G & G Smokeshop
734 S 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68510, United States
G & G Smokeshop
Review №1

Awesome shop. They have the nicest staff. Super knowledgeable and they have an insane selectikn. If they dont have what youre looking for they will look into ordering it. Amazing

Review №2

One star is way too generous. They must make enough money by overpricing their products so they can turn paying customers away. By the way, if you plan on purchasing a cleansing product for cleaning your system for a urine test make sure not to mention anything about that because they will tell you to leave for mentioning using the product for its intended purpose. Idiots

Review №3

It was awsome i liked everything in there!!!! And how it was laid out was really really cool. And reasonable prices..

Review №4

They sell so much more than just smoke supplies. The incense here are the best and burn for longer than any other I have bought before. The staff is always chill and friendly, so it makes a good environment. They have a wide variety of everything a person needs at a reasonably low price.

Review №5

Your basic head shop. Used to be across the way west of 27th when I was a kid. Remember to say water pipe and stuff tho, theyre real sticklers and WILL toss you out for violating that policy. Good place highly recommend.

Review №6

Bought 2 different pieces and when I inspected the pieces closer I noticed a small crack. I already returned the one for another one and the second one was cracked so Im just cutting my losses cause going back and forth is just an aggravation.

Review №7

I love coming here! They dont sell a wide variety of disposables, but they have basically anything else you can think of, from beautiful tapestries, incense, to t-shirts and jackets, to beautiful water pipes, and wraps. This place really has it all, they are all so sweet, too. My favorite store in Lincoln to go to.

Review №8

Great people! Quality products at a decent price.

Review №9

Super helpful staff and a great atmosphere. Doesn’t feel seedy at all and they have a wide range of products including home goods all the way to disc golf.

Review №10

Smells wonderful! Friendly people and free mask if you forgot yours. Unique items, drinks and cigarettes. Huge lava lamps! Relaxing soothing atmosphere. Beautiful people!

Review №11

Had a great experience. The employees were very helpful and immediately provided information as to the items I was purchasing. Nice vibe, good prices.

Review №12

This used to be my favorite smoke shop. Lately they have been consistently out of the products I need. The employees are nice but they do not all seem to be in on the same page. I was told that the items I needed were unavailable at this time due to “the manufacturer not offering as many sizes”. However I was able to just go to the website of the manufacturer and it was definitely available. I got it for cheaper than they would’ve sold it to me at this store. I get you pay more to have it readily available it’s just frustrating I keep being told the item will be in soon but it never is.

Review №13

Only shop Ive been to thats 19+ instead of 18, great service up until then

Review №14

They had everything I wanted and needed and cool 😎 stuff like that.

Review №15

This place is newer and a great stop for whatever exotic or unique things to try out and gifts for friends and maybe a few relatives . I like their selections and prices are fair, check them out !

Review №16

Such a cool shop, go and definitely check it out!

Review №17

Super friendly service every time I’ve been here

Review №18

Neat place inside. Nice people working

Review №19

Very friendly and easy shopping!

Review №20

Everyone in this place has been very helpful every time I go in there. Recommend this place to all my friends.

Review №21

The selection there is HUGE!!!!! And righf meow theyre having their buy 1 get 1 free sale its awesome Woot Woot 😀

Review №22

Always a great experience!

Review №23

Always great people working here. So helpful and the prices are just rite and a large selection to choose from. I dont go anywhere else but here for all my smoking needs. I highly recommend them if you havent already checked them out.

Review №24

Always awesome and friendly people

Review №25

They are all groovy people ..very helpful

Review №26

Always a wonderful experience. Helpful, friendly staff, as well as top notch products.

Review №27

Some places might be cheaper but you dont want to go anywhere else in Lincoln.

Review №28

They always treat us good!

Review №29

Always have what Im looking for. And it dont feel like your going into someones dirty closet to buy stuff.

Review №30

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always smells awesome!

Review №31

Yes, great atmosphere and professional service - everytime. Thanks G&G!!!

Review №32

Great place super friendly staff and super knowledgeable

Review №33

The best smoke shop in town to get filters for rolling your own cigarette

Review №34

Always been a huge fan of this place since I first moved here. Over 15k choices, really theres no reason to go anywhere else. Top notch people and lov representation. G&G or bust fam.

Review №35

Great employees and an even better selection of items.

Review №36

Great selection perfect one stop shop

Review №37

An actual shop with employees that actually took the time to explain and help me. Took the time to get to know my situation and help me make the best choice for me!

Review №38

Awesome merch helpful people definitely recommend this place

Review №39

Good prices awesome products cool people.

Review №40

Effing Amazing Staff. They Know thier Stuff .

Review №41

By far the best smoke shop in Lincoln. Friendly staff, nice atmosphere, nice pieces and I always find what I’m looking for. Keep it up guys!

Review №42

This is the only place to go in Lincoln. Dont waste your time anywhere else

Review №43

G&GS is the go to stop and shop for Lincoln and Omahas smokers needs. They have a wonderful selection, a fantastic selection, incredibly knowledgeable staff, and the most welcoming atmosphere! They even offer posting space for local venues and their events!

Review №44

Aromatically pleasant and tastefully decorated.(Cheek and Chong would be proud).

Review №45

Glass work is super impressive. Love the art work on the walls. They have a variety of things for purchase. Great service. The staff will answer any questions and are very eager in helping and serving you.

Review №46

The guys working at this place made me feel extremely uncomfortable and stared me down the entire time I was at the store. Will not be returning ever again.

Review №47

Super helpful, made it easy to find what I needed, and answered all my questions.

Review №48

Cool stuff

Review №49

Got a cool shell!!! So much cool things!!!

Review №50

Always able to get me what I need, everyone working is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxed and well organized. I hate to say it, but I’m probably here more than I am at home. I wouldn’t rather go anywhere else. Quality products, large selection, and great prices. Not much else you could ask for.

Review №51

Great place. Got my business forever. The lady that helped me this time is the same lady that sold me my last glass water pipe. Today is fathers day and I wanted to grab 2 pieces for my Pops. She showed me around and when I told her my price range she helped me pick out 2 of them that were absolutely perfect. During checkout I paid with cash and she made sure to give me a discount AND told me about a gift card I had on my account. Got an extra $25 off. Absolutely love this place.

Review №52

Love the store

Review №53

Nice and friendly staff but prices are pretty high. Fun to browse, lots of cool pieces, but for actual purchases I go elsewhere.

Review №54


Review №55

Hands down best one stop shop. Everything you need at a good price and nothing but the best quality in Lincoln and Omaha

Review №56

The staff is always very respectful and helpful everytime i come in. 10/10 wohld recommend!

Review №57

Great selection and love them. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for glass of papers or any other smoking goods. The atmosphere is chill!! Ive probably been here about 50 times just love the service and selection. I will be back!!

Review №58

Great place. Love the selection.. prices r reasonable.. staff is always friendly and helpful.

Review №59

Great price

Review №60

Highest quality merchandise compared to the options near by. Super friendly management and staff. Very helpful and chill atmosphere. Happy Holidays!!!

Review №61

Ive spent a fair share of money at G&G and it is by far one of my favorite smoke shops, EVER. Always friendly and always helpful. Local blown glass of quality. A lovely wall of glass, plus odds and ends.

Review №62

Called to see if they had a g pen. They did... didn’t say anything about it being the last one. Showed up about 30 mins later and they are sold out.... they didn’t even help me find something different.but what I already had and other ones that are way over my budget. Disappointed I always tell my friends to go here I go here a lot. Definitely going to order online more and take my business else where. I mean I guess I would of made sure my customer was happy before leaving but instead he rushed to the guy spending more money then me ...

Review №63

I give this store a five star rating, because every time I have gone in I am greeted by courteous employees; which is very important for some one like me in a wheelchair. Every one Ive talked with is knowledgeable with their products as well as the local art and music scene. This is a well rounded shop; with a nice clothing section as well.

Review №64

Best selection and price ranges in town! Hands down!! Staff is very knowledgeable, always helpful and ready to assist with any new products you might not be familiar with! Always my go to stop! 👌👌

Review №65

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Jacob, Brent and Aaron. They went above and beyond to help me out. They all made it possible to help me get to my car after being towed from out back. You guys are rad. Put out good energy and it’ll come right back. Thank you guys!!

Review №66

Easy to work with and plethora of equipment

Review №67

One of the top 2 places in Lincoln for glass and other accessories. Prices are reasonable for the most part. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The place has a cool vibe too and lots of cool things to look at.

Review №68

You know, I wasnt at G & G Smokeshop. Ive never even been there. But every single time I leave my brothers house, here pops up Google Maps asking me how G & G Smokeshop was. Maybe the 5 stars will satisfy Google and theyll stop asking me

Review №69

I just moved into the neighborhood. Never made the trip to G&G til a few days ago its a great smoke shop and the selection is very good. Staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. Will be shopping here frequently.

Review №70

Every time I go in, every employee is happy, friendly, always there to help. They have the best, most eclectic selections on NUMEROUS items. And, if anyone is a Rick and Morty fan out there, they have AMAZING Tees, that youll probsnot find elsewhere. Ill be back, to spend more money, and not feel guilty!

Review №71

Very helpful and very friendly! Awesome selection of blown glass. They feature local artists.

Review №72

Pretty nice big selection is the biggest upside to this place. However I have been many places with similar if not exact pieces for much cheaper.

Review №73

Good experience everytime Excellent customer service every time I go in but this last time idk if its because she is new but she was very serious no smile no nothing but aside of that this is a great store good prices #1 spot

Review №74

Always such a comfortable feeling when visiting this shop. The employees make you feel at home and are very helpful with any questions Ive had about different things. Great selection too!

Review №75

Nice employees,great selection. They support local glass artists. Great incence selection also.

Review №76

Rad little smoke shop. Lots of glass to choose from. I came for the PAX vaporizers they had plenty of colors to choose from and had all the attachments and products that went with it. Lots of random cool little finds in this store. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Review №77

These guys are very helpful and knew what i wanted. I call them and they knew what kind of pipe i need for Halloween outfit. I told them other stores didnt know what i wanted or didnt know who the one eye sailor was. These guys knew right away. Thank u so much u get 5 stars in my book.

Review №78

Pricey but Lincolns most iconic smoke shop. Theyve got great service and selection, so its generally speaking worth the money. Oh, and theyve got backwoods. Go get you some of those.

Review №79

The only place Ill shop for my equipment and supplies. Good looking all these years later, G & G.

Review №80

Has the best options in town, hands down! 4 stars because they always run out of coils, and always gotta ask for help

Review №81

In and out in just a few minutes! Knew what I wanted and the staff was so helpful and knowledgeable! Chill and comfortable.

Review №82

Some of the rudest employees Ive seen in a business in a while. Great selection but I wouldnt deal with the people for it. Ill never be back to this place.

Review №83

The 4/20 sale was so much fun! They have lots of local glass and employees are very knowledgeable

Review №84

They have alot of cool stuff. Reasonable prices and a rewards club. Great customer service!!

Review №85

Always love going in here. Great staff. Great products. Always new things to see.

Review №86

Staff is very helpful and kind. Always have the products I need. highly recommend

Review №87

Awesome place. Only shop I go to anymore trust me nobody in town is messing with the kind of selection they have. Cool people, great quality, and it shows

Review №88

Very helpful staff. In and out very quickly

Review №89

The best in town, all your needs in one spot. Now all they need to carry is BeerGlass 😉

Review №90

Awesome and helpful staff always happy when I leave there.

Review №91

Prices could be better. Dont go here for Kratom

Review №92

Nice people had exactly what I needed.

Review №93

I bought a smok vape pen here and the coils that came in the kit did not work at all. I took it back to them and they replaced both coils for me at no charge. Daniel made the process super easy and made sure I left a happy customer. I highly recommend shopping here

Review №94

Good selection, and friendly staff.... but make sure you price check online before buying because some things are wayy overpriced. You can also get some good deals here though! Especially if you do the rewards program. If you’re buying vape batteries or anything brand name do your research because I have encountered fake products here. But overall best place in town!

Review №95

Great environment and customer service! The selection was impressive. Love the black light entry way!

Review №96

GnG hands down is the BEST smoke shop in Lincoln. I dont need to stop anywhere else unless its too late and they are closed. :( Being that they are right next to 2 different smoke shops is tricky but with the structure and artwork alone I was drawn to GnG. Joe, Alex, Trent and all the ladies are such a pleasure to deal with. They know exactly what I need each time Im in.

Review №97

Friendly staff and a decent rewards program. Got a free lighter that I already lost. Parking is kind of a pain, or I just suck at parking.

Review №98

Best collection of local blown glass pipes

Review №99

My #1 smokeshop!! The atmosphere is awesome, excellent selection of quality glass, and the staff is f#(%!☆ Rad!!! I would suggest this smokeshop over any other in Lincoln!

Review №100

Great place good selection of pipes and great staff.

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