Von Maur
2900 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
Von Maur
Review №1

I was dreading going here for a homecoming dress for my daughter just because of how expensive the store is in general. So I was very shocked when we found a dress for $48, $52.46 with tax. Wed been to 4 other stores and this was our last resort. The ladies working were very nice, but didnt seem to try to help us much. However, the lady working in shoes was amazing.

Review №2

Thanks for my coat altering and sending it to me. Perfect for this weeks cold weather.

Review №3

The perfumes sales lady’s Amazing ! Beautiful wow so cordial first class! The Wrapping gift station at Customer service so Elegant! Thank you so much! The Finest place for shopping with you family ❤️👏👏👏👏

Review №4

Today one of my dear family members enjoy shopping in this 5 star Amazing store she was looking for a Perfume for a gift ! The fragrance Advisor was very professional in giving the finest care! The fragrance Flower Boom ! Our family love it! Also the Coco Chanel Representative also very professional and knowledgeable! Wow congratulations!We will continue shopping at your Beautiful Store 💯🤗

Review №5

Very nice store. Clean, calm. An enjoyable shopping experience. Loved listening to live pianist as we shopped.

Review №6

Granddaughter and I shopped for her birthday today. She found cute clothes and adorable boots. Clerks are always helpful and pleasant. My favorite store!!!

Review №7

This is no doubt the best store in South Point. The shoe department has very high end items I am not able to find anywhere else in Lincoln.

Review №8

I bought do many shoes..I like this place.. good quality a must there. Great customer service!If you havent been there, try and go.. alot better than any place in Lincoln.GCost more than Target, of course bur worth every dime!Must try for sure, 👌

Review №9

There are often great deals to find here. It can be quite expensive straight off the rack. The atmosphere and sales people are quite attentive and kind!

Review №10

Always a delight to shop at Von Maur. We found everything we were looking for and enjoyed conversation with the gentleman in mens sportswear.

Review №11

My favorite store. Yesterday I found the greatest bargains and called my friend to alert her to the great savings. I love the store and the merchandise!

Review №12

High end store. Fine quality in everything they sell. When they have a sale...they have a sale! Love Von Maur. I can only afford their clothes on sale but have bought perfume, jewelry, and shoes that were not on sale. Everything is worth what you spend in it.

Review №13

Great service, wide variety of options, and always very clean and easy to move around. I find something every time I visit!

Review №14

Actually NO STARS! Went to shoe shop with my daughter visiting from PA & came across this mess (3 pics included)! Impossible! As we left without trying to maneuver thru the piles we noticed only one sales person helping costumers. The others were just standing around, some visiting with each other. And NO these pics were not taken after some HUGE amazing sale! Unbelievable & embarrassing!

Review №15

Definitely not a cheap clothing vendor, but what you pay for will most certainly be of great quality. The free gift wrapping is a game changer for sure. If you have time to browse the various sale racks you can almost always find a nice treasure.

Review №16

The saleperson isnt respect to customer and feel like they think I dont have enough money to buy anything from here. So bad!

Review №17

Love it....what else is there to say?

Review №18

Von Maur is always stocked well with exceedingly more upscale name brands. One of the best places to shop for womens clothes and shoes as well as a very nice childrens clothing section. There are mens clothes here as well although Ive not shopped in that area. Pleasant piano music playing, extremely helpful and friendly staff, extra nice restrooms and sitting area. Ive never had a disappointing experience here!

Review №19

Found a wallet for my daughter. Pretty decent sales

Review №20

I really love Von Maur, it’s great. There is some really great workers here. However, I feel like if I’m not “dress up,” I feel like I’m getting stared at the whole entire time I’m there. I took my parents there once and they felt uncomfortable the whole entire time that we cut our shopping short. I’ve worked in retail for 5 years to know what those stares mean. However! When I’m dressed up cute with my makeup done, I don’t get stares and I feel comfortable enough to take my time looking at clothes. I usually go to the saleswoman who isn’t staring at me or giving me “attitude” to give them the commission. Especially when I’m buying a new purse and wallet.

Review №21

Love shopping at this store. Nice department store. A bit over priced you can get the same products online for less. But they are very helpful and someone is always walking around helping people. Staff is friendly and polite

Review №22

Very helpful, nice emoyees.

Review №23

Didn’t find what we needed do to sizes but either way we had a great experience because of Molly B one of the sales associates. She is so kind and helpful and made us feel very comfortable. Every sales associate should be a little more like her. I will also say that every sales associate I encountered had a smile on their face and said hello can I help you with anything. Whatever the store is doing keep it up

Review №24

Was very impressed with a gentleman working in the mens suit department. He answered all our questions and we walked away very happy with all of our purchases.

Review №25

The ladies at work there were very helpful. I purchased a winter coat.

Review №26

I am visiting from San Diego and my niece took me here . The mall was clean and very nice people. its small but I love the customer service.

Review №27

I recently went in to Von Maur on a shopping trip with my Mom to specifically find a pair of high waisted dark wash jeans with no rips and that fit well. Near impossible. I was helped by a lovely sales associate, I think her name was Jocelyn, who helped find me the perfect pair. Sadly, they werent available at the store in my size, but no worries! She assured me they could order them online from the store and they would be shipped to my door for free. Not only did she help me find those jeans and get them ordered, but when they were shipped I received a very thoughtful hand written thank you note for shopping at Von Maur AND I received a phone call from Jocelyn to make sure everything was working well with the jeans. Great customer service!

Review №28

I always enjoy the shopping experience! The store has a top end feel which features many popular name and designer brands. They have special pricing sales with bargains to be had on top end designer clothing.

Review №29

Very clean and bright store. I love that theres comfortable seating throughout. Plus a live pianist in the middle of the store to entertain guests. Prices are typical of other mid tier department stores. Sales and bargain hunters can benefit as well. Service is very good with free gift wrapping.

Review №30

Great service, friendly, clean and well organized .

Review №31

Honestly, my shopping experience was a huge bummer. We got some redundant wedding gifts that I was hoping to return for money, but could only return for store credit. I dont usually shop at Von Maur, so being forced to spend money there wasnt at all ideal. Everything is so overpriced that I ended up just getting some seasonal items just to add up to the credit that I got. Long story short, I was hoping to return the gifts for things I needed, but had to get different stuff that I also didnt need.

Review №32

I love this place and have for years. They do have great deals and you can find great merchandise with a huge selection. But today I needed a pair of nude heels, I was walking around picking out a couple of pairs to try. I got my sizes and was told very rudely they don’t have my size and I asked what the closest size was the worker laughed and said 6.5 (I’m a 7) At this point I was running around trying to find a pair and was getting absolutely no help. Even after mentioning the occasion, and color that I needed. They just stood there and watched. I needed something simple and easy to find it’s not like I was being difficult. Disappointed.

Review №33

Bright clean store. Wonderful and helpful staff.

Review №34

Respect, Variety of prices, friendly, Beautiful surroundings, Great background piano music Which I love, clerks not pushy.

Review №35

Very friendly staff.

Review №36

Friendly staff who go out of their way to help. I generally go when clothes are on sale. High quality all around. Early January will be next big sale in mens area. They gift wrap for free. When people get a wrapped gift from Von Maur, they feel special.

Review №37

Beautiful store. Very helpful customer service. Nice selection of merchandise in a variety of prices. Free gift wrap. Lovely live piano music. A memorable shopping experience. I will come back often!

Review №38

This store is great. Will wrap & send a gift for U-so helpful!

Review №39

My favorite store in Lincoln. Pricey but top quality products. Usually go here for comfortable shoes and dress clothes.

Review №40

I do really love the vibe of the interior set up and decoration of this shop, very pretty and classy. Its restrooms are so delicately decorated and extremely spacious. A lot of lovely goodies !!

Review №41

They didnt have any Christmas stockings left

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Review №43

I went in looking for a watch. Pretty upscale for Lincoln. I was impressed. Big, open, quiet, and helpful sales associates. Clientele was respectable.However, youll pay a premium for this atmosphere and selection.

Review №44

Got excellent help in the shoe department. Love all the new styles

Review №45

It was remarkable to walk in and hear live piano music. Such a treat! The store was breathtakingly beautiful.i would come again just to relax and hear the music!

Review №46

Von Maur has always been my favorite department store. Its so classy! If you want something high quality, you go to Von Maur.

Review №47

I was looking for a dress for Grandsons wedding.I had great help exploring all my options.Dress found!

Review №48

Nice place. Just dont forget your stuff, or else an employee will take it for themselves.

Review №49

Great location to get a good gift for your wife. my wife loves this place.

Review №50

Wish they had a better section of uggs. I didnt even see the new fall line 😞

Review №51

Always a great place to shop! So helpful, knowledgeable and professional!

Review №52

Recently took my sister in to treat her to a new outfit for an upcoming event and the staff was so helpful and my sister was so happy with our purchases.

Review №53

Always great to be out of state, need something nice to wear, and voila! There’s @vonmaurLincoln! Picked up strappy shiny red sandals w/tall heels I can actually walk in on sale...b/c we might as well walk around in shiny red sandals right?! 👍🏼

Review №54

I have always liked the Lincoln, NE Von Maur retail store, but lately I am loving it, because the store has hired a really exceptional young lady named Char! She works in the cosmetics dept, but her first priority is to the customer and making sure the customers needs are met. I cant tell you how refreshing that is, and Char has made me a very happy satisfied customer! I will be back again soon, and I am telling everyone I know to see Char at Von Maur for all their retail store needs:-) I would like a copy of Chars work schedule. I never want to miss seeing her when I come in. Thank you,Lin Taylor of Roca, NE 68430

Review №55

Always love walking into Von Maur. It is always clean and the people working are so nice.

Review №56

This is a very elegant place and the staff here are generous as well as the Im brand clothing

Review №57

Beautiful stuff love on sale purse

Review №58

Great designer options for Lincoln. Friendly help and beautiful store.

Review №59

Nice people, great selection!

Review №60

Always excellent service. Typically only buy cologne here but the fragrance counter staff is always very knowledgeable and have excellent taste in good smelling colonges and Mens parfum. Typically with a good purchase they have gifts and samples they can send with you too. I will continue to do so vice here.

Review №61

Got my mom some really nice boots here at an amazing price!

Review №62

Great sales

Review №63

One of the few good clothing stores we have in Lincoln.

Review №64

Great selection at moderate price points. Lots to choose from. Great brands. Would buy everything here if i lived closer.

Review №65

Wonderful piano music. Great atmosphere to shop.

Review №66

A nice variety of clothing choices. And their sales racks, WOWZA!! What a deal you can get.

Review №67

Associates are always helpful

Review №68

Great selection and top notch friendly service

Review №69

Great range ... all sorts of brands..

Review №70

High class fashion shopping place with nice classical piano music

Review №71

Expensive, but it offers brand name clothing. Great customer service but I usually dont find what I like. Thats just me though.

Review №72

Excellent clothing and a apparel. A all around good shopping experience

Review №73

Nice sales people in the ladies. Hands on to help find sizes and styles.

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Review №75

The kids shoe dept is the best!

Review №76


Review №77

Always the best.

Review №78

I like their clothes and that you can always find something nice on sale.

Review №79

The new wallpaper in the womens fitting rooms is perfect!

Review №80

Not much for men here

Review №81

Love this store! Fabulous customer service!

Review №82

Enjoyed the store Mariah was very helpful and very kind and cheerful

Review №83

Staff has definitely improved in their customer service over the last few years.

Review №84

I found beautiful baby girl clothes at decent price.

Review №85

Beautiful shopping experience! Love this place! 💕

Review №86

ALWAYS the best shoes!!

Review №87

It a nother herburgers store

Review №88

Beautiful store. High quality merchandise.

Review №89

Very nice. Pleasant atmosphere. Great people.

Review №90

I love their merchandise and free services including 0% interest

Review №91

Love their selection. Always carry quality clothing and accessories .

Review №92

Always great service and wonderful products.

Review №93

Excellent customer service and great sales!

Review №94

Best store for high end items in Lincoln. Louis Vuitton bags seem a little sketchy though, as they are all used and from a third party.

Review №95

Wow! What a shoe sale! And 75% off sale clothes! Retail therapy for sure.

Review №96

Von maur has great designer clothes in Lincoln. The staff is quality and very helpful when looking for something particular. There selection of clothes varries from formal to casual sports wear. They also have Kiehls for men which is great for Kiehls users. They are expanding there selection of Kiehls for men and woman. Have a good time there and dont feel rushed, the staff is alright about browsing.

Review №97

Loved it

Review №98

Lovely store. Clothes are rather pricey.

Review №99

Good high end department store

Review №100

My favorite shopping place.

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  • Address:2900 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 402-420-9100
  • Clothing store
  • Department store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:12–6PM
  • Sunday:10AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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