I was finally able to get my hands on one in la curacao ... not only that my buying experience was great thanks to Cecilia lopez for attending me .. she answered all my questions without hesitation... looking forward to future buys

Review №80

Jessica was a really great help today! She explained how credits and payments work and was really sweet! I appreciate her service so much.

Review №81

Liz we really helpful with my family and provided a protected plan which was the best service :)

Review №82

My first time in the store i applied for credit with Daisy Hernández and she was very nice and helpful .She had a great customer service gave us a warm welcoming i defenitely recommend her

Review №83

Excellent service by Maria Vargas! Thank you Curacao Im coming back!

Review №84

Luna Aldana very good customer service

Review №85

Stephanie Reyes was amazing, best Customer service ever, she help me a lot with my purchase, I bought a computer and some cosmetics and she helped me with a 0 down payment . I’m very satisfied with the service she provided. If I could give her more stars I would !!!!!

Review №86

Had an amazing experience with Adriana Rosales and byanca ruelas. They really made the purchase sime and easy and I am glad they helped. Amazing staff I general

Review №87

Awesome experience ! thank you to Pedro Pascual for making our transaction the smoothest as possible ! Will definitely recommend to friends & family ! :)

Review №88

Great experience with aurora! She’s very patient and intelligent. I had a quick process and would definitely recommend being helped out by her.

Review №89

Liz was super nice and funny! Great customer service! Will be going back

Review №90

Cesar ruano very good person and workerHe helped me with my smart tvAnd now Im very happy to bring a new TV to my houseWen ever you want a TV go with Cesar

Review №91

Excellent service Julio archila was awesome very well as his Coach victor alvites..thank you guys for your awesome service

Review №92

Good sales person specially Osiris Reyna Cain nice responsible.Yes

Review №93

Cesar was extremely helpful. After going in circles from staff member to another asking for help & being ignored by multiple staff.Cesar went above and beyond to help, brought his manager and I was able to purchase my item.Thank you Cesar!! 👏🏻👏🏻

Review №94

I went in to buy a phone and was told I needed to buy a prepaid sim card. This is stated nowhere on their website and she basically scammed me. If youre looking to buy a cellphone go ANYWHERE ELSE these people WILL SCAM YOU. Stear very clear of this place I called their number and the person on the phone told me they could do nothing but return the phone at a cost to me. Absolutely awful store stay away.

Review №95

Great prices and customer service!

Review №96

Veronica Villegas was extremely helpful in helping me and my wife find the right mattress. Very straight forward in explaining terms and making this very fast and easy. The most friendly experience I’ve had in year, you have to come and have Veronica help you.

Review №97

Very confusing on parking and store entrance. LOUD throughout the store - overwhelming at times. Limited selection of items and minimal displays. BIG push to sell and have you get their credit card.

Review №98

Maria Henriquez ! Excellent service, good communication skills. Above & beyond ! Very friendly, I don’t know what else to say. ⭐️ She’ll give you a VIP service lol 😂 ⭐️ If I could give her 6 stars, I would ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №99

Had great service from Laiz today to get me an AC for these hot days l!🙂

Review №100

This is a edit, Curacaos. This is department store that offers financing and travel services. They Carry cosmetics, appliances, furniture, toys, musical instruments, audio sound systems, handbags, and cell phones. I had to purchase a prepaid cell phone because my cell phones for some reason was not responding to the internet in California. They set it up for me and I am back in operations. Service was very good and now Im using their cell the cell phone and I got it for a reasonable price. Please see pictures. This is the review of a food stand outside of Curacaos. while exploring Los Angeles near my hotel I smell the aroma of charcoal food. The aroma smelled delicious, the aroma smelled authentic. I bought three tacos. One pork rib taco, one charizmo taco, and a shredded beef toco. I had a Jamaican juice, it reminded me of beet juice - delicious and healthy. They had avocado and two hot sauces. My hotel room smells so good. They are out there everyday on Union Street, except Tuesday. Ill be back before leaving Los Angeles.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:1605 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States
  • Phone:+1 213-639-2100
  • Appliance store
  • Department store
  • Car stereo store
  • Cosmetics store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Home goods store
  • Jewelry store
  • Mattress store
  • Video game store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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