250 W Broadway, Lincoln, ME 04457, United States
Review №1

Small so I can get in and out easily. Self checkout is always efficient, staff is always near by if you need assistance. They also offer to carry out my garden supplies without me having to ask. Possibly the best Walmart I have experienced from coast to coast! To me customer service is everything and this store impresses me every time!

Review №2

Its a small town Walmart. Its fine.

Review №3

My generator broke, the one i use to power FREEDOM FLAGS. They were so helpful and not one, not two, not three - BUT, FOUR employees went out of theyre way to help me return the item and get a new one and loaded up and apologized thoroughly for no mistakes made. Everytime I go here I always say this has to be the best Walmart in Maine.

Review №4

Needs to be updated, cant find things ....not really organized. Other walmarts have more than this one but employees are polite.

Review №5

The walmart is so small and has little to no supplies that we need. All electronics are always out of stock, it takes forever to find an associate to open the glass because they only have around 3 workers throughout the store. The workers that are in the store sit around and do nothing but chat and talk to other customers making it difficult to navigate through the store around them. When the store isnt packed with in idle family reunions it is quite nice except when everything in the toy section is stolen as well as the auto parts section. Wish they had better workers and better security.

Review №6

Great service. Usually use the scan and go and if there happens to be an issue an employee is quick to respond :)

Review №7

Wasnt stocked up, a little dirty, and not much help from employees. Its hard to find an employee sometimes. I always feel judged and watched there. But most things that are available are in great quality and quantity. Love the prices. I miss it having McDonalds in it. LoL

Review №8

The staff here are helpful and quick to offer help.But on the down side there Selection is limited. I personally would like to see more of a variety of items.Small town so they only carry select items.

Review №9

They have a small garden center that is convenient for picking up medium to small sized tools. They have a small selection of food and beer as well as a place for home decor and automotive. It honestly reminds me of a Target mixed with a Kohls.

Review №10

Walmart light. Small. Tight space. A little of everything, but not much of one thing. However, a much needed resource for the North Woods of Maine.

Review №11

Very small in all aspects of products and size of store. Works for being the only one around that area.

Review №12

Meh. Walmart. Most of the time you cant tell one from the other inside or outside. Good for the corporation, I guess, they can use a stock photo for every one of their stores on GM. Take the one above, for instance, thats not the Lincoln store. Will do an extended review on this particular one because it is close to my hometown. My experiences so far have been kinda mixed.......

Review №13

Very helpful staff.want more cashiers not machines.

Review №14

Everyone working here is very pleasant when you ask questions.

Review №15

Clean store, very nice cashier!

Review №16

I go early in the morning so I can get in and out pretty quickly.

Review №17

Its a Walmart... theyre all pretty much the same. Perry sure this one has fabrics. It was fine.... found almost everything I needed. 😌 as I should since Walmart has literally everything... lol

Review №18

In and out got my fishing day pass with no problem

Review №19

I like Walmart shopping, thats where I get everything I I need and want

Review №20

Friendly service got everything I needed great prices

Review №21

Your standard WalMart. They have pretty much all your general needs. Not one of the massive ones, just a Walmart from days of yore. They were restocking when I visited, so it made it a bit difficult to into some of the isles.

Review №22

Found a great selection of lamp shades and desk lamps also good selection of Bluetooth speakers

Review №23

All of the Associates were very helpful & courteous!

Review №24

Store employee in electronics seemed put out when I asked her to check another store for the printer I was looking for. She even handed me the phone to complete the request to hold it for an hour.

Review №25

Been to Walmarts all over the country. This is our favorite. Maybe it’s the town and the beautiful state, maybe it’s the people, regardless, it’s tops for us.

Review №26

No canning jar lids! Walmart.Com Online price for 1 dozen Ball wide mouth lids is $13.99 + tax. Normal price is $2.59. Csn we say price gouging?

Review №27

Had everything I wanted. Make sure you bring your bags.

Review №28

It was a really nice place and had really helpful people

Review №29

I went to get some food but they do not have much so i had to go to hannaford, plus they charge more than other walmarts so skip it and go to bangor. Also hannaford had a better price on beef jerky so i wont bother going back.

Review №30

I love the roll back prices, and it was so easy to find what I needed

Review №31

Always get what I need in a hurry at Walmart

Review №32

Shelves are empty and only 1 cashier..This has happened more than once... Done with this store.

Review №33

There isnt as much here as other Walmarts, but they have what you need without the super loud HVAC systems and noise associated with busier Walmarts. Ill travel an hour just to shop here instead.

Review №34

If you cant find it here its not worth having

Review №35

Didnt have anyof what I wanted

Review №36

A very small Walmart - grocery Dept very limited.

Review №37

Parking lot is a disaster. Small, lanes are narrow and its utter chaos.Inside, toy selection isnt great, clothing and shoe sections are small, the set up is very different compared to other Walmarts Ive been to and things are all over the place. Will try not to go here again when Im in the area.

Review №38

It is laid out well with signs making stuff easy to find.

Review №39

Always friendly employees

Review №40

Small quaint place with very lots of tlc, love shopping here when on vacation

Review №41

So small. Barley any groceries. No firewood. Should upgrade it to walmart supercenter

Review №42

Will have everything you need and more. Friendly helpful staff. Thanks!!

Review №43

One of the cleanest, most organized Walmarts Ive been too! Everything was easy to locate, and the staff was very helpful!!

Review №44

Walmart has great prices

Review №45

Just dislike Walmart and the fact you dont have ppl to check you out

Review №46

Ok, china everything.

Review №47

Well, I mean, we all know how walmart is. Lol. But I do enjoy walmart. I go there for one thing and walk out with $100 worth of stuff I dont even need.🤣🤣

Review №48

One of the smallest Walmarts I ever been to...and out of stock at times... customer service is good!

Review №49

Fast and friendly service.

Review №50

Only two working! The food was great. Felt bad for the employees cause they were busy.

Review №51

Do not come to Walmart

Review №52

Not bad found most of the stuff I wanted

Review №53

Always out of something you need.

Review №54

It a great Clean place to shop.

Review №55

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Review №56

Cant always get what I need here lately. There some great cashiers there.

Review №57

Customer service is above average for Walmart. Was glad this Walmart was in the town but a bit disappointed that they do not sell meat specifically butchered meat. You can get prepackaged things like bacon, hot dogs and bologna but no hamburger, steak, chicken or pork by the pound.Luckily there is a Hannaford in town but means I have to make two stops to get all the shopping done.

Review №58

It wasnt the best although with the size of the town it wasnt bad

Review №59

Most of the people that work here have some kind of attitude problem, no one wants to be there. They also goof off and behave like children when they think no one’s watching. I only go to this store if I absolutely have too, but it’s not my first choice.

Review №60

Good clean store, just short on certain tools

Review №61

This walmart is always friendly. Its small. But its good.

Review №62

Its a small Walmart, dont expect too much.

Review №63

They need to check up on the ordering they have so many outs and need to keep shelves better stocked..

Review №64

Good service!

Review №65

Friendly and helpful

Review №66

Hey its Walmart

Review №67

We need a bigger wal mart here in lincoln that Carries more products

Review №68

Clean, very helpful friendly, service.

Review №69

Great food

Review №70

Love this place

Review №71

Small store with very little selection. Friendly staff and normal Walmart prices though.

Review №72

Store was packed, aisles are very narrow with barely enough room to stop and look at anything before someone is trying to squeeze by. All the scan and gos were open but only one register with a human had there light on.

Review №73

Little small for a Walmart

Review №74

I got to recently access a sound board. Was pretty decent, I would recommend

Review №75

Place is being kept clean and organized, employees are wearing masks and making sure customers coming into the store do as well. Helpful service when looking for something as well!

Review №76

Decent prices, just have to watch the quality.

Review №77

Its a great store with low prices was very satisfied with it except the lines were a bit long

Review №78

This store is very limited in selection of almost everything. They really dont go out of there way to help you. Some of the employees really try. But alot of the others dont.

Review №79

It is not the best Wal Mart that I have been to. It is a fairly small walmart and is not a super or mega center. But it does have essential items. From toilet paper to automotive maintenance. The shelves are usually well stocked but the aisles are narrow which is not bad except on days when they are restocking the shelves. The have a decent selection of food items. Canned good, dry good, snacks, frozen foods. There is no fresh food section.They have 6(?) Self check-out kiosks, 1 service desk, and 2 or 3 manned registers.Most of the employees seem friendly, helpful, and pleasent to talk with. Where it is located in a small town the employees know most of the customers onna personal level and which makes it more of a friendly environment. But it can also be a little bit irritating as sometimes they will get to involved in conversation with a customer. Which is usually an elderly person so that makes it perfectly fine in my book. Elderly need people to talk to just like the rest of us.The restrooms are clean if you are the type of person who doesnt mind using public restrooms.I think I covered just about everything that I can think of right off the top of my head. Enjoy and hope this was helpful.

Review №80


Review №81

Customer service is very friendly. Find every thing easy

Review №82

Nice big wallmart in a small town. good selection easy to navigate wide isles

Review №83

Got more than I went in for AGAIN!

Review №84

Store is clean and organized, but the large cameras and *facial recognition* CCTV that follows your each and every move at the CHECK OUT is quite intimidating and makes you feel like a criminal. Ive been in countless Walmart across the country, many in rough neighborhoods - the ghetto if you will, and have never seen such high surveillance before.

Review №85

Cool youll

Review №86

Its not normally to to busy, normally you can get in and out pretty quick. Especially now with the self check out. And no longer any lines to wait!!

Review №87

Walmart was great they want you to wear mask but if you dont have one you still can go in

Review №88

Walmart not to busy first thing in the morning, best time to go, less people. Store seemed to be obeying rules of the virus. Employees r wearing masks, thats a plus right there.. Keep up the good work..

Review №89

Never have anything and want top dollar for junk.

Review №90

Always friendly staff.

Review №91

Another WalMart store

Review №92

Small Walmart but very clean and nice employees

Review №93

Very friendly.

Review №94

Didnt have what I needed in sewing section. Needed pellon stiffner. Had to order on line.

Review №95

Was out of everything

Review №96

One of the larger Walmarts so it has almost everything I need, but the covid line is insane when you only need 5 items. Also some items are restocked in waves. I rarely see shelves half full, its either packed to capacity or bare. But staff is friendly

Review №97

Love our hometown Walmart everyone is friendly and helpful

Review №98

Not large selection. Tight aisles.

Review №99

I like Wal-Mart in Lincoln ME, but they never ha e what Im looking for so I wait until I go to Bangor or order online. The workers there are friendly and always glad to help u and they dont have stock in the middle of the floor. In Bangor they have big stock carts every where and tge workers are very inconsiderate. They are rude and wont mive put of the way anx expect u to move out of the way for them. Wal-Mart has lost the customer service in their employees. Good way to lose business. I order from Amazon as much as I can.

Review №100

The cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen in a Walmart! Keep up the good work and dont let them slip. I have been in Walmarts from Key West to California to Northern Maine.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:250 W Broadway, Lincoln, ME 04457, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 207-794-8436
  • Clothing store
  • Discount store
  • Craft store
  • Department store
  • Electronics store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Supermarket
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:5AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–10PM
  • Saturday:7AM–10PM
  • Sunday:7AM–10PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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