Gerber Collision & Glass
205 3rd Ave, Longmont, CO 80501, United States
Gerber Collision & Glass
Review №1

A++ service! They even dropped me back off at my apartment when I first dropped off my vehicle. Quick service as well, they were done and a week faster than anticipated. Would definitely use again!

Review №2

I dont give many 5-star reviews.We dropped off our car to have the driver side door repainted after being vandalized. As it had been snowing for a few days we didnt have it washed before we brought it in and it was very dirty. As I left the shop I thought about asking them to take a look at the door alignment as well (it was slightly askew), but didnt figure it was even worth asking. I figured when we picked it up, the painted door would be clean and the rest of the car would be as we left it.We got a call to pickup the car two days before the expected date letting us know the car was ready to pickup. When we arrived, the car was washed inside and out (like detail clean), the door alignment had been corrected and the paint job looks original!In addition, when we picked up the car, the bill was higher than expected. The service agent was very happy to call the insurance company to discuss the bill. When it was determined Gerber had made a mistake she fixed the bill on the spot and we went home very satisfied customers.Thank you Gerber Longmont for restoring my faith that the notion of customer service is not dead. I will gladly refer others your way.

Review №3

Called them on an insurance company recommendation after hitting a deer. They were totally awesome from the start! Lisa and the crew not only got me an estimate but also made sure I was safe. They kept me updated on the progress of my car and stayed in contact with the rental company. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs work done!!

Review №4

Got my car back to me way more quickly than they quoted. Hooked me up with a great deal on a rental.

Review №5

This place took a costly, stressful event and made it into a long drawn out fiasco - heaping on additional stress and expenses. Unless you thrive on aggravation, I cant recommend this place to repair anything for anyone - ever . I had a fender bender with my sisters car. This place gave her an estimate that was pretty close to the cars value. Despite that my sister told them to make it drivable. A week or so later when I picked it up, it looked fine, but immediately after driving off I knew something was wrong; the tire rubbed against the fender during a turn. After numerous phone calls and three contentious visits over several weeks (without a drivable car) they reluctantly agreed for my sister to take it into another shop to have it actually fixed. Woohoo... they did negotiate a wholesale fee with the second shop.

Review №6

If I can give negative stars, I would give this horrible business five NEGATIVE stars!!!A few months back, my wifes Ford Expedition ELs front-end was hit by a lady in a parking lot, and caused about $9000.00 worth of damage. The lady who hit the car had All State insurance. So, All State sent my wife to Gerber Collision to get our car fixed. This is supposed to be the preferred Collision repair outfit! Unfortunately, the repairs they did on the car were absolutely horrible -- to say the least! A week after picking up the car, the radiator started to leak (they were supposed to have replace/repair the radiator) -- see pic with leak area circled. Also several fender bolts were missing and the automatic running boards were still turn-in. So, we took the the vehicle back and told them about all if the above. At the of picking the car back, their Manager, Danielle, told us that there was NO radiator leak, they dis a pressure chek and everything was perfect! Having doubts about her statement (a bold-face lie it turned out), we took it to an independent mechanic. He confirmed that there WAS indeed a leak! The pressure test he conducted immediately proved it! After fighting with Gerber and All State, the insurance company agreed to pay to get the radiator replaced by the independent mechanic. As he was replacing the radiator, what he saw absolutely horrified him!1. Radiator was propped with a wooden bloc underneath (see pic)2. Radiator was missing mounting bolts3. Fan clutch barely secured with ONLY one bolt (missing the rest)We immediately tried to contact Danielle several times. She said she would call us back. To this date, we havent heard from her!Imagine with the above shoddy work what would have happened if the radiator had fallen off while on the interstate? Imagine the fan coming off the housing and ruining the engine or possibly causing damage to people nearby or passengers by flying-off?If you like living in the edge and appreciate shoddy or horrible work, this is the place for you! If you care about your vehicle, PLEASE DONT take your car to this place! They will rob you and your insurance company!Also note that the owners form letter replies and sorry are also BS! The owner and Danielle both seem to be in cahoots robbing vehicle owners and insurance companies!They are also committing insurance fraud by cheating the insurance companies with false claims!!

Review №7

This body and glass shop is not cheap but you get five-star service for your money. Recommended.

Review №8

They do text updates and work well with insurance. Very reasonable repair costs. Professional and easy to work with.

Review №9

They did a great job, there were minor issues with the headlights needing to be fixed after I picked up the car. The staff and personnel are super nice and outgoing Lisa did my estimate she went above and beyond. They send text updates which is super helpful. They got me in super fast, quick, professional.

Review №10

I had a wonderful experience getting my repair at Gerber!I needed a new door panel and thus the paint job had to be blended. The repair itself took less than a week with the Christmas holidays included. When I picked up my car, the paint looked awesome and they had even taken the time to fix little dings and nicks that werent part of the claim!! So kind and thoughtful.While the repair was scheduled some time after the accident, they were busy and thats just the way it goes yall.The entire process from start to finish, everyone at Gerber was efficient and communicative. They helped me schedule my rental so I didnt wait at the shop.All in all, Id say it was the best time one could have when some jerk hits your car in a parking lot and leaves no note.Thank you all so much!

Review №11

The paint and bodywork on my truck were very nice quality. They didnt treat my old truck just like an old truck :-) Very nice front office folks and I appreciate how fast they were able to get the job done.

Review №12

They took great care of me, helped me with insurance and made right issues they missed the first time... Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, they took responsibly and took care of it.

Review №13

Carlos was excellent from the minute I called to get an estimate. The shop was booked for 3 months but he was able to give an emailed estimate within a few hours based on some photos I sent. When my car finally got in for repairs he updated me on the progress daily and had my car back sooner than anticipated. The work done was excellent as well. I am grateful that I found this shop and would recommend them to anyone.

Review №14

CAPT Belchinsky-this is the second time in seven years I have hadrepairs done at Gerber Longmont. The front office staff were courteous andvery helpful from the beginning until the work was completed.The repairs were completed quickly and I was very satisfied with the workmanship both times.

Review №15

A lack of communication from Gerber caused me to spend an unnecessary $200. They reached out to my insurance company, but did not contact me with the update to my claim. I sincerely wish Gerber Collision & Glass wouldve been more transparent throughout the process...

Review №16

So far my experience has been very positive.

Review №17

So far so good. My initial impression wasnt great from a service perspective, (they didnt have time to do a estimate, made me come back 2 days later, but they seemed to have time to stand around chatting)...BUT, they redeemed themselves when the GM called me concerned Id written a 2 star review (I had started to, but I didnt post it since the work wasnt done yet). Interestingly, Google alerts a business when a review is written but not posted. I did not know that. I checked: it had NOT been posted yet.Anyway, Im going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Im assuming a good job, at a good price. If I get that, thats good for 4 stars (what I posted this review as).If its an OK job, well, Ill edit this to 3 stars.If it sucks, 2 stars or even 1 star.If its great, Ill edit it to 5 stars.Its going in next week for some minor body work. Ill update this after the works done and I can give an accurate assessment of the overall experience.Ill likely post this on Yelp as well.

Review №18

Only rated okay because they took 4 weeks to get photos back to my insurance company (to get my car fixed). Treated me decently, and were able to get me in in a decent amount of time.

Review №19

Dealing with this shop was great after dealing with a different location that was of no help. Got my car towed over and they were able to get an estimate sent to insurance and started working on it right away. Great work and great customer service all around with this shop ! Thank you Longmont Gerber ! You’ll always be my body shop.

Review №20

Far superior than Caliber Collision on Kimbark

Review №21

OUTSTANDING work. Ive had work done by other companies in town, and I refused to take my car to the other companies. I had one issue with the repair, they took it right back, pulled it apart and fixed it immediately. I cant prove it, but I swear things work better than before the accident. I thought there was a rattle when I closed the tailgate...gone...I thought my e-brake button stuck before, works now (unrelated to the accident, so again, cant prove it), did they touch up my door dings(again, I cant prove it, but they seem gone)? So, IMO, the car is better than before the accident...but I cant quite prove it.

Review №22

Great customer service from everyone at Gerber especially Danielle. I appreciate their hard work and honesty. I would highly recommend this place!

Review №23

It would be best to describe this company in words that someone would think were bad words.Setting that aside, DONT go to these people. When I came to get an appointment for my repair, the earliest they could manage was two months away. I went ahead and made the appointment but when I showed up two months later, they informed me *on that morning* that they needed a week or more to repair the car and I should have a rental car reserved. Maybe they could have told me when I scheduled the repair? I asked about rescheduling, then they told me it would be three months before they could get to me. It just gets better and better. If you can find a decent, honest, capable repair shop go there. By all means though, avoid this place.

Review №24

Your technicians used super glue to fix the release for the cars back upper seat sections! I did not know until I used it, it must already broken when you did hail repair on the car! You are cheapskates and being dishonest about it! I know it was in perfect condition and used it a few times until this happened.

Review №25

Gerber techs are knowledgeable, friendly and quick to service your vehicle.I highly recommend Gerber to bring your vehicle back to its lustrous shape. Thanks to Lisa who worked on my Impreza today!!

Review №26

This shop did excellent work and was very prompt with updates. They helped me understand the issues with my vehicle and was fast working.Thanks again for all you did.

Review №27

The service was amazing and professional. I had the pleasure of working with Steve. He was prompt to respond, professional and from start to finish amazing service. I will be recommending anyone who needs collision repair done to go to Gerber.

Review №28

Great service!

Review №29

They do not follow CO mandates by wearing masks. Room was full of mask-less people. If they dont care about the people driving the cars coming in, how can you trust they care about your car?

Review №30

Fixed up my car perfectly. I highly recommend this place

Review №31

Very friendly people and a extremely cute and also friendly puppy. Did great work and did more for me than I expected from them. Highly recommend!

Review №32

They did a great job on my husbands car fixed out up new looking !!!

Review №33

Phenomenal service, friendly and easy to work with. Had a great experience. More auto body shops should take an example from these guys. Thank you Steve for your attention to detail.

Review №34

Very professional and friendly. Kept me posted, by email on a daily basis. Completed the job ahead of schedule. The paint job and fitment for excellent the truck look like new again. I highly recommend them.

Review №35

I was referred by the insurance company of the person who hit my car. This was back in November of 2018. They told me that because they took on a hail damage contract with a car dealership, they wouldnt be able to fit me in until April 2019. The damage to my car was not serious to warrant immediate repair, and being the patient person I am, someone who reads reviews online, the majority of which seemed good for this shop, I decided to wait. However, my patience has limits.The time lapsed so long that the insurance company had redacted my rental car reservation, so I was unable to arrange for alternate transportation the day of my appointment. When I called to reschedule, this shop told me they wouldnt be able to get ne in until June of this year, 2019, 7 months after the initial claim. Frustrated, I told them to forget it and I would go through a different shop.How this company stays in business is beyond me, unless they simply serve dealerships. If thats the case, they shouldnt even be serving the general public if they cant provide timely service.If you want to make an appointment with them, go ahead. I wont tell you not to get your car fixed here. Just keep in mind, they might not be able to fit you in within this decade. That is no exaggeration.

Review №36

IMHO, buyer beware. I took my car in for an estimate--$1540. Based on the estimate, I chose Gerber and the estimator (on the day I took it to them for the work) stated the rear window would need to be removed and there was a moderate to high probability it would break increasing the cost 30-40%. Gerber had advised the cost could change once they looked more carefully at the car. The next day I was called. Gerber stated the cost increased to $2600 as more painting was required than originally estimated (this was not including the potential window replacement). In my thinking, painting is a surface thing--a competent estimator should know what paining is required. I picked the car up the date. I would not recommend Gerber. Subsequent to this, 2 people in the service business advised vehemently against using Gerber.

Review №37

If I could give zero stars I would horrible customer service they failed to make my appointment on Monday when they said the glass would be availableSo I call and ask why and then I rescheduled for Tuesday I receive no call or anything to inform me that they won’t be showing up that day eitherThey gave me the excuse that the glass never cameSo I politely rescheduled for today they say between 9-10am I then revived a text message saying terms and conditions that need to be fallowed by the glass techNo call mind youThen continue to give me a 4 hour windowNot only am I a father of 4 and run a janitorial company I need to take the day off because they fail to keep open communication about when he will arrive when I make the appointment it’s for a time that’s best for meNot a 4 hour window of when they feel like getting to the customerWhen I called to ask questions the lady on the phone was rude and unprofessional and this experience is all before I have even had the work done

Review №38

Great service. Exceptionally well organized. The repair work was top notch!

Review №39

Very fast assessment of my vehicle, however an appointment was going to take up to a month.Great customer experience.

Review №40

Ok, if there was a 6th star I would have given it to them. The first thing you need to know about me is that I am incredibly loyal, if you treat me fair and right, I am a lifelong customer. I had a spoiler attached to my Pathfinder by a place that I have trusted for many many years. I heard a noise the other day driving and had no clue what it was until I parked at King Soopers went shopping and came out to find my spoiler laying across the hitch step attached to the back of my truck. I was relieved because it could have easily fallen off and been run over. My relief was soon replaced with absolute anger when I saw that the automotive shop who installed it used DOUBLE STICK TAPE! Double Stick Tape, what kind of an idiot uses DOUBLE STICK TAPE TO HANG A SPOILER?!!!!!!I happened to be in downtown Longmont and saw Gerber Collision and stopped in. I talked to two women who were super friendly. We went out to look at my spoiler, when Daniel said Give me your keys and have a seat for a couple of minutes. She took my truck around back where the guys used a heavy duty epoxy that she swears will never come off. Then she brought my truck around front handed me the keys and said Have a nice weekend, dont take the tape off for 24 hours.The award for best customer service goes to DANIEL at Gerber Collision... Hands down. I am now a customer of theres for life. And to the other guys who used double stick tape to attach my spoiler... Adios!

Review №41

Absolutely fantastic! The individuals who helped me were great and the work done on the vehicle was fantastic . I would recommend this place highly to anyone who needed work done.

Review №42

I highly recommend this place. The service is great, I loved getting regular updates via text msg, my insurance USAA works with them and Steve made the whole process easy. The paint and repair was great and my car looked brand new. Thanks guys!!

Review №43

We had to wait almost 3 months to get our bumper fixed, going through them. After the appointment is made and parts are supposedly ordered, we are not able to have our car fixed. They never ordered the parts and want us to wait 2 more weeks. They blame the insurance company for not calling them back. Apparently they are unable to pick up a phone and do a follow up call. So unprofessional and and complete disregard for others time.I called a better rated local shop and have an appointment to have my car fixed in less than a week. Don’t use Gerber.

Review №44

We have taken two cars to Gerber and each time they have gone above and beyond. Everyone is nice and friendly and everything came out better then expected.

Review №45

Poor customer service and the repair is awful. The office staff has not been pleasant or easy to work with. Not sure how or why this is happening, but after reading other reviews, I guess Im not the only one who is not satisfied with this location and how they do business. Used this shop based on the at-fault persons insurance company suggestion. Would not recommend this shop to anyone from this 2 month long experience. Having to get both the insurance company and manager involved to hopefully do the job right. Will change stars and review if they actually fix their mistakes.

Review №46

Good place to get your car painted. Hail damage, estimates are done in a timely 2

Review №47

Did a fantastic job on my daughters Chevy avalanche...looks new again

Review №48

This shops sucks DO NOT go there go anywhere else but this one

Review №49

I had a great overall experience here. Lisa and Curtis were a big help.

Review №50

They got me in fast after a hail storm and my baby is good as new!

Review №51

Customer Service, especially Danielle, was very helpful when my car got towed in/out. Although I ended up with a totaled car, Gerber Longmont has really eased the process.

Review №52

Been going around town trying to get estimates for a single ding in my car. This was my third place I stopped and they said they weren’t accepting walk ins and were busy and that they’d have time in 2 weeks. Seriously? You can’t take 2 minutes for a freaking quick estimate?? Thanks for making my day worse!

Review №53

I have delt with these guys a few times. I highly recommend this place!!

Review №54

Great service, friendly employees, insurance experts.

Review №55

Honest and reliable.

Review №56

These guys rock. They fixed my hail damage perfectly and didnt miss a dent

Review №57

Did great with my car

Review №58

Horrible customer service from beginning to end. These people cant get their crap together. So disorganized and confused. Took me over a month to get my windshield replaced. Go elsewhere and avoid major headaches.

Review №59

Great management! thank you

Review №60

Google thinks that traffic at the RR crossing is a visit to Gerber. Not

Review №61

Good repair work

Review №62

Good job.

Review №63

Very good work they did to my car I was very pleased with the work. I recommend it

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