36 Main St, Littleton, NH 03561, United States
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Its an awsum place . The workers are wonderful and very helpful . Such a variety to choose from . I love the place much . Go there youll see .

Review №2

Awesome shop! Been there a couple of times as I make it a point to stop in during my travels up north. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The selection of goods are amazing and plentiful. Definitely stop in if you’re in the area.

Review №3

I dont think I ever walk in here without finding something. The staff is super friendly and helpful especially if youre looking for something specific. Large selction of jewelry, candles, rocks, incense, clothing, smoke shop items, and more. Definitely worth a stop if youre in town

Review №4

What a great place with kind owners/workers and great prices! I love coming to this store very time I visit the area! Would recommend if your into witch craft/ tarot/ and anything whimsical!

Review №5

Down to earth, knowledgeable, super friendly, and helpful staff. Over a decade of shopping here and you can tell this is a business with love in the making. So many different unique and maybe some might say scandalous array of things to buy or be inspired. No matter if you looking for something or a gift you are surely able to find more than you bargained for.

Review №6

Love the energy of this place.Pagen shopAlways buy unique jewelry and gifts.Also fun visiting the broom closet for those naughty gifts and head shop too. Pipes CBC oils ect;

Review №7

Super cool place to checkout, so much interesting stuff to look at. You could be in here from open to close and youd still see new stuff.

Review №8

Super cool shop! 😎 She was so helpful, too! I would have been there forever trying to decide what to get my daughter if she didnt. Lol You have to stop here!

Review №9

Went with my father went down stairs 2 people watching us like hawks. Wouldnt let us talk each other and he ended up getting a the wrong item. Not satisfied

Review №10

An eclectic mix of candles, incense, crystals, tarot cards and so much more! Love this place. And the Broom Closet is right below. A must for all adults.

Review №11

Great shop, friendly owners. You can always find something new and unique there!

Review №12

Awful experience!! The woman working (owner?) was rude and hostile!!!! Right from the moment I walked in she just stared hard at me and followed me closely. I told her I just wanted to browse a bit and she refused to back off and instead made rude remarks. When Id had enough of her nasty, sneering attitude I told her I was just going to leave and she replied good get out. The short time I was in the store the woman acted like I was some sort vermin that just crawled in from the street. When I did leave she followed me right out. and stayed on the sidewalk watching me. Her behavior was very unsettling. I will NEVER return.

Review №13

Neat shop with lots of unique items. Make sure you check out the Northeast Prospector nextdoor.

Review №14

If I could give it zero I would, weird vibes and smell.

Review №15

Absolutely one of the best places around. The people are friendly and knowledgeable. Theres always something new and cool every time I go. This store is a must stop for gifts, home decore, clothing, accessories, all things smoking related, and goodies to spice up your bedroom life!!

Review №16

Love this store! Very helpful

Review №17

Most amazing store around. Everyone is so amazingly kind and helpful too!

Review №18

Wonderful people full of knowledge definitely a wonderful place to visit to find that perfect gift anytime of the year!

Review №19

Friendly helpful staff, the only place in the area that you can buy adult novelties and toy and stuff. Also the only store that is not filled with junk and stuff that is just boring and this place has stuff most people that are not prudes would like. Its a shame no listings in any online lists shows this store, almost like they want it to fail but instead its one of maybe 3 that should remain while the others can fail and not one person would care.

Review №20

Gone 4 times this week and they’ve been closed every time, very poor consistency with posted hours vs. when they’re actually open

Review №21

What a great shop! They have tons of clothes and little trinkets! Lots of handmade crafts as well! I love it!

Review №22

I love this place. The ladies that work here are all very helpfully and know their products. A couple also really cute.... I have so many filled discount cards i started giving them as gifts. Hope it helps them out. I always find something new and cool downstairs too.

Review №23

Absolutely love all the unique things, and people

Review №24

My girlfriend Shannon loves this place. It has plenty of witchy stuff. Rocks, minerals and jewelry. Take your time looking throu this store, they have alot!

Review №25

What a fun store...metaphysical items, clothes, adult atore.

Review №26

Love this place been visiting for years

Review №27

The woman running this store was very rude and obnoxious and treated me like dirt and she kept ranting at me even as I was walking away down the sidewalk. This was all because my mask wasn’t high enough over my nose and as she jumped right on me for it she kept claiming I was disrespecting HER. She was rude to me the minute she saw me and did not ask nicely for me to pull my mask higher up...she just jumped on me with rudeness right from the start and continued her tirade even when I was out on the street. I guess respect for the customers no longer exists. Live Free Or Die? Where? Rude, hateful person!

Review №28

All in one stop and shop for your teenager to start pretending they know what the greatful dead is.

Review №29

Very nasty owners. Try kiss my glass in lyndonville for better selection and better atmosphere.

Review №30

Very unpleasant time: was followed around and stared at the whole time, was approached by several employees and asked to hold a basket when I didnt need one just because they were suspicious or something. There was a lot of product and little space to move. I was just browsing and trying to make my mind up on things and see what was in the store. It made shopping stressful and I felt rushed and stalked the entire time. When I got to the register the woman asked if I was going to cry.

Review №31

I love this place. Always find something new and interesting. A fun place to browse through and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, when needed.When in or around Littleton, make it a point to check it out. You wont be disappointed.

Review №32

Fabulous, and special is this place. Words can not describe. You and Yours should feel this vibe. All the best. XO

Review №33

This. Store. Is. Magical!I wouldnt even call it a store its a entire experience. I spent over an hour here and probably couldve stayed longer. The owner and staff were so helpful picking out the right crystals and precious stones that fit my wellness needs, even looked up the meaning to clarify. They smudge the store with sage and the energy here is astounding! I cant wait to visit the next time Im in the area.

Review №34

Well over priced... an the must rude people Ive met... my friends had to bring cloths back that were ripped an LOOKED wear by others ! BEWERE OF THIS STORE !

Review №35

I absolutely LOVE this eclectic place! Always something exciting around every corner! If you see something you like buy it! Otherwise your gonna miss out! This is a must see place if your in the area!

Review №36

This place was super cool. So cool in fact that I dont want to spoil whats inside for you and let you go explore for yourself. Friendly shopkeepers made the experience even better. We will be back on our next trip north for sure!

Review №37

~~~Wonderful discounts on a variety of amazing gemstones! Awesome bunch of people! Reiki Blessings to you all!~~~

Review №38

Aylakai has and always will be my favorite store.

Review №39

Extremely visually stimulating, in a good way! What an amazing shop, with a treasure for everyone! They have such a variety and so much it is easy to miss things, so a great excuse to keep going back. The prices I saw were more than reasonable! Very friendly staff too. I could have spent a week in there and still have not seen everything Im sure. Everyone I know will love this store! I just wish they were closer to Chelsea, VT. 😉

Review №40

Unique, funky, fun. Ayla and Gretchen are some fantastic human beings, and their store is full of unique goods. Goes from magical, to whimsical, to downright naughty (there is an adult only address in the basement).

Review №41

Very friendly, very helpful, makes you feel like family when youre there. Look up though, there is stuff everywhere! Great place for gifts.

Review №42

Fabulous store & staff! It has a little of “everything!” Beautiful place!

Review №43

Gretchen was very nice. Only 4 stars just because they made me pay for a new pair of earrings after I reported my other pair got lost the day I bought it.

Review №44

Real cool little shop! Great hidden room downstairs for adults

Review №45

My go to shop for polished stones, incense and so much more. Ive shopped there since its beginning many years ago and will continue.

Review №46

Unique place to find awesome place to get gifts, or even stuff for yourself. Satisfying in more ways then one.

Review №47

Ive been going to this place for years, and they have never disappointed me. Amazing selection of hecking cool items, and super helpful staff for all your questions.

Review №48

I walked into this shop and new instantly that a kindred spirit owned it. Every tiny little thing.... this store is my whole life wrapped in a tiny little package. We live a couple hours away but will be making trips to visit. Hoping to meet the owner at some point.

Review №49

Love the store and love the ladies who run it. One of the best little head shops to go to.

Review №50

Excellent customer service, one of my favorite places!

Review №51

Knowledgeable staff and just a lovely well packed store

Review №52

Fun and funky! All the crystals, incense, tobacco pipes you could want. Sex toys too!

Review №53

Love this place! Lovely unique products and friendly helpful staff.

Review №54

Great people and great service.

Review №55

Great energy, friendly and helpful staff. Love it here!

Review №56

Love Aylakais. Some of the nicest people youll meet work here

Review №57

Aylakai is a great place for all needs that are spiritual and physical, great customer service can be found there as well.

Review №58

Just love the calming effect this store has.

Review №59

Very cool selection of stuff and Gretchen is super cool and very down to earth.

Review №60

GREAT store with an INCREDIBLE inventory! STAFF is VERY knowledgeable and friendly!

Review №61

Pretty awesome place, few times i have been in staff has been friendly and I can always find what i need oh and the dog is super cute too!

Review №62

Never been stupid name for a store though Im sure its a very nice store though

Review №63

Exactly what weve been looking one trip I got a lovely pipe, an excellent Wiccan book, batik scrunchies and some fun stickers

Review №64

Favorite place to stop by in Littleton. Been coming here for years. Such a friendly atmosphere here.

Review №65

Bought a Tibetan Singing Bowl and Im very pleased with my purchase!!😁

Review №66

Great shop, stones, tarot cards, piercings, incense, smoke shop and adult shop. Clothes, jewelery and more!

Review №67

Very cool place to shop lots of differt stuff to look at and the people that work there are really nice and can help you find what you are looking for

Review №68

Very nice lady. Selection was good.

Review №69

I love love LOVE this place

Review №70

I really love this place. So much to choose from and it wont break the bank

Review №71

The staff is great. The collection of items, clothing, incense, wiccan-esce items. Awesome. Downstairs is great also. Staff is very knowledgable. Visit there occasionally.

Review №72

Cool place a lot of really neat stuff a little expensive though

Review №73

Best shop in Littleton! Such a unique shop with the greatest customer service around!

Review №74

Beautiful small shop that definitely puts a smile on your face. Will visit again!

Review №75

Cool place, knowledgeable/friendly staff, decent prices.

Review №76

Favorite store. Its very aestheticly pleasing and I love the smell and the vibes!💙

Review №77

If youre suck in the 60s 70s 80s 90s aylakai is the place to be. They offer a whole lot of products froms meditation stones, insents, hand crafted boxes bags clothes. And if you go in ask about the broom closet

Review №78

I enjoy this store!! Variety of different types of items

Review №79

Love this store, my favorite Littleton destination !

Review №80

Love this place! It can be a little overwhelming with all the merchandise, but all in all, I would totally recommend!!

Review №81

Nice place, Great people!

Review №82

The staff are so friendly.

Review №83

What a beautiful store, filled with beautiful people!!

Review №84

Love it

Review №85

One of my Favorite Stores downtown!!!

Review №86

Very cute store.

Review №87

Amazingly helpful wicked awesome staff!!

Review №88

Amazing, fun, lovely. A must go...

Review №89

Good place to find things you would never find in any other store and they have a great adult section down stairs dont for get to take a look next time you are there.

Review №90

Better place in Berlin

Review №91

Love them!

Review №92

An alien told me not to go downstairs, then my friends said there were products down there?

Review №93

Packed full of stuff, maybe a bit too much in some spots.

Review №94

Pricey but they have just about everything.

Review №95

Amazing place to be in

Review №96

Great prices

Review №97

Awesome place

Review №98

Small shop but worth it for the area

Review №99

Love this place

Review №100

One of the best places that I shop!!!!!!!!

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  • Address:36 Main St, Littleton, NH 03561, United States
  • Phone:+1 603-444-9800
  • Clothing store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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